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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellNovember 29, 2023

Best 15 Fantasy novels of 2023

Best 15 Fantasy novels of 2023

Fantasy is an old genre that requires you to take a stroll away from reality, see, think and explore the unimaginable; Dragons, Camelot, Kings, Sorcerers, Fae, Demons, Angels, Vampires, Weres, and so much more. Just for you, we've pulled together some of the best fantasy books to read online on AlphaNovel. Whether you love the realms, the urban worlds or a backdrop into the medieval times, these fantasy stories will transport you to realms where magic rules and extraordinary is the new normal.

The War King's Rejected Bride by Queenies

It never should have been Letitia. She was the less attractive sister, forever compared to Caitrona who excelled at everything, so, it wasn’t a surprise when the King of Nytias demanded Caitrona’s hand in marriage. But the King of Nytias, had a reputation for darkness and cruelty that preceded him, and Letitia’s parents would never hand their precious daughter to the barbarian king out of fear. So, they sent Letitia to him in her sister’s stead, dooming her to spend the rest of her life bound to the king who seemed to hate everything about her. Dharium was ruthless, a man filled with hate and darkness. Evil was a word he’d become acquainted with. Yet, when his bride arrived at his castle, the frail and clumsy lithe woman tripped, taking her down with him. It was the beginning of the end for Dharium, because his bride had swept him off his feet, rocking the world he built; the only world he knew. #1 of the top fantasy books on AlphaNovel, The War King Rejected Bride is a steamy, heart throbbing romance that keeps you racing through its magical pages well into the night.

Married To The Dragon Lord by Tife Writes

For her people's safety, Samantha would sacrifice her life if need be. Agreeing to marry the Dragon Lord, whom everyone knew was Death's Incarnate was a huge sacrifice on her end, and even Samantha thought the union would be the death of her. However, living with him turned out to be quite different from Samantha's expectations. While he embodied the darkness everyone spoke of, there was an unexpected side to the Dragon Lord. Contrary to her fears, Samantha was surprised to find that he genuinely upheld his promise not to harm her loved ones if she became his. Despite Dracul's cruel and terrifying persona, as time passed, Samantha couldn't ignore the undeniable truth. Dracul, while he absolutely loved his mind games and demanded complete submission from her, had grown a soft spot for her.

His Caged Princess by Moonlight Muse

A man driven by revenge. A princess with a heart of gold locked away in a castle. Two worlds collide when Lord Declan of House Storm, sole survivor of a massacre headed by the royal family, swears to avenge his family by returning the favor to the royals. When a deadly ancient prophecy begins to unravel, Declan stumbles upon the castle and finds the innocent princess whose light threatens to dim the growing darkness in him, he finds himself hesitating and deviating from his original plan. #3 in the top fantasy novels on AlphaNovel, the bestselling author, Moonlight Muse has delicately crafted a magical realm that pulls you into its pages and holds your attention till the very end. A fine-read for smut and drama lovers.

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Princess Layana's birth was a mystery and her heritage a secret. Despite the luxurious life of a royal, she simply wished for a life away from the cage-like palace. Declan of House Storm was the sole survivor of a massacred clan, an event that gave birth to the darkness within him. Fuelled by hate, rage and betrayal he wants nothing but to get revenge on the royals that slaughtered his family. What will happen when the shielded princess with a heart as pure as the first ray of dawn meets the heir whose soul is shrouded in a blanket of darkness. Will he set her free from her shackles? Will she be able to lead him to the light before it’s too late? When the first whispers of darkness spread from the borders, they are brought together to protect the kingdom.Beware the prophecy decreed a long time passed for it may hold their world in its balance. -------- “It seems Lord Declan holds more ignorance than he is aware, we are women with emotions, wishes and hopes that we put behind us for the betterment of the kingdom,” Layana said her eyes flashing “Do enlighten me, what exactly can the precious jewels of the kingdom do for its people?” Declan mocked arrogantly. “Jewels? You compare us to items devoid of emotions, but yes, like jewels, we will be given away to the highest bidder. So before assuming princesses are simply there to play dress up and have tea parties, remember our lives are not simply fun and games!”


Betrothed to the Demon King by Muleba Makukula

Duncan was in a fix. For three thousand years, he ruled and kept his people safe and strong. But the world he had so carefully built began to fall apart when he noticed his powers had begun to fail him. Duncan knew he was left with one choice when all he tried to retain his power proved fruitless. He would need to lay with a Blessed Maiden--a human virgin chosen by the gods to be a vessel of great power. The catch? Duncan absolutely abhorred the humans as they played a hand in the death of his parents. Laying with one of their ilk was the last thing he wanted. Compelled to do the bidding of the gods, Ducan sets out in search for a human virgin, and when he finds Eleanor, a flimsy little woman with more fire in her eyes than he'd seen in his life, his hate transforms into a wild, dangerous desire; an obsession to own, claim and procreate. A wild romance that tugs at your heart strings and has you rooting for Ducan and Eleanor. #1 of the best fantasy books on AlphaNovel, and an all-time reader favorite.

The Alpha of Alphas' Luna by Sapphire Peter

Betrayed by her cousin, Karen Zayn's parents are brutally murdered and she is tortured and left to rot in the dungeons, only until she agrees to let said cousin mate with her. A breakthrough and careful planning helps Karen flee from the manor, only to get run over by a vehicle owned by none other than the Supreme Alpha, Ralph Hernandez. The Supreme Alpha brings her into his home, nurturing and placing her under his protection, and it isn't long before Karen realizes why he's being so kind to her. He claims she's his mate. Karen is yet to shift, and as such, she feels nothing in that regard. Yet, there's no denying the attraction and pull she feels for Ralph. Wrong, she tagged it, as she strongly believes he had a play in the death of her parents. Rather than give in to the growing feelings, Karen sees this as an opportunity to tear down the Supreme Alpha's walls and use him to rescue what's left of her pack. And when Ralph is completely in love with her, ready to make her his, Karen runs from him, leaving him heartbroken and definitely angry-as-hell.

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"You know I am not spewing nonsense Karen. Yes, your wolf might not be there to witness within you that I am yours but you can't deny the fact that you are drawn towards me, somehow, somewhere within, you know!" Karen was breathing hard, she could not believe what she just heard. What Ralph said was the truth and that was why she had been trying to push him far from her. My mate??? "But there is no way to prove it" Karen said with her chest heaving up and down. "There is" Ralph said and his eyes were fixed on hers intently. "How?" Karen asked and her voice came out as a whisper. She was paralyzed by the scorching blazes of Ralph's eyes and the sincerity she could feel from his words. Ralph leaned into her without his body touching hers and took her lips in his. She wanted to push him off but the strength of his hands held her in place and he deepened the kiss. She surrendered and her lips soon followed the pace that his, had set. It was gentle, promising and sent fiery messages all over her skin. ************ She had missed Ralph terribly but everytime her brain thinks of him, the kiss they shared, she would quieten her thoughts and switch it to something else - her thoughts would still find a way to wander back to Ralph. Despite everything, she thought of her pack, her friends that were still in the dungeon, especially Naire - her personal maid and friend. She made a promise and she had to keep it at all costs. How could she, when she was stuck in this mansion. She had to leave so she could be free to train and awaken her wolf. The only person that could permit her leaving this fortified place, was none other than Ralph. She knew that he still suspected that she might want to leave and the only way to make him un-think this was by warming up to him pretentiously and this she did. ************* "I…uhmm, came here, to thank you for all the kindness you have shown me so far" said Karen. "Sounds like the kind of speech someone makes when they plan on leaving " replied Ralph and Karen's heart did a somersault in her chest. 'Can he read my thoughts?' she thought. "Nope!" she said, popping the 'p'. "I just thought I should thank you, that is all. I would take my leave now " "You came here looking beautiful and you want to leave immediately? Not fair little one. I want you to thank me with something else" " I don't really have anything that you might need" "Oh, you have more than I need trust me" "What is that then?" "Your lips… I want you to kiss me" Blinking rapidly she wanted to rant at him but she remembered why she was here. "Alright but can you close your eyes?" asked Karen. Karen is the daughter of Alpha Thomas Zayn and Kerith Zayn - the former Alpha and Luna of Grey Woods Pack. Her cousin launched a surprise attack on her pack which led to the demise of her parents. He locks her in a dungeon and tells her to accept him as her alpha and mate and when she refuses, he tortures her to her wolf goes silent within her. She finds a way to escape but before her joy is full, she gets hit by the Supreme Alpha's car- Ralph Hernandez. He tells her she is his mate but since there is no wolf within her, she doesn't accept, majorly because she heard that he had a hand in the murder of her parents. She pretentiously warms up to him and when he has fallen so deeply in love with her, she runs away. Though she is also in love with him, she runs away to keep her father's legacy and to save her people that are still in the dungeon. Would she be able to hide from Ralph forever? Would she get her wolf back? Would she save her people and who she be able to surrender wholly to Ralph Hernandez?


The Vampire's Kiss by Wilfred

Alexander got herself a stalker, though she didn't understand how. It began with a crack in her door, an open window, a presence in her home, and soon, it graduated into something even more worrisome. She awoke to a love-bite on her neck. Alexander began living with an eye always over her shoulder, searching for who this man could be; the man whose presence she felt, even when she was alone in her bathroom or when all her doors and windows were shut. It didn't take long, however, to narrow down the various possibilities of who it could be, and Alexander found herself not only staring at a man from her past, but at fangs. Real, vampire fangs.

Marrying the Vampire Prince by Snowqueencel

Welcome to the Clarkson Academy, home to the supernatural where things are controlled by only the hottest and meanest vampire in school, Prince Kyle Ethan Clarkson. Nicole Jane Parker, a lonely heiress with a desire to get rid of the emptiness in her life, is transferred to the famous Clarkson Academy, and she gets just what she wishes for--only more dangerous and fang-y. She soon realizes there's more to everything that meets the eye, and the Prince isn't exactly the cruel, cold-hearted creature he seems to be. Even more surprising than learning Kyle is a vampire is the fact that it's been prophesied even before she was born that she is his fated mate.

My Master Is A Fictional Character by Wilfred

Imagine your darkest book character coming alive, and pulling you into the very world you created! Janice, a fiction writer, finds herself in what she best calls *her horror story* when events she penned down in her unpublished book start to happen in the real world. Arriving back home from an outing, she walks in on a stranger in her bedroom. A man with features that made him the most beautiful man she'd ever seen; unreal eyes, stunning lips, sharp facial contours. He was a walking fantasy. The kind that only happened in the books that she wrote. Shocked to the bone, Janice realizes that the man lounging in her bedroom like he owned it was the villain in her story. Ethan Smith, and he'd come for retribution. Ethan Smith takes Janice's hand and pulls her into a world she created and Janice soon realizes that being a writer and living the world she created are two vastly different things! A steamy and impressive work that is unlike anything you've seen. Ranking #4 in the best fantasy books on AlphaNovel!

Sacrificed To Her King by Meike Snoeijs

Noelle, a stunning, fiery red-head who grew up at the orphanage, turns eighteen, and the life of freedom she has waited so long for is stolen from her when the cursed King of the Sea singles her out of the many eighteen-year old virgins brought to him for his choosing. Three thousand years had gone by for King Roan, and he hadn't stopped searching for the witch who would put an end to his curse. Bound by his duty to the Sea, Roan tries all he can to make Noelle fall in love with him. But he's never met a more stubborn woman in his life, and it didn't help that all she felt for him was disgust. Still, he spears on, aiming for her heart, giving her a taste of the fruit of desires, and Noelle finds it difficult to not succumb to her stunning King.

Slave To Vampire Prince by Electra

A scream in a dark alley for help brought Lisa a savior. She had begun to thank the heavens for her luck until she noticed her savior wasn't human. For saving her from sexual assault, he demands she repays him back by becoming his slave, or he'll take her life. Lisa has no other choice, and fleeing does her no good, as she comes to understand that there's no place in the world she can outrun or hide from Gerald. Living everything behind to fulfill all of her master's wishes might have been difficult, but what proves near impossible is resisting the Vampire allure and thrall that threatens to consume her.

Twisting Destiny by Pickled Plums

After Rhianne dies in a tragic accident, she is transmigrated into a novel fantasy world as a character in a novel. However, even in this new world, she is doomed to die, again. Though fate is not on her side, Rhianne decides to rewrite her story, and avoid the tragic ending that has been panned out for her. They say insanity is taking the same steps and expecting different results, but Rhianne feels like she's going insane because it doesn't matter how many different steps she takes, or how many times she acts differently, the story has been written, and everything has already been rigged to make her fail. Why? Because there's no avoiding falling in love with him in this life. A top fantasy novel with a slice of life. Add a little steam and adventure to that too!

The Sultan's Bride by Lavline

The Sultan had plans to get rid of the royal family and claim Mahabaleshwar. He had dacoits sent to attack the Prince, Gulaab's brother, and it was with no small flourish that the Sultan swooped in to save the Prince. Gulaab's father, the King of Mahabaleshwar, feels indebted to the Sultan and insists that he asked for anything, as it was tradition to always repay such acts with gifts. What the King didn't expect was for the Sultan to demand Princess Gulaab be made his wife, knowing fully well that refusing the Sultan would start an uproar. The Sultan is sure he has won, but his plans are wrecked when Gulaab accepts his proposal without hesitation, against her father's refusal, and he has on his hands a bride he wants nothing to do with.

Captured A Demon's Heart by Gaelly

Leander, the son of Lucifer and a Prince of Hell, finds himself entangled with Aurelia, a kind-hearted and free-spirited girl who, unknown to her, is a fae. Leander falls in love with Aurelia from the moment he lays eyes on her. However, fairy and demons are not a fair mix, much like light and darkness, and for this reason, Leander keeps his feelings hidden, through pulling off a cold and aloof facade. Aurelia yearns for a life free from any form of constraints, and when she starts to notice Leander's too-long stares, his lingering touch, the heat of his presence and the desire in his gaze, she is caught off guard by an onslaught of emotions. Will she succumb to it and let go of her desires by becoming his queen, or will Leander risk it all and crown her whether she wants to or not? #6 in the best fantasy novels on AlphaNovel.

The Ruthless Consort of The Fox King by Edgy Rose

Xia Min Yue, a high-grade assassin with an icy demeanor, gets involved in a ghastly accident. Just when death seems inevitable, a fox king appears, marking her life and granting her a second chance. Suddenly reborn into the body of the seemingly talentless Yu Min Yue, who had taken a plunge off a cliff. As Xia Min Yue wakes up in her new body, she's determined to rewrite the story. Armed with the memories of the former owner, she sets out to defy the odds and seek revenge on those who caused Yu Min Yue pain. But she'd have to somehow figure out a way to get rid of the fox king, who in exchange for her life has demanded that she becomes his consort.

The Abandoned Heir: Charismatic Tyson Grey by Red Butterfly

Tyson Gray was constantly picked on by his in-laws because he was penniless and a good-for-nothing. The felt him undeserving of their beautiful daughter, but Tyson did all he could to prove that he was worthy of Samantha's love. Until he couldn't. When it became clear that he couldn't help Samantha if he didn't make something of himself. Tyson left for the army one day and no one heard from him again. After five years, he returns home with riches beyond comprehension, and is now famously known as the God of War. But that's not the only surprise. Waiting on his front porch, is a five-year old child calling Tyson her father, accompanied by a very pissed wife.

There you have it. The 15 top fantasy books of this year. Need more? Check out our trending Fantasy novels section on AlphaNovel, and if you'd like to play it safe, our Billionaire/CEO romance novels is for you! Love fantasy novels but need something more edgy that'll leave you groaning and excited all the same? We have created yet another awesome list of Top 10 Werewolf novels for you to read online! We do hope you enjoy our recommendations. Happy reading!

Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellNovember 29, 2023