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The Vampire’s kiss

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Waking up to love bites on her neck, was Alexandra's biggest fear. She had made sure all her windows and doors were locked, but still... he always found his way into her house leaving nothing but love bites as a souvenir. Gradually she would noticed someone was stalking her, she lived in fear not knowing who the person was. Alexandra wondered who this man could be, her lover from the past or a stranger she knew nothing of. She had guessed it right, but only.. he wasn't just a lover from her past but a stranger she knew nothing of... A vampire to be exact.


|•4 years ago•|

When I turned to look at my surroundings, I noticed that everyone was donning the usual black dress and black cap.

Yes, I was getting my degree.

One of the students who will graduate on that day was myself. As I waited for my name to be called on stage, I was both excited and incredibly scared.

I noticed some of my pals tapping their fingers on their laps, some twitching their legs continually, and others gnawing their nails. I laughed at them and said, "Signs of nervousness."

"Alexandra Ronald."

I heard my name being called above the buzzing and humming noises. I walked toward the stage while hoping not to trip or trip over something and embarrass myself. You understand how I feel, right?

When you are the center of attention and hope that you wouldn't do anything embarrassing. Luckily, I reached the stage without slipping, tripping, falling, or other embarrassing scenarios.

I looked straight at the teachers not wanting to see the crowd. They handed me my degree and shook hands. I closed my eyes and turned around to face the crowd. I looked at the swarming faces of people.

Students are here with their parents. I, however, do not have any parents. When I was thirteen years old, my parents were killed in a car accident. I have been living with my grandmother, who is like a second mother to me, since I was 21 years old. The memory of my parents caused unshed tears to sting in my eyes.

Just then, I saw a handsome devil—or perhaps I should say, my handsome devil.

He responded to my smile with his distinctive smirk. He was proudly and adoringly glancing at me. I only needed one look from him to feel more confident. I kept my eyes locked together throughout.

I made a brief statement in which I thanked my grandparents, friends, and professors for their love and support. Also give thanks to my parents for bringing me up and for protecting me from above. After I finished speaking, there was a raucous wave of applause from the audience in my honor. My lips curled into a faint smile as the warmth of pride grew through me.

But all I could see was him. When our eyes met once again, he gestured for us to meet him outside by nodding in the direction of the gate.

People hugged me and offered me congrats as I moved closer to the entrance. I thanked everyone and hastened out the door. He was sitting in the shaded area of the park behind my campus, leaning against the tree, fiddling with his bow tie when I went there. He continued to take my breath away even after two years of dating.

My first kiss, my first everything, my life, Xander Knight, my boyfriend. He served as my shining knight. He was weird but he was also my weird, so I didn't mind. He looked up as he sensed my approach. He was always aware of my whereabouts and time of arrival. It seems as though he could sense me from a mile away.

As I moved closer to him, I turned to face him. Eyes that are greyish blue, black hair, a straight-cut jaw, and a slim body with firm muscles. My devil. I stood in front of him, just inches away. He was tall.

He gazed at me with narrowed eyes, yet they were always soft for me as I grinned and looked up at him. Our bodies were now touching as I drew nearer. He grinned and sighed as he brought me to his chest by wrapping his arm around my waist.

I looked down while flushing. He lifted my face with his one chilly finger when I felt his chest rumble. I often questioned him why he was usually cold, but he never responded. I bit my bottom lip as I stared into his eyes, which caught his attention. He leaned down and his eyes landed on my lips. He appeared to be in a daze.

His lips captured mine. First slowly pulling my lower lips between his lips, then kissing me hard, holding me tight. It sent shivers down my spine. He smirked on my lips, he knew the effect he had on me. He thrust his tongue inside my mouth, not even asking permission. One hand held me against him, the other wrapped around my hair.

I pulled away from him to catch my breath, he growled and frowned at me. Of course. He didn't need air after the kisses, he could kiss me for 1 hour without even needing air. I told you he was weird. I pecked his lips quickly and smiled.

"Congratulations. We are graduated..." I breathed out. He smiled down at me, putting his forehead against mine.

"Yeah... I had a graduation present for you.." His deep voice always hit me like a hot sun. Do you know the hot feeling? I jumped in excitement. He put his hand inside his pocket, took out a locket, and hang it in front of my face.

Wow, it was beautiful. The locket consisted of a heart pendant in Ruby Stone.

"Is it for me?" I asked in awe. He nodded, looking at my face.

"But it looks so expensive. I can't take it.. " he rolled his eyes at me and spun me around and slowly slid my hair from my back to my shoulders, baring my neck to him.

He put the locket around my neck, clasping the lock, and kissed the side of my neck. I leaned back on his chest. He put his head on my neck and sniffed me, he had a strange habit of doing this. But I was not complaining, it turned me on.

"Why did you come outside?" I asked him.

"I don't like crowds, Lexi." He grumbled, using the nickname he had given me. Just like that, his every answer was always a one-word answer, but still I was not complaining because he didn't even talk to anyone besides me.

I still remembered that day when he first came here. Sitting alone in a corner. I felt bad for him because he was always alone, so one day I decided to sit with him for lunch. At first, he just looked at me while I talked.

Then the next day, he saved a seat for me, motioning with his head to sit with him. Our routine was the same for some weeks; I talked, he listened, and looked at me, but him watching me would always bring comfort. As days passed, he started saying something in between my talking. We became inseparable after that he followed me everywhere like a lost puppy.

Sometimes he would sneak into my room to sleep and well for other stuff. He was a devil in the bed. A blush crept over my cheeks at this thought.

But what now? What would happen now? College was over.

"What now, Xander? What will happen next?" I asked him and felt him tense behind me.

"What happened, Xander? " I asked again worriedly looking In his eyes.

He looked back at me with some strange emotions. Sadness? Guilt? Why was he sad and guilty? I panicked.

He sighed, cupped my face in his hands, and said those words that broke my heart into million pieces.

"I have to go." He said. My breathing was uneven. No no no. He can't go. He can't leave. He was my everything.

"You can't just go! What do you mean by that? Xander, what are you talking about?" I demanded. Tears were forming at the back of my eyes, but they were not falling yet.

"Listen to me carefully before you make any conclusions. Okay, Lexi? I'm sorry, but I have to go. But it's not it, I promise you I will come back. I will come back to you. Always you." I pulled away from him. His eyes were flashing with hurt. I wanted to comfort him but I couldn't think straight.

"Why do you have to leave?" I asked him.

"I can't tell you..." He trailed off.


"But why? Why can't you tell me?"

"I just can't, okay? Please believe me. I will come back, just like you are mine, I am yours, only yours." He said, looking into my eyes.

"When will you come back?" I asked him. He looked down.

"I don't know.." What does he mean by that? Why was this happening? My tears started falling.

"What do you mean by that? When will you come back? When I f*ck*ng die?!"

And I regretted what I said because his eyes became dark, he was angry and when he was angry, he was scary. One minute, I was standing in front of him and the next, I was pressed up against the tree.

"What the f*ck did you just say!?" He growled at me, his hands were holding my hands above my head, and his body was pushing me into the tree. His head was inches from mine, eyes glaring at me. I tried to get away from his hold but it was useless. He was strong.

"ANSWER ME!" He shouted.

Tears were falling down my eye shamelessly as I looked up at him.

" ar...are lea-ving me-e" I cried, his eyes softened.

He hugged me tightly. I pushed my face into his chest and inhaled his manly scent. My hands encircled his waist, fingers holding on to his shirt material tightly, not wanting to let go.

I shook my head in his chest murmuring "You can't leave me. I won't allow it." His whole body was shaking. His arms gripped me tightly.

Again, I was pushed against the tree but with his lips on my lips, kissing me as if there was no tomorrow. And I knew that there would be no tomorrow for us. I returned the kiss with the same force, tears falling down my eyes. We poured out our emotions in the kiss.

Everyone left me and he was also leaving me now. I couldn't let that happen. He tried to pull away but I held his head in my hands, not letting go, and kissing him tightly.

He broke free himself... free of my hold. I cried out loud. He put his hands on my face, making me look at him. His eyes held unshed tears and so much pain. He was also hurting.

"I don't know when, but I will come back. You have my heart. You have my life. You are my heart and you are my life. I will always come back because no one can live without his heart. You don't believe me now. But I promise you, I even promise myself that I will come back and take what is mine. And you know, right? What's mine? You are mine. You were, you are, and always will be mine and I always take what's mine. I am yours, only yours. You have my soul, Alexandra Shine Ronald. You are my love, my life..." He trailed off, bringing his face closer to my ears, and whispered.

"You, Alexandra Ronald, are my beloved one. No one can take you away from me. Not even you. I will come back and take what belongs to me." I closed my eyes, listening to this. It was calming.

He kissed my neck, trailing kisses everywhere. He sniffed me for a long time. Then suddenly hugged me. I tightened my hold on him, thinking of every possibility to make him stay.

But then he got out of my hold like he was never there. One minute, he was in my arms and then he was nowhere. How is this possible? I frantically looked around, searching for him. Nowhere. He was nowhere.

"Xander!" I shouted.

"Xander... Please... Xander!" I kept crying and shouting but he never came.

I fell on my knees, as a new wave of tears hit me.

I cried again and again.

He was gone. He was gone.

Chapter 1

Alexandra's Point Of View


My eyes widen in realization. It is not a mosquito bite. My face pales as realization dawns on me.

I stared at myself in the mirror. Everything is the same. Same black hair with red stripes that reaches just my shoulders, dull green eyes, pale complexion. Nothing changed in 4 years except this. This mark, this angry mark on my neck which looks like a hickey. I am sure it is hickey but nothing logical explains how I got it.

This makes no sense. I have no boyfriend, no secret admirer, nothing! Then how did this mark appear here? I keep my door locked at night. Why hadn't I felt anything if someone was giving me a hickey? No one knows me. I don't make friends. I don't talk to strangers, then why?

Tears start to burn my eyes and flow down my cheeks. I am scared. First, when I got it yesterday, I thought it was a mosquito bite but now there is another. And why the hell does this mosquito will only attack m


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