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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellApril 10, 2024

Arranged marriage romance books

Arranged marriage romance books

Today, most love stories kick off with a chance encounter in a coffee shop, a long-term friendship blooming into something more, a crush finally noticing you, eyes meeting across the room and shy, stolen glances at the one man or woman you find stunning–but hey, they're staring at you too.

None of that exists in arranged marriages. Take away familiarity and replace it with uncertainty. Take away the introductions and the dates that follow and ride headfirst into the deep end of 'I do'. Take away choices and desires, replace it with helplessness. These heroines do not get to make choices. They are thrown into situations too large to fight against, with the only decision being the one thing they don't want–marriage with an absolute stranger.

Can they make it work? Well, wouldn't we all like to know?

Below, we have compiled a list of the best arranged marriage romance books to read online for free on AlphaNovel, only for you.

Forced To Marry The Mafia Don by HJ Lovelace

Amelie had never seen her husband-to-be before, but she was forced into a relationship with him on the orders of her father. It was all business between the Locatelli's and Pearce's and Amelie came to understand soon that her only value was to be a bride.

No matter that the man she was getting tied to was a ruthless mafia don with a reputation that set everyone far from him. Gio was cruel and left her for months on end after their wedding night.

Having been raised in a world as brutal as theirs, Amelie understands that there's only one way she survives Gio. She must find her way into Gio's stone cold heart and break his walls of ice. Ranking #1 in the best mafia arranged marriages romance novels on AlphaNovel. Highly recommended!

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The War King Rejected Bride by Queenies

Princess Leticia is forced to take her sister's place at the altar and marry the wicked king of Nytia, Dharium. Being the least favorite daughter of her parents and definitely not Dharium's first choice of a bride leaves her turned away from the home she's known all her life, and into the arms of a despicable king, whose reputation for only the worst atrocities precedes him.

Dharium knows he's been fooled by the king. He knows he's been delivered the wrong princess, but he is unable to reject Leticia. She was everything he didn't know he needed and what started out as a plan to conquer her father's kingdom became a quest to win Leticia's love and keep her light in his life, lest the darkness in him consume him completely.

The Unwanted Matrimonial by The Goofy One

A business deal with an old friend has Layla’s grandfather forcing her into an arranged marriage with Damon Kingsley, who doesn’t in the least seem thrilled about their peculiar arrangement. His rules were pretty simple. She stayed out of his way and he stayed out of hers. Layla had no interest in breaking that rule, but it was easier said than done, pretending not to be attracted to Damon.

Damon couldn’t seem to get Layla off his back, out of his way and mind, regardless of how much they clashed and opposed each other at every turn. She was fire to his ice and she got under his skin faster than anyone. Layla may have fallen first for Damon, but he most definitely falls harder.

The Beasts Substitute Bride by Smallgirlb

For many years, the beastly kings took humans as their mates. No fights were to be condoned. No struggles or refusals were allowed. The treaty made it so and the human girls would spend the rest of their lives with them, never to see their families again. They weren’t even allowed goodbyes.

Paisley’s family was chosen, but when it was time for her sister to leave, they discovered that Nevaeh had fled. If the beasts didn’t get their chosen bride, they knew for a fact that they would all die. Paisley is taken in her sister’s place, even if she was soon to be married to a man she loved. Her life is upturned when she meets her mates and they are a representation of everything she should hate and fear. She must forget everything she knows, put her past and love behind her to survive them. An arranged marriage dark romance book with an element of fantasy that adds more to the general plot and executes perfectly. A reader's favorite!

Tainted Desires by Angela Shyna

Gabrielle Thorne’s marriage to Lucian Castiel would ensure peace. That was all she was told before her future was snatched from her, all to finalize a business deal. Her opinions, choices and desires were disregarded and when she finds herself in Lucian’s presence, she realizes that words could do no justice to his very nature—he was worse than they said he was. Cruel, demanding and unhinged. He made it clear that he wanted nothing but submission from her. He would dominate her heart, her soul and body.

There were no half and halves with Lucian. If she was married to him, she belonged only to him. He paraded her as his trophy and in the face of her hate and scorn for him, he was delighted. Lorcan liked the chase, and he was hellbent on owning Gabrielle, by hook or by crook.

My Secretive Fragile Wife by Z.C.Jbao

To save her dying brother in the hospital, Emily spent a night with a stranger, giving him her virginity for a pay. But when she arrived at the hospital, she was greeted with tragic news. Her sacrifice had been in vain. To make matters much worse, to salvage what she can of the situation and keep her mother out of danger from her wicked in-laws, she enters an agreement to marry the eldest son of the Clay family, a man rumored to be impotent

However, Emily’s life is upturned when a few weeks later, she finds out that she is pregnant, and her shock only heightens when she meets her husband to be and discovers he is the stranger she spent the night with.

Forced To Be His Bride. Fated To Be His Mate by Eliza Selmer

Being the daughter of the most powerful Alpha came with its perks, but Denali is found on the shorter end of the stick when she is used as a bargaining chip to end a war. Her duties demand that she becomes Luna to a supposedly cold and ruthless Alpha and never before has Denali shied away from what is expected from her.

She is surprised when she meets Rosco and he is different from what the rumors described him to be. Kind, understanding, loving and doting are the last things she expects Rosco to be and she thinks he might be deceiving her and makes it awfully clear that his tricks won’t work on her.

But Rosco is indeed taken in by his Luna and will stop at nothing to make her happy, even if it means letting her return to her family. An arranged marriage fantasy romance book that kicks off intensely and unravels into something sweeter and swoon-worthy.

Accidentally Married by Zera

Dumped on her wedding day outside a courthouse by her cheating boyfriend, Jessica is heartbroken and devastated. Running in her wedding dress with her mascara streaking down her cheeks mixed with tears, she runs into Xavier, the only grandson of a famous billionaire, whose contracted fiancée just stood him up on their wedding day.

To gain full access to his inheritance, Xavier must be wedded. Saving face is the only reason he comes up with a crazy idea to marry the crying, rejected bride who bumps into him accidentally. Their marriage wasn’t one born of convenience, but of pure necessity, and though rules are made to keep them out of each other’s hair, there’s nothing they can do against the force pulling them together, much like it did on their wedding day.

The Billionaire's Fragile Bride by Oluwafunmito Star

The last thing Callan wanted was marriage. He was a serious business man who had zero interest in long term commitments, but his mother wanted more for her son. She was often fond of fixing him blind dates and meet-cutes with high class women and Callan didn’t expect much to come of her most recent arrangements with the Sullivans.

Only, Callan is in for a surprise when he meets Orla, the last and hidden daughter of Arnold Sullivan. She was not his type of woman, but something about her innocence stole his breath. He chose her, though he wasn’t certain why.

Amongst the seven sisters, Orla was the most hated. She’d grown content with hiding in her room, never showing her face in public, and when Callan suddenly declares he wants her, she wonders why a man who could have anyone else would want her.

Beyond The Contract by Natacha_H

Anastasia had been crushing on Abraxas for the longest time and when she was offered a chance to be with him, a future, she gladly took it. She didn’t know he had a woman in his life, and she didn’t know either that she was in for years of humiliation. For Abraxas, she took it all, but he never stopped, never changed and Anastasia decided she’d taken enough.

She demands a divorce from Abraxas after six, long and hard years. Abraxas thought he knew all about her. He thought she would be nothing, hopeless without him. Little did he know that his wife was a billionaire heiress all along, who hid her identity from him, and the moment he figures out her secret, he begins to find ways to get Anastasia back. Unfortunately for Abraxas, his timid, submissive wife is gone, and in her place stands a strong woman who wants nothing to do with him anymore.

A Substitute Bride For The Alpha CEO by Faithuba

Three years ago, Alpha Kai nearly lost his life to an assassination attempt that left him in a vegetative state. The pack must, however, keep running, and a Luna is needed to that effect. Aurora’s cousin was chosen to be Kai’s Luna and a day before her wedding, she elopes with the father of the child in her belly, leaving her aunt and Aurora to clean up after her.

Aurora’s aunt blackmails her into replacing Sophia as the bride and in exchange, she would cater for her mother’s medical bills.

Living as Alpha Kai’s wife was unlike anything Aurora had envisioned for her life, but she learned to care for him, day by day, and one day, she dared to lay a kiss onto her sleeping husband’s cheek. For the first time in three years, Alpha Kai woke up. Got to love royal arranged marriage romance books!

A Year With The Billionaire by Eaglewoman20

When Isabella hits a dead end, she turns to the only person she knows for help to save her grandmother—her billionaire boss, Jayden. He proposes an offer to her, one she is unable to refuse. She signs a contract with him to be his pretend wife for a year. There would be no strings attached and their marriage would be in name only.

Jayden only needed the marriage to marry her to get his mother off his back. A year would be more than enough time to prove to her that he really isn’t cut out for marriage. But it would seem that when it comes to Isabella, Jayden discovers that there is nothing he isn’t cut out for, if it means being with her. It becomes a race against time to win her heart and ensure their contract doesn’t end what he has found with her.

So, what do you say? Intrigued by the dash of family drama, the will-they-won't-they tension in these romance books about arranged marriages? Great, because we have so much more for you!

Think steamy, forbidden, and profound. The Dark Romance section has these and so much more, each chapter and cliffhanger guaranteed to leave you craving more, and if forbidden romances aren't quite your thing, there are more Marriage Novels growing dusty on your shelves. Check them out. You know you want to. Happy reading!