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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellMarch 13, 2024

Bully romance books

Bully romance books

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your brooding nemesis turn into a possessive, clingy love with a hidden sensitive side? Perhaps, a painful past or masking their insecurities and greatest fears by dishing out the only emotion they know in return–pain. This is the heart of bully romance books!

These stories take the classic enemies/bullies-to-lovers romance trope and crank it up a notch, creating tension, angst, vulnerability and an appeal that leaves you so hooked, you practically inhale the book in one sitting.

Plus, who doesn't love a good redemption story? Below lies a carefully collated list of the best bully romance novels to read online for free, and there is no doubt they will keep you intrigued.

The Bad Boy And The Tomboy by K.K.S

Allison had always likened Eric to the devil perched on her shoulder. He'd take the sickests of pleasures in torturing her, all the while making perfectly clear his intentions with her; to get between her legs, and it surely didn't help that he was the hottest guy Allison had ever seen, that coupled with his smug arrogance that often clashed with his personality, making him that much more irresistible.

When an opportunity presents itself for Allison to finally get Eric off her back, she takes it without hesitation. It was to be a simple wager. One Allison was sure she would win. Only she didn't, and now, she must keep to her own end of their bargain.

Bullied By The Navy Triplet Stepbrothers by Nina GoGo

When Mia's mother springs her sudden engagement on her, Mia meets her new family and she is surprised to find that her soon-to-be stepbrothers were the same men who tormented her throughout highschool. While years had been kinder on them, molding and sculpting them into an insanely gorgeous bunch, it did nothing to change the cruelty that seemed to reside at the very core of their beings.

But it would seem that Mia has more coming her way as her brother's begin to show more interest in her, and the tension that already existed begins to unravel. Her hate for the three waxed stronger, but so did her attraction and the bond that seemed to pull all four of them together.

Bullied To Love by Amal A. Usman

Meeting Lorenzo again after he made her life miserable in high school was not something Katherine looked forward to, but when she discovers he's her new boss, she must try to put the past behind her and work with him. But Lorenzo isn't making it any easier for Katherine as he bullies her into signing a five-year long contract that'd pretty much involve dedicating all of her time and effort to him, while he did nothing but frustrated her.

With each day, Katherine notices the most minute of changes, as well as the thawing ice around his heart and when the tension between them gives birth to embers of passion, Katherine is more than ready to give in and get singed. A dark bully romance book with a male lead who's equal parts domineering, possessive and has a soft spot, only for the female lead.

Bullied: Stockholm Syndrome Series by _Bed_Of_Roses

Cruel and sadistic were hardly enough to describe Hunter McConnell, and Iris couldn't ever understand what she did that earned his 'affections'. He bullied her with the sole focus of a dying man, ensuring every day was dedicated to breaking her.

And for a time, it remained that way, until Iris decided she'd had enough. Picking up the pieces of herself that Hunter had left behind in his depraved quest, she decided to truly live. Fight back against Hunter, but all it did, was excite him, and she wasn't exactly sure when something new was born from this; an hateful, yet sizzling romance.

Nothing More Than A Bully by HopelessNarrator

It began on the first day at school, but unlike most bullies Sofia had heard about, Jack had a depth to him, a darkness that was bred from depression. The warring signals confused her and she couldn't tell if Jack absolutely loathed her or wanted her. Later, she would come to realize it was the latter, as Jack, for all of his violence, didn't know the proper way to express his feelings for her.

Scarred and scared is what Jack was, letting it get the better of him. But of all the people he had come across in his life, Sofia was the only woman who had made him feel remotely normal. Happy. Things he never thought possible, and for that reason alone, he feared, hated and loved her all the same.

The Bully And His Broken Beloved by Simran

After losing her parents at five, Cara Anderson is sent off to the orphanage, where she gets adopted by her foster family. Already, she was different from most, having dealt with death rather early in her life, and relating with her new family already seemed difficult enough.

She is returned to the orphanage, and that is when she meets Chase Adams. Anyone in their right minds knew to be scared of him. He was mean and unhinged, something Cara is forced to get acquainted with when he forces himself into her life, despite her fierce refusal of him. She didn't think it possible that Chase could change from being anything but a bully, but it soon becomes clear that there was little he wouldn't do to keep her.

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  • Author: Simran
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3.1K
  • 9.1

Cara Anderson is an orphan whose parents died when she was five and then she was sent to foster home which was nothing but a living hell for her. When a family decided to adopt her she thought maybe now she can be happy not as much as it was with her own parents but at least bearable. But she was abandoned and again sent to orphanage where she grew up. She is a girl who is not as bubbly and carefree as the girls her age but it doesn’t mean she is always sad, dull or low spirited. She just wants to live a normal life where no one pities her and most importantly bullies her. Because there is one thing which she can’t tolerate or even witness and that is Violence. Chase Adams Violence is his second name. He is most feared bully not only in college but in town. He is cruel, cold and dangerous. Rumours says he has been to juvenile center but reason is unknown. He is called soulless delinquent, monster and much worse. But does he care about it? No he doesn’t. He doesn’t care what people think of him. Not many are capable of standing in front of him and saying a whole sentence without stuttering, and he likes it that way. He likes seeing fear in other’s eyes, he likes it when people try to stay as far away from him as possible. But everything changes when a new student crosses paths with him and messes with his heart, his feelings. He wants to stay away from her seeing the fear in her eyes she has for him, but he can’t fight the urge to touch her, hold her and be close to her. She urges him to think about changing his ways which he would never ever do for anyone. She is scared of him and his possessiveness but she is the only one who can break all the barriers and see right through his darkest soul and cruelest heart, which he doesn’t appreciate at all. Will she be able to tame the monster or is he going to ruin and break her even more than she already is?


Her Tormentor Alpha by Liz Barnet

Aria's world seemed to take a turn from the moment she fell out with her best friend, Hunter. She'd done nothing to earn his sudden hatred of her, yet he punished her everyday, without telling her why. Aria thought she would get a reprieve from it when she turned eighteen, but it only worsened when she discovered he was her mate.

However, when Aria sought to reject him, Hunter suddenly turned over a new leaf. Nothing had stopped the torture before and she was suspicious of his gentleness where she was involved, his new quest to win her over, and Aria soon finds herself battling not only the mating bond, but also the growing feelings she tried so hard to kill.

My Cruel Mate by Sunshine Princess

After her father dies, to pay for the debts the family owes the Alpha, Calians is sold to him against her will. Edward's reputation was known to all and while she hoped for something different, he was exactly as they had described. Menacing, despicable, and sure enough, he was with another woman.

She wouldn't normally have minded, if he hadn't looked at her and called her his mate. While she had completely dismissed the idea of having a mate altogether, finding Edward as hers had built her excitement and anticipation to a dangerous level. Hope. But Edward shatters that every step of the way, ensuring that there was no escape from him, not even if she prayed hard enough for it. A dark fantasy bully romance book that takes you through an unpredictable and thrilling journey with each character.

Their Secret Obsession by Pippa Moon

Charlotte finds her boyfriend with another woman after her plans to surprise him on their anniversary. Confronting them ends with him getting a black eye and Charlotte being so angry and hurt, she heads to the bar to drown the pain out with alcohol.

Losing her bearings in her drunken state, she returns to her best friend's home, and somehow ends up in the bathtub with Lilly's brother, Knox, her highschool crush and bully. A moment shared between them becomes the source of Charlotte's erotic dreams.

During Lilly's wedding, when Charlotte feels her mate near, she heads straight for the scent, only to find Knox and his brother, who is her second mate, Kane, entwined in bed with another woman. Feeling betrayed for the second time, she rejects them, only to have them discard her rejection of them. Their secret obsession ranks #1 of the best reverse harem bully romance novels on AlphaNovel. A fan favourite too!

Luna Abigail's Second Chance Mate by Natacha_H

Abigail gets rejected on her birthday because she is different--she is a half-breed, a witch and a wolf, and as such, she is considered an abomination by her pack. It was more than enough reason, apparently, to be constantly bullied and hated on for years.

But Abigail was no weakling, and when on her eighteenth birthday, her mate rejected her for the same reason, without even giving her a chance, she accepted it, refusing to be put down by it. After which she flees, hoping to get away from the harsh reality of her life, and on the way, she stumbles into her second chance mate, Matthew.

She is brought to his pack, where she is surprised at the immediate acceptance of his people. It takes longer than usual, but Abigail begins to open up to Matthew and the affection he shows her.

If the above books got your heart racing, dig deeper into the world of romance novels, where we have more bully romance tropes, arranged marriages, rejection, enemies-to-lovers and young adult fiction that offers exciting, sizzling romances that sweep you off your feet! Happy reading!