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The Ruthless Consort of the Fox King.

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Xia Min Yue, A high-grade assassin with no feelings and as cold as ice, encounters a flight accident where she becomes reborn into the no talent, and trash Yu Min Yue, who committed suicide on account of being pursued and driven to a nearby cliff, she would rather die than go back to her home. Still, right at the corner of her death, she was graced. Xia Min Yue just been reborn into this body was still unconscious and encountered this fox king who marks her for life, and renews her life. Waking up and seeing the condition she was in and regaining the former owner's memories she swore to turn the heavens and the earth, and pay the ones who made this former owner suffer indescribable pain, while also standing on the pinnacle of the earth. But what is she going to do when she can't get rid of her faith in this cold and emotionless king, who wouldn't let even breathe fine air, the words he always says, always made her, the most bloody assassin shiver. "I made you so you belong to me".

The Cold Night

The sound of horse hooves in the dark night was heard on the old barred road, the moon was reflected on the ink-black hair of a girl, and her face showed terror as she unconsciously kept running without turning back, for the fear of being caught up by the horses and men, her beautiful red sl*t eyes had this sorrowful look in it, as the small bead of tears came rolling down her cheeks, her clothes messy and torn, as the voices of the men behind her echoed in her ears.

"you cannot let her get near the cliff, master told us to return her body in one piece"

the leader at the front turned his head sideways to order his men, and they all echoed "yes", before roaring and continuing to chase the girl, she seemed to have heard them as with a slight limp to the air she appeared by the cliff, scaring the men to stay at standstill watching her.

"If you move I will jump down" with a ke ke sound she let out a slight cough that seem to let her suffer a bit as her chest kept rising and falling for running far too much, the men held their blades by their hip with a cold glow in their eyes, not believing the girl at all.

"Miss Yue, we were asked to bring you back in one piece," the leader said as he repeatedly told her his intentions but that didn't matter to her, the same thing was going to happen to her, what can waste like herself do to protect or prevent this situation.

"I, Yu Min Yue, would remember this injustice and pay you back ten thousand folds" after the girl said this she turned to look at the cliff behind her and jumped down, the leader felt this was bad and leaped into the air to catch the girl, but it was like as if the girl was supported by the heavens and he wasn't able to catch her in time, as she disappeared into the mist below the cliff.

His shoulder felt as he looked at his men and then knitted his brow as he narrowed his eyes and sat back on his horse.

"Go, we will tell the young miss that she committed suicide by the cliff" the four men with their horses rode back to their young miss but no one noticed a red burning light flash from the sky, and fell right into the cliff and spreading everywhere.

The girl who thought she was going to die, at her last breathe she saw a red glowing thing slowly walk its way to her, staggering, she felt like this thing wasn't less pitiful than her, even as she knew death was near her, she stretched her blood-colored hand for the little thing to come to her, before her eyes closed and her hands fell to the floor.

The little thing finally arrived by the girl's side and with a flash of light, it lifted its paws and placed them on the girl's forehead as a red glow appeared on her forehead and disappeared slowly as the thing took the form of a fox with nine tails appeared majestically by the girl's unconscious side, the wave of exhaustion appeared on this fox beautiful face as it laid down on the dirtied floor and returned to its original human appearance.

"Did you actually see her jump into this cliff?" a human female voice drifted into the ears of the half-sleeping fox, as his ears pecked up a bit and then suddenly sat up and gathered the girl into his arms and flew in another direction where no one would be able to disturb his rest, after a minute the people up came down to the bottom of the cliff to check if their target was dead or not.

"It seems like she is dead there are bones here, there must be a spirit beast here clear out everyone" the human female voice turned back to the men behind her as she gave her clear order.

Under the clear cold skies, the human female gave a smirk as her evil intentions were revealed and she spoke in a low but clear voice for only her subconscious to hear.

"Yu Min Yue I finally defeated you, I hope that beast feasts on your body and heart so you never appear before me again!" she tightened her fist as she suddenly remembered her men and composed herself before following them under their protection up the cliff.

After the other people left they didn't notice a cave where a man and a woman lay on the flow, two shadows flashed and landed at the entrance of the cave, the human fox noticed this but didn't move an inch, the two shadows rushed into the cave one went to the human-fox while the other went to the girl at the side.

"Take her to someplace where she can hide for the moment, if she wants to take revenge she should grow" the fox man spoke softly as the shadow beside him, gave him a small red pill making him regain some color on his face.

the shadow by the girl's side knelt down on one knee and bowed slightly with a cupped fist.

"Thank you Young Master for saving my master" the fox-man nodded before looking at the girl lying still on the floor before looking away and saying his last sentence.

"she is reborn with special abilities and with my powers, she would be able to make everyone who made her suffer die a horrible death" after saying that the fox-man disappeared together with his shadow.

The shadow guiding the girl looked at her as he saw a faint light glow on her forehead, her beautiful face revealed and looked more bewitching with long lashes. the shadow was stunned.

"what actually happened to young miss, she looks totally different"


Right In the Shallow Blue Skies, there was an Ink Black Jet swaying left and right in the skies, ready to fall down at any moment, the four people in the jet didn't panic, but in their eyes, they showed their worry about the situation, the four of them have never been in a situation like this when going on a mission, them the first-grade assassins ever known in the continent, who killed with blood bath everywhere, now they were going to die in the skies.

Three girls were sited in the passenger's seat with fierce faces, all of them wearing black except one who was dressed in a fiery red suit, with a worried look on her face, she turned to look at her teammate driving the jet.

"How is the situation?" she asked in a hoarse intimidating voice, making the female in black driving the jet wrinkle her brows, the situation didn't look good, she tilted her head to the side.

"The situation doesn't look good boss, we have to find a place to land soon or we might actually crash" the beautiful eyes of the one who asked the question twinkled with a worried light, as she closed her eyes, if she was going to die a peaceful death she didn't want to die like this! this was like a thousand meters away from home, away from their lair, she carefully looked at everyone's face before closing her eyes if this is it then she must die alone.

"it was nice knowing everyone till this moment" with that being said she closed her eyes and then with the sudden exclamations and shriek from her comrades, she who wanted to die first actually died with them, as the storm if it was actually a storm, scattered the airplane into bits and pieces, a red figure in the clouds could be faintly seen as she was like a rose flower slowly descending down the earth, her consciousness slightly slipping away, but just at that moment she felt something wet drop on her cheeks, even though it was raining this wet substance was very warm, making her open her eyes and exclaim.

There was someone here??!!! how come she didn't notice?

She stared at this girl who wore white robe and she looked ghastly pale, like as if this one at any moment would make this girl disappear but suddenly she smiled softly at her, like this woman before was a friend and not a foe, but the girl in red who is no other than Xia Min Yue stared at this woman in disbelief, how can you smile at a woman you barely knew.

"I have finally found the right person…"

Min Yue once again was dumbfounded, what do you mean found the right person, for the second time she felt like this person had gone insane and was no longer able to be saved, even when her a genius assassin who knew all the poisons and antidotes in the world, she stared at the woman coldly as she suddenly placed her white pale hands on min yue cheek, she s*ck*d in a sharp breath as she felt darkness overtake her and she fell into the deep sleep but right before her consciousness drifted apart, she heard this small voice almost disappearing.

"please my last request in this world is for me to pay my enemies in blood".

I Have Been Plotted Against.

The Sudden smell of medicinal plant wafted towards the girl in white laying on the grass, her hair disheveled and her appearance was ghastly pale, but she looked breathtakingly beautiful, she wrinkled her nose at the smell, and abruptly opened her phoenix black eyes, staring left and right at her surroundings, feeling the more confused the more she observed.

was I saved? is this some kind of cave, that I fell into?

Her eyes still trying to guess where she is when an exclaimed voice was heard and she slowly raised her body to look at the person behind her, she was shocked.

what was he dressing like hanfu? , even the actors had to dress in decent suits to appear before her.

"Who are you?" she reluctantly asked in a small voice, when that also seemed confusing to her because she very well made sure that she would never appear weak in front of anybody in her life, then why did her voice just now sound so weak as if she was the verge of collapsing? she t


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