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  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Queenies
  • Chapters: 170
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 37.3K
  • 9.6
  • 💬 3.4K


"Don't think for a second that I would ever love you." His voice was raspy, and his breath was hot as it fanned my neck. " Dharium..." I whispered, fighting back the tears as his grip on my neck tightened. His laugh boomed in the dark room, sounding more menacing than ever, and I inwardly shivered. ◇◇◇ He was ruthless. She had the kindest of hearts. He was brutal, She was warm. He was filled with darkness. She was his only light. Princess Letitia Ventura was nothing compared to her sister Caitrona. She had neither beauty nor grace, each qualities her sister possessed, hence her parents' lack of attention and care for her. So when a marriage alliance was made between their kingdom and that of Nytia, the most ruthless kingdom ever, Feared for its power and brutality, Letitia couldn’t help but feel a little bit alarmed, even though the king had specifically asked for her sister. But things didn’t go as planned when Letitia found herself in front of her people, set to wed the king of Nytia.


Being forced to walk down the aisle in lieu of my sister was the last thing I had expected.

They gave me to him, like I was irrelevant.

Made me his bride, like I were a mere item that could be easily discarded.

I suppose by now I ought to be accustomed to it. I was never the preferred child but rather a pawn in their absurd games.

He was renowned for his brutality.

His power and influence were well known among the tribes.

He was someone to be feared. A man whose bare presence was enough to send you flying in the other direction.

A man not to be dared with, a man whose fierceness at war was known.

They called him ðregul ècraul, the god of war.

He is, after all, the king above all kings.

The king of the Nytias


My eyes peeled open, and I squinted due to the sun's rays sipping through the window. The cold air nipped at my bare skin, leaving goose bumps as I pushed the thick quilt down my body, sitting up on the bed.

A light knock rang through the door, and a soft voice spoke. "Milady, are you awake?"

"You are free to come in, Galla."

The door knob twisted, and the door was pushed open as Galla walked in with a bright smile on her face.

"You are up more than usual, milady." Galla asked, walking over to the bathing chamber.

"I don’t know, Galla; I have been having this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don’t know what it is. It feels like a calm before the storm." I mentioned, getting out of bed to go take a seat by the window.

Galla stuck her head out of the door of the bathing chamber with a worried look on her face.

"It's understandable to feel worried; after all, we are in the middle of a war." She stated, going back to the bathing chamber.

I bit down on my lips, looking out at the window, and visibly calmed down when I saw the colourful flowers blooming in the garden, with the sunlight enhancing their beauty.

This was one of my favourite views each day—to sit by the window, watching the flowers bloom. I stared down at the beautiful roses, bluebells, and lilies. My eyes shifted to the blue iris; it was one of the flowers that always caught my attention.

"I see you are admiring the view of the garden again, milady."

I turned toward Galla with a smile on my face. "They always manage to alleviate my emotions."

"As much as I would like Milady to keep admiring the flowers, I need to get you ready. The king has requested your presence at the table for breakfast today."

I got completely still, looking at Galla like she had grown another pair of heads.

Anyone outside of the palace would wonder why I, a princess, would react this way about having dinner with the king and queen when I was their daughter.

It was unusual for me and everyone else who works in the palace, for me to be summoned to the royal dining room for breakfast with the rest of the family.

I had two elder siblings: my older brother, Prince Devlin, who was the crown prince, and my sister Caitrona, the apple of my parents' eyes.

She possesses every quality I didn’t have: beauty, grace, and elegance. Leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her, men from around the world come to witness her beauty.

The king and queen held nothing back when it came to showering her with love. They spoiled her rotten, giving her everything she demanded.

Sighing, I turned to look at Galla, giving her a weak smile before walking into the bathing chamber.

Galla stood behind me, helping me get rid of my nightwear. I walked over to the bathtubs, getting in on it.

The marvellous scent engulfed me, causing me to sigh in contentment, and my body visibly relaxed at the feel of the water against my skin.

I kept my eyes closed, resting my back against the wall of the tub, wanting to have this peaceful moment before encountering the king and queen.

The feeling of cold liquid being poured on my hair, as delicate fingers comb their way through my thick white curls. I hummed as Galla worked the knot and grime from my hair.

"Why do you think the king summoned you today? They hardly ever have time for you." Galla asked in a distasteful voice.

"I wish I knew, Gal. I'm as confused as you are."

"I wish they would treat you better. You are their daughter, after all."

"I’m done wishing, Gal; I have had too much heartbreak to care now. I had to learn the hard way that I was the daughter they never wanted." Surprisingly, my voice held nothing but numbness.

I guess I meant every word I said. I was exhausted from trying desperately to win their love. It was futile.

"That doesn’t mean Milady turns out not to be loved. I knew for a fact that Lady Flavia loved you like her own before she passed away, and so do I. I intend to be with you every step of the way, Milady."

Her words warmed my heart, and I was touched by her loyalty toward me. "Don’t you want a life outside the palace? Find someone you love and spend your life with that person as you make memories and family together." Galla, used to me asking her questions like this, responded immediately.

"I won’t mind giving up my life to serve by your side, Milady." Her words held sincerity.

"I really appreciate your loyalty, Gal; I really do. But I would rather you not spend your life with me, but enjoy it to the fullest. Instead of staying locked up here with me.”

"This is something I’m honoured to do. You once told me you considered me a sister, and I feel the same about you, princess Letitia."

"Thank you, Gal." I said to her, my voice barely a whisper as I held back the tears threatening to fall from my eyes.

I haven't done anything to earn her loyalty, yet here she was, ready to give away the rest of her life just to stay beside me.

Sliding down into the tub, I let my body sink, washing the soap off my hair before sliding back up.

I rubbed my hands along my face as I emerged from the tub, and immediately the cool air heated my skin, causing me to shiver in response.

Galla hurriedly took out the robe, wrapping it around my skin. She guided me right back to the bedroom, ushering me towards the seat.

She picked up the comb from the table, gently brushing through my curls while applying different oils and ornaments.

"I had better hurry to get you ready; breakfast with the king is in an hour." She mutters, walking towards my closet to pick out the dress for the day.


"You are late." was the first thing my mother, Queen Aphra, said as I walked through the door of the royal diner.

It’s no surprise that her first words after not seeing me for a month would be about my tardiness.

"She's just a minute late, mother." My brother, Prince Devlin, gave me a warm smile. waving his hand for me to walk in further.

Prince Devlin and I aren’t close like a brother and sister should be, but he always stood up to our parents in my stead any time I was being treated unfairly, and that was more than enough for me to know that a tiny place in his heart cared about me.

"It still doesn’t matter." My mother says it again, looking at me with cold eyes. "You are a princess, Letitia. I expect you know better than to keep your father, the king, and the rest of the family waiting."

I cast my eyes down, bowing my head. "I apologize, your majesty, my queen."

"Let’s not start a disp

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