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The Alpha of Alphas' Luna

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"You know I am not spewing nonsense Karen. Yes, your wolf might not be there to witness within you that I am yours but you can't deny the fact that you are drawn towards me, somehow, somewhere within, you know!" Karen was breathing hard, she could not believe what she just heard. What Ralph said was the truth and that was why she had been trying to push him far from her. My mate??? "But there is no way to prove it" Karen said with her chest heaving up and down. "There is" Ralph said and his eyes were fixed on hers intently. "How?" Karen asked and her voice came out as a whisper. She was paralyzed by the scorching blazes of Ralph's eyes and the sincerity she could feel from his words. Ralph leaned into her without his body touching hers and took her lips in his. She wanted to push him off but the strength of his hands held her in place and he deepened the kiss. She surrendered and her lips soon followed the pace that his, had set. It was gentle, promising and sent fiery messages all over her skin. ************ She had missed Ralph terribly but everytime her brain thinks of him, the kiss they shared, she would quieten her thoughts and switch it to something else - her thoughts would still find a way to wander back to Ralph. Despite everything, she thought of her pack, her friends that were still in the dungeon, especially Naire - her personal maid and friend. She made a promise and she had to keep it at all costs. How could she, when she was stuck in this mansion. She had to leave so she could be free to train and awaken her wolf. The only person that could permit her leaving this fortified place, was none other than Ralph. She knew that he still suspected that she might want to leave and the only way to make him un-think this was by warming up to him pretentiously and this she did. ************* "I…uhmm, came here, to thank you for all the kindness you have shown me so far" said Karen. "Sounds like the kind of speech someone makes when they plan on leaving " replied Ralph and Karen's heart did a somersault in her chest. 'Can he read my thoughts?' she thought. "Nope!" she said, popping the 'p'. "I just thought I should thank you, that is all. I would take my leave now " "You came here looking beautiful and you want to leave immediately? Not fair little one. I want you to thank me with something else" " I don't really have anything that you might need" "Oh, you have more than I need trust me" "What is that then?" "Your lips… I want you to kiss me" Blinking rapidly she wanted to rant at him but she remembered why she was here. "Alright but can you close your eyes?" asked Karen. Karen is the daughter of Alpha Thomas Zayn and Kerith Zayn - the former Alpha and Luna of Grey Woods Pack. Her cousin launched a surprise attack on her pack which led to the demise of her parents. He locks her in a dungeon and tells her to accept him as her alpha and mate and when she refuses, he tortures her to her wolf goes silent within her. She finds a way to escape but before her joy is full, she gets hit by the Supreme Alpha's car- Ralph Hernandez. He tells her she is his mate but since there is no wolf within her, she doesn't accept, majorly because she heard that he had a hand in the murder of her parents. She pretentiously warms up to him and when he has fallen so deeply in love with her, she runs away. Though she is also in love with him, she runs away to keep her father's legacy and to save her people that are still in the dungeon. Would she be able to hide from Ralph forever? Would she get her wolf back? Would she save her people and who she be able to surrender wholly to Ralph Hernandez?


CHAPTER ONEKaren's eyelids felt very heavy to open and all she could do was listen to the voices that were speaking close to her. The voices were that of a female and a male. The voice of the male appealed to her and had this soothing effect it offered her injured body but most importantly, it sounded WORRIED!She decided to listen to the on going conversation and see if she could get a tip on what was going on."She should be awake soon. We just need to exercise patience" the feminine voice spoke."It has been solid four days Kate and there is still no sign from her" the soothing masculine voice said.Karen remembered being so excited to see the sunlight and feel its warmth on her skin after being deprived of it for three whole years. Then, she arrived in a valley and there was no single soul around, till a ferocious looking beast of a car rounded the bend and hit her . It sent her flying some yards away and just before she was s*ck*d into the void of darkness that was closing in on her eyes, she saw a man come out of the car and run towards her. As he crouched by her side, she blanked out."Her vitals are stable and she should be…oh, her fingers just twitched" the voice assumed to be 'Kate' said.Karen felt Kate by her side and immediately her eyes flew open and she widened them challengingly."Not one finger on me" she said with emphasis."I see you have been awake for a while. I just need to do some basic check ups and you should be good to go. What is…?" As Dr Kate was yet speaking, Karen jerked up to a sitting position and she felt her head twirl and the room suddenly become brighter. She began to cough and she placed a hand on her chest to calm herself down but the bouts of cough only increased."Easy there little one" she heard the soothing voice say by the other side of my bed. How did he get there? He handed her an opened bottle of water and she chugged it down greedily. Some drops of water flowed from the sides of her mouth as she drank the water but she could feel her parched throat receiving life. She sighed in relief and turned to her side as she heard a chuckle.It was the mystery man! She turned to face him and his facial appearance was as appealing as his voice.His black shiny hair was packed to the back of his head in a slick fashion and a strand was out of place and fell over his eye. His eyebrows were dark and thick and the left brow had a clean slash almost at the middle. Karen's eyes travelled to his piercing and captivating eyes that had her fixed in a spot.He was looking at her and it was like he wanted to search the depths of her sad soul. Her eyes journeyed to his Roman nose and he tilted his head as if to give her a perfect view of his jaw that sported a Balbo beard. The advantage of the Balbo beard was that it gave him a well trimmed moustache.She looked from the moustache to his thin lips that were set in a straight line and when a smile grazed his lips, she was released from whatever trance she was in."Like what you see little one?" he asked or more of teased and his voice fully brought her out of her reverie."Hi, I'm Ralph, Ralph Hernandez. Nice to meet you!" he said and stretched out a hand to her. She dropped the empty bottle on the sheet that covered her and shook him. Her hand felt so small in his as he shook her firmly."Hi, I'm Karen Zayn" she said and withdrew her fingers from his hold as he continued to have her hand in his."Karen" he breathed, barely above a whisper and his eyes dimmed. "Sir, I think I should properly check how she is now" interrupted Dr Kate. "Alright, I would get going now. I have some things I should handle in the pa…" Ralph began but stopped like he was trying to correct his statement as he gave Dr Kate 'the corner eye'." the parish. See you later Karen" "Yeah Ralph" Karen replied and watched as the black coat he had on, swayed behind him before the door was shut and she was left with the Doctor.The room was now in silence."So you are Karen, right?" Dr Kate asked.With a nod she answered in the affirmative."You don't seem to have a concussion and you can remember your name but can you remember what you were doing in Brooks Valley?""Brooks Valley? That is where I am? So the tunnel from my pack led to Brooks Valley, the valley between werewolves and humans" thought Karen"I am in Brooks Valley?" Karen asked."Yes you are. That means you don't know how you got here?" Dr Kate asked."I remember being hit by a monster size car and my body in the air for about five seconds before slamming the asphalt floor" Karen said trying to rack her brain to ascertain if it was truly through the tunnel that she arrived in Brooks Valley that was about three hundred miles away from Grey Woods Pack, her Pack."That would be all for now. In two days, you should be fit to leave the hospital. I would send up the meal Al… I mean Sir Ralph, has prepared for you""Sir Ralph prepared a meal for me?" Karen asked in disbelief. "Yes he did. I'll be on my way now" Dr Kate said.As Karen was left alone, she took the opportunity to look around where she found herself. She knew this was a hospital as Dr Kate had mentioned earlier but the room looked too luxurious to be in a hospital. For starters, the sheets that covered her were super fluffy, there was a large television on the wall that faced her and the painting on the walls didn't look like some rough paint that could be easily purchased down the street. There was a mini table by her side that held a telephone, the remote for the television and a white bedside lamp. She looked to the left of the room and she saw a door, that likely leads to the bathroom. As if on cue, she felt like taking a leak. She peeled the sheets off her and swung a leg downwards to the cold time. Her other leg joined the other and she straightened up. She took a step and then another and then another before her knees wobbled beneath her and she dropped to the floor.Her legs were still weak after all! "Stupid human body! So freaking weak!" Karen cursed.She remained that way for a while before she began to use her elbow to crawl and drag herself towards the bathroom as she cursed her cousin, Luke Zeref for being responsible for the situation she was in. With every drag and pull on the cold tile, she began to remember it all. The killing of her parents, her imprisonment, how he made her lose her wolf, how he is responsible for making her run away from her Pack and making her get hit by a vehicle that led to her being in this detestable situation. "I swear by the death of my parents that Luke Zeref was going to pay someday" Karen said again as tears gathered at the run of her eyes.She dragged, crawled and pulled herself till she was close to the bathroom door. She stared at the knob of the door and tried pulling herself up to turn it but the lower part of her body still felt weak and she was in pains.Suddenly, she heard a knock but before she could give any response, the person behind the door kicked the door open.The door opened to reveal a boy who should be at his late teens. He had a grey coat on, some black pants and a pair of black boots. He ruined his outfit with a purple scarf he had around his neck.She watched as his eyes went to the hospital bed and confusion stretched on his face that looked so much like…like Ralph's!" Is he Ralph's son? Is Ralph married? Why should I care?" She asked herself.The boy entered the room with a tray of what Karen supposed as Dr Kate's promise before kicking the door shut again. The boy turned around and raised his head to the air, he took two sniffs of the air and his eyes abruptly went to Karen's form on the cold tile. "Do I look that small only to be noticed now or are you just stupid?" thought Karen "There you are! But what are you doing on the floor?" he asked."Can you just help me to the bathroom first?" Karen asked in a desperate tone that didn't sound anything like her.She was really pressed "Oh sure, pardon my manners! I was only concerned with carrying out the Pack Doctor's order" he said as he rushed to her side. With his help, she managed to sit up."By Pack Doctor, you mean Dr Kate?" Karen asked unsure. "Yes Dr Kate…Oh cripes!" he exclaimed and his hand flew to his mouth."What's wrong?" Karen asked, alarmed."I wasn't meant to refer to her as the Pack doctor before you. You weren't supposed to know that…"Katen cut off his rants by saying, "she is a werewolf. That means Ralph also is a werewolf and…and""You mean Alpha Ralph?" he asked "Ralph is an Alpha?" she blurted sharply. "This isn't good for me! When Luke discovers that I have escaped, he would order for neighbouring packs to search for me and Ralph, also being an Alpha, would gladly give me up. No wonder I felt a dangerous aura from him despite the fact that his voice seemed to soothe me." Karen thought to herself."Miss, you look kinda pale," he said. "Oh, it must be the aftermath of the accident" she lied glibly. "Alright. Please I want to plead with you, do not let Alpha Ralph know I spilled the fact that he is a werewolf""Why? Did he not want me to know?" I asked as possible explanations encircled my brain."Well Dr Kate cannot make out if you are a werewolf or a human because even though your bones healed properly though not as fast as a werewolf, no wolf can be sensed within you""Oh that! Right now, my focus should be escaping from this place. This is Brooks Valley, so I have a chance of mixing with humans and escaping" Karen said to herself."Let's get you to the toilet" the boy said as he tugged under Karen's arm and pulled her up. He turned the knob of the door and helped her to the very seat of the toilet."Thanks, I did call you when I'm done" said Karen She peed and a satisfied sigh left her lips at the feel of the release. She tried to stand on her feet as she rested her back on the wall and pulled her pants up.She wanted to call his name when she realised she had not asked for his name. "Hey! Hey!" Karen called"You done in there?" The boy hollered back at her."Yes I am"He came in but as he was about to help her, her knees wobbled again but he caught her before she could hit the cold tiled floor. He bent down and scooped her into his arms. Karen wanted to protest at the proximity but decided against it as she felt so exhausted already and she felt comfortable in his presence compared to Ralph's presence that felt dangerous. Only his voice and his eyes made her feel a little safe."I never got to ask what your name is" Karen said."Oh! I'm Taurus by name but everyone refers to me as Safe. You want to know why?" Taurus asked with a playful smile."Because I make people fe…" started Taurus but a cold, bone chilling voice filled with menace resonated through the room the next second. "Que esta pasando aqui?" It was Ralph and he looked p*ss*d.Note: Que esta pasando aqui? - What is going on here?


CHAPTER TWO"Mate! Mate! Mate!" Ralph's wolf brawled and chanted in his head. Oh, how long I have searched and waited for my chosen mate.Four mornings ago, his wolf had been feeling very antsy and his mood was unstable. He had lashed out on anyone who went unduly out of order in the mansion and even nanny Freya, the only woman who he listens to, was not exempted.He had a very important meeting that morning in Brooks Valley with some humans and the mood he found himself was not an appreciable mood to be in since he was going to be in the same room with humans.Despite the fact that he is a werewolf, he is widely known to humans as he owns a lot of business empires in their lands. He had urged his Beta and only friend, Stephan Stone to drive very fast as they were a little behind time already.

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