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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellOctober 25, 2023

Top 10 Werewolf novels

Top 10 Werewolf novels

No wonder that over the last few years you can hear more and more about werewolf romance books, as we all are drawn with the idea of a powerful and protective alpha male falling in love with an ordinary or abended woman. This genre incorporates all in one: danger, adventure and love. After reading at least one chapter you will surely love and enjoy these paranormal romance books.

Check the list of the below top werewolf novels of this season on AlphaNovel that will warm you up during upcoming cold autumn days.

The Alpha's Mate Who Cried Wolf by Jazz Ford

Till 18 Astrid had no idea what she was and a simple question “Do you really not know what are you?” from her friend at work literally confused her, as she could never expect to be anyone except of ordinary human. Being blamed as guilty in death of her mother by dad who turned out to be her stepdad, Astrid really suffered her “normal” life. And with all that unknown truth and reality one day she had to find out about the world to which she belonged to, moreover a man named Ryker claims that she is his mate. How would you act and feel on her place? Eager to know what expected her next – join the pages and live that mysterious world together with Astrid.

The Alpha's Mate Who Cried Wolf
  • Author: Jazz Ford
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 525.1K
  • 8.8

Astrid lives alone with her dad, and has no idea she is a werewolf or that they even exist! It turns out the man that helped raise Astrid isn't her father at all, he tells her that her mother wanted her to have a ""normal"" life until the day she turned eighteen when she would have no choice but to tell Astrid the truth about her identity. After a tragedy that killed her mother, her father turns abusive towards her over the years for her mother's death. Astrid remained completely unaware of her heritage until a man named Ryker comes into her life claiming they are mates!

True Luna by Tessa Lilly

We all wish our birthday to be the best party in the world, especially if we are talking about 18th birthday. Emma was not different moreover it was a night when she finally did her first turn and it was her time to meet her wolf, and her mate. Her dreams to know her mate fast came true, and it appears to be Alpha of her pack, best friend of her brother, someone with whom she grew up. Though happiness from this finding was not long as he rejected her preferring to be with a stronger she-wolf. And not simply stronger she-wolf, but someone who hates her and wanna get rid of her. Though Emma did not show her pain and devastation she accepted the rejection in a dignified way, even all the pack was broken by such announcement. Be sure her story will leave you speechless.

True Luna
  • 👁 139.7K
  • 9.7

“I, Logan Carter, Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack, reject you, Emma Parker of the Crescent Moon Pack.” I could feel my heart breaking. Leon was howling inside me, and I could feel his pain. She was looking right at me, and I could see the pain in her eyes, but she refused to show it. Most wolves fall to their knees from pain. I wanted to fall to my knees and claw at my chest. But she didn’t. She was standing there with her head held high. She took a deep breath and closed her wonderful eyes. “I, Emma Parker of the Crescent Moon Pack, accept your rejection.” When Emma turns 18, she is surprised that her mate is the Alpha of her pack. But her happiness about finding her mate didn't last long. Her mate rejected her for a stronger she-wolf. That she-wolf hates Emma and wants to get rid of her, but that isn't the only thing Emma has to deal with. Emma finds out that she is not an ordinary wolf and that there are people who want to use her. They are dangerous. They will do everything to get what they want. What will Emma do? Will her mate regret rejecting her? Will her mate save her from the people around them?

The Alpha Triplets and the Rogue by Solange Daye

All of us rush to pick up the phone when our parents are calling, though Erica’ s last conversation with her parents was not that easy at all, as she understood that her parents became rouges and the arrangements prepared for her were not wow. She had to go back to the North Pack. To be around Alpha triplets, whom she literally hated and could not tolerate, and people who considered her a rougue. But would a fateful night when she met her mate change everything? Will she accept that or run away as far away possible as she wanted from the beginning? This is definitely one to check out!

The Alpha Triplets and the Rogue
  • 👁 72.3K
  • 9.7

"I was the first to kiss her," Bryce brags. "I call her virginity," Ace yells out loudly. "She will love me first," Chris responds angrily. Erica rolls her eyes and stomps her foot. "I hate you! All of you!!" Erica finds herself homeless and without a family after her parents are banished from the West Pack. She is forced to take the only option that is laid out before her. To go to the North Pack and live with the Alpha, Luna, and their Triplet sons. Being no stranger to the North Pack, Erica is aware of just how cruel Ace, Bryce, and Chris can be. But what she doesn't expect is to be stripped of her Beta status and considered a Rogue within the Pack. Shamed and tormented Erica becomes nothing more than a shell of the woman that she used to be. That is until the fateful night that she finds her mate. Will she accept the bond that has been given to her by the Moon Goddess or will she run as far away as she can get?

Her Forbidden Alpha by Moonlight Muse

When it comes to werewolves novels, which are the yummiest? For sure the one that are hot and steamy, containing hunky alphas. We’ve got you covered. In this sexy werewolf urban romance book you will meet a headstrong young beautiful she-wolf. Being Alpha Female she has one big weakness – her stepbrother, who is naughty and treating her far away from perfect and sibling way. Losing her control and emotions one time with her stepbrother who opened for her totally new level of feelings will she be able to stay cold head or will she allow herself to discover new forbidden feelings?

Her Forbidden Alpha
  • 👁 54.7K
  • 7.9

"This is wrong..."" she whimpered pleasure consuming her. “You want me just as much as I want you, give in to your desires sweetheart and I’ll make you feel so fucking good, that you won't ever want another man to touch you,” he whispered huskily making her core throb. That was what she was afraid of, that when he was done with her, she would be left broken… Scarlett Malone was a feisty headstrong young she-wolf, blessed by the moon goddess as the first Alpha Female. Moving to a new town with her mother to start afresh, they were welcomed into a new pack and a new family. Things became complicated when she begins to feel attracted to her handsome, smart, and cocky stepbrother, the future Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. Will she be able to overcome the illicit thoughts that consume her mind and awaken a pleasure deep within her? or would she push even her own boundaries and explore the forbidden feelings that burned within her?

The Alpha’s Royal Slave by Ms M

It does not matter if you are adult or young adult, you will love this werewolf romance. In a surprising twist Selene’s life has changed completely. Being an orphan she was always abandoned by everyone in her pack. Her only dream was to escape and start her own life but suddenly she had to meet a difficult choice: a family, that was looking for her, and Alpha of her pack, who did not want her to leave the pack. Which choice would she prefer and which secrets are standing behind of each choice?

The Alpha's Royal Slave
  • Author: Ms.M
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 40.3K
  • 7.3

Selene Adams was the orphan who nobody wanted to be friends with. Forced to leave her home as a child and live with her aunt at a neighbouring pack, Selene had no memories of the past. She vowed to leave and survive on her own the second she gained her wolf. But what happens when the Alpha wants her for keeps and her real family comes looking for her, a family that nobody crosses? Selene is pulled in two directions and must make a choice but unraveling secrets may cause her to lose everything as another Alpha steps in and stakes his claim.

Claimed by The Cursed Alpha King by Babzie

Life is quite complicated, especially if you are abandoned by your parents and hated by all pack to which you belong to. Each day seems to be more difficult than the other one. Daily Ava had to go through hell, beatings and feeling unwanted by everyone except a few close people. But at the yearly ball her life changed in a moment. What would you feel if you appeared to be the mate of Alpha, whose daughter was spoiling each day of your life? But will be Ava able to enjoy the bond and open her broken heart to Alpha who by himself was cursed and she was the only able to save him. Will the curse be broken before he dies or it can go all horribly wrong.

Claimed by The Cursed Alpha King
  • Author: Babzie
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 41K
  • 8.9

Ava is a girl who was abandoned by her parents in the Riverdale Pack when she was just four years old. Ava has been maltreated verbally and physically by the Pack members and especially by Mia, the Alpha's daughter. What will happen when she finds out that the most feared Alpha is her mate? Will she heal from the pains that her old pack caused her and will she allow nature to take cause in her life? Will she be able to break the curse of Xavier? Meet Xavier Black, the Alpha king, who is known to be ruthless and heartless because of a curse that no one apart from his family knows about. Xavier was cursed when he was twelve years old by a witch in the woods that night that he would die if the black lines covers his enter chest and the only way for the curse to be broken was if I found true love from his mate because he was wicked to her. Will Xavier be able to conquer the heart of his abused Mate even though she is so scared of even sharing the same room with him? Will the curse be able to be broken before his dies. Come along with me to the journey of Xavier and Ava as their lives is tested by fate.

Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son by Jessica Hall

We do love werewolves romance same as you do! And this urban love novel will not leave your heart untouched as we meet such stories so often in our life. Having an amazing life, enjoying all the benefits of being Alpha’s daughter Everly lost everything finding out that she is pregnant. Moreover pregnant from Blood Alpha! One night. And as a result, she was pregnant, her dad hated her, Blood Alpha was rejecting that there was anything between them. By idea she should be happy after collecting herself and organizing her life afterwards being rouge but with her amazing son. Though it appeared not to be Blood Alpha’s plan, as he found out that Everly is his mate. What would you choose: resist bond and become Luna or protect yourself and son from someone who betrayed and damaged your life, not easy choice, correct?

Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son
  • 👁 49.3K
  • 9.3

Everly is the Alpha’s eldest daughter and next in line to become Alpha. That all changes when she learns she is pregnant with the notorious Blood Alpha’s son. But Alpha Valen denies ever being with her, and her father refuses to have a "rogue whore" for a daughter. Everly is shunned by the pack for not aborting her child, stripped of her title, and forced to be rogue with her newborn son. Eventually making something of herself and thinking her life was going back to some kind of normal, she felt she could finally be free of everyone suppressing her. Only then did the Blood Alpha discover he is her fated mate. After years of being on her own, he has come to claim her and his son. Everly has no interest in being with the man that denied her son and shamed her; the man that helped cause her suffering. But can she resist the bond and protect herself and her son, or will she give in and become his Luna?

Alpha Maximus The Last Lycan by Jazz Ford

Though a lot of paranormal beings may not be everyone’s preference, this werewolf romance will definitely pull you out of a reading slump! What can be more amazing than a meeting of two lonely souls. Alpha and Hope needed each other and met at the correct time. Alpha freed his mate from slavery and abuse. Seems that they should be happy now having each other, but Alpha’s Maximus community was already scared of him as he was not able to control his Lycan and now having mate with magic ability does not ease the situation. Vise versa they were declared a war by the community… Will they manage and is there actually a “hope” for them to be happy together?

Alpha Maximus The Last Lycan
  • Author: Jazz Ford
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 52.9K
  • 8.6

Alpha Maximus of the Blood Moon pack is the last of his kind, mateless and shunned by the werewolf community and unable to control his Lycan making him a bigger threat to all around him. He is shunned and disliked even by most of his own pack until he is captured which leads to him finding his mate in dire circumstances. He frees his mate from slavery and abuse, escaping their deadly situation together. Due to his mate's magic ability, questions are raised and the werewolf community now fears them both and declares war against them. Hidden secrets about his mate's past are revealed, which leads to his mate fulfilling a deadly prophecy.

I Will Never Be Yours by Melan Pamp

Everyone dreams and desires to meet his love and the feelings to be mutual. Enjoy life together and just be happy. But everyone as well knows that not always this might happen and not always the other side has the same feelings. That is exactly what had to experience Selena. She met her mate, her Alpha, but he was not ready for that as just recently he lost his love. Just a word “mate” made him force her to escape and run away from kingdom. But life interferes and she was captured by Alpha’s people and brought to castle’s prison. Will Alpha find out about that? Is there still any hope for her?

I will never be yours
  • 👁 46.4K
  • 8.8

After Selena was forced to leave Alpha Kian's kingdom for being his second chance mate she swore to never come back, leaving her family and friends behind. Without any other choice, she leaves the pack and has to survive on her own. With no pack or family to help her, she starts over and builds up her life. When fate one day interferes and she finds herself captured by the king's men as an enemy and tossed in the castle's prison to be tortured. Can she escape without the king finding out his mate has come back to his kingdom, and keep her secrets hidden from him? When her life and the ones she cares about depend on her secrets. Is the King still the cold-hearted mate she once met a late night in the dark or has he changed?

You Rejected A Silver Wolf by Princess Treasure Chucks

How often are we blamed for our actions in childhood? Quite often some of our actions can damage our parents reputation and perception of us in future, as no one will bother why did we do that and what was the reason for that. Being a kid Rihanna offended Princess and damaged her birthday party. Since that time she was judged only by those actions, though she had to be next Beta and right hand of the Alpha King she was always hated and humiliated. Everyone considered her weak and that made her happy. Strange, right? As no one remembered about Silver Wolf, as no matter what happened to her, she had him to protect her.

You Rejected A Silver Wolf
  • 👁 25.5K
  • 9.4

Synopsis: Lady Rihanna, as she was usually called. The next Beta of the Black Hills Pack and the eldest child of Beta Sam, right hand of the Alpha King. But she was never accorded those respect and was rather hated, humiliated and ostracized from her pack for offending the Princess when she was a nine year old. Many times she tried to show that she can be a good backbone to the future of Black Hills Pack, many times she had been suppressed. No one believed she could, she was just a weak wolf and disgrace to her father. And that was the best part; no one remembered her Silver Wolf, if they did, they’d have realized she was the key to a prophecy made years ago. A prophecy that made her the greatest wolf in the land, a prophecy not even the Alpha King could prevent. All the bad things could happen to her, get rejected, leave her pack, separate from her twin brother, be hunted for being a rogue BUT she had a damn silver wolf to protect her and that’s what they all forgot about, the power of a silver wolf.

Whether you cannot imagine your day without a werewolf story or it is only your start with a werewolf romance book – pick one from the list and we are sure you will not regret it! As those novels are guaranteed mood boosters. You can always check the Werewolf novels page on AlphaNovel for more as we hope our huge selection will always cover all your needs.

Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellOctober 25, 2023