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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellMarch 6, 2024

Smutty romance novels

Smutty romance novels

Spice. Romance. Steam. So much steam. Smutty novels aren't just about the above, (although, they are definitely included!). They offer an escape from the complexities of the worlds in which your favorite characters have been born into. You want to see where that tension leads, where all of that angst, pain and anger takes you. You want to see those characters at their rawest, most vulnerable moments. You wish to know if the delectable male lead will live to his hot promises.

With you in mind, we've collated the top smutty romance novels on AlphaNovel, our fan favorites written only by the best authors. We do hope you love them!

Tempting Darkness by Jessica Hall

Cruel, is what Aleera's mates were, taking all the pleasure in hurting and humiliating her. It was to be her punishment for running from them, but how could she not? They killed her parents and burned down her home, delighting in watching her grieve.

And she'd fled, for six years, she avoided them, but running into an alley, surrounded by werewolves and low on magic had her doing the one thing she never thought she would.

Aleera called on her mates for help, and they made sure she understood that she had a debt owed, and they would collect it without mercy. Our all-time favourite, one of the best smutty romance books on the platform.

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Tempting Darkness Darkness Series Book 1 Nothing in our world is humane and normal. Especially not my mates. First, they killed my parents. So, I did the most rational thing at the time. I ran. Hard and fast without ever looking back. But you can't run from the factions of the Fae, especially not them. Fae were the most powerful creatures in the world, as long as we had magic and our mate. Turns out I have not one mate but four. Not one of my four mates was a good option, each one as brutal and cruel as the other. Darius was a Demonic-Fae, Tobias Vampiric-Fae, then there is Lycus, he is a Were-Fae, and let's not forget Kalen, Pure and devastatingly all Dark-Fae. They were all as cruel and brutal as each other and wanted to destroy me. Now, I find myself at a crossroads, as I am being hunted by werewolves in an unfamiliar city, and I had to weigh up my options, both unappealing. However, Low on magic and backed into a corner where I feel like I've got nothing left to lose but my life, I decided to run to the very men I spent six years running from. I do the unthinkable. I send out a flare of my magic, an SOS, to the very men I hide from. It doesn’t take long before I realize some things are worse than death. Like being forced into a bond with the men who had ruined my life. The men who wanted to destroy me, to claim me, to keep me. There was just one thing that they had forgotten. I was part of the darkness, too. And if they want to tempt darkness, they will eventually taste it, and nothing tastes sweeter than revenge. Hello Lovely Readers This book may contain content some readers may find triggering. It is a dark paranormal romance, and the four main male leads are brutal toward the female lead. Some may have noticed I said four Male leads. As most of my readers know, I primarily write reverse harem romances, meaning one woman with multiple love interests. No, she doesn’t have to choose between them—a list of some triggers you may find in the book below. Degradation, Blood Play, Abuse, Dub-con, torture. Non-con, Humiliation. This is a dark Fae-Creatures book loosely using the term Fae as there are different variants of Fae. However, Dark Fae is not your average Tinkerbell. There is no sprinkling of pixie dust, unicorn farts, or spreading the skies in rainbows. My characters are darker and crueler, with no limits. So if you are unfamiliar with Dark Paranormal Romance and Reverse Harem, or even slightly confused still, I suggest you give old google a search. If you're okay with the dark stuff and wish to continue reading, well, jump right in for a stomach-dropping, intense ride, and I will see your lovely dark souls on the other side.


Feral by Pickylove

Adrienne Knight was broken beyond repair, Lucas concluded when he first met his mate. Such pain, misery, distrust, edge, hysteria, paranoia, and the marks. She bore too many marks of the torture she had suffered. But he couldn't let her go, and though everyone deemed it impossible, he resolved to bring her peace. And healing.

Tortured in her body and soul by her mate who got off of her pain, Adrienne wished sometimes for death. But all she got was more brutality. However, one day, an answer came. Escape. Using powers she didn't think existed, she fled from her captors, only to get run over and taken to a new pack with people who seemed to not want her dead or tortured. But she'd been bitten too many times and trust was something she could never give. As well as her heart to the Alpha she felt inexplicably drawn to.

The Bad Boy's Princess by Red Inkling

The best smutty romance novels are the ones with a twisted romantic plot, and this book is the perfect example.

When Mireille's overprotective brother takes ill, she is forced to stay with his best friend while he travels for his treatment. She hopes she may finally be free to live like she has always dreamed of, but her hopes are crushed when she realizes that Dante Romano is worse than James.

He breathes down her neck, asserts himself in her life in every way possible, and refuses to let her be with other men. Soon, Dante stakes his claim on her and Mireille comes to understand just how much trouble she's in, because Dante always gets what he wants. More than that, he has secrets, wicked, sexy secrets that she know she should run from, but it only draws her closer to him.

Domineering Billionaire's Maid by Mehaklovely

Nanz has been working for a year since her mother passed away to settle a debt owed to the Wilsons, and if there was anything she'd learned over the last twelve months, it was how to hide and avoid the Wilson Brothers, whose reputations preceded them. It was said they only needed to look upon a woman to completely own and dominate her and while Nanz had a penchant for exploring wild things, she decided they were a risk she definitely would not be taking.

Only, fate had other plans for her, and one of her usual charades sends her face-to-face with them, and she soon understands why they were often warned not to play with fire, because Manik and Edward were twin flames and she was more than willing to get burned by them. Certainly one of the smuttiest romance novels out there.

Cerberus by Bebo Elnadi

A ruthless mafia leader in his thirties meets a young, sweet high school student and his life takes a turn even he, for all his power, is unable to understand or control. It had started with the little angel saving his life, and he'd known she would be trouble when her face hovered over his, her eyes like drops of jewels. Gabriel had known he should stay away from Ariel, but he had never been a gentleman. He was cruel, vicious and most importantly, selfish, and he would have Ariel.

Ariel was scared out of her mind when she found a man bleeding to death on the alley, and though everything about him screamed danger, she did the best she could. Only to have him vanish the next morning with a single promise; He would never forget. It began with gifts, and soon, she found herself caught up in Gabriel's dangerous world that seemed to seduce the innocence in her away.

Sex Slave To Alien Masters by Gracey

Ciara was working when it happened. One second, she was in the parking lot and the next, she was in a place she had never seen before, laid out bare before a group of men who took in her appearance with scrutiny. She was bound, enslaved and up for auction, only by four men who seemed like humans and were anything but.

And when they claim her as theirs, Ciara finds herself in a struggle between giving in to her masters and returning to the life she's used to; to a world where her name, her presence and silence didn't matter to anyone. It wasn't a very difficult decision to make; she belonged with them.

Hybrid Aria V by Jessica Hall

When Tyson and Ace find out on their birthdays that they have been mated to a twelve year old, and it will take years before she even realizes what they are to her. Contrary to the urges of their wolves, they let Lucy have her childhood without telling her, and five years later, when she returns from school, she begins to notice things she never did before. Their sharper scents, her innate jealousy when they're with other women.

It wouldn't be the first time a woman had two mates, but Lucy couldn't quite come to terms with the fact that the men she had grown up with as brothers, men who had protected her through her childhood now wanted her, just as much as she craved them.

Surrendering To The Alpha by Allison King

On her eighteenth birthday, Kelsey is overjoyed to find that her long term boyfriend is indeed her mate. But she is stunned when he rejects her and chooses another instead.

Kelsey left, putting as much distance between her and the pack as possible, and in four years, she was a teacher and had the most amazing CEO boyfriend ever. Eric.

The sense of normalcy she'd gained in her life is, however, burned to ash when she is summoned back home, for a compulsory pack ceremony. Returning to the Blackclaw pack was just as she'd feared it would be and her plans to avoid her mate, Blake, also goes down the drain when old feelings are rekindled and wounds begin to heal.

His Special Offer by Tcee Eke

After waiting all night at their dinner date, and Autumn's boyfriend doesn't show up, she discovers, from the news, that he has gotten engaged to the mayor's daughter. Shawn didn't have an explanation to offer and his rejection of Autumn was the worst thing she had ever experienced.

The tabloids were razed with the news and Autumn decided it was best she left the city and started over somewhere new.

She is barely in New York for one day when she stumbles upon an arrogant, rude and drop-dead gorgeous man at the club, who seemed irritated by her, and when they meet again the next morning, it's Autumn's turn to be frustrated with his haughty attitude.

Autumn doesn't hesitate to call him out on his attitude, but when she arrives at work the next morning and sees who her boss is, she knows she's lost her job.

Vengeful Matrimony by mimi♡

Giselle gets married to her dead sister's boyfriend, Nicholas Rossi, against her will. He, like everyone else, blames her for the death of Gianna, and he wanted revenge.

What follows is a series of events that has Giselle experiencing varying degrees of pain in her married life, all the while trying to clear her name, no matter that no one cared that she kept insisting she was innocent. Nicholas's hate was like venom itself, spreading until it poisoned her as well with so much rage.

Watching his wife everyday, Nicholas soon starts to wonder if he was mistaken, and she isn't the merciless murderer he considers her to be. That single thought changes everything.

The Mating Run by Leeka

Every year, the Springcrest pack celebrates the mating run--an old ritual in which Hunters seek the Hiders and mate with them--and Alina wishes to participate, for an entirely different reason from every other female.

Her forever best friend, Ettie, unbeknownst to Alina, has made plans to dim Alina's light and steal her chances, stabbing her in the back effortlessly. But Ettie's plans are thwarted when the Alpha's son, Victor, takes an interest in Alina, making her an offer to catch her during the hunt to keep the other males off her.

It seemed like a viable option, seeing as Alina has no interest in getting mated, but fate has a different path for her, because she does get caught. Only it isn't by Victor Craft, but by Zeke, a close relative of the Alpha who seems to hate her very guts.

A Succubus For The Kings by DarkMage

The last thing Paltmin wanted was getting noticed.

He was content with being human and unlike the rest of his peers, he wasn't intrigued by the world of the supernatural. When the Selection takes place, a last minute decision is made and Paltmin finds himself being whisked away to the palace to serve the Kings.

Paltmin begins to question himself and sanity when he meets them, and finds himself unable to stay away. He longs for things he can't explain, and soon, his body begins to change, to accommodate the needs of his Kings. Needs he must succumb to.

Loving The Playboy by Queenies

Gabrielle Adams tried to stay out of Hayden King's way, but he never did no how to take no for an answer. For a long time, Hayden did nothing but pick on Gabrielle and get on her nerves, just for the fun of it, and she was running out of patience.

Was. Because it all changed that night at his party. One moment, they'd been hating on each other as usual, and the next, they were all over themselves, unable to cut through the attraction that got them in a frenzy.

Gabrielle would like to blame it all on the alcohol, but she knew the truth of when days passed and the taste of Hayden hadn't left her mouth. She was falling for him and she was in deep shit.

There! Have you gone through this list and you need more of the smuttiest romance novels you can read online for free on AlphaNovel? Our Erotic novels section has more books that fall under this category, and if you need something to keep you up at night because you're too worked up to fall asleep, the Sexual novels romance section is for sure a great choice for you! If you need even more, check out also the Steamy novels section. Happy reading!