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Best Romance Novels

Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellMay 8, 2024

Top erotic romance books

Top erotic romance books

Finally willing to do away with the good, sweet and mild, and give erotic novels a shot? Want to experience steam, lust and desire in its darkest, rawest, truest form?

First, no. Erotic Romance Books are NOT book-porn. It just so happens that they have the most intense plots and storyline, hence, the steam and sensuality has to match that dire intensity.

In this article, we have arranged the top erotic romance books in the order of…well, eroticism, and we hope you enjoy these reader favorites.

Taboo by Goddy Francis

A compilation of masterpieces, varying from the mildest to wildest forbidden stories. Teacher and student, uncle and nieces, her father's best friend, step siblings, an affair between a bride-to-be and a male escort in her bachelorette party, the therapist and her patient, and lots more of the hottest, best erotic romance books to read for free on AlphaNovel.

Might need to run a cold shower right after, because Goddy Francis turns up the temperature in these stories to an unholy degree.

Mafia Desire by Gracey

Ava didn't think her life could get any worse, until her father and mother decided to sell her off at fifteen to settle their debts. Her innocence stolen and her life in the hands of the sickest, meanest man in their world, Ava does whatever she can to survive.

Fleeing and eager to put her past behind, Ava seeks refuge in New York, unwittingly taking a job as a babysitter in the home of the most ruthless man in the Mafia.

Being broken and hurt with a past that constantly haunted her, Ava fails to recognize when she begins to fall for her harsh employer, and when the broken pieces of her heart begin to fit together, only to accommodate Andrew, Ava ignites.

Sex Slave To Alien Masters by Gracey

After barely escaping an abusive home, Ciara sets out to start over and see her dreams come true. Only, she never gets the chance to because she is suddenly ripped from the world she knows and thrown into another filled with creatures that aren't human.

Waking up naked on an auction table had to be the craziest experience Ciara had, but little did she know she was in for more when she got sold to four men, whose desire is to completely own her; body, soul and mind, and when Ciara's body begins to respond to their touch, she fears she truly has lost it. One of the most unusual and daring free online erotic romance books out there.

The Devil's Work by Lillith Mykals Kennedy

Having been a sexual worker for most of her life, Rhea doesn't dare dream of what her life might be outside the organization. She wants out but buries her desires deep inside, never to see the light of day.

However, everything changes when a customer books her out for an entire night and makes her an offer. One too enticing to refuse, and soon, Rhea finds herself tossed into a different world where she discovers there is more to the world than it seems. Becoming a vampire's pet is nothing she could have expected and the blood, the pleasure, the desire unlocks something more innate in Rhea that makes her realize one thing: she never belonged with the humans.

My Dad's Best Friend Liz Barnet

Evelyn could be sure she would rot in hell for having the worst fantasies about Jacob, her father's best friend when she was only fifteen. Five years later and some time away from home only intensified what she felt in triple fold.

What she couldn't have expected was her requited feelings and Jacob's interest in her. It was wrong and her father would never stand for it, but Evelyn and Jacob are too far gone in the throes of pleasure to care about the world's approval of their unorthodox relationship. Their passionate, forbidden romance makes this erotic book one you won’t be able to put away.

And when their worlds come clashing together, Jacob must decide if his love for Evelyn pushes him to protect her or let her go.

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Sneak peek: "W-what are you doing?" I asked, my breathing getting heavier as his warm fingers inched towards my bikini bottom. "You called me a coward earlier, remember?" He asked, his other hand wrapped around my throat and lips torturingly brushing over mine "So let's see how much you can handle if I break the boundaries." "I haven't said anything wrong," I breathed out, the collision of the heat of our bodies made the wetness between my thighs build more "Oh really?" He hooked my legs around his waist leaving me surprised I opened my mouth to say something but before any sentence could leave my mouth, sliding past my bikini bottom his fingers were there on my bare cl*t and the next second they thrust inside the very tight hole of mine leaving me to scream. But everything went silent as he pressed his hot lips upon mine just as I had been wanting since the first day I had ever seen him. **** I always knew the things I felt for Jacob Adriano were wrong in so many ways. He was my dad's best friend, totally out of bounds but I couldn't stop wanting him. And once in the event of my dad's destination wedding, I came across him after years...I lost every one of the boundaries I had and surely I planned to make him lose his ones too. After all Jacob Adriano, the sinfully attractive Italian was not unaware of my obsession with him. But little did know that forbidden relationships always bring havoc and demolition.....


Mr. President's Wild Obsession by Lucia Love

After losing her job to a handsy employer with terrible intentions, Mercedes meets up with her friends at a club to unwind. When she meets a stranger over the bar, staring at her with as much heat as she felt, the one-night stand happened naturally.

But Mercedes faces the hot stranger's humiliation the next morning when he insinuates she was a whore. Enraged and deeply hurt, Mercedes lashes out, putting Nathan in his place.

However, when Mercedes arrives at her new job the next two days, she finds that the man she has insulted is none other than her boss, and he's holding a grudge.

Sinful Mates by Jessica Hall

To pay for her mother's medical expenses and make ends meet, Imogen works overtime at Kane and Madden Industries. She'd always thought both her bosses were strange men, but outrightly hearing them speak about the supernatural threw her off balance.

Add that to being named the mate of the hottest, most sinful men she'd ever seen, with no inkling of the world of the weres, Imogen finds herself stuck between everything she has come to know and the changes that threaten to overwhelm her.

Triple Sext by Sarwah Creed

Celia had always been a dreamer with a rather vivid imagination. Of the future, of the one man she didn't think she could have, of a purpose. All of which she knew she would find in New York.

She left for the University, hoping to make something of her life, and then, she met him. Them. She couldn't be sure if he was one person pretending to be three or if three men were haunting her.

Text after text, Celia grew fascinated with her mysterious texter, though she knew nothing yet of him. Morning, afternoon and evening, there was something new in her inbox, much different from the last, but all hot enough to send heat between her thighs.

Along with her curiosity, her fear grew. Who on earth was messing with her head? How did they know exactly how to push her buttons?

The Lost Bet by Sarah Brown

At a poker table, Elena lost everything. Having held her family together for years while her husband drank himself to stupor and lashed out at her, the last thing she expected from her husband was being used to place a bet.

He lost, and Elena soon found herself in the arms of a man she didn't know, who claimed to own her, and if she had no say in the matter.

For Aslan, it started because he was merely amused by the woman in cheap clothes who spoke to him on his property like he was nothing special. It soon grew into an obsession, and if there was anything at all that was known of Aslan, his obsessive traits were destructive and there was nothing that could stand in the way of what he wanted.

This one's for you, if you love free online erotic romance books with powerful domineering males and enemies to lovers romance trope.

The Billionaire's Toy by Lustre Okengwu

He invaded her privacy, stole her time and will. Killian Black wasn't a man who associated with the word 'No' or 'Shame'. It might have been the only thing he lacked and Catalina was his new prey, his willing victim.

Catalina didn't know who she was before Killian. He completed her in a way no other man did, owned her in ways inexpressible.

But one must wake from every dream, every fantasy, and when Catalina wakes from hers, she realizes Killian Black has more secrets than she realized. He is just as dangerous as he is beautiful and daring, and she soon discovers there is not a place on earth that she could flee from him.

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"I am bound to punish you for breaking the rules," he said as he started undoing his tie. I swallowed, the thought of being punished by him terrified and excited me at the same time. I needed this. The heat pooled between my legs as I watched him undo his tie with one hand and his belt in the other. It was hot. He grabbed me by the neck, bending me over the table with my face down on the surface and my *ss high up in the air. He caressed my soft flesh with his palm. "Count," he ordered, My brows furrowed in confusion, the haze of lust so heavy in my head that my brain failed to grasp his words. The first slap landed on my *ss cheeks and I cried out. "Count," he barked. I whimpered but I nodded my head to his request. "One," I counted as the first slap came on my behind. I kept counting as he delivered blows to my now red *ss. "Good girl," he murmured as he rubbed them gently, to take away the ache. I was moist and he could sense it. Dipping his finger into my p*ssy, he confirmed how wet I was for him. "Hmm," he hummed, embarrassment slammed into me with enough force. I barely knew this man and here I was letting him possess me. I liked it. I licked my lips in anticipation of what he wished to do, his lips touched the nape of my neck and I jumped. He licked the juncture of my neck, and the pulsating nerves there responded to his touch. "You taste so sweet," he murmured as he kissed his way down my neck. "T...thank you," I managed to get out. "Let me make you mine," he says,


The Mafia's Forbidden Desire by Bluemorph

Searching for especially dark erotic romance books? Look no further.

Sneaking out at night got Rosalind crashing into a sexy mafia boss with a tongue of fire and sweetened honey. He was a stranger but his touch was more intimate than any she had felt, and she knew she should've stayed, but the pull between them was nothing she could have wrestled against. A breath shared, a single moment, and her heart was stolen.

Only, Rosalinda is in for a surprise when she finds that the stranger she met is, in fact, her sister's fiancé, and she more than wants him.

Betraying her sister and eyeing her brother-in-law whose touch still lingered on her skin might have been too sinful to bear if Antonio didn't want her just as much as she did him.

What My Body Wants by Kiss Leilani

Rosianna had one problem. Santos. Well, that and the too constant urge to keep her bed warmed. It was under control, or so she thought it was, until Santos returned, ruining her peace and control.

With news of her step father's deteriorating health, Rosy is forced to return home and spend time in the company of the one person she detests the most.

A misunderstanding from six years ago tore them apart and Santos didn't ever think he could forgive Rosy for it, but soon he understood Rosy never cheated on him. Her innocence was stolen and his accusations and loathing might have driven her farther away from him.

Seducing Adeline by Angela Lynn Carter

Damien Sky's teenage crush on Adeline was never anything flowery or fragile. It was as hard and intense as he was, and for all of his raging emotions, Adeline avoided and detested him, which was a first in his life.

All women loved him, wanted him, except Adeline. She was a piece in the jigsaw puzzle he couldn't seem to figure out, hence, fueling his obsession with her.

Adeline hated Jason, but she couldn't deny he was good looking and had an allure she couldn't resist. It soon becomes a fight between her head and her heart over a man who she thinks only wishes to get her in his bed and get rid of her after.

Just Sex With My Billionaire Daddy by M.E Julie

Keep hitting the nail in the wall until it fixes–this was Vera's plan with David Truman. She has loved him since her eighteenth birthday, but with every confession came along a rejection from David, and soon, Vera grew tired of waiting around for him to return her feelings.

In this erotica, womanly wiles, seduction, charm and ruthless intelligence are put into play as Vera fights tooth and nail to seduce David, and when he does give in, she discovers he is every bit of the monster her darkest fantasies needed him to be and so much more.

Yes Daddy by Red Inkling

After the death of her father, Lisa's mother leans on the help of Lucius Devine, her husband's best friend. Lisa, having never met Lucius, fails to recognize him when she meets him in her living room, in nothing but a towel.

All of Lisa's walls have been torn down by her cheating boyfriend and in a moment of weakness and pure fascination of her late father's best friend, she gives in to Lucius, who had in turn mistaken her for someone else.

One mistake gives way into more forbidden encounters and Lisa soon finds herself in an affair with her father-like figure.

Need more forbidden, erotic romance novels in your library after exhausting this list? Check out the Erotic novels section. For sizzling storylines and heartfelt romance, our Steamy novels await you. For more, diverse tropes, the romance section has it all. Happy reading!