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Twisting Destiny

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After dying in a tragic accident, Rhianne found herself transmigrated in a novel world as a character. To her much disappointment, she became the character who has a tragic fate in the end just because she falls in love with the wrong person.To avoid her tragic fate in the novel, she decided not to do all the stupid things the original character did in the novel. Instead, Rhianne decided to fulfill the dreams she didn't accomplish in her past life. But the novel doesn't want to let her off easily. Instead, all the people she wanted to avoid were now approaching her one by one.Even if she decided to change her fate, how can Rhianne avoid her tragic ending?

Chapter 1

"I gave everything you asked of me! I gave you all my fortune, the prestige you dreamed to have, my love, and my whole life! I gave everything to you! How can you do this to me?!" Rhianne Cartel shouted at the man standing in front of her in despair. "I... I even sacrificed my relationship with my family just to make a stepping stone for you to succeed! Andrew, you're heartless!"

Andrew, the man in a black suit standing in front of the weeping woman was looking at her with a cold look in his eyes. He's looking at Rhianne as if he was seeing a nasty pest lingering in his sight.

"After all the things I did for you, this is how you are going to pay me? Andrew, I love you with all my heart! How can you be so heartless and brutal like this to me?!"

This woman was once a beauty that every man loves to have by their side. Her long, silky hair was now too short and looked like a bunch of shaggy fur of a boar. Her fair jade-like skin was now full of ugly scars and bruises. Her caramel-colored eyes that can stir the hearts of every man had become like those of a rotten fish in the trash.

Rhianne felt bitter, betrayed, lost, and hurt. She only wanted to be loved by this man.

Rhianne once dreams to have a happy and peaceful life with the man who loves her as much as she loves him. She thought she finally saw the man of her dreams in Andrew. He showed her compassion and love which moved her feelings. But who would have thought that it was just an illusion made to make her fall into deep despair? Andrew only used her to get everything he desires. Money, fame, and prestige. Andrew accomplished all of the things he desired. And it was all thanks to a foolish puppet he obtained named Rhianne Cartel.

"You're disgusting." Andrew said as he kicked the woman away from him. "Your presence is just making me sick."

Rhianne whimpered in pain, but she ignored it as she tried to stand up again and stare at Andrew. She truly regrets it all. If she did not fall for his lies, maybe Rhianne is still living happily up until now. If only she did not force her family to accept Andrew, maybe her parents were still alive and her brother will not be in jail. If only she did not blindly follow this man, maybe she is now truly living full of peace and happiness just like what she once dreamed to have.

If only she did not love this monster...

Maybe she is still living her life in peace. Maybe she is still the precious daughter of her parents and the beloved little sister of her brother. She will never be in any kind of situation like this if only she did not meet this monster in human skin in front of her. Maybe she is not in despair and living a life where those people who are truly over her are surrounding her.

She is regretting all of it. How she wishes she can turn back the time and fix all of her mistakes.

If she can only return back in time, Rhianne will never choose him again. She despises his whole existence. He ruined her. He destroyed her life! She put her bony hand inside her pocket to get the pocket knife she brought with her today. Andrew deserves to die! A monster like him does not deserve to live! She runs towards Andrew fast with the idea of killing this monster in her mind. But the reality is really disappointing her.

Andrew grabs Rhianne's free hand and twisted it on her back. Before Rhianne can react, she felt something that stabbed on her abdomen. She lowered her eyes only to see Andrew holding her hand that holds the knife. He gave much force from his hand to stab the knife deeper into her abdomen before he lets go of her.

Rhianne staggered in her step before dropping on the floor with a thud. Her warm blood kept on flowing from her open wound. Her breathing was getting harder every second that passed. Andrew kneeled his one knee in front of her just to give her a sneer.

"Let me tell you something. There is one more thing I benefitted from when I met you." Andrew said. His eyes are almost twinkling while saying these words to her. He did not wait for Rhianne's response and continued to talk. "It is when you introduce Donna to me.

That woman is different from you. She is the one I truly want, not some foolish and dumb woman like you. So please, you should die now and give us a happy future."

'After all the things that I had given to you? You will still choose another woman?!'

How foolish. Rhianne chose this monster over her loved ones. Why did she become so blind in the past? Why?!

"I will not try to ask for your blessings. Anyway, it is still thanks to you why I finally get what I want." Andrew said with a smile.

Then Andrew stands up and removed the dust from his black suit. He walked towards the door and closed it without turning his head to look at her dying figure. Rhianne was left inside the room alone. Rhianne knows that she was near the death's door. She lost literally everything. No one is now standing at her side. This may be the punishment for being a foolish woman.

'This is the end of my life. After my long existence, only hatred, despair, and bitterness is what I only gained in this life.' This is what Rhianne thought before her consciousness completely disappear.

'I regret it. All of it. How I wish that I... I...'

Before she can finish her thoughts, Rhianne finally closes her tear-stained eyes.

Chapter 2

Rhianne slammed the book back inside her bag after reading the middle part of the story. She tried to calm herself down by grabbing her bottle jug and drinking the content of it. She can't believe that the character with the same name as her met that tragic ending. After finishing her work as a saleslady in a department store, one of her workmates asked Rhianne to join her in a bookstore to buy a romance novel to read.

Since she does not have anything to do after her shift, Rhianne agreed to join her workmate. While waiting for her workmate, Rhianne randomly browsed the bookshelf in the bookstore to kill some time. A black, hardbound book caught Rhianne's attention so she reached for it. When she discovered that one of the characters in the story has the same name as her, Rhianne decided to buy it without looking at the book's title or synopsis. And besides, that book is on sale so she does not feel like buying it on impulse.

Although Rhianne knows she is just trying to


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