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The Sultan's Bride

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Lavline
  • Chapters: 62
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 21.6K
  • 5.2
  • 💬 43


That 'yes' could mean my death, torture, hate, disrespect, r*p* or anything more heartless and brutal. But, keeping my head high I said 'I am ready!" He was the king of Arab, living miles away and had an evil plan against my Empire proposed for the marriage in front of Royal court with me but little did he know was nothing I had on my mind. I agreed for the wedding and his face fell. I could clearly see the anger and hate he had for me as he expected a straight denial. But, I couldn't deny. I had to accept it for the sake of my empire and my family didn't know anything about the conspiracy. I didn't know what he had for me but I somehow made myself ready for everything he had to give and never let him succeed in whatever he was thinking. But, my world turned upside down when I reached his Empire. I couldn't believe he had such plans. This is the Journey of Princess Gulaab as she accepted the proposal of a Twisted Sultan about whom she knows nothing. All she knew was he was planning a vast conspiracy against her Empire and she was the only one who could ruin his plan to ashes. She didn't think twice of herself, she didn't think twice about how she would be treated far away from her Empire. All she cared was only well for her Empire and she could literally do anything for her Brother and her Empire. Mature Content!!!




An attendee stopped in front of me struggling for air as she came running to me.

I quickly stood up from bed.

"What he asked for?" I asked, my eyes big and alert.

"Princess, he asked for you as the gift from his highness," She informed lowering her gaze.

My heart beats raced insanely as I insert my feet in footwear, to run.

"But, The King can deny," She reminded me thinning her eyebrows.

"He will kill everyone then," I stated and pulled my skirt slightly up to run.

Coming out of my chamber, running through the galleries of Palace, I shamelessly entered the Royal Court and Interrupted.

"I am ready,"

It was like, I was on the verge of losing my consciousness because of this running and the weakness, I got from my last failed attempt of suicide.

I focused on my breathing and looked through my veil at the person who asked for me as a gift in exchange for his deed of saving my brother.

His height was way taller than mine. His body was well built like a warrior, broad shoulders, stoned body but I couldn't see his face because my face was covered with the veil.

All I knew was I couldn't deny what he asked because he was the King and he did hold power to smash everyone and I didn't want it at any cost.

"What the hell are you saying Gulaab? You know he is our Enemy and belongs to the different territory and Religion." My brother came to me.\

I looked at him. I couldn't tell and explain anything to him. I couldn't tell the reason to him. The tears fell off my eyes.

"I know Bhai saheb. But, please try and understand. I want to marry him...Please!" I begged him. My heart was crying aloud with the fact that that man could do anything to get what he wanted.

I never saw him, I didn't know him, I didn't know his name even but all I knew was his intentions and in no conditions, I could let him win.

If I was the cost of saving my brother, then I would pay for it.

"What happened? Gulaab, Why suddenly? If you want to get married. We can find a Prince of our culture and the one whom I Know Better." My brother looked concerned and unhappy with what I said.

"No, no, no, no Bhai Saheb! Please try and understand. Please don't say 'No' to the proposal. I am begging you Bhai Saheb!" I literally begged him and a trail of tears escaped my eye.

This was it, I crossed all the limits of shame by accepting the proposal in the Royal Court but I couldn't deny the Proposal.

"Are you Sure? Gulaab! Do you want this marriage? You are not doing all this because of anger?" He asked me again with a slow and concerned voice taking me to a corner of the Royal Court.

I was the daughter of the King who was sitting on the throne right now, I was the sister of the Prince of our Empire. I was a d*mn Princess but completely helpless at that moment. I couldn't even tell my family.

"Bhai Saheb! Am I looking Angry to you?" I held his hands and my voice trembling and scared as if my next breath depends on this.

"Gulaab, Is there anything I should know?" He asked again.

I looked at him, my eyes pleading and I muttered.

"Bhai Saheb, Please try and understand, I WANT TO GET MARRIED TO THIS PERSON,"


1628, Mahabaleshgarh. A highly rich and dominating Empire in the entire Hind. They didn't lose any battle in the last few centuries. Their proud and dominating clouds were covering the sky from north to the entire south and from the east to the west. And the most powerful and rich Empire of Entire Hind was enjoying their royalty peacefully those days. Their royalty and dominance were crying aloud on all the other empires as they haven't lost any war in the past one hundred fifty years. The ruthless King and Prince were considered to be the most unkind when it comes to finishing their Enemies.

But, little did they know was nothing about a vast conspiracy that was taking birth behind their backs. They were happily conducting their royal meeting on this day. It was a bright, sunny day and they had a visitor in their Empire too, Sultan Rafiq Sulaiman

Sultan had travelled miles from the Arab to the Hind having a plan to destroy the Mahabaleshgarh. And to begin the implementation of that plan he acted as the saviour of the prince of Mahaleshgarh from a group of dacoits. Obviously, he planted those dacoits to come into the sight of the Great King. And in the exchange for saving the Prince of Mahabaleshgarh, King of Mahableshgarh requested him to ask for something in return. Sultan's face was high when he demanded something in front of everyone in the Royal court meeting, unpredictable to all.

When they were thinking of money, gold, ornaments, and palaces. He asked for the pride of Mahabaleshgarh and the heart of Prince Rajvardhan.

He said aloud.


Everyone stood up and a lot of swords came out of the sheath creating a metallic screeching sound as he finished his poetic proposal. He would have been killed by now as he asked for something Precious and something that was considered to be proud of Mahabaleshgarh. Princess Gulaab, Daughter of the King and the sister of Prince Rajvardhan.

He asked for a wedding with Mahabaleshgarh's princess and everyone was about to kill him.


She was a sensitive, innocent, and broken child of the king. She was precious, delicate, and a baby for his brother. She was a beautiful, less talkative, and hurt princess of Mahabaleshgarh.

People of the Empire hadn't seen her very much as she became introverted after an incident happened in her life. She didn't possess any power to trust anyone easily. She was afraid of betrayal, hate, and heartbreak. Her name means Rose and her situation best describes a Bleeding Rose.

While on other hand, Sultan Rafiq was something like a puzzle. His heart, peace, solace, focus, and dedication were only on becoming the king of two continents Arab and Hind. The idea he had for ruling over the hind was to kill the Prince and king of Mahabaleshgarh either in a war, in family politics, or by any other means.

His life was straight as his goal was clear. He never loved, cared for, or stayed with his family. His mind and fingers were so sharp that he could have easily done what he thought without even letting anyone know, but.

There was someone, who got the hint and pulled her skirt a little up to run fastly as much as she could. The noise of her anklet bells filled the galleries of Mahabaleshgarh as she ran from her chamber to the Royal Court.

She heard the proposal from a distance and climbed the stairs of the court quickly. She didn't think twice, she didn't process the whole thing properly. The only thing that seemed right to her was a "yes".

She said aloud.

" Yes, I am ready"

Everyone was shocked. No one could believe and able to understand the reason behind the proposal of the sultan and the acceptance of the Princess.

And there was one person who was standing more than shocked, Sultan Rafiq himself. He didn't even know her, never saw her and his face clearly said that his plan was flipped by the princess.

The whole Empire got busy in preparation for their princess's wedding but the only princess knew what she thought and what made her say yes.

Saying the yes could mean death, torture, hate, r*p*, or anything else. She didn't know what life was waiting for her ahead. She made herself ready to travel far away from her Empire to his and the reason was still not known to anyone.


This is the journey of Princess Gulaab from Mahabaleshgarh to the sultan's reign. She wasn't aware of what the sultan has thought for her, she wasn't aware of how she would be treated there. She didn't know anything about the sultan but she was aware of one thing. She knew that she was the only one who could save her brother and her Empire.

She was already broken and all she cares for her was nothing. She was someone whom death couldn't scare anymore. She became a venomous bleeding Rose and the sultan definitely hate Roses.


Chapter 2

Gulaab POV

After the last ritual, we were announced as the married couple. The weather was slightly chilly, so do my eyes were frozen. They were expecting me to cry but nothing they could understand about my concern. The person sitting beside me didn't know what vermilion really means and nor do the nuptial chain.

"Now, you two take the blessings of your elders," The priest said.

I stood up and walked towards my parents. I couldn't see clearly as I was wearing the long veil. My mother hugged me and I could hear her crying. My tears were nowhere to be found. All I was worried about was something big.

My father, The former King of Mahabaleshgarh blessed me with some beautiful words, that I heard almost after two-three years.

"May God bless you with all the happiness, My child"

'My child' Those two words used to be precious for me but not anymore. They were faking their love for the one last time.

I moved towards my brother, Th

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