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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellNovember 22, 2023

Best 10 Paranormal novels of 2023

Best 10 Paranormal novels of 2023

Paranormal romance are love stories with a supernatural twist, blending science fiction, fantasy, and the unexplained to create a unique genre that promises a happily-ever-after – or not. In this genre, heroes or heroines aren't your typical humans. They can be fur-covered beasts, blood-sucking vampires, blue-blooded witches, or stone-cold dragons, adding a touch of magic, mystery and thrill to the world of romance. We have compiled a list with ten of the best paranormal books to explore, featuring vampires, ghosts, demons, shapeshifters, werewolves, and more. Be ready for a journey that not only pulls at your heartstrings but also brings some steam and drama to your pages!

My Possessive Vampires by Maria Warren

Sonja is a hardworking, down-to-earth waitress, struggling to make ends meet, and her life hits a crazy stop when the mailman delivers a peculiar message to her from a man she’s never met or heard of. A meet-up, and if she failed to go, there would be consequences. Like every sane person would, Sonja chunked the message in the trash and laughed at the ridiculous situation, but when she gets a visit from the said ‘Master’ and his butler, Sonja realizes she’s in no small trouble. Though she knows better than to run head first into the unknown, Sonja is unable to stifle her curiosity, and soon, she gets entangled in the hottest mess ever – an affair, with vampires who want her and her blood with equal ferocity. Sonja finds herself at a crossroads, with so many questions brimming in her. Should she run for her dear life, or should she give in to the seductive thrall that pulled her in? Read online this top paranormal book on AlphaNovel to find out what happens!

The Alpha's plus size urban human mate series by Keisa Khaos

A wedding planner and a groom. Hell breaks loose when Ji’lahni, confident, beautiful, plus sized wedding planner is hired to ensure a billionaire’s wedding goes smoothly, and the exact opposite happens. The most beautiful, yet, scariest groom she had ever seen stares right at her, instead of his bride and calls her his mate, leaving Ji’lahni confused as hell. What was supposed to be Mahaki Crystal's mating ceremony turns into an unpleasant surprise for the pack when he catches a whiff of something peculiar in the gathering. Only to find an ignorant human who has no understanding of his world or what he is; a fierce woman with curves to die for and a heart of gold and fire; a woman who, for once, will not submit to him immediately. On one hand is the woman he has been with for three years. On the other is this new flame he can't seem to get out of his head. A huge dilemma and a crazy challenge. A must-read that keeps you hooked until the very last page! #2 of the best paranormal novels of the month!

The Vampire's Pleasure Slave by Dark Mage

She never should have disobeyed her father's orders, but then, she was Princess Star, and no one ever told her what to do, or how to behave. Rude, uncultured, and demanding, they nicknamed her, but Star knew she had to be strong if she was to be Queen someday. One day, the headstrong Princess ventured out into the woods, going farther than anyone else, and she found an ominous castle. She would leave, if she didn't hear a voice calling out to her; beseeching her. Ignoring her father's order to stay away from the forbidden castle, Star didn't just break the rules, but in the process she unwittingly wakes the Vampire King who's been hibernating for centuries. The moment those blood-red eyes fixated on her, she knew she was doomed, and all the fire in her couldn't compare to the one ignited by his first touch. Third on the ranking of the top paranormal novels on AlphaNovel, the Vampire's Pleasure Slave wins your heart on the very first page, leading you on, until you're completely engrossed in Star's life, perhaps, even rooting for the unfolding love story.

The Lycan Kings Unwanted Mate by Jessica Hall

They found you, but they'll regret it." Those were her grandmother's last words to her, and the last she heard before she was dragged under, into the world of savages. Zirah had been running for a long time, building her strength, honing her skills, and being captured and tossed into the brutal game of life and death that the Lycan Kings liked to play forged a determination within her. She would live. She didn't know how, but she would live and win their damned game. True to her word, Zirah wins the maze trials, only to be confronted by another trial, one she is unsure she will survive. Her prize, as winner of the maze, is to make a choice between the three Kings, who she wants to be mated with, even if she wants nothing to do with the fur-skinned demons. The feeling of hate, however, is mutual, and Zirah soon realizes she must worm her way through their hearts, lest they get rid of her the only way they know how – kill her. It starts with stringing all three of them along, playing with their hearts, but Zirah sets out to do something even more dangerous – steal their throne! In this paranormal novel by one of our top authors you will find an intriguing story, strong characters and exciting plot twists, which will leave you breathless.

Married To A Jinn by Ak Faith

Mermaids are real – or are they? Ava Linn, an orphaned mermaid, is forced to seek out help from a dark Jinn when her brother falls terminally ill. The Dark Jinn, in disguise as a sorcerer, gives her one condition for his help. Marry his son, Donald Don, whose bride left him standing at the altar, and if she betrays him, her life will be forfeit. Ava accepts his condition, eager to save her brother's life. Unbeknownst to Ava Linn, the Dark Jinn conveniently left out the tiny detail that Donald has a twin brother, and Ava ends up spending her wedding night with the dark, beautiful and cunning Dyrus Don, who reveals nothing about his true identity to her. One horrible mistake has Ava falling hard and fast for Dyrus, and putting her life in danger.

Ravished By The Alphas by Aubrey Pepper

Valerie Davis' parents were executed after the war between werewolves and humans. It didn't matter that there was no proof that they'd been a part of it. It didn't matter that they were innocent. Valerie watched them die, right before she was sold into slavery and branded 'Unclean'. Every day was the same. No one took interest in her. Evil, misfit, a bad omen, they tagged her. She didn't mind the discrimination, or that no one wished to buy her because of the brand on her skin and her surreal eyes. As long as it meant she didn't have to call the people who killed her parents 'Master'. Yet, when the Alpha visits the slave market during an investigation, everything changes. Valerie captures his attention, and he purchases her at a staggering price. As she struggles to adjust to the sudden change, Valerie is left, utterly confused as to why an Alpha would want a woman like her in his bed.

Daddy Lucifer by Cassa Beer

She belonged to him. Her eyes, lips, hands, body, soul, and her heart – all existed only for him. Everytime Vanessa deluded herself into thinking otherwise, her stepfather would punish her. Punishments she welcomed; looked forward to. She hated him, feared him, and she wanted him. How could she not? He was the most beautiful creature alive and he'd shown her what true pleasure was. For her, he'd end nations and take them to Hell. The Devil had his sights set on Vanessa since he met the innocent, untainted angel. His Little Angel. He'd do anything to keep her, to feel her impeccable skin under his impure fingertips, to kiss and stain the luscious lips of an angel with sin and to ruin her innocence and carve his name into her soul. And he knew she wouldn't resist him. Couldn't. He owned her. She was his most prized possession. Ranking third in the steamiest, hottest top paranormal books in AlphaNovel, Daddy Lucifer is a fan favorite. Eager to find out why? Hit the link and read on!

The Beast In Me by Muleba Makukula

Determined to outrun his fate as a Tasmanian Devil, Hunter flees from home, seeking refuge in the land of the humans, but it does nothing to change what he is. The Tasmanian Devils are known to get aggressive during the mating season, driven by the primal need to find their mate and spread their seed. It didn't matter where Hunter ran. His beast caught up with him, and each encounter in that state resulted in death. Until he met Hera. After the death of her father, Hera and her mother moved, seeking a fresh start. Having being bullied and despised at her old school, Hera is eager to be accepted at the new Academy and maybe even make a couple of friends. A stupid bet to gain acceptance has her trespassing over into an abandoned piece of land, and when she comes in contact with the devil himself, her first instinct is to flee. Yet, she doesn't, because Hera, for some odd reason, finds the devil attractive. Different. Captivating. A page turner with an almost bewitching effect. The Beast in Me is an all-time favorite and one of the best paranormal books on AlphaNovel. Enjoy. Maybe grab some popcorn while you're at it and thank us later!

Alpha Xander's Human Fated Mate by Missy Melody

"I, Alpha King Alexander Black, reject your rejection, Gina Stone." Xander Black, heir to the Alpha King's throne, had the allure and charms to win over any woman he wanted, but he had just one wish. To meet his fated mate. Unlike the majority, Xander kept himself untouched, unsullied, reserving his heart and body for the one woman who would be deserving of it. When Xander finally meets Gina, he is dumbfounded when she looks him dead in the eye and rejects him, stoking his fury, pride and hate for her. Gina Stone, the beautiful yet nerdy adopted human daughter of the royal Beta, is constantly bullied and picked on by her adoptive family and pack members. The crown prince included. Prince Xander was the bane of her existence; her nemesis, and when she finds out that he is her mate, Gina doesn't hesitate to reject him. A woman who stands on business and a man who comes to realize what he's lost? Super! A top read online for smut lovers!

Chosen By The Dragon Kings by Jessica Hall

The magic that binds us all to the earth is dying, and only the Chosen One can restore everything to the way it should be. Often, I wondered if it was a story to keep the hope alive in us, and soon, I stopped wondering. Hoping. Even if the Chosen One did exist, there was nothing left of our world to salvage. Everything had gone to hell after the Great War and it had remained that way for so long, it became the new normal. I am Elora, and like every other twenty year old, I am scared. My birthday is in a few days, and it brings only dread, because coming of age means only one thing. They'll find me and sniff out what I am. One encounter with a dragon jeopardises my chances at an escape, and I am brought before the three powerful, brutally handsome kings, and my fears come true. They've found me. They know what I am. And now, they'll never let me go. Why would they though? I'm the Chosen One. The beginning of their end. Jessica Hall's Chosen By the Dragon King gives a fresh narrative in dragons and the mysterious Fae, and it is agreeably one of the best paranormal stories on AlphaNovel.

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When I was a child, my grandma used to tell me stories. At the time, I never gave them much thought. Thinking they were just that… stories. Growing up, I soon realized that they weren’t lofty fantasies and fairy tales but memories of her past, memories of our ancestors before our world turned to shit. You see, what comes from legend, no matter how exaggerated the story becomes, there is always a sliver of truth. You just need to weed out the fiction from fact. My grandmother used to tell me stories of the Chosen One—the one who would save us all. When I was younger, I used to believe that what she said was true. Eventually, someone would be born, just as the Oracle predicted—someone who could save our souls and bind us back to our magic. Once I grew up and saw the world unfolding around me, I no longer believed in salvation. The chosen one seemed to be more of a prayer than reality. Some dream we wanted desperately to come true. Something in which we needed to find hope when there wasn’t any left. When our ancestors turned their backs on us, how were we expected to believe in this so-called salvation? Especially when all we witnessed was death and carnage ever since the great war. Nothing except pain and poverty. I used to believe the stories and used to pray for the mysterious chosen one that would rid our world of its evil. Now, though, I see it for what it really is, just a dream of hope. Some out of reach fairy-tale. A story to create hope. Hope is dangerous; it makes you believe things will get better. I stopped hanging on to hope when I witnessed firsthand that it caused nothing but heartache.


Those are the best paranormal novels of this year, but if you yearn for more extraordinary books, head over to the Paranormal novels section. Whether it's vampires, witches, or otherworldly beings, our paranormal genre has a trove of captivating stories waiting for you. Love the lycan/werewolf books? Check our trending Werewolf novels, and if you wish for something less chaotic, sweet and spicy, our Billionaire/CEO romance novels section is definitely for you! Happy reading!

Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellNovember 22, 2023