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The abandoned heir: charismatic Tyson Gray

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Five years ago, he left as nothing. Now he's the famous invincible God of war. He has it all. Fame , money and power but his sole reason of coming back is to seek revenge. Five years ago, they looked down on him. He was the despised and looked down son-in-law of the Lewis family who everyone treated as trash. Tyson Gray,the abandoned heir of the Carter family is determined to make those who looked down upon regret it. Most importantly, he is out to seek revenge from the Carter family for causing the death of his mother. He won't stop until those who caused him pain pay the price.

Chapter 1

In an open field, the helicopter's airfoils were rotating as they blew a cold wind to the group of high ranked military officials.

"Captain, do you really want to leave?" A brawny man asked, tearing up.

" Yes captain, must you go back? why can't you stay?" Another man chipped in.

These men were generals of different groups in the dragon regiment, the highest ranked military group in the whole of the United States.

" Must you behave like children? if your subordinates see you crying over such a small matter, what will they think of you?" The man referred to as captain reprimanded them. His voice held a hint of helplessness.

He didn't want to leave, but his job over here was over.

Besides, he promised her that he would return for her. It was about time he fulfilled his promise.

" Who cares what they think, I am just sad that you are leaving us." The first man said, making the captain to shake his head.

If someone revealed that these men crying over his departure were the generals of the formidable dragon regiment, nobody would believe it.

Infact, they would even bash that person for spouting nonsense.

" I have made the decision. The borders are safe. I have fulfilled my duty to the country, it's time I fulfil my duty as a husband." The captain replied.

Very few people in the dragon regiment knew about their Captain's status as a married man. Although they knew nothing more about the wife, it could be seen that the captain adored his wife.

" Okay, if you have made your decision, we can only bid you farewell." The first man spoke as he saluted.

" Farewell captain." He shouted.

" Farewell captain." The rest chorused.

" Let's go Jordan." the captain instructed a young man standing behind him.

" Yes, captain." Jordan took the order, following the captain to the already waiting chopper.

Soon the sound of an ascending helicopter filled the air as the soldiers saluted.

It was a military method of bidding one of their comrades good-bye.

Inside the chopper, the man named Jordan had an excited look on his face.

" Tyson, what are your plans?"

The mysterious man lifted the corner of his lips and answered slowly.

" First things first. I am heading over to Los Angeles to see my wife. It's been five years,I wonder how she has been doing."

His face had a look of longing and gentleness as he mentioned his wife.

He removed a picture from the corner pocket of his jacket and started looking at it.

A beautiful woman with a sweet smile appeared in the picture. She had a captivating look, her eyes Hazel and her long hair Chestnut.

Jordan saw how Tyson was looking at the picture and could only smile.

" I have seen you secretly looking at that picture while we sleep." Jordan said.

He was Tyson's best friend and comrade at the military but he knew nothing about the lady in the picture.

" Can you tell me about her, your wife?"

Jordan was curious to know what kind of a woman had the legendary God of war so smitten that he was willing to leave behind five years of hard work just to be with her.

" Her name is Samantha Lewis. She is 26 years old." Tyson replied.

" Uh! that's all?"

How mean was he to only use two sentences to describe his wife. If it was any other man, he could have given a detailed outline of his wife.

But this was Tyson.

He was far from any ordinary Man. He is the infamous God of war and the captain of the dragon regiment.

With his hands, countless enemies have fallen. Because of him, the ten year old border insecurity was now settled.

That's just how great he is.

" What more do you want to know?"

Hearing his question, Jordan decided to shut it.

Afterall in less than four hours,he will be able to personally meet her.

The plane landed at Los Angeles international airport.

Tyson and Jordan were escorted to the waiting lobby where they would be collecting their luggage.

Tyson was leaning on a post awaiting Jordan to get over with the clearance when he felt something or rather someone tug on his shirt.

He was now dressed in casual pants and a white shirt. Looking at him, he appeared laid back.

His clothes were worth afew dollars giving the impression of a low social class individual.

Looking down, he was greeted by a pair of Hazel eyes.

A little girl, dressed in a Pink princess dress was looking at him with shining eyes as she played with the hem of his shirt.

" Daddy!" The little girl called.

Her voice was sweet. Looking at her, he could estimate she was around four years old.

He was so lost observing the little girl that he forgot to talk back to her.

" Daddy! you are finally back? Mommy said that you went to work abroad and will come back soon. Have you finally decided to come see Tara?" The girl asked, blinking her doe like eyes that resembled a puppy's.

" You must be mistaken. I am not your daddy." Although it hurt to break the little girl's daughter, Tyson to do it. Afterall, he was in a hurry to go see his wife, Samantha.

He couldn't afford to be held back by a child.

" But I know you are my daddy, don't you want Tara daddy? I have been a good girl as I promised. Mommy said if I am a good girl, daddy will love me alot." The girl's Sweet and innocent voice tickled Tyson's heart.

" You should go look for your mother. I am not your mother." Although Tyson wanted to indulge the little one, he still had a very important mission to carry out.

" Whose child is this Tyson?" Jordan walked to Tyson as he asked.

" How am I supposed to know? She insists I am her father but I don't even know her." Tyson replied.

" She's beautiful." Jordan commented.

" Wuuuuuu ah ah ah" Before Tyson could register anything, the girl burst out crying, accusing him of not wanting her.

All the people's attention turned to the three while Tyson and Jordan had awkward looks on their faces.

Just then...

" Tara! Tara! Why are you crying?" A Sweet and captivating voice broke the silence at the waiting lobby as a small beautiful figure rushed to the crying girl before embracing her.

" S-samantha!" Tyson murmured.

Chapter 2

Tyson was in a daze as he watched the woman he had been thinking about for years comfort the little girl.

Then a thought flashed in his mind.

Could it be that she is his and Samantha's daughter? Was the little girl telling the truth all along?

Just thinking about it brought immense happiness to his heart.

" Tell me Tara, who made you cry?" The soft voice of a woman could be heard questioning the little doll who was still sniffling back her tears.

" I found daddy but daddy doesn't want Tara." She replied in her childish voice, pointing at Tyson accusingly.

The lady who was squatting earlier turned to look at the direction her daughter pointed.

When their eyes met, hers widened in surprise before they turned to anger.

She glared at Tyson then picked her daughter before walking away.

The spectators watching the whole ordeal couldn't help but whisper among themselves.

" What's the de


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