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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellJanuary 17, 2024

Romantic vampire books to read online

Romantic vampire books to read online

Vampire romance books weave tales around characters that defy mortality, the timeless struggle between light and darkness, and affairs that toe the dangerous lines between safety and peril. Luxury, unbridled lust and affairs, compelling auras, unending pleasure, sacrifice, forbidden desires and danger come together to create a rollercoaster of emotions and cataclysmic events that tip you over the edge and tether you lest you really fall. Below, we have collected a list of our top vampire romance novels to read online. Delve in and prepare to be enthralled beyond your imagination!

Caged Between The Werewolves And The Vampires by Chisomm

It was unheard of – mating with two Alphas. In Claire Evan's world, she was an anomaly. Having being treated harshly for most of her life by the pack and her Alpha, the last thing she had expected was a change in her luck, and getting mated with two powerful Alphas.

But Claire's entanglement doesn't stop there as the secret of her heritage comes to light, her world spinning. She is no mere Omega. She has the blood of three powerful beings coursing through her veins – wolf, witch and vampire, making her a hybrid of the rarest kind.

Her world further unravels when she discovers that the blood thirsty vampire in her also has a mate, making her subject to the pleasure of not two, but three mates. A fascinating romance novel with vampires to add more spice and danger into the mix. Thrilling!

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  • Author: Chisomm
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 51.1K
  • 7.9

She fought to catch her breath as she took in her mates. They looked satisfied and —fuck if she didn't feel satisfied. “I can't believe I did that.” She whispered softly to herself but they heard her. “Oh, that was just the beginning, dolcezza. When you are ready to have us, we will fuck you so hard that you would feel the soreness in between your legs for days.” Callan said with a smirk. *** **Trigger warnings: This is a dark werewolf/vampire romance book. Containing steamy, erotic scenes, multiple men, filthy languages, bdsm, kinky group sex and more** Claire Evans got the biggest shock of her life when she found out that she was mated to two Alphas. It has never been heard of in the history of werewolves. Claire spent most of her life as the omega of her pack. They were treated like trash by the high ranked pack members and their Alpha. She dealt with insecurities for years, until she found her mates. Callan and Cameron, the twin Alpha of the dark moon Pack. They were known as cold and ruthless, killing anyone without remorse. They had always wanted one mate from a young age and the moon goddess finally granted their wishes. But will they succeed in pushing her out of her comfort zone? But they are left in shock when they find out that their mate wasn't who they really thought she was. She had her own darkest secrets too. A secret she had never told anyone, including her mates. A secret that has haunted her all her life. She was a hybrid. Not just two but three species. Werewolf. Witch. Vampire. But she gets an even bigger shock when she finds out that her vampire side has a mate.


My Possessive Vampires by Maria Warren

Sonja is deep in debt and drowning in unpaid bills, as well as an overload. She is in desperate need of rescuing. Both financially and romantically, seeing as her personal life was almost non existent.

When she receives a letter from an unknown man, ordering her visit to him for greener pastures, Sonja disregards the order as strange and a likely scam.

Sergio, her kind boss, suddenly seems to be tense around her ever since she received the letter. He's become possessive of her to s fault, nearly tracking her movements.

Sonja is unsure what to make of this, choosing instead to wing the situation, until the unknown man from the letter shows up on her doorsteps and demands that she become his.

The Vampire's Omega by Negef Writes

Bella Manchor fled from the Air Winder Pack after the wicked Alpha Lucas rejected her. It wasn't that she couldn't handle it. It was that she feared for her life. Alpha Lucas was beyond despicable, and after Bella was forced to mate with him, all he ever deemed her worthy of was sexual pleasures, whether or not she wanted to.

Running from him had her entering the territory of the deadly Vampire King Blade and she gets captured.

King Blade, known for his ruthlessness, had his men hunt down the rogues attacking his kingdom and when a woman who appeared tiny, injured and lost was brought before him as a rogue, the mating bond within him snapped into place. And so did his rage for whoever could have laid hands on her. Who could have thought that what started out as dark and harsh could transform into a sweet, romantic vampire book?

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  • 8.1

Tearing her clothes into two halves he asked. "Who did these to you, who hurt you?" His voice rang through her ears, filling the room with anger, which emitted with the desire to kill, and truly, he was going to rip who so ever that had caused these injury on her. "Bella speak" His voice calm but threatening when he mentioned her name, she looked up at him immediately, the sparks running through her body, as he covered her body with his, preventing the other occupants who was standing, to see what belonged to him. Bella watched as they shivered with fear as her mate, the vampire king growled with anger. "Him, he hurt me" Bella said, and with a loud growl, Blade ordered, "Bring me a dagger!" Blade shouted, It was not a request, it was an order. Bella Manchor was the omega to the air winder pack, she was not just an omega, she was a wolf less werewolf. Her life was difficult, but became like hell when she got mated to the most wicked, arrogant, deadly and vile alpha, alpha Lucas, who used her for his sexual pleasures and afterwards, rejected her, but as fate may have it, she ran away from the pack, running into the hands of the vampires. Blade Hemlock is the vampire king, he is known to be ruthless, dangerous, dark, no regard to any law. The rogues attacking on the vampires, in their lands. Then he sent few of the best men to guard the land, where the rogues mostly attacked. Unfortunately, a girl, a werewolf ran into their lands, and his men took her, as a defiler. But she was not just a werewolf defiler, who had come running into his land, it was his mate, his long awaited mate has ran into his hands, hurt, with so much injuries on her body, half dead. Would Bella accept her mate after what had been done to her, would she want to be loved again, by her new vampire mate.


The Triplet Warriors and Their Pup Mate by Saree Bee

Alpha Gunner heartlessly snatched Ellie's parents and kidnapped her as a child.

Despite her escape attempts, she was always caught. Gunner forced Ellie into a blood pact, tying her to his equally cruel son, Tyson, who was obsessed with her.

Fortunately, luck smiled upon Ellie during her latest escape, leading her to a kind pack. However, evading Tyson and his father remains tough, and when her life is once again in danger at the hands of her enemies, she is saved by three warriors, who claim her as theirs. Ellie, confused and near broken from her experiences is sceptical about the three, but she is unable to deny the truth that stands before her.

The Imperial Wolf by Lilith Mykals Kennedy

Kate's father is a drunk gambler who has sold off all of their possessions, leaving Kate to work and pay off all of his debts, while he keeps incurring more.

He bites off more than he can chew when he takes from the Alpha and is unable to pay off. He offers up his daughter and the Alpha's henchmen take Kate to the pack house, where she becomes a maid.

Erick, the Alpha's son finds Kate by the creek and he baffled to discover merely by looking at her that she is an imperial wolf. Erick takes interest in Kate, watching her without her knowledge and when he starts to feel things he shouldn't, it becomes a struggle to stay away from the ethereal being in his home.

My Personal Lycan King by Angela Bhardawaj

Being a telepathic was more of a curse than a gift for Victoria Gibberson, hearing everything people thought of her, their hate, their anger, their bitterness, all wearing down on her.

After a ghastly accident that took her parent's lives, Victoria moved to a new town, Pearly Canines, to start over with her aunt, but there was something awfully wrong with that place.

Perhaps it was the creepy stares, or the too gorgeous men and women. It was a town filled with people who resembled gods. Still trying to navigate her way around the town and school, Victoria ran into a stunning man, whose eyes won't leave hers, and his smile reminded her of roses and their thorns.

When she feels eyes on her and hears footsteps behind her every time she walks home, she realises she has earned herself a stalker.

Alpha's Last Minute Bride by Sprachi 12

Evangeline found herself compelled to marry an unyielding Alpha as a substitute for her runaway sister. She harbored a deep-seated aversion to werewolves, stemming from her father's abandonment of her human mother for a she-wolf. Despite her father's love, she avoided werewolves generally.

Being thrust into a marriage with Daniel Grint, a ruthless and unyielding Alpha made her hateful and angry and she vowed never to give herself to him.

Daniel, skeptical of mate bonds, reluctantly agreed for the sake of his pack. Frustration and anger mounted when he discovered his bride was not only human but also the daughter of an Alpha—and, unexpectedly, his mate.

Ravished By The Alphas By Aubrey Pepper

After the war between werewolves and humans, Valerie Davis witnessed her innocent parents' execution. Despite lacking proof of their involvement, she was sold into slavery, branded 'Unclean.' Enduring discrimination daily from her captors and slavers, Valerie learned to be grateful for her brand and looks that turned eyes away from her, making her appear appalling before the eyes of many. Nobody wanted a traitor for a slave

But everything shifted when the Alpha arrived at the slave market for an investigation. Valerie, unique and carrying the marks of her painful past, drew his attention, and without hesitation, he purchased her for a lofty price, bringing her back to his manor. Valerie is unsure what to make of the situation and why the Alpha would even want her in the first place. Explore passion in it's purest, yet darkest form in this vampire love novel.

The Vampire's Pleasure Slave by Memexico

Princess Star, a spirited soul who never heeded commands from anyone else but her father, and even then, she was often known as unruly. She didn't bother being called names or hated. It built a reputation of her that made her particularly endearing. Better a Queen be feared than to be ridiculed.

In her usual headstrong manner, the Princess ventured deep into the woods one day, discovering an ominous castle. Her instincts urged her to flee, but a mysterious voice called out to her, pulling at her heartstrings. Ignoring her father's strict order to steer clear, Star not only defied the rules but unintentionally roused the Vampire King, dormant for centuries.

As his blood-red eyes locked onto her, Star sensed her impending doom, and her effort to run from him is thwarted when he grabs her and claims her as his.

Marrying The Vampire Prince by Snowqueencel

Clarkson Academy is a supernatural school ruled by the charismatic and formidable vampire, Prince Kyle Ethan Clarkson. When Nicole Jane Parker, a heiress yearning to fill the void in her life, transfers to the renowned academy, she gets more than she bargained for—something dangerously fang-tastic.

As Nicole delves into this mystical realm, she discovers that appearances can be deceiving, and Prince Kyle is not the heartless creature he appears to be. What shocks her even more than his vampiric nature is the revelation that a prophecy, predating her birth, declares her as his destined mate.

Prisoner To My Mate by Amal Usman

Like every she-wolf out there who just turned eighteen, Ana is more than excited to meet her mate. Her dreams are shattered when on her way back home that night she is attacked by rogues, and one in particular calls her his mate, right before he knocks her out. She wakes up later in a hospital and is greeted by the news of her mate not being a rogue, but the horrible Alpha King whose reputation of cruelty precedes him.

Ana wants nothing more than to reject him, but against her better judgement, she decides to give it a chance, only to met by the same harshness and cruelty everyone knows him for.

Ana hates him, but she is unable to stay away, or give up on the bond and outrightly leave. It is clear he wants nothing to do with her either and is seemingly unable to stand her, and when Ana decides to go, he won't let her be.

Sold To The Vampire Lord By Mimi

It all happened so suddenly. One minute Victoria had been trading groceries with a stranger and the next she was writhing in pain, having been hit on the head.

She woke up in a strange place, dressed in rags and surrounded by people who told her she had been sold off to become a slave. Confused and afraid, Victoria tried to scope out the environment, trying to bide her time for an escape plan, but before the opportunity ever came, she found herself on the podium, up for auction.

The bidding went downhill and she watched in horror as only the worst and vilest of men wagered to take her with them as they leered at her like she was made to pleasure them. Just when she lost hope, a man emerged, a lord, powerful, stunning, colder than ice with a smile that was cut from stone. He stared at her, hard, as though he was looking deeply into her soul, and Victoria couldn't quite believe it when he staked a price too high for the others to fight against and he bought her.

Tempting Darkness by Jessica Hall

After her parents were brutally murdered by werewolves, Aleera was constantly on the run, fleeing from the very men who orphaned her for six years. They weren’t just monsters; they were her mates. One night, in a grave situation where her life was merely seconds away from being stolen from her, Aleera made a decision. A mistake.

She sent out a powerful flare, alerting them of her location, and with their arrival, so did her nightmares begin. Every day was a torture she couldn’t flee from. One she couldn’t resist. She would wish for death and she would still crave those who tortured her. In a world where brutality and an unquenchable thirst for Fae blood made Aleera wanted by all, she is forced to devise whatever means possible to stay alive and avenge the death of her parents. A fan favourite and one of the best vampire romance books to read on AlphaNovel!

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Tempting Darkness Darkness Series Book 1 Nothing in our world is humane and normal. Especially not my mates. First, they killed my parents. So, I did the most rational thing at the time. I ran. Hard and fast without ever looking back. But you can't run from the factions of the Fae, especially not them. Fae were the most powerful creatures in the world, as long as we had magic and our mate. Turns out I have not one mate but four. Not one of my four mates was a good option, each one as brutal and cruel as the other. Darius was a Demonic-Fae, Tobias Vampiric-Fae, then there is Lycus, he is a Were-Fae, and let's not forget Kalen, Pure and devastatingly all Dark-Fae. They were all as cruel and brutal as each other and wanted to destroy me. Now, I find myself at a crossroads, as I am being hunted by werewolves in an unfamiliar city, and I had to weigh up my options, both unappealing. However, Low on magic and backed into a corner where I feel like I've got nothing left to lose but my life, I decided to run to the very men I spent six years running from. I do the unthinkable. I send out a flare of my magic, an SOS, to the very men I hide from. It doesn’t take long before I realize some things are worse than death. Like being forced into a bond with the men who had ruined my life. The men who wanted to destroy me, to claim me, to keep me. There was just one thing that they had forgotten. I was part of the darkness, too. And if they want to tempt darkness, they will eventually taste it, and nothing tastes sweeter than revenge. Hello Lovely Readers This book may contain content some readers may find triggering. It is a dark paranormal romance, and the four main male leads are brutal toward the female lead. Some may have noticed I said four Male leads. As most of my readers know, I primarily write reverse harem romances, meaning one woman with multiple love interests. No, she doesn’t have to choose between them—a list of some triggers you may find in the book below. Degradation, Blood Play, Abuse, Dub-con, torture. Non-con, Humiliation. This is a dark Fae-Creatures book loosely using the term Fae as there are different variants of Fae. However, Dark Fae is not your average Tinkerbell. There is no sprinkling of pixie dust, unicorn farts, or spreading the skies in rainbows. My characters are darker and crueler, with no limits. So if you are unfamiliar with Dark Paranormal Romance and Reverse Harem, or even slightly confused still, I suggest you give old google a search. If you're okay with the dark stuff and wish to continue reading, well, jump right in for a stomach-dropping, intense ride, and I will see your lovely dark souls on the other side.


The Pack’s Secret Keeper

Aislen Carter knows things she shouldn’t and that puts her in the danger of being captured or worse by the powerful lords of Havermouth. The famous triquetra soon notice her and Aislen finds herself entangled in a dark world of brutal secrets, lust, shame and misery.

A way out of her agreement with the triquetra is offered to Aislen in the form of a scholarship and she flees without hesitation. Five years later, after her father’s funeral and feeling lost in more ways than one, she returns to Havermouth and renews her contract with the triquetra.

Thirsty for more literal awesomeness and vampire books with romance? Quench that by diving deeper into the Vampire novels section, and if you seek other enchanting books with less fangs and more fur, our Paranormal and Fantasy genres await you. Explore and enjoy! Happy reading!

Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellJanuary 17, 2024