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Slave To Vampire Prince

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Electra
  • Chapters: 200
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 12.7K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 13


"Be my slave", Gerald claimed shortly."WHAT???" shouted Lisa."Be my slave", whispered Gerald one more time."ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" Lisa screamed. "No other option! The only way is agreeing to be my slave", said Gerald once more to convince her to agree with his wish."NO WAY. I AM NOT GOING TO BE ANYONE'S SLAVE!" said Lisa proudly."Just wait and see. How long will you stand with your choice? Nobody will help you to get out from here. In the end, you will give up and beg to be my slave." answered Gerald. "NEVER", said Lisa. "You will," said Gerald. Lisa was saved by Gerald, who is a vampire prince. But her real nightmare has just begun.To be the vampire prince's slave, or to die. What is Lisa's choice?

CHAPTER 1: Like A Nightmare

The gaze of blinking stars above the sky of the city slowly faded away. One by one, tears of the sky fell to the ground. People were busy with their own lives. They walked along the street without noticing anything happening in an alley that was fenced by tall buildings.

Nobody sees anything in that dark alley. Nobody also heard anything from there.

A girl was standing at the corner of a dead end. She was terrified. Her face turned blue because of being afraid. Her straight black hair became so messy.?

Facing her, was a burly man with a fierce face as if preparing to pounce on her. That man pulled her long hair to state his superiority. He tried to get closer to this beautiful woman.

"Don't come any closer" the innocent girl shouted.

The rain that fell that night made his body visible from behind the white clothes that were printed due to wetness. The man can see her s*xy body. She tried to cover her body with her hands. She was afraid to die.

The man who was right in front of her began to grope the girl's body. She screamed hysterically and tried to fend off the old man's every touch. The old man touched the girl's sensitive area. Under the pouring rain that night, the girl's voice asking for help could only be muffled by the sound of raindrops hitting the porous earth floor.

The darkness of the night also added to the tense atmosphere in the narrow alley. Even though the streets were still full of lights in shops and street lights, the alleys occurs the scene of this r*p*.

Lisa Angelina never thought that this kind of thing would happen to her.

She was the girl of hope. But, now, there is not any hope in her eyes. She thought her life was over. She couldn't help but struggle as the man tore off her clothes one by one.

"HELP ME..." she shouted with all the tears streaming down her cheeks.

Her throat hurt more and more as the louder she called for help, the more the voice faded into the air.

Lisa's strength slowly began to weaken because her body was squeezed by the man's burly body. The man looked at him like a delicious meal. Lisa had never been touched by anyone before. This was the first time she had felt a man's touch. She didn't think that the person who first kissed her lips was a rapist.

Her heart was sliced. It felt like he didn't want to live anymore. However, just as despair overcame her, a handsome young man she didn't recognize suddenly appeared.

His pale face was faintly seen by Lisa's eyes, which were teary with tears. The man was wearing a black hoodie and jeans looking like a passer-by who happened to pass by the place.

Lisa's eyes and the man's eyes met for a moment before the man finally pulled the rapist's body back. The man's strength sent the rapist flying away. Lisa stood with amazed and shocked eyes.

Without a word, the man's eyes turned blue with white lines adorning his eyeballs. Lisa was immediately taken aback by the unusual change. She was sure that just moments ago he had brown eyes.

The old man was frightened. His body turned blue with fear. He was trying to get up from his body that was thrown against the wall. The narrow alley was enclosed by a wall. Due to the pressure from the old man's body and the blue-eyed man's strength, the wall seemed to crack.

"Who are you?" asked the old man haltingly.

He had never faced such a strong young man before. The man did not answer with words. However, his sharp gaze already showed that the man was not an ordinary human.

The old man was getting scared. He tried to crawl backward.

"Please... I'm sorry..." she whispered in a trembling voice.

Lisa, who was lying at the end of the dead-end alley, stood up. She adjusted her tattered clothes. The man stepped closer to the old man who was crawling backward in fear. Meanwhile, Lisa could only stand where she was with raised eyebrows.

The young man moved one corner of his lips, smiling sarcastically.

"Delicious food, come closer..." he said. For some reason, the man's words made the rapist shudder. The hairs on his neck stood up.

He was trying to get up from crawling. Then he ran as fast as he could away from the man. However, like a ghost, the young man suddenly stood before the old man and startled him. He fell back.

The young man returned his cynical smile.

"You can't run anymore," he whispered.

"Please... don't catch me. Don't take me to the police station. This is all my fault. I am sorry. Please, do not—“said the old man, clasping his hands together.

His voice was pitiful as if he needed the young man's mercy.

"Of course, I won't take you to the police station," he said.

"Thank you..." the old man said very happy because he thought he got the forgiveness he wanted.

"Because I will punish you on my own," the man said afterward.


The rapist's heart stopped for a moment because his guess was wrong. He is not forgiven but will be punished. The old man's mind began to try to guess what the young man would do with that cruel look.

“Will you kill me? Please don't kill me... I have a family at home. I have three children to raise" pleaded the rapist.

The young man smiled while sticking out his tongue to touch his lips like he was having a delicious dinner. At this point, the rapist thought that the one who faced him was a psychopath. His smile looks scarier than being caught by a police officer.

"You're not going to kill me, are you?" asked the old man again. He tried to walk against this young man but he walked closer and closer, making him more terrified.

"Of course not. I will eat you! It is a very long time since I have ever drank any human blood”, replied the man, as he grabbed the rapist by the collar and threw him back against the wall.

Without further ado, the man bit the old man. The rapist. Nobody knew his name. His neck was full of blood. The blood was streaming like a waterfall. The old man suddenly died at that moment while the young man was still trying to enjoy the blood of his victim.

“AAAHHHH!!!!” shouted Lisa, who had been standing at the end of the alley.

Lisa was very surprised by what she had just seen. She couldn't believe that there was a man who would kill a human by drinking his blood like that. It was the first time she to see that. She could see that his mouth was still full of blood.

“Is he a Vampire?” she thought to herself.

Her body instantly froze. Her hand tried to cover his mouth so as not to attract the vampire's attention. Afterward, she ran away because of being too scared.

Hearing the screams and footsteps made the vampire turn towards the girl. He saw her back getting further and further away. He snorted in annoyance because he didn't think much of it. He didn't think that she could be a witness that he was a Vampire.

After understanding the condition, the man immediately threw away the corpse of the rapist and ran after the woman who had been seen further away.

She ran away as far as she could with the torn clothes that she wore. The vampire suddenly stood in front of her.

“Where are you going, young lady?” asked the young man.

CHAPTER 2 Vampire Royal Court

The man stared at her. She could not answer the question. She totally understood that this man who just saved her was as dangerous as the old man. She tried to ignore him and ran in the other direction. However, the young man could still catch her easily.

“Why do you ignore me? Is it the way you are thankful to your saviour?” asked the vampire.

“Okay, thank you. Leave me alone” said Lisa.

“Because you have witnessed what I have done, you must die in peace,” stated the young man.

Lisa felt like she could not run away anymore from this weird creature. This young man could run faster than her. He was also stronger than the old man whom she could not fight. Lisa finally gave up and closed her eyes.

She could not think anything else at that moment. Nobody in this city cared about her, she thought.

The young man who had an intention of killing this eyewitness stared at Lisa’s face. He realized that this girl was innocent. Her innocent look hypnotized hi


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