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~ Ducan : Demon king ~ My kingdom is on the verge of distraction and my race is about to perish in a blink of an eye. What I need is a blessed maiden who can only be found once per hundred years. A virgin girl with the favour of the gods, who will open her legs for me In order to restore the power slipping away from me. To balance my kingdom and the reels of hell, I need her to carry my seed so I could secure my position and forever rule my kind. Once my eyes are set on her, she will become mine with or without her approval, affections or consent.

Chapter 1

Ducan's P.o.v

I sat on my huge silver throne reluctantly with my legs crossed listening to my generals' suggestions with interest.

Everything was going smoothly and beautifully in my kingdom that I would say. Despite the humans still fearing us and other lame losers trying to have passage to my kingdom all in the name of becoming heroes, we were still in control.

For three thousand years, I governed my kind with alter most discipline and restriction.

My mother was a humble Human being while my father was a cruel demon lord.

Due to past calamity in the human world, the human elders called upon the help of my father. In exchange for his help, they offered my mother to him, who by then was a blessed maiden.

A blessed maiden was a favoured virgin girl whom the gods granted power and gifts. They were not only unheard of, they were usually born once every thousand years. whoever they gave their body to, he or she acquired significant power no matter what being they were.

When my father saw how this offer was too good to let it slide, he agreed and took my mother for himself in exchange for granting help to the humans.

A few years went by and I was conceived through a loving bond and union.

Despite being a weak and fragile human, my mother was kind and good to both me and my father, she was also the cause of his sudden change of heart. We were all he had and he made sure to let us know. But then one day we received news that human territory was once again in need of help. My father was reluctant to go, but my mother pleaded with him since they were still her people. Him being in love, he easily agreed.

We later went to the human territory expecting a warm welcome not knowing it was all a trap.

At a young age, I witnessed my parents and our generals being brutally attacked by the human warriors. One elder was watching happily while yelling at my mother and calling her evil for letting a disgusting monster of the dark touch her.

My father was trying to protect me and my mother at the same time that he couldn't see the hero who carried the holy sword sneaking behind him.

As if it was all a nightmare, I watched as the hero brutally drove it through his heart while the warriors ganged up on my mother and our demon generals.

My father was bleeding badly while my mother's corpse lay lifeless on the ground.

With the little strength he was left with, he sent us all back to the demon kingdom using his magic.

That day was the worst day of my life but also my rebirth as the demon lord.

I couldn't mourn them because crying was a sign of weakness. I locked up my human emotions and lived with anger and hatred for a thousand years.

Emotions such as love, sadness and happiness were strictly prohibited in my territory, those that showed them were killed or taken away for severe punishment.

I was never going to let any human in our territory or ever come across one. That's what I thought, but now I wasn't sure if I was going to hold on to my own words because I was slowly losing my power.

According to the ancient witch who saved the Royal bloodline of the Demon lord, every one thousand years a demon lord was required to take to his bed a blessed maiden in order to increase or maintain his power. Failure to that, the demon lord grew weak and his magic and power began to fade away.

After five thousand years, the demon king either perished or became stone.

The ancient witch's words weren't to be taken lightly, that's why I had to call for the advisers and generals to find a quick solution to my problem.

"Great Maou" ( meaning Demon Emperor ). Why not allow us to go into human territory and slaughter as many humans as we can, maybe their blood would serve as sacrifice and grant you power." One adviser suggested.

I raised a brow and gazed at my only childhood friend who was the son of the late lead general.

He hesitated before stepping forward and giving a bow.

"If I may Great Maou, I suggest you find a blessed maiden. Please call the ancient witch and let her open the gate of winds and sound to hear if the humans are still praying to you for help like in the past. You can offer them your help and in return they can give you the maiden." He said as everyone gasped loudly.

The room instantly went quiet.

I Stood up slowly and looked at him with a cold expression on my face.

My heartbeat picked up as my heart ached badly. I closed my eyes and folded my hands into fists, then took in a deep breath and released it.

When I opened my eyes and looked at him, he quickly fell to his knees with his head to the ground.

"Spare my life Great Maou, I was wrong to suggest such a horrid thing." He said in a cracked voice. His body was slightly trembling and I could smell the scent of sweat coming from him.

No matter what, I couldn't harm or hurt him. I hated that about myself because he was the only exception.

"I guess taking your suggestion into consideration isn't a bad thing." I answered, shocking everyone. He too quickly raised his head to look at me.

"Great Maou, you seriously can't be...."

I raised my hand, stopping the eldest general from finishing his sentence.

"Call the ancient witch here. She will open the gate of wind and sound to hear if the humans are crying out for my help or not." I ordered strongly.

"Hail the Great Maou." They all said together with a bow, then went out leaving Ose still on his knees.


"You can be the lead general of the Demon kingdom and territory but know how to present yourself when you are in the presence of a demon lord." I said seriously, cutting him off.

"I wasn't wrong to suggest that Ducan. I can't sit by and watch you perish no matter what. Because of your human side you are quickly losing your power and soon you will..." He trailed off then got to his feet.

"Perish." He whispered softly.

I sighed then shifted my gaze from him.

"It wouldn't be the end of the demon kingdom even if I was to perish Ose." I answered in a low tone.

"It would, because you have no heir or female to warm your bed." He pointed out.

I groaned loudly then raised my hand.

"Hail the Great Maou." He whispered under his breath then took a few steps back before turning and walking away.

I moved and sat on the throne with a sigh.

My heart was still badly hurting over his words and I hated feeling that way.

Chapter 2

Ducan's p.o.v

I looked at the ancient witch calmly as she threw the stones covered in dry blood on the ground chanting a few words. When she looked to the heavens with her arms widely spread, her eyes rolled up and her voice got louder.

An invisible shield began to rise up and in front of me a large black door with ancient symbols appeared. When it opened, we all could hear the loud cries of humans mostly in my name.

"Search if their territory has a blessed maiden." I ordered.

She began chanting the words backwards while the dark bones and stones on the ground rolled in the symbolic circle that had different ancient letters and numbers drawn in it.

When she stopped her chanting she dropped her hands and looked at me seriously.

Her eyes were back to normal and the bones and stones were no longer moving.

"Only you Great Maou can be able to find her." She answered huskily.

"What do you mean by that?" I a

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