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  • Author: Lavline
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 1.0

Mature, violence, and Abuse!!! My eyes were fixed on the fragile body lying over my bed. Her eyes silently begged me not to look at her struggling state. Her emerald eyes turned teary as she was feeling this pain and urge from last night. I was confused about how a human being feels Heat. Her naked body struggling with the strong waves of heat hitting her every short duration was making her roll on the bed like a fish without water. Her small hands were touching herself to feel pleased and satisfied. She stretched her back as the fresh wave of heat hit her again in front of my eyes. Her slightly painful moans turned stronger and she tightened her thighs to stop her throbbing core. I walked closer a little. The scene before my eyes made me lose control. I was feeling hardened for my slave. "Please, don't come closer," She begged. "Ohh Myyyy Godddd," She screamed when the fresh wave of heat hit her again. I sat on my knees on the floor, closer to the edge of the bed. My hands unknowingly moved to touch her ankle. "Ahhhhh, Please don't touch me," She cried. I could see the hate in her eyes. My eyes slowly danced on her creamy, white skin. She turned weak in just one day. Looking at her state, my heart started racing not because I hadn't seen a naked girl before, but because she could become my worst nightmare. Sleeping with her could make me lose all my werewolf powers. But, her heat was turning painful now and I wasn't able to see it. So, I decided to do the next sin and bear the consequences. But, little did I was that the woman I had enslaved was a female dragon.

Book cover
  • Author: Lavline
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 20.1K
  • 9.2

"I asked you, Not to wear Red. I can't control it Now! Can I take You now?, Abhi" I asked looking at her. Yes, red was something I found s*xy and attractive. It ignites my sexual desires, especially for her. Whenever I see her wearing red It brings sensual thoughts to my mind. Her small waist, chiseled shoulders, slim arms, Long legs, and perfect breasts attract me to touch and kiss all of them. But all my fire, desire and wants, vanished in a moment when she asked. "Where?" I looked at her with a strange face and she had a questioning face too. Her eyes were intense and her breathing was still high along with racing heartbeats. "What?" I asked raising my eyebrows and she looked at me with the same look. "You want me to take you somewhere now, Where?" She said and My mouth fell open. I sat beside her looking at her face. "What?" I asked again not digesting her words. She managed to bring my animal down within a few moments. I couldn't understand her words. She must be joking. I couldn't believe she doesn't understand my words. How could it be possible? "Huh?" She said raising her eyebrows and sitting on the bed. "I want to take you means, I want to complete our Marriage," I said looking at her innocent face. I couldn't believe it was real or just her perfect acting skills. How could she be so naive? "You want to retake our marriage vows? ," She said with a little smile on her face. And I almost died in shock. *** One tragedy brought a dominating King and naive princess into ties of marriage. What happens when he gets to know that the girl he started loving and dreaming of making out of knows nothing about marriage and s*x.


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