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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellMarch 20, 2024

Books about office romance

Books about office romance

Have you ever stolen glances at a co-worker across the desk? Did your heart beat a little faster?

The best office romance books, often filled with tension that's equal parts electric and forbidden, is a growing trope with only the steamiest, heartwarming stories to fan your wildest fantasies.

In this article, we will meet the enigmatic CEO's who hide their possessive feelings behind a wall of cold and boredom, the assistants who can't stand them, yet, they can't stay away either, and the love interests who try to break through those walls and claim their hearts. Get ready to swoon and lose yourselves in these masterpieces compiled just for you!

The CEO Alpha King by Blessing D Writes

Zed Williams is a man of both worlds – An Alpha King and a successful billionaire who heads a fashion company. And he has quite the temper. When Serena resumes her first day at his company, having dreamed of it for so long, it is quite what she expected. From getting bullied and receiving so much hate from her colleagues, the worst thing that could have happened was spilling coffee on Zed.

Or was it? As punishment for her supposed disrespect of him, Zed demands that Serena becomes his slave, and while the Alpha King’s word was law, Serena couldn’t imagine living out the rest of her life as his slave. So, she made a decision that was equal parts brave and naïve. She ran. Didn’t she know there was no running from a man like Zed?

CEO In Love With His Secretary by Chichi Meliss

Christ Oxford was two things – filthy rich and deeply scarred. After seven years in a marriage that took more from him than it gave, he divorced his unfaithful witch of a wife who saw him as nothing but a pawn and a means to an end. Having been burned once, he decided that love doesn’t exist and he remained uninterested in finding a partner.

But Christ’s world is rocked when a lithe, beautiful woman named Carla gets employed to be his secretary. Carla has worked hard to provide for what’s left of her family – her sick dad and her little sister, and she’s never had it easy. Getting the job at the Oxford Company takes her down a path she doesn’t bargain for, and that includes falling for her grumpy, arrogant boss.

The CEO's Proposition by Margarette Grey

Savannah was sure her husband was cheating on her when he showed up at their anniversary with divorce papers and the reason being, “You’re not what you used to be. Look at you, you’ve let yourself go.” Hurt, Savannah throws herself into more work to keep it off her mind, but things begin to change when she meets Rafael.

What had begun as an accident between them, turns into a business deal and then, graduates into something hotter, steamier and tension-filled. This billionaire office romance book will leave you breathless as the lines between love and work become hopelessly blurred.

Resisting Xavier by Surreal Ink

Maya had dreams for her future. Fantasies. And each of those fantasies, Jason had existed. The man who swept her off her feet and made her fall madly in love. He would be the father of her children, she was sure. But finding Jason in bed with her best friend makes her understand that fantasy isn’t real. Heart breaks and pain were.

At the club she’d hoped to drown the pain, she met a stranger. Instantly, she knew he was not the type of man who played house, or the type that existed in the world of pink and red roses she lived in. No. Xavier was made from something harder, darker. He was irresistible, different from any man she’d met. Perhaps, if she hadn’t drank so much, she would have heard every voice, every instinct that screamed at her to run from him.

But she didn’t, and after a night of sensual atrocities, Xavier decides he’ll have her every day for the rest of his life by hook or by crook.

The Billionaire's Regret by Belle Scarlet

Wyatt married Ivy because he had no choice. He owed a debt and it was the only way to repay it. She was stunning, his wife. She was everything good in his life, but he couldn’t bring himself to look at her as more or be more than the husband who avoided being at home with her because it meant giving in. Surrendering. And he didn’t realize what that meant until it was too late and Ivy demanded a divorce from him. It was only then he understood that there was no him without her, and he couldn’t let her go. Ever.

Ivy wished for more. She had been the loving wife for years, taking the insults from Wyatt’s mother and sister, living as a maid in her own home. But it had all been worth it. She loved her husband and there was nothing she wouldn’t overlook if it meant he’d come home one day and smile at her.

Well, that was until she received mysterious, implicating pictures of her husband and his secretary together.

The Player's Love by teast87

After losing her job, her step father abandons Camela and her little brother. It was a blessing in disguise as Sean had basically leeched off of her and it was one less mouth to feed. Checking out a job her friend informed her about, Camela arrives at Mitchell’s Inc, regardless of the obvious fact that she wouldn’t qualify for a position in such a prestigious company. But she had to try, for her brother at least

And that is when she meets Blake Mitchell. A gorgeous A-hole who simply thought being rich was more than enough reason to ride and play around with people however he wanted. But Camela has had enough of men like him, men like her stepfather, and she put him in his place. Or so she thought. All her little outburst did was get Blake hot on her heels and everyone knew Blake, the famous gigolo, always got what he wanted. This enemies-to-lovers office romance book evokes a deep sense of belonging, and you find yourself rooting for Blake before you realize it, however annoying he might seem now.

Wrong Number by Faith Odulesi

Nikki, best known for her clumsy nature, has had way too many close calls to getting fired by her boss, Chad Bush. He swears he's tired of her, but somehow, Nikki finds a way to save herself every time.

But Nikki knows she's in deep trouble this time when she taps her boss's number, instead of her boyfriend's and sends him her nudes. Trying to get his phone before he gets to see the message sends Nikki down a path of events that are crazier than the last, and it finally comes to a halt when she finds herself in a questionable situation with Chad that makes her realize she just might love him.

Bad Boy Billionaires by Margarette Grey

Luke didn't like her very much, Scarlett thought. She shouldn't care. He was her stepbrother, a jerk, but she'd begin crushing on him at some point, convincing herself that it was nothing but a childish infatuation that would face with time.

But the years passed and her innocent crush graduated into an intense desire that intensified when she arrived at his school – now hers too.

Luke used to be mad about having an addition to the family. He had enough shit to handle with Gene, his little brother, and there came along Scarlett. He avoided her the best he could, until he had to heed his father's instruction to pick her up from school a few years later, and he was stunned at the sight that greeted him. Scarlett had gone from a cute little girl into a sexy, stunning woman.

Taming The Cold Billionaire by PrincessJody

Racheal had worked at ACI for seven years under Lawrence King as his secretary, but when her boss fell sick, his son, Xavier King took over, bringing along with him an unhealthy air of arrogance that got on Rachael's nerves like nothing else. He found problems with everything she did and made it known that he couldn't stand her for even a minute. Rachael had no patience for his bratty attitude and his need to control everything she did, including her life, and she stood her ground against him, breaking every rule he set in place. Animosity grows into tension and the tension grows into a steamy affair none of them could have prevented – not that they wanted to. An exceptional hate-to-love office romance with a kick-ass heroine who stands on business!

Corporate Girlfriend by Zinny Francis

Cheryl was the best assistant Damien ever had – hardworking, honest and...innocent. That wasn't the only problem Damien found with her though. Her too decent clothes. Her hair. Her smell. Everything about her begged to be touched and rid of that innocence. He stayed away from her, yelled at her to hide his growing frustration and desire until he was sure she hated him.

But pretending was no easy job and it all went down the drain when he saw Cheryl dressed out of her work clothes for the first time, with another man, and then, he snapped, unable to keep his emotions hidden. A steamy office romance begins and Cheryl, despite her growing agitation is unable to stay away from Damien.

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“Why do you even care?” I fired back at him hotly, my glare burning holes into his gorgeous face. It had been all about the passion and toe curling orgasms that he had given me but now, as I stare into his eyes, all I could feel was a need to slap that face. Hard. Annoyed, I threw up my hands into the air. “We are not even in a relationship, for god's sake!” my jaw tightened. “So I can fuck or go out with any man I damn please!” Immediately the words left my mouth, I knew at once that I had chosen my words badly. Damien made no overt move, but his eyes went hard and dark. He began to walk towards me and I retreated in alarm, my pulse accelerating. He continued to stalk to my side untill he successfully backed me into a wall. He stopped in front of me and placed his hands on either sides of my head, caging me in. His head came down untill he was staring into my eyes. “That's where you've got it all wrong, bunny,” he murmured, his voice a low, velvety timbre sending jolts of arousal to my loins. “You are mine, you always have been. Make no mistake about that.” **** Do I have a job that I love so much? Yes. Do I have a rude, grumpy boss that makes my blood boil and makes me plot ways to kill him and make it look like an accident? Abso-fucking-lutely! That was me untill one misaddressed email came to disrupt everything I have worked for. And then I had to do a favor for The Boss. My name is Cheryl Chastain and I am totally 𝑠𝑐𝑟𝑒𝑤𝑒𝑑.


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