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Captured A Demon's Heart

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Gaelly
  • Chapters: 32
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 27.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 60


BEWARE INCLUDES MATURE CONTENT. IF YOU ARE NOT A FAN OF EROTIC BOOKS THEN THIS BOOK IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU. "Really? And you cried all the way home. Why didn't you listen to your father when he warned you about the town square but our little mischievous Aurelia never listens." He teased her "And here you are forcing yourself on the little mischievous Aurelia" the next second she was pinned to the wall by Leander, his weight held her in place. "Did you forget you were talking to your king?" He asked looking at her pink lips which for some reason looked enticing. An entangled relationship between a pure creature a fae, and a demon. Leander son of Lucifer and brother to the seven sins of hell. Aurelia a kind-hearted, naive, and free-spirited girl who has lived all her life as a human unknown to her that she is a fairy. Leander falls head over hills for Aurelia at first sight but the poor girl didn't want to be part of the royal family, she wanted a life where she can do as she pleases.

Chapter 1 Separation

The weather was gloomy not because it was dark and cold but because of the war, an attack by the enemy. Rain poured down mixing with the blood of the dead and injured, and the sound of the thunder was too hard to ignore. A lady with a crown on her head, accompanied by a man, could be seen standing far away from the war talking to another woman who looked frightened. "Please Gracia take care of my daughter, love her as you would do yours," she said with tears flowing down her cheeks but was washed away by the rain. "Fiona, Preston, I promise to take good care of her, I spoke to my husband about it and he accepted. She is going to grow up with love, I promise you." The weather was cold but they didn't feel it, the atmosphere around them didn't permit them to feel the cold and shiver. "I'll cast a spell on her, this will help her live a life as a human just like you and your family, " Fiona said. Her husband stood there not uttering a word, he just stared at his beautiful daughter who was fast asleep. Fiona cast a spell on her daughter, sealing her powers and turning her into a human. She opens a portal, giving her daughter one last kiss, and she is sent to the human world with Gracia. Transparent wings with a touch of purple and orange appeared on their back, they flew back to where the war was happening only to be killed by the enemy. Three years later Gracia chopped the tomatoes humming an unfamiliar tune, her dirty blonde hair was tied into a bun. She turned to look at her daughters who were playing but surprisingly she saw only one of them. "Gaia, where is your sister?" she asked her eight-year-old girl, her green eyes staring back at her mother, her dirty blonde hair was tied into a ponytail. Opening her mouth she explained "She was just here a few minutes ago, I was busy trying to fix the doll's hair." Her eyes left hers to look around the room but she couldn't see her little sister. "I will look for her mama, I am sure she is outside," Gaia said. Her mom nodded but didn't leave her alone, she followed her outside. Sitting outside, staring at the moving carriages and the people who were walking around either going home or to work, her brown eyes kept darting from one moving thing to another. "There you are Aurelia, why did you leave Gaia's side?" Gracia asked, staring at her daughter who smiled instead of answering her question. Her chestnut brown hair was braided on each side of her head, then tied to the back to stop the wind from making it messy. "Mama I want to sit here." her voice was so small yet beautiful. "Gaia sit with me?" Though she was just three, she could construct her sentences just fine, though at times she missed some words. "I will stay with her mom," Gaia said. Gracia nodded and went back inside to continue what she was doing in the kitchen. They all gathered to have their lunch, the head of the house was absent and he had work to do. "Aurelia, come on, pen your mouth," Gracia muttered, instead of doing what her mother said, she opened her mouth and said, "Mama, can I eat on my own? I am a big girl now." A tired sigh left Gracia's mouth, she let go of the spoon and sat down. "See, you're making a mess, why did you take the spoon from mother?" Gaia asked, and she took a napkin next to her plate to clean her mouth. The dining table was big enough to hold eleven people. Two maids stood by the corner with a butler waiting if any of the family members would need assistance. There was a knock on the door, and the Butler excused himself and went out to take a look at who was outside. "Good day Lady Selene." Butler bow his head at the young Lady, Selene is the wife of Aaron Payton, she has ink-black hair, and hazel eyes, her cheekbone sharp and refined. "Is Lady Gracia in?" she asked, her voice holding no respect for the elderly phase but it fazed him, his expression remained the same, emotionless. "Yes, she is, please come in." Taking off the coat from the lady, he hung it on the stand. "They are having their lunch, would you like to join them, Lady Selene?" His voice was polite. "No, I don't want to." her hazel eyes look around the house like she has never been here before but in truth she has. "Please follow me to the drawing room." Selene followed him though she knew her way around, her shoes clicking on the floor. After lunch, Gracia and her daughters went to the drawing room to meet their guest who had been patiently waiting for them. "Good day Lady Gracia" Selene bowed her head but not deeply, and the lady returned the greeting. "Please have a seat, Lady Selene." She looks around, spotting a maid who has her head down staring at the wooden floor. "Emily brought tea and biscuits for our guests." The maid left "How is your home Lady Selene? and your husband?" Gracia inquire "Everything is OK, Lady Gracia. And you? I see the house is OK, your daughters are doing good too." She passed a glance at the two girls who sat quietly listening to them. "Yes, they are fine. So what brings you here Lady Selene?" she asked the young girl who looks like she is in her mid-twenties. "I came here to invite you personally, I am hosting a soiree in my manor." She took out the invitation card and gave it to her. "Thank you lady Selene, I will be there." After talking about other things, Selene left. "Mama, will Aurelia and I go with you?" Gaia asked, looking at her mother, her green eyes held hope in them. "I will let you go with me if you promise to be good and look after your sister." she nodded her head and smiled at her mother.

Chapter 2 Soiree

On the day of the soiree, Gracia as promised took her two daughters with her to attend it. Sitting in the carriage with her daughters and husband, heading there. Little Aurelia places her hands on the window sill, her little hand carries the weight of her head. She watches the objects outside the carriage pass like magic. "Aurelia dear," her mother called "leave the window, tsk look at your hair" Emily who has been called to accompany them so will keep an eye on the kids, especially Aurelia as she has the habit of wandering off, took hold of the little girl's hand. She made her hair proper, getting rid of the errant hairs on her head. "Thank you." Emily smiled at her. Little Gaia just sat there watching without uttering a word. When they got there, the coachman stepped down and opened the door for the family members. Senior Clifton was the first person to step down, he stretched his hand for his wife to take which she did, before taking his childre


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