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Just Sex With My Billionaire Daddy

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🔞🔞 “Answer me…how many damned men have taken pleasure from this body…” I shake as I feel his fingers skating down my chest… Torso, Then…then…my womanhood. I moan, staring into his orbs with desire... He locks eyes with me while he feathers a touch over my nether regions. “Speak up. How many men have touched this nether parts, make it swell…make it sensitive…speak?” He commands and I moan again... *** Since my eighteenth birthday everything I felt for David turned into lust. I want him to ruin me for other men but he keeps rejecting me. Breaking my heart. I'm not about to stop. I'll tempt him until he caves. Until he makes his. Because David Truman is mine.

Chapter 1 Missed my last prom night...

Vera's POV.

“Vera!” Someone calls out to my name amidst the blaring music in the ballroom. I jerk, almost thinking the person I’m waiting for has at long last arrive but when I register the voice as a feminine one, I scrunch my nose.

It must be my all talkative BFF, Sage. Tonight is our prom night. I’m a senior. In fact, in the coming months we'll graduate and this is literally my last prom in school.

Actually, we the seniors are allowed to bring a date even if they ain’t from our school and I thought it wise to call the man I want.

I sigh, worried why he isn’t on his phone nor here yet. I made sure to ring this event like a bell in his ears. It’s my last prom in high school and I f*ck*ng want him here with me.

I whirl around in the direction of the voice that called me and I see Sage strutting over in her signature cat walk. I take my BFF in. As always, Sage looks pretty. Hot even. Right now, her risqué red sequin dress is showing off her pert body. She styled her hair in a close-cropped style.

If I’m into girls, I swear I’ll be among those crushing on her. Sage has lured all the non straight girls in our school and she plays them.

In this our last year in school, she has f*ck*d about six girls in the restroom without giving a sh*t about the scandal that followed.

I smile when I notice the V-neck of my dress is more deeper than hers and I had worn it to lure one man. I seethe just as I remember

I’ve not heard from him at all. I wonder where he is. He should be off work by now. A sigh, long enough to attract attention leaves my parted lips.

Sage’s f*ck-me louboutin hammers against the tiled floor just as she scoots closer to me.

“Girl, you look hot.” She showers me praise as she leans in to kiss my cheeks. I give a smile and peck her back, her soft rosy scent whiff my nostrils.

“D*mn, I bet your daddy you got that…” She exclaims with a hint of sarcasm. Sage will never stop tagging me a daddy’s girl because of David’s over protectiveness. Sometimes I wish he's doing that because he loves me as his woman rather than his daughter or ward.

The man doesn’t even relent when I b*tch about how I hate his attitude towards me. He'd always say, ‘Kid, it’s my duty to protect you’ and usually his voice is cold whenever he says that. Once these words leave his lips, I can’t argue further.

I swear I hate that about him because it'll make my plans of him seeing me as a grown woman not to work.

“Sage, stop. Don’t mock me now. I got the dress by myself. Not David.” I slap her forearm as I spill it.

I was able to insist on buying the dress days before, if not David would have handled it the way he usually does. That day I hollered that these were my final moments in high school and I was old enough to buy a dress for myself without his help.

Hmm…that man is really strong headed. I wonder how his workers accommodate his attitude. There had been many shits in gossip pages that tagged him as the most ruthless CEO in America.

Honestly, I somehow don’t blame those that call him that. His attitude can make someone soil their dress, well except me.

David doesn’t always come out ruthless or cold hearted to me unless that flare of protection ripples inside him. He values my safety more than anything else.

“Really? This is my first freaking time seeing that. Great improvement it is.” She quips.

“Sass…” I drawl, taking my eyes around the ballroom filled with students and their dates. Sage

does the same too, looking around. “Wait, you came with no date?” I ask and she shrugs.

“You already know how it goes…” She throw up a shoulder.

Yeah, sure I know…someone’s

going to either ask her to be her date or she woos a girl. Sage is an expert in wooing girls.

“Nick isn’t here yet? Where could he be?” Sage asks me and it’s then I realize that Nick isn’t here yet. I’ve been so focused on David, I forgot about my other BFF.

“I don’t know…I should call him.” I open my phone and navigate through the contact list in search of Nick.

I dial him but his phone rings without him picking up. “Ain’t answering,” I say.

Before I turn my attention back to Sage, the girl has already marched across the room when a s*xy chick strut into the ballroom.

The girl’s blonde hair stands out in the crowd. It’s so sparkling, it looks unnatural but I know it is because I’ve heard so much about the girl’s hair before.

Sage does her usual thing by engaging the girl in a talk. It isn’t hard for her to get the girl’s attention. I cut my eyes away from them and walk over to the corner to help myself with a glass of water.

I want to stay sober and ensure my daddy comes here like I told him. I’d have been drowning in drinks by now…making out around and some shits that help cut my attention away from him but I can’t.

I just want him here with me. While I’m sipping the water, I see Nick walk in with a girl in his arms.

See, all my BFFs have a date except me. I raise my phone again and dial David. He doesn’t pick. I can only assume he's shagging one of his whores.

My daddy is a blatant womanizer. I’ve never seen him with a woman twice, except one person whom he had asserted to be the daughter of his business partner. His four wives all divorced him because he couldn’t

be faithful to them. Being faithful is totally out of the league for him.

My mind always reminds me about that but I love him enough to care. Since I came of age, my wishes had been for my daddy to bang my p*ssy. I crave his love like an addict craves his drugs. The man is cutting through my mind always, driving me crazy. I can’t help it.

I always drip wet whenever I see him bare chested or working out in the gym…

“Vera, darling.” Nick comes to my side and kisses my lips, bringing some moments of distraction. I blush knowing he's doing it in front of his date.

Well, that’s Nick's way of greeting me but it’s as platonic as can be.

“Meet my date, Angelina. You can call her Lina for short.” He tells me, a radiant smile on his face. Turning to Lina, he says. “And Lina, meet my BFF, Vera.”

I stretch out my hand and Lina takes it. “I know her.” She tells Nick as we shake hands.

Everyone in the whole school knows me as David Truman’s ward. Something I came to despise since I started wanting him to be my partner.

Thankfully, his guardianship

over me will soon end. That parcel of news makes me happy.

“Yeah, of course, you must know her. Vera’s a girl with a big name. Is not Vera?” He directs the last sentence to me and I shrug.

I practically walk in David Truman’s shadow, so whatever popularity he gets I get.

“Vera, we’re going to seal off this prom night at my place tonight. You in?” I know what he means.

Nick already mentioned

a pool party at his house and literally everyone in Dame High School will want to attend.

“Nick…I don’t have a date!” I pout and thrash my feet.

“Darling, there are guys here! You'll definitely get wooed.” He winks by his right-hand side and I see him.

Harry. D*mn, the boy wants to add to my list of Dame high school boys I f*ck*d. Orally, mind you. Hell, he’s been on my throat all year round, and right now, he’s drenching me with his eyes.

Well…since the man I invited to be my date hasn’t shown up yet, I guess Harry will have to stay in his place.

“See…?” Nick shrieks when Harry starts coming towards us with his jet-black hair dangling with each step he takes. His suit hugs his features perfectly.

Hmm…don’t get me wrong, Harry is one hell of a handsome high school boy. Literally, every high school girls' dream boyfriend, but he wants a relationship which I only want with David.

I want a man as a boyfriend, not a boy. Especially not the possessive Harry Yates.

“Hi, Vera.” He says, kissing my knuckles.

“Hi…Harry.” I mutter, plastering a modicum of smile I’m able to piece together. Nick shepherds his date away, mouthing the time we're to live for the pool party and I nod.

“I can see you’re

alone. No date?” He sings out, locking his brown eyes on my features.

I shrug, lightly. Then. “As you can you…” I try to offer a response in return but he quickly spits, interrupting my mind that’s working on providing the best possible answer.

“Why don’t you accept me, Vera?” The way he rushed the words comes as a surprise and he surprises me further when he steps into my space, crowding me.

“I told you, I’m Interested in another.” I snap, hating that he always brings this up. Harry’s eyes dim. He has always wanted to know who in Dame high school wants what he wanted.

Mind you, Harry is a notorious bully. I know he must have messed the person up if he was a high school boy. But, of course, the man I want is way stronger. Harry can never stand up to him.

“Then…can I be your date?” He offers.

The way his lips curl up tells me the dude can suckle on a p*ssy well. Maybe I can make do with him tonight.

“Fine.” I relent.

At that, Harry drags me gently to the dance floor. We gyrate our hips together to the Rihanna music. I dance away my disappointment.

Harry holds the blades of my hips in a tight grip, shoving me against his *ss to alert me on how hard he is.

When it’s time for us to depart for the pool party, he comes along. He walks me to my Lamborghini. Andrei, my bodyguard gives me the look and I tell him we're heading to a friend’s place.

He flutters the door open and lets me in. He walks to the driver’s side and takes the wheel, driving me away.

Of course, I don’t expect him to allow Harry into the car.

Knowing that David missed my last prom night, I fist my hands. He's going to get an earful from me ‘cause I know David Truman is somewhere f*ck*ng women.

Chapter 2 Every Woman's dream

David's POV.

“So, Charlie consult the marketing team to handle the marketing of the new designs of the Truman’s cars.” I rattle off to my assistant as I walk across the hallway to my office.

I just flew back from Arizona and rushed in for a board meeting. Last night had been hectic and fun too. My business associate I went to Arizona to meet hired women that gave us pleasure after the long hours of talks about business.

I had to rush back to New York because

of the board meeting and the presentation my assistant made in regard to the latest design of our cars.

Shit, I forgot to tell Vera about my flight to Arizona it was an emergency, I bet that’s the reason she's been calling me.

I couldn’t pick up the call because I was in the boardroom when she was calling. Ah, I’ll call when I calm my nerves down.

“Okay, sir,” Charlie mutters a response to my instructions. He rushes before me and flutter my office door open for me to stride in. The boy’s

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