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The Lost Bet

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Elena tried to get out of his grip but he was too heavy for her. “I am married.” She screamed. “You are not, not anymore.” He spoke as he bit her neck to the extent that she felt as if he will snatch out her flesh. “Please, let me go.” “That husband of yours lost you on a bet. I am the winner, and you belong to me. Just me.” She knew what Aslan was saying was right. John had indeed lost her on a poker table as if she was nothing but another of his belongings just like his watch or an old table. She pushed his chest with all her might but failed. It was her end. In this world where women were progressing, she was traded off on a poker table. She smirked at her fate. She was nothing. Nothing, but a lost bet.

Meeting The Devil


Elena is married. She lives with her husband John. He was a factory worker and used to be a sweet guy. She had met him four years ago at a friend’s birthday. They clicked and got married the next year. But for the last two years, things changed. John lost his job but acquired a bad temper. Elena took it upon herself to run the household. She worked as a Primary school teacher and in the evening, she used to work in a supermarket as a part-time cashier.

Elena was worried to death over John’s habit of drinking, betting and playing poker. Last time, when he had been in trouble, she had given up all the money she was saving for a new washing machine. Her continuous poking to find a job has resulted into nothing but a few slaps, so she stopped complaining. It was just a phase; they will pass it. That’s what she was hoping. But deep down she knew she was losing him. I can keep us on track, was her mantra. But would she succeed?

Aslan had everything he wanted. He owned the largest publishing house in East America. Apart from this, he was also an Angel investor and knew what would work and what wouldn’t. His work involved investing in the right companies and counting his money which was overflowing his bank accounts.

Apart from counting money, he loved to f*ck. At 29, he knows he is s*x on legs and his crooked finger can make the ladies hand over their panties to him. He boasts of this fact and right now he is looking for a new pastime. When he saw Elena, he knew he had found it.

But she is married. The fact didn’t bother Aslan. He had luck with married women too. Now, he is anxious and his only desire is Elena.

Chapter 1


His breath hitched and his eyes dilated as he saw the innocent lamb in front of him. He was in his car, going for golfing with his friends. He smiled as he saw her clearly. She was helping kids to cross the road. A kid wanted to say something and she bent down to hear. Perfect *ss, he thought. She walked a little but turned to look at other kids and it pushed her breasts against the top. Neither busty, nor slim, just perfect boobs, another box checked in his mind. She had a large bun on her head. So long hair, nice when he will wrap them around his hand, and…… A smile grazed his lips. He saw as she smiled and sun shined in a corner of his heart which was dark for years. He was so turned on by looking at her smile. Her lips were a perfect pink. He growled as the pants became too tight. He never used to waste time on details like a smile but she was different. His mouth went dry, his eyes went hazy, and his mind started conjuring up filthy images of him and her. His only thought at the moment was that he needed her, wanted her, and he desired her. She belonged in his bed. His breath was hitched and he shook his head to come back into the world.

“Turn the car. Let’s meet Miss Goody Two shoes.” He spoke as she crossed the road with the kids and entered the park nearby. The driver parked and Aslan got out. He took out a cigarette and pushed it between his lips while his eyes searched for her. He saw the kids playing at a distance. He moved towards them. He saw her as she was explaining something animatedly to them. The kids laughed and he rolled his eyes. He didn’t like kids. They were okay until they don’t start crying. He had no idea what to do with them.

As he inched closer, she became clearer. Height 5”7 or5”8, weight must be somewhere between 58-60. Hairs blonde, clothes cheap, face million dollar and body which was perfect.

She sensed him and as her eyes rested on him, her brows knitted. Her lips pressed into a thin line and she turned to kids.

He sat down on a bench nearby. His eyes were glued to her body. His phone rang. “Where are you, Aslan?” It was Jodi.

“I am on my way.”

“It doesn’t sound like that, you liar.”

“Enjoy the girls, will you?”

When he disconnected the call, he heard someone clear throat. He looked up to find her staring down at him. He didn’t like the way she was looking at him. Did she not like him? But he is more handsome than any of those GQ models. Why doesn't she like him?

“So, you came to me yourself, huh?” He wanted to say but said nothing while his eyes sketched every detail of her face in his memory.

“This is a public place and there are kids around. Please get rid of your cigarette or go somewhere else.” What? She is asking him to go. Does she own this place? Even if she does, does she not know who he is?

“America is a free country, I can do what I want.” He knew he sounded arrogant. His sister often complained that he was too cold.

“Don’t you have kids?” She spoke as she crossed her hands over her breasts. They pushed up and his eyes fell over them from her lips. She noticed and removed her hands. He chuckled.

“I don’t remember. Some of these could be mine.” He winked at her. Her mouth formed an O in shock and several scenarios ran in his mind looking at her open mouth. She stormed off shaking her head. He looked at the other woman who was with her.

“I am coming.” He walked to the other woman and chatted with her for a while. She was eager to share everything. He saw his lamb throwing daggers at him from a distance while he chatted to her colleague.

After a while, he walked to his car and slid in. “F*ck this heat. Blast the AC, Mike.”

“Yes, sir.” Mike obeyed the command.

He dialed Blythe and didn't wait for her to say anything. “Name- Elena Moore, Works At Redwood Elementary School. Find what she is and send me her details in two hours.”

“Two hours?” Why was the woman surprised? She is supposed to do what he says.

He rolled his eyes. “Wanna keep your job, love?”

“Two hours, Mr. Parker. I will share the details.” He hung up the call and headed to his office.

In exactly two hours, the file was waiting for him to explore. He didn’t like that she has a husband. “Well, it doesn’t really matter.” He spoke to himself and let out a chuckle. He looked at her details and then her husband’s.

“Oooo, poker player. Let’s play a game, buddy.” A devilish smile formed on his lips as he planned his move.

Meeting the Devil Part 2


She was tired as hell. When she got home, she saw John, her husband in his usual position on the battered sofa which was losing its bump due to John’s 24 hour sitting. She dropped her keys. “You are late.” He complained.

“I know. Julie was unwell.” She walked to the small kitchen. The sink was full of utensils. He must have made something in the afternoon.

“I am hungry.” His voice burnt her like acid.

“You could cook.” She retorted.

“Then what would you do.” This remark made her come out of the kitchen where he was eating something from a pack but hid it as she approached.

“What would I do? Seriously? I work 16 hours, John. The least you can do is to keep the house clean, wash your dishes and make us dinner. But no, all you have to do is taunt me. Here, you are eating something, hiding it from me and telling me what would I do when you do nothing. It’s disgusting.” He was just listening to her but then a slap came and

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