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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellNovember 15, 2023

Top 15 Romance novels of 2023

Top 15 Romance novels of 2023

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a scene where time slows and the world fades away. Hearts race, sparks fly, and words are barely enough to convey the electrifying essence of love.

Romance novels, perhaps more than any other literary genre, offer a captivating journey into the realm of love and passion. They transport you to far-off places, introduce you to characters who become your confidants, and immerse you in a whirlwind of emotions.

For you, we have created a list of top romance novels that have won over the hearts of readers, exploring the different forms and tropes in the diverse world of romance fiction. You can read them online or in our app. Happy reading!

Rejecting My Lycan Mate by Tessa Lily

“You are mine, Maddie, and I am never letting you go.” When Madeline Clark's mother dies of a terminal illness, an unexpected figure enters her life. A father she had never known arrives at the funeral to take her to a new pack. Broken, distraught and completely alone, Madeline begrudgingly follows her father. So, when Madeline meets her stunning step-brother, the Alpha of the North Pack, Dimitri, she is what any grieving woman would be; cold, withdrawn, and angry. Dimitri has waited six long years, searching high and low for his mate. When his step-sister shows up on his doorstep, his wolf roars the words he has waited so long to hear: Mate. The catch is, she doesn't know it yet, and she wants nothing to do with him. Dimitri makes a vow to win over Madeline's cold, broken heart and make her his Luna, even if she makes it almost impossible to achieve. One of the best romance novels on our platform, this book explores the trope, soulmates, where love transcends time, space and the limits of physical affection. A must read!

Rejecting My Lycan Mate
  • 👁 111.8K
  • 9.0

“I, Madeline Clark, rejec…,” I started speaking, but Alpha Dimitri stopped me by putting his hand over my mouth. He pulled me closer to him and growled. “What the hell are you doing?!” he shouted. “I am not letting you do this, Maddie. I’ve waited for you for months and I am not going to lose you!” His eyes held so much pain and his voice was laced with panic. “You are mine, Maddie,” he said as he leaned in and pressed a small kiss on my forehead. “You are mine, and I am not letting you go.” Madeline is a 17-year-old girl who still hasn’t shifted into her wolf. Her father abandoned her mother when she was very young. She’s been bullied and laughed at all the time. After she lost her mom, the person who loved her the most, Madeline is completely distraught and broken. Her father comes back to take her back to his pack. Madeline is against it, but her financial situation forces her to go with him. Dimitri is a Lycan wolf, the Alpha of his very successful pack. He is 22 years old, and he still hasn’t found his mate. When Madeline comes to his pack, he is very surprised to find out that she is his mate. He is also very frustrated because she is his stepsister who still hasn’t shifted. She can’t recognize him as her mate. Madeline struggles in the new pack. She doesn’t have the best relationship with her stepmother. She can’t wait to turn 18 and leave. What will happen when Madeline finds out who her mate is? What will Dimitri do after she rejects him? Will he be able to convince her to stay?

Saved By A Dark Billionaire by Rae Knight

A cheating boyfriend and a messy situation. A decision to take her life by the reins leads Olive into the arms of dark and sexy Lucas, and one passionate night sends Lucas into a frenzy of possessiveness and obsession. He set the rules and broke them for sweet Olive who has set his world on fire. It started out as a one-night stand and grew into an unwaning desire. Olive finds herself conflicted when Leo, Lucas’s best friend enters the picture and expresses his desire to be with her as well. She has to make a decision on whom she will give her heart to. Forever. Leo? Lucas? Or neither? Saved By A Dark Knight is sexy, steamy, and thoroughly enjoyable, delivering a swift kick to the heart–an essential read.

Saved By A Dark Billionaire
  • 👁 99.2K
  • 8.9

"If you keep biting your lip like that I won't be able to contain myself." I could feel the warmth of his breath fan over my lips, making me hungry to feel them against me. I bit my lip again as my way of permitting him. He gave me a sexy smirk before he crashed his lips against mine. His hands gripped my hips, lifting me and placing me on the kitchen island. I parted my legs allowing his torso between them as he grabbed my bottom while parting my lips with his tongue. I let him explore my mouth with a soft moan. His hands left my rear, traveling up my thighs, pushing my dress up along the way. He ran his finger over my dampening slit, through my underwear. "You're so wet for me already." He smirked against my lip before biting it lightly. I moaned again at the pleasure his touches and words were bringing me. "I want to know what you taste like, Rose." **** Olive came home one day to find her only long-term boyfriend balls deep inside her roommate. With her heart crushed, her fighting spirit from hell, and her best friend at her side, she sets out to prove a point. She can be with anyone if she wants to be. She finds the hottest guy at the nightclub and has her one-night stand with a stranger. Only it becomes more than just a one-night stand as she runs into him again next weekend while out with Lucas' best friend, Leo. Of course, she wasn't aware of the relationship between Loe and Lucas. Lucas is determined to make her his, but so is Leo. How will these best friends handle fighting for the same girl? Read on to discover how Olive deals with these two new men along with her college studies and family drama. Did I forget to mention these guys are rich beyond reason? Warning:there are plenty of hot and steamy scenes in this book

Bullied By The Bad Boy by Maramartha

"She hit the bully’s girlfriend, and he set out to make her life a living hell–if, of course, sensual kisses and hot, banging sex can be tagged as hell too. One year away from graduation, Tessa’s best friend imposes a bucket list on her in a bid to get her out of her rock-hard shell. Ticking each item off the ridiculous list seems to be going just fine until a slap across the cheek earns her the attention of the meanest, hottest guy in school: Benjamin Carter. The thin line between animosity and desire is toed when Benjamin’s continuous taunts turn flirtatious, and Tessa gets trapped and burned by the tension and sizzling heat between them. Benjamin Carter doesn’t date, or love. Well versed in the art of breaking spirits, his fixation on Tessa becomes something more when every step of the way, she defies him; excites him. Soon enough, from the one who hurts her, he becomes the one who will do whatever it takes to protect her. This gripping romance novel will keep you eagerly turning the pages as you root for Tessa and Benjamin, entranced by a world where love can be found in the most unexpected places.

Bullied By The Bad Boy
  • Author: Maramartha
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 58.9K
  • 9.1

Tessa is the picture perfect student with good grades, flawless attendance and a charming smile. With one year left to graduate high school and a bucket list imposed by her best friend, her goal is pretty much the same with an extra addition--tick off every item on the cursed bucket list. But trouble comes knocking in the form of blue eyes, muscled body and an ego the size of her head. What happens when the school's bad boy, Benjamin notices her in a boxing ring?

Chasing My Rejected Luna by Meranda H.

Tegan Declan is deaf and in a world where hearing is crucial for communication and survival, her disability marks her as an outsider. One morning, she is shipped off to Alpha King as a prized mare after her father signed a contract, giving the King full ownership of her. She is shocked as to why the Alpha King would even want her in the first place, but she soon realizes that her virginity is all that makes her special. Surrounded by enemies who despise her for being chosen and hope for her downfall, Tegan must navigate her way through her new life and do her best to remain in the King’s good graces, lest she be banished, or even worse. To make matters more complicated, there's a ticking clock. Tegan is given a mere six months to seduce the Alpha King and conceive his child, a task that seems nearly impossible.

Just when everything seems to have worked out perfectly in her favor, Alpha King Ezra does the unexpected–he rejects Tegan, leaving her heart and spirits in shambles. Picking up the pieces and stitching them together painstakingly has her deciding to damn it all to hell and live for herself. And not even all of the knowledge and experience in the world could have prepared Ezra Hendricks for Tegan’s change. A thrilling read that leaves you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, and gripping your hair in equal parts frustration and amusement.

Chasing My Rejected Luna
  • 👁 50.6K
  • 8.8

“Daddy, please! Please don’t do this!” I begged with my hands. “It’s done, Tegan, the contract is signed. You will leave tonight to be the Alpha King’s contracted mate. You will bare him an heir within three months, or you will regret it!” He roared out, his face showing me just how angry he truly was. I silently wept at the cards fate played me. I will be nothing more than a baby-making machine for the cruelest Alpha known Ezra Hendricks. Tegan Declan was a shy she-wolf who was born deaf. Starting a new life as a disabled wolf in a new pack. She is the new contracted mate to the Alpha king, Ezra Hendricks. “Being deaf was a quality I would hate my son to have. As a wolf, you need all your senses to be able to lead, protect, and stay alive. Lacking hearing would not benefit anyone, it could lead to mass destruction and the loss of many lives. It would not be a good quality for a king. This brought me back to my question. What makes her think she is fit to be my Queen? I want to know what she thinks her strengths are. Would they outweigh her weaknesses?”

You Are Mine (Bound To Me Series) by Leanne Lane

Find a man who could make your panties with one glance or one who can make you feel equal parts pleasure in pain and pain in pleasure. Pick your poison. Hoarding book after book of her wildest fantasies, Mia wished for something most people considered crazy–desires she couldn't confess to anyone, until Reed Callaghan entered her life. Reed is the epitome of sex appeal, possessing an irresistible allure, and an unwavering dominance that steals her innocence and awakens every hidden craving within Mia. However, being Reed’s woman came with demands and a manual of instructions Mia must adhere to, lest she displeased the only man she would let dominate her, own her body, her soul, and her heart. When a ghost from Reed’s past resurfaces, and Mia’s life is threatened, Reed realizes he’ll go to any lengths to protect what’s his. Kinks and dominant male leads; a carnal, provocative and seductive top romance book!

You Are Mine (Bound To Me Series)
  • Author: Leann Lane
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 43.9K
  • 8.8

After one painful and humiliating night, Mia was left wondering if Master Reed was just a figure that she dreamed up when she secretly discovered the world of BDSM. Until she collided with him in the conference room at her office building and found out just how real he actually was and he's made it very clear that he is going to be her Master. Reed bought "Bean Me" with the intention of claiming Mia as his submissive. A dream he'd had ever since the night he had picked her up off the sidewalk at his club "The Dungeon" three years earlier. Before that dream can come true, it is threatened when his manipulating ex-wife comes back into the picture with every intention of staying there. She brings a few nasty surprises as well that will leave Mia and Reed reeling and wondering if there is any way their fragile budding relationship.18+ Adults only. Explicit Scenes, BDSMBound To Me Series Contains Four books, You Are Mine, You Are Ours, Because I Want To, and They Are Mine.

Her Rejection, His Regret by Rosie Meachem

They expected her to cower away in fear and pain when her mate, Alpha Miller, rejected her. After all, she was Isla, the one they had nicknamed 'fatty,' and he was the powerful Alpha. But they were wrong. Isla was a survivor, a fighter, and after five years, she returned better, hotter. Upon her return, Isla receives a shock, a deadly secret that threatens to shatter everything she worked so hard for, and push her back into the arms of the man who rejected her, but Isla is a force to be reckoned with. If he rejected her, then it was his loss! She was never going back to him. Alpha Miller, now mature and wiser, did not anticipate Isla's return, the mate he had impulsively rejected when he was just a teenager. Yet, there she stood, stunning and alluring, leaving him speechless and filled with regret. Oh, he had been wrong to reject her, but it seemed he was five years too late.

Her Rejection, His Regret
  • 👁 45.3K
  • 9.0

"I, Alpha Miller, hereby reject you, Isla Higgins, as my mate and Luna of the Pembroke pack," he said with a smirk as his beta pinned me against the wall. My heart shattered into a thousand pieces, and I felt a physical ache in my body as pain penetrated through me. “There is no competition here.” Mora, the girl who had made my life hell since childhood, wrapped herself around my fated mate, and he pulled her into his chest, kissing her with passion and lust. I glared at her in frustration and wished I could punch her fake image. Isla decides to leave the pack after the humiliating rejection and the betrayal. Five years later, she returns to her old pack after her mother falls ill. As she comes to terms with the past and becomes a respected warrior in the Eclipse Moon Pack, secrets and lies are revealed. Isla must decide whether to give her ex-mate a second chance or realize her worth without him.

The Viking’s Mate Hunt by Maria Elise

Elisabeth’s life was simple. She was a straight A student with an ailing mother to care for. Too simple, she often thought, looking to the stars, wishing for more. On an odd, fateful day, Elisabeth returned home to her mother, and the unexpected happened. Elisabeth was kidnapped, her life turned upside down and she found herself in an entirely unfamiliar town. Dressed in a pristine white gown, she stood alongside nine other bewildered girls, all of them encircling a blazing fire. She had unwillingly become a part of an age-old tradition, the Viking's Mate Hunt, held every five years. Ten human women from various corners of the world were selected for this ritual, chased down by the fierce and relentless werewolves in a pursuit guided by the moon goddess herself–a pursuit that leads them to their mates. Confused and scared out of her mind, Elisabeth decides to make a run for it. However, her escape was short-lived. She found herself captured by none other than Luca, the most strikingly handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. Survival, danger and desire collide in the awesome tale. Discover love in the most unpredictable circumstances and venture on an adventure with Elisabeth as she tries to find her way back home, even as forces bigger than her tie her to the stunning viking.

The Viking's Mate Hunt
  • 👁 45.4K
  • 9.0

"Little bunny, little bunny. Wolf is HUNGRY!" The voice taunted me, followed by an evil cackle. "Run, rabbit. RUN!" A monstrous bellow boomed through the night sky and crashed into my soul like a sledgehammer. I could feel a chill sweeping across my body and my heart pounding in my chest. The echoes of howls and laughter followed me from behind as I ran for my life. Elisabeth's life had been harder than most since she was a child - a distant and often cruel mother and her never-ending cycle of addiction that had taken over her life. But on this fateful night, something far more sinister was lurking in the darkness, ready to take her away from it all. Massive figures appeared out of nowhere, growling and taunting her. She tried to scream, but nothing would come out; before she knew it, she was waking up in a world where Viking werewolves ruled with mysterious faeries at their side. Every five years, they traveled to the human realm, collecting ten girls for their mate run - and tonight, Elisabeth was one of them. With only a white dress and her bare feet, Elisabeth stood beside the other nine girls as the beasts prowled around them menacingly. A silver dagger pierced each of their wrists, signaling the start of the hunt! "We honor the moon goddess; let your blood lead your mate to you!"

Luna Abigail’s Second Chance by Natacha H

When Abigail Stone-Goldmoon receives a hurtful rejection from her mate, Daemon Fenrirson, future Alpha of Black Moon, her heart shatters into a million pieces. Born as a hybrid, she carries the weight of being part wolf and part witch, enduring constant mistreatment from the pack–people who fear what they do not understand–so it doesn’t come as a surprise when he rejects her. Abigail accepts the rejection, knowing a one-sided rejection hurts worse. She leaves the pack, and to her surprise, not long after, she runs into her second chance mate, Alpha Matthew, who instantly develops a soft spot for Abigail. Hurt and scarred by her previous pack and mate, Abigail finds it difficult to open up to her new mate, even as he tries to win her heart. When danger lurks, and the lives of the members of her pack are at stake, Abigail must rise to the challenge alongside her Alpha and fight to save them. Only, she doesn’t know how to, and must submit to Matthew first before he’ll teach her.

Luna Abigail's Second Chance
  • Author: Natacha H
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 24.1K
  • 9.3

"You can't be my mate. Why would the Moon Goddess pair me with the pack abomination? I, Daemon Fenrirson, future Alpha of Black Moon, reject you Abigail Stone-Goldmoon as my mate and Luna." When Abigail hears the crushing words of her mate, her heart shatters into a million pieces. The pain of being deemed unworthy is almost unbearable. Born as a hybrid, part wolf, part witch, Abigail is bullied and mistreated because of that. As she's rejected on her 18th birthday, she experiences the first taste of what her life is going to throw at her. Abigail knows her fate is going to be difficult, but the Goddesses have it in store for her. Fate hands Abigail a second chance mate and pack, she will be powerful, maybe even more so than anyone knew and she will have to be ready to fight for the freedom of the entire realm and all their people. But with danger lurking around every corner, will Abigail be able to rise to the challenge and fulfill her fate as a powerful Luna?

Chosen By The Lycan Prince by Cassandra K

Prince Draven, the first of the three lycan princes and next in line to the throne, is a formidable, ruthless, bloodthirsty and absolutely cocky man who has been shaped by a brutal past and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Something stands in the way of his goal. To secure his inheritance and claim to the throne, Draven must first find his mate–however impossible that may be. Esmeray is a struggling Omega who has long sought to flee from her abusive mate and pack. Her desperate attempt to escape leads her into more trouble when she unwittingly attacks a man, nearly taking his life, only to discover that he is none other than the powerful Lycan Prince Draven. Esme believes it is the end of the road for her, but shockingly, rather than push for her execution. Prince Draven makes her an offer–In exchange for her life, Esme must become his chosen mate, for however long he wishes. When the truth comes to light of their deception, Draven must decide if he lets Esme go, or keep their bargain.

Chosen By The Lycan Prince
  • 👁 6.9K
  • 8.9

A lycan prince in search of his mate. An abused omega desperate to escape her past demons. A prince who does not know how to love. An omega whose only hope at redemption is finding true love. Prince Draven, first out of the three lycan princes and next in line to the throne, is a ruthless, blood-thirsty, and arrogant man. He was exposed to the brutality of the world at a tender age. To claim his inheritance and become king, he must find his mate, a mission that appears almost impossible. When he captures an omega girl who tries to take his life, he must punish her for attempted murder, and maybe use her to get what he wants. In an attempt to escape an abusive mate and pack, Esmeray finds herself in bigger trouble! She had tried to kill a man in her desperation. When she finds out he's the almighty Lycan Prince, the same man she had heard stories of his ruthlessness as a child, she is sure she will be put to death. But why is the fearless Prince asking her to pretend to be his mate? When the truth finally unfolds and the prince discovers Esme's deception and background, will he send her back to a life of misery? Or will he find his mate in the last place he was looking?

Wedded To The Ruthless Mafia Boss by Oluwafunmito Star

“You’re mine now,” he said and meant it. Lena’s life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes entangled with the CEO of Darian Holdings, Darian Dawson, a cold hearted, ruthless man. To settle a debt too big for her sick father to pay, Lena agrees to marry the ruthless, handsome man. Unknowingly, she has not only married a CEO, but also the boss of the deadly Mafia. Lena is thrown into a world of intrigue and danger, where the price of survival is higher than she could possibly fathom, and she spends every day, gambling to live, much like Scheherazade. Kill or be killed–that was the motto Darian lived by. He'd only ever known danger in his life, and he mastered it. Owned it. To live in a world like his, one had to be selfish, ruthless, and all of that, he was, until his innocent little wife came along and rocked his world.

Wedded To The Ruthless Mafia Boss
  • 👁 9.7K
  • 8.6

"Tell me, what was I doing to your body last night?" He gingerly kneaded his finger around her core and a moan left her lips, he was torturing her. She didn't like that. "You were touching me like this," she cried out when Darian thrust his fingers into her wet hole. "Like this, Darian!" She held onto the headboard, letting him take full charge of her clit. Darian stroked her gently, looking into her eyes as he moved his fingers against her clit. She cried out in pure pleasure, "Please Darian." She felt a spasm building up between her legs. Throwing her head backwards, she reached her peak in no time. "Was that how I touched you?" Darian rolled on the bed, positioning her back on the bed. - - As a repayment of her father's debt, Darian Dawson asked for Lena's hand in marriage. Darian is a ruthless man, the next in line to the Dawson family mafia. Lena is a normal girl from the westside of London, a fresh university graduate who is looking forward to having a good life with her best friend until Darian showed up, completely ruining her plans, possessing her and taking full control of her life.

One Night Stand With My Husband’s Brother by Havilworth

Mackenzie Tornsey’s marriage had been perfect when it started out. Her husband, Jeffrey, was kind, loving, and thoughtful. Somewhere along the way, she’d lost his love and affection, and he made her believe it was her fault. She was barren and couldn’t have children. Why would any man want to be with a woman who couldn’t give him children? Constantly put down by her mother-in-law for her supposed barrenness, Mackenzie tried all that she could to take in, until she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She wondered if her miserable life could get any worse, and it could. Heading home to deliver the news to her husband, she finds him in bed with not just any woman, but his sister-in-law.

Betrayed and devastated, Mackenzie seeks solace in a bar, where a few glasses with a handsome stranger leads her to his bed and she experiences the best sex she’s ever had in her life. During a family gathering, Mackenzie is confronted with a shocking realization that her one-night stand is her brother-in-law, and she is thrown into a dilemma when another appointment to the doctor reveals that she is pregnant with twins. This story has everything the best romance books have: strong characters, passion, intrigue and plot twists which will make you read page after page.

One Night Stand With My Husband’s Brother
  • 👁 10.6K
  • 8.2

"Don't try to run away again, Mackenzie. You can't. You WILL not. I will chase you, capture you, and make you surrender till every part of your mind, body, and soul is mine, and mine alone." All Mackenzie Torsney ever wanted as a loving wife was the love of her husband and the acceptance of her mother-in-law. However, all her efforts were paid back with betrayal when she caught her husband in bed with another woman on the day she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Devastated, Mackenzie goes to a bar to drown her pain in a bottle. There, she meets a handsome stranger, with who she begs to have sex. All hell lets loose when she finds out the handsome stranger is the most influential Axford, her husband's brother! And she is pregnant with him! Mackenzie is forced to flee from the city, from the Axfords. She would do anything to keep her twin babies away from their greedy billionaire claws. She can run, but she can't hide. Nobody hides from Chase Axford, especially not a woman he desires with every fiber of his being.

Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge by Tatienne Richard

Liesl McGrath is a talented artist who's spent eight years supporting her husband's dreams, only to have her world crumble when he confesses to cheating with her sister, and there's a baby on the way. Now, Liesl is out for revenge, and she's setting her sights on the one thing her ex-husband holds dear – his career as a CEO. Isaias Machado is a self-made billionaire with an unwavering commitment to hard work. Isaias has dedicated his entire life to a singular goal: taking the McGrath company from the clutches of corrupt individuals who once left his family homeless. When Liesl approaches him with information intended to ruin her ex-husband, Isaias sees an opportunity to seize everything the McGraths hold dear, including Liesl herself! As Liesl’s revenge unfolds, she finds herself caught between two men and her hunger for a deadly retribution. Will she succeed, or will Isaias win in this game of theirs? Find out in this sizzling romance!

Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge
  • 👁 19.2K
  • 8.4

Liesl McGrath is an up-and-coming artist but for eight years she focuses on her husband as a devoted partner, adjusting her life and her career around him achieving his goal of becoming CEO by the age of thirty. Her life is perfect until her glass castle crashes down. Her husband admits to infidelity with none other than her own sister and there is a child coming. Liesl decides the best way to mend her shattered heart is by destroying the one thing he holds more important than anything else: his career. Isaias Machado is a billionaire first generation American he knows the value of hard work and doing what it takes to survive. His entire life has been geared to the moment he can take the McGrath company away from the corrupted men who once left his family homeless. When Liesl McGrath approaches the billionaire to bribe him with information set to ruin her ex-husband, Isaias Machado is chomping at the bit to take everything the McGrath’s prize including Liesl. A story of love, revenge and healing needs to start somewhere and Liesl’s pain is the catalyst to the wildest rollercoaster ride of her life. Let the bribery begin.

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate by Havilworth

Picture this: one day, she loses everything – her hard-fought job, her lifelong fiancé, and even her relationship with her twin sister. The last thing she needs to lose is her dignity, especially at a wedding that should have been hers. That's where Lancelot Dankworth, the dashing stranger across the road, steps in. Lancelot Dankworth, Alpha Prince of the London Pride Pack, can't believe his luck when he encounters Roxanne. The fiery, badass American woman, yelling her head off at his assistant, triggers something unexpected in him. For the first time in 26 years, his wolf growls possessively. But love? That wasn't in the plan. He's always valued his solitude, but Roxanne seems to be turning his world upside down. The catch? They shouldn't be together. He's an alpha prince, and she's just a human. Yet, his heart and wolf want what they want and Lancelot finds himself falling hard for Roxanne, no matter that she’s oblivious to it all. Lancelot is in a fix. How does he introduce his mate into his world without scaring her off, and what if she rejects him without understanding what it would mean for them?

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate
  • Author: Havilworth
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 18.3K
  • 8.9

Mate! He heard his wolf growl. Lancelot's eyes dropped to the place she shook his palm. 'You have got to be kidding me.' She had lost everything in just one day her job she tried so hard to find, her fiance she dated half of her life, and what remained of a relationship with her twin sister. The one thing she could not afford to lose was what was left of her dignity certainly not at a wedding that should have been hers. And that was why she needed him, the handsome stranger across the road. What Roxanne Harvey didn't know was that this stranger was here to stay. Lancelot Dankworth, Alpha Prince of the London Pride Pack couldn't believe his eyes. The crazy American woman yelling at his assistant caused his wolf to growl possessively for the first time in 26 years. He never believe he would be capable of ever loving anyone else, but why can't he seem to keep his emotions in check whenever he was around the crazy American woman?He loves being alone, he had always been, but why is suddenly being apart from her driving him nuts? They should not be together. He is an alpha prince and she is a human woman. However, this fact does not stop him from falling head over heels in love with her.

Domineering Billionaire’s Maid by Mehaklovely

Nanz Clark has been working as a maid at the Wilson mansion for a year to settle her mother’s debt, and so far, she has successfully kept herself hidden from the hot billionaire brothers, whose reputations precede them. It is said that once the Wilson brothers set their gaze upon a woman, she goes insane with lust, loses herself and becomes their willing slave. Nanz wants nothing to do with them, so she avoids them the best way she can. Nanz, however, runs out of luck and time when she accidentally bumps into Manik Wilson. She soon realizes that her hiding and running has come to an end, and she experiences what she would prefer to call, “The Wilson Effect.”

Domineering Billionaire’s Maid
  • 👁 26.8K
  • 10.0

Warning: Dark and BDSM theme story which involves highly adult content in the beginning. A naive maid who worked for two domineering billionaire brothers was attempting to hide from them because she had heard that if their lustful eyes fell on any woman, they made her their slave and owned her mind, body, and soul. What if she one day came across them? Who would hire her to serve as his personal maid? Who would control her body? Whose heart would she rule? Who would she fall in love with? Who would she despise? *** “Please don’t punish me. I’ll be on time next time. It is just that-“ “If next time you speak without my permission, I’ll shut you up with my shaft.” My eyes enlarge, listening to his words. *** “You belong to me, Kitten.” He pounds into me hard and fast, going deeper into me with his every thrust. “I… be…long.. to you, Master…” I’m just moaning insanely, clenching my hands behind my back.

The Bully’s Obsession by Angela Shyna

“You’re mine, and if you ever forget that, I'll mark you again, and again.” Graciela, a warm-hearted and charming nerd dreams of a simple life–graduating high school, going to college, and perhaps finding love. However, there is a constant in her life she would do anything to get rid of. Hayden McAndrew. She couldn’t pinpoint when, but Hayden had always been a part of her life, the bane of her existence. After transferring back to her school, Hayden resumes with a vendetta, totally different from the ruthlessness Graciela was used to–not only does he wish to torment her, he wants to own her completely. The dangerous line drawn between hate and obsession is toed when Hayden refuses to let her go when he gets a taste of her innocence. He marks his territory, claiming Graciela as his and only his. For Graciela, there’s no running from Hayden. Or resisting his hands on her skin either. This stunning romance story will leave you breathless.

The Bully's Obsession
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"You are completely mine Gracie, your tears, fears, I'm going to completely shatter you until you know nothing else but my name". I never knew how twisted he was until this moment..." I'm n...not yours" I stuttered. His gaze darkened and hardened at my words. "I dare you to say that again" he said taking a threatening step closer. I opened my mouth but no words came out. Next thing I was trapped between him and the wall, both my hands pinned above my head, my knees weakened by his domineering look. "You belong to me! your body and soul belong to me, I'll mark you again and again......" He whispered nibbling at my throat. How did I get into this? Was there no way out? He'd already broken me ,what else could he expect from a broken soul. This was the guy who took everything from me, my pride, my virginity, and even my soul. She's a quiet kind and warmhearted average nerd. Graciela's only wish was to graduate high school, go to college and get a good life and if she was ever so lucky - find love, but a certain someone seems to hate everything she stood for. Or does he? Hayden McAndrew Has been Graciela's tormentor for as long as she could remember but he left. Gracie made the mistake to think it was forever now he was back to make her life a living hell! They say a very thin line exists between love and hate, what if after the line all she found was a dark obsession that consumed her every being?

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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellNovember 15, 2023