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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellFebruary 21, 2024

Possessive billionaire romance books read online free

Possessive billionaire romance books read online free

Ever fantasized about a handsome, domineering billionaire sweeping you off your feet? Yeah, we've all been there. What if he was more? Possessive in every sense of the word? He might shower you with extravagant presents, his love, time, whisking you away on romantic dates and holidays to only the most beautiful places in the world, but make no mistake–he will not let you out of his sight.

We've compiled this list of the best possessive billionaire romance books to read online for free on AlphaNovel. Prepare to be swept off your feet!

One Night Stand by Favor V April

Gabriella met Javier Hills at a club. She didn’t know his name, or who he was, but it didn’t matter with the alcohol clouding her senses and the hot stranger making her feel things she never had before. Never had she known the feel of a man’s hands or lips. All she knew before that night was getting the best grades, reading and studying to keep up with her scholarship.

So, when the stranger kissed her, Gabriella found herself falling hard and fast. When she awoke the next morning in a hotel, naked and alone, she fled, like running could get rid of the passion she experienced.

However, a few weeks later, Gabriella discovers she is pregnant. She tries every means necessary to find the stranger, but it was as though he'd disappeared into thin air after their night together. She drops out of school to raise her son, and when she returns a year later to complete her degree, and she stumbles upon the news of a multi-billionaire who turns out to be the father of her child, and not only is he a hot-shot, but he’s also engaged.

Entangled With The Billionaire by Symplyayisha

After getting dumped by her seven years boyfriend, Mia is shattered, but she is determined not to stay that way. Putting in the hottest dress she could find, she attended a party of elites, searching for the best next opportunity to take her to cloud nine.

Colton had no interest in relationships, even if everyone else in his life seemed hell-bent on forcing him into one. He'd only just escaped the women swarming around him when he noticed he was being stalked, and just when he got curious enough to approach her, the woman disappeared, leaving him confused.

Colton searches everywhere and when he does find her, he is shocked not only to hear her ask for his help, but at her audacity. He struck a deal with her out of curiosity, and she, out of necessity, and what Mia thought would be a one-time affair spans out into something uncontrollably passionate that has Colton wanting an extension on their deal.

Mr Rich's Secret Agenda by San G Ly. (lingchenxi)

Cyndi Myth, a billionaire heiress is in a fix when her inheritance is held off from her with one condition; she must graduate from her mother's university first before she can access her wealth. Her identity as heiress remains a secret amongst her peers, and as was the impending bankruptcy of her parent's company; her legacy.

It was why she needed her inheritance and a year was all that remained before she could claim it. Everything seemed to be going just fine, her romance with her boyfriend blooming beautifully, until a new professor showed up at the university. He was everything a woman didn't know she wanted, created to appeal even to the haziest of senses, and Cyndi found herself enthralled by him too, even if she constantly stamped down the thought.

But Romeo Richard seems to have an ulterior motive, and there is more to him than he lets on, some of which included his sudden interest in Cyndi and his growing obsession with her. Romeo wants something, but Cyndi doesn't know what, and that scares her.

The Bad Boy's Princess by Red Inkling

Mireille lived with her older brother who shielded her from the world like her parents would have, were they alive. In truth, Mireille had grown weary of her brother's overprotective nature, and she craved more than what he let her have.

When James gets ill and must travel to a different town for his treatment, he arranges for his sister to stay with the only other person he trusted--Dante Romano, his best friend. But James must have miscalculated if he placed her in the care of his obscenely hot best friend, who had dark secrets surrounding his life.

Dante turns out to be worse than her brother, restricting her from doing everything, overseeing every detail of her romantic life to the latter. It soon dawns on Mireille that Dante wants her with no one because he wishes to keep her as his little pet. A steamy and dark possessive romance book that'll leave you staring at the wall for a long time, wishing for more.

Cold Showers by Symplyayisha

Jayda is a hard worker, a go-getter, putting in everything into her job. It pays off and she is promoted to a position she has always wanted, longed for. Deciding to celebrate her success with her boyfriend, she plans to surprise him, but Zach breaks up with her instead, seemingly fed up with her bed-to-work lifestyle.

She leaves, devastated, and heads to a club to get some air. There, she meets Sebastian Miller, a billionaire with only the worst attitude. He couldn't be polite, not even to save his life, but none of these things mattered to Jayda when she was drowning in the alcohol. She was in pain and he was aspirin.

But with the morning came the realization that Sebastian was a jerk who didn't hesitate to throw his money at her like she was a hooker, and of course, Jayda set him straight with a slap and by hurling her shoes at his pretty head.

Barren Mother Gives Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO by Author Feathers

Amy walks in on her husband in bed with his secretary, and her world comes crumbling down. She'd tried for a time to get pregnant, but nothing worked, and Callan, along with his mother, made every day a living hell, reminding her of her forthcomings and barrenness. Still, she held on and kept trying , for the love she felt for her husband.

Finding him cheating left her devastated and she immediately filed for a divorce, leaving his home and heading straight for a club for revenge. The affair with the stranger whose name she hadn't bothered with was to be just that, but a couple of weeks later, Amy realizes that she is pregnant with not one, two or three, but six babies! One of the all-time favourite possessive billionaire romance books on our platform.

The Mafia's Captive Angel by Queenies

Normani Parker follows her childhood best friend to an expensive club, only because she pleaded. Normani is usually a quiet bookworm and puts 'fun' beneath the list of things she fancies, but she didn't think one night would hurt or change much.

But it did.

It began when Normani got the creeping feeling that she was being watched. Indeed she was, by a man she didn't know. He watched her with an intensity that scared her, and she'd never left a club fast enough.

A month later, Normani is heading home from work when she feels like she is being stalked. She flees, but she doesn't get very far when the man she'd seen at the club blocks her path and kidnaps her, claiming he has waited a long, long time for her. One of the best romance books with possessive male leads on AlphaNovel.

A Night With My Hot Billionaire Boss by Blessing Silver

Work. Work. Work. That was all Emma did lately, working under a demanding, brooding boss who didn't take kindly to indiscipline. She supposed she was lucky, none of his other secretaries lasted as long as she did, and they had fallen into a routine that took nine years of being comfortable with each other.

One day, however, Emma ruined that.

The text was meant for her boyfriend, and somehow she had sent them to her boss--her nudes. There was no deleting or erasing it before he saw it. And that wasn't the last mistake she made that night. Scared out of her mind that she'd screwed up everything and lost her job to her carelessness, Emma went for a drink, and when she was wasted, she called her boyfriend. Only, she didn't look at the screen to know that she was, in fact, speaking to her boss and wailing her heart out to him.

Jace Sanders came to fetch her, to take her home, but somehow, he ended up in her bed the next morning.

Bound By Her Bump by Symplyayisha

Ella decides that she's done with men and would prefer to have her kids through artificial insemination. Fate has other plans and Ella gets inseminated with the wrong sperm, one belonging to Eric, a billionaire who wouldn't let her be and insists on being a part of the entire process.

At first, Ella is skeptical about this man who wants to know everything about her life, asserts himself in her schedule like he owns it, and comes to her rescue whenever she needs help, but there's only so much she can do to resist him.

The Contract by Mari Villarreal

If anyone's had terrible luck with men, it's Layla. Her first heartbreak came to her when she was nineteen from Daniel Halloway, who had a heart of stone. It took years to get over him and she moved on with Trevor. Everything seemed just right and perfect, until she caught him kissing her best friend. Said best friend who was also in her dress.

Layla takes some time off her job to heal, and she leaves the city, returning home to her family, reluctantly. There was only one reason why she didn't like being home and it started with a D.

And just as Layla had predicted, meeting Daniel again was as intense as the first time she met him, and she knew where this was going to land her. In trouble.

Enjoyed this list and want more books with extremely possessive, obsessed and jealous male leads? The Possessive & Dominant sections have a plethora of awesome books awaiting your attention. Get more delicious billionaire drama that keeps you at the edge of your seat in the Billionaire/CEO section, and explore the various capacities of love in the Romance section. Happy reading!

Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellFebruary 21, 2024