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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellJanuary 10, 2024

The Perfect Luna

The Perfect Luna

Cracked it open, inhaled it whole. Now desperately need book CPR.

Warning: You might experience odd things while reading this werewolf romance novel, all of which include; laughing until you cry, then crying until you laugh. You will be mugged emotionally, and you might find a portal into another world in your living room. You will be left breathless, and most of all, you will need a map and a GPS for your emotions. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Since all of that is out of the way and you still don’t mind having spontaneous bouts of existential karaoke, let’s get into it.


Riannon had been married to Brayden for six years. She agreed to be his chosen mate, his faithful wife and Luna for just as long. Brayden chose to return the favor by bringing another woman into their home, announcing to whoever cared to listen that she was his true mate. (Ria has to be the most patient FL ever if she stood for it. I mean, you’d expect screeches and scratches, claws and nails, but Ria, she’s such an angel).

Her love for Brayden was higher than her anger, and she welcomed the little vixen, Roxanne, into her home, providing her with clothing, shelter, food, everything she could possibly need. Roxanne was a perfect little doll, doing as she was told, nice, loving, caring. Well, until she wasn’t.

And what did Riannon get in return? Forgotten by her husband, tossed aside like furniture, and more importantly, she was lured out to her death by Roxanne. The last thing she heard as she died was Roxanne’s soft laughter.

The end? Of course not! Riannon awakens, and she is beyond stunned to find that she isn’t in the After, where the dead go. Instead, she is in her living room, back in the exact day and time that Brayden brought Roxanne home. The Moon Goddess gave her a chance to live again, to rewrite her story and change the events that lead up to her death.

In this exceptional novel, Marissa Gilbert throws us one storm and ferries us into the next. Never has drama been so addictive. Read this review to find out more!

The Main Characters


An only child of a prestigious Alpha and heir to the pack. Formerly meek and overly accommodating, but that changes after an encounter with death. Riannon swiftly becomes a strong-willed woman, clairvoyant and brutally intelligent. While she is prepared to fight for her place in her pack and her position, she refuses to let Brayden and Roxanne take what is hers. Her life. We get to see more into the character of Riannon when the King is introduced, and if you didn’t already love Riannon before, this is where she snatches your heart without mercy. It’s an added advantage that she is a stunning woman with the allure of a siren, and that makes for attracting all the powerful men in the world. I’m almost thankful for Brayden’s betrayal, because he created something he could never have imagined. A queen!


Ugh. Introducing the husband of the year. Handsome, arrogant, was supposed to be loving and somehow forgot all about his wife because a pretty little thing showed up. It brought a lot into perspective about his character and his true feelings for Riannon. Brayden and Riannon had been in love since high school. When they turned eighteen and it was clear that they weren’t mates, Brayden disregarded that and asked Riannon to be his chosen mate, claiming her as his, and in the process, a contract was drawn up in which Brayden would inherit the pack after Riannon’s father.

For ten years, they lived as a happy couple, and it only seemed like their love for each other grew with every year. Until Brayden found Roxanne, his true mate. His wolf went crazy with such need that he had to bring her back home. Seriously? Really? Whatever happened to Riannon being his one and only? Not once did he consider his wife’s feelings before bringing his mate into the home they had built for years.

He had a habit of blaming everything on the mating bond, and while it is understandable that most times, their wolves wanted something completely different from them, it still doesn’t excuse his behavior. Here’s to rolling in our seats and dancing about when the tables switched and Brayden began to beg for even a little of his wife’s attention. You go girl!


(Taking in deep calming breaths). Roxy is a villain that you absolutely love to hate and not the other way around. In Riannon’s previous life, Roxy appears as a harmless woman with an awful, traumatic past. She uses this to her advantage, worming her way through the hearts of many, all the while sabotaging Riannon in the worst ways possible. She is sly, cunning, has the face of an angel and is a deadly vixen. She asserts herself in every part of Riannon’s life with the aim of taking everything from her, and just when she succeeds, the Moon Goddess goes, “Oh no, you don’t.”


Wow! (Calm your heart. It’s racing.) Riannon enlists the Lycan King’s help when she realizes she can’t fight against her husband and Roxanne on her own. Gideon recognizes Roxanne as his mate, but he hides it from her, biding his time, waiting for her to heal, even if it means starving his wolf and himself.

He checks every woman’s mental list, making him the ultimate book boyfriend/husband. Ravishingly handsome, seductively magnetic, territorial, possessive and protective, charming, supportive, loyal, hilarious, and his favorite saying is, “I want the world to know you’re mine. They need to realize touching what is mine will cost them dearly.” Swoon. If there is one thing Gideon made clear in the Perfect Luna, it’s that there was not a mountain he couldn’t tear down to reach his beloved Riannon.

There are awesome side characters too, like Maya, Beta Ash, and Beta Reid, who more often than not proved to be wonderful friends and allies to Riannon, fighting for her cause without doubt or question.

Thoughts On The Plot

There’s way more drama in this than you’d ever find in a telenovela. Marissa manages to pull the shocker effect in every chapter of this book; and it’s a long book. The Perfect Luna is the first in its series and she did justice to the superb storyline.

A work of art. Each character, villains included, are bestowed with a depth of character that almost pushes you into rooting for them also. The friendships and connections built are golden. The tension is over the roof and the spice leaves you hotter than you would care to admit.

Riannon’s revenge is all fire and brimstone, but there is only so many possibilities you can control. That is what makes this book so realistic. Despite having lived through that life before and taking cautious steps to turn it all around, there are things that are beyond Riannon’s sight and control.

She still runs into difficulties, danger, and here is where Gideon and her friends come in, because it makes a world of difference to not have to handle everything alone.

When her former assassin takes interest in her instead of executing her like he did in her previous life, Riannon knows she has changed her future, but she isn’t sure if it is for the better or worse. You would ask, how bad could having the attention of a smoking hot sadist be? You really should read the book to find out.

And Roxanne. Tsk. Tsk. Nothing seemed to work. Not her plans. Not her charms. Not her lies, and she didn’t understand why. Little witch was so confused, I almost felt bad for her. Almost.

For every tearful event that occurred, there was Gideon and Ria filling our screens with so much love and humor that our lips and bellies hurt from laughing so much. They are undoubtedly the supreme power couple.

The end? We were left staring at the wall for a long, long time, before giddying up into the next book.


If you crave a story that grips your heart, tickles your funny bone, and keeps you guessing until the very end, the Perfect Luna is the treasure you've been searching for, and one of the best werewolf romance books out there. Don't forget the warning! You're in for a blast!

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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellJanuary 10, 2024