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Lillith Mykals Kennedy

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About me

Lilly is a writer of the unusual, the dark, the things that keep you up at night, and EROTICA! She writes wolf & vamp romance. She loves writing freakish horror that bends the imagination, and sometimes she writes things to make you HOT AND BOTHERED! Come with Lilly and see where she can take your mind.


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The Auction Series Book One I Belong To A Wolf When Angela’s best friend, Deanne, goes missing after a date with a guy she met online, no one is looking for her. Not even her family cares that she is missing. Angela suspects a pack of wolves paid her parents off to keep her friend. Angela springs into action and sets off to find her friend even if she has to do it all alone, but Angela has stepped into a world she knows nothing about and finds herself lost with her friend. Even in the darkness, there is a light. As she adjusts to her new life and circumstances, one of her captures, a wolf named Aspen, tries to help the two women. Book Two Draco Draco continues going after the auctioneers. He takes on a new persona as the bad guy to infiltrate and rescue as many women as he can from the auctioneers. It is not without consequences. One of the auctioneers kidnaps his longtime friend and greatest supporter. Draco has no choice but to contact Aspen and Angela to help him. Book Three The Auction Tatina Maria was sold to an exclusive auction house to cover her parents' debt to the vampire authority. Her father gambled away everything and was forced to sell his daughter to save his life. The vampire authority will collect Tatina on her 21st birthday, and then she, a vampire fairy hybrid, will be sold to the highest bidder. Book Four Weekend in New Orleans We step into the world of Tatina and Draco. Are they in love? What is next for these two? It is time the vampire authority understands the error of their ways. It is time for the vampires to stop the auctions. Enter an elite vampire with an amazing wife. Lester sends his wife Renae undercover at a club to get information on the whereabouts of an underground auction. When Renae goes missing, Lester calls in Tatina and Draco for help. Book Five Legacy How will it all end?


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