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Sarwah Creed

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About me

Sarwah is a Steamy Contemporary Author with Sass! She has a secret fantasy, to have her own harem and her books are an insight into her kinky imagination.


Bad Apple
  • 👁 22.5K
  • 7.5

My stepbrother, Rogue, was the kind of trouble I couldn’t resist. Rogue was the bad apple of our family. He thrived on the excitement of all the things that we were warned about as kids. Then they made it my job to make this bad boy see the error of his ways. He needed to leave the gambling and womanizing behind. I tried my hardest, but a leopard can’t change his spots. Rogue was a bad boy through and through. I was a good girl until Rogue got under my skin…and into my panties. And instead of helping to keep my stepbrother out of trouble, I got myself into it. I didn’t intend to give Rogue my heart. In the end, he stole it like the bad boy he was. But he gave me something too. The best gift ever. The baby is going to turn my stepbrother from a bad apple to one good enough to eat.

Blind Date
  • 👁 383
  • 7.5

I had my blind date with Luke Winters, or rather LW (Luke Warm) as he was known in the office. He was far from warm when I went on a blind date with him. More like stone-cold mean. Then again, I couldn’t blame him. After all, I was homeless. He had two homes, a penthouse and a house. I was soaking wet, and dressed as if I was on to my shift at the local diner. He was formally dressed. I flooded the bathroom of one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city, and at that point, he walked out. Like a stray dog, I followed him, hoping he would give me a lot more than a bone. I didn’t expect him to give me an opportunity to work in his office and fifty thousand big ones. I had to work for him and pretend to be his girlfriend. Piece of cake! I took a deep breath. Promised I could do the job and not only did I try to make an impression at work, but I found myself no longer wanting to pretend. I soon realized why they called him LW, because it was far from a piece of cake. More like a walk in the park during a hurricane.

Naughty #TeXXXt
  • 👁 13.7K
  • 7.5

Bianca Young and her dad tried to cross us. They wanted to take my family for fools, and now they’re going to find out what three jocks like us will do with her beautiful body. She walked around campus as if she was in her own world, but we would have her begging for mercy, until we were done with her. We would strip her, spank her until she’s soaking wet. Then, we would put her in line for stealing from my family. We would have her screaming our names with every orgasm before we were through with her. No one messed with the Russo family and got away with it. No one.

A Wife To The SEALs
  • 👁 592
  • 7.5

I had three hot SEALs with sexy eyes and bodies, and they all wanted the same thing. Me. My ex, Rick, dumped me. He didn’t know I was pregnant at the time, and I hated him with a passion for it. Yet, the mistakes of my past had led me back to him. He’d moved on with another, who was nice, but the painful memories of the past kept taunting me. A planned wedding. A device to help me stay in the country. Three ex-SEALs wanted me to get married for different reasons. Andre had a custody battle. He was a family man and promised to help me win my children back. Back home with me, where they belonged. Cole was the one with the looks. Ladies fell at his feet. We spoke the same language and it was nice to speak to someone who understood me in my native language. Brad was lonely, he wanted someone to love. The struggle to decide which one of the three should be my future husband became harder every day because I’d been dumped and rejected before. I hated the idea of it happening again. I had to trust my heart. It was so hard when, until now, I’d struggled to trust anyone. How could I trust all three?

My Thirty Day Quarantine
  • 👁 119
  • 5.0

Scarlett I didn’t want to be quarantined with my bosses. Well, not all three of them. They were the modern-day version of Scrooge; they were billionaires, but they only had one secretary, me. They asked me to be their submissive for thirty days, and they put it in a contract. I told them, no thanks. The eldest of the three, Luke, bared my bottom and gave me a good spanking. I should have run away. Instead, I ended up signing the contract and calling them “Sir.” Luke Our secretary needs to be taught a lesson—not just by me, but my brothers too. She thought that our offer was some kind of joke. I punished her for it, leaving her soaking wet and begging for more. I gave her a taste of what it’s like to be submissive, and if she’s a good little girl, I’ll show her all the disgraceful things we intend to do her in the next thirty days. It’ll be a Christmas that she’ll never forget.

Quarterback's Baby
  • 👁 202
  • 7.5

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas which would be great, if I wasn’t carrying the Quarterback’s baby! Sebastian Blake is my best friend’s little brother. He used to be the skinny kid who hid behind glasses and braces. Now, he’s all grown up, and one of the leading quarterbacks for the Giants. As a sports physician, it’s my job to make sure that Sebastian is in peak condition to play next season, but he’s had one injury after another and has fallen into depression. When I arrive at his door, he doesn’t know who I am, thinking his friends sent him a ‘surprise’ to cheer him up. And now, somehow, I’ve found myself doing home visits and getting on a plane with his team to head to Vegas. They say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That would be true if, after Vegas, I hadn’t found out that I was carrying his baby…

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  • 5.0

I’ve been writing to my stepbrothers, Dean and Vale while they were away. It was easier, then I didn’t know if or when I would see them again. Now, they’re back home. They no longer pat my head and treat me like the little kid they used to. They’ve changed and become full of darkness. I should be scared and want to keep away from them. But I remember them as the teens before they left to go to war. I know I can mend them. I’ve been doing it for so long here on the ranch, fixing everything that goes wrong. Yet, I worry my heart could get caught in the crossfire and end up damaged.

Baking Hot
  • 👁 120
  • 7.5

I’d given up hope of keeping the bakery open. Dad couldn’t keep up the payments, and he’d started dating before I could blink. We weren't the only ones living in a small apartment, but so were our new extended family. My stepmom I could deal with my stepbrother, the only person he ever loved, was himself. He was arrogant, rude, and a real prick. But he had one gift and not the one from the waist downwards, but upwards. The guy could bake. And I knew I had to ask him for a favor. The problem was the more time we spent in the kitchen, my body temperature rose, and I felt as if I was baking hot. And it wasn’t long until there wasn’t only a cake in the oven, but a bun in my oven too. I didn’t know what to do. Not only was the cake going to be perfect, but my dreams were going to be burned…as I got hot and bothered with Zach, my future soon turned to smoke.

Sexy SEALs
  • 👁 394
  • 7.5

I graduated from college with no job lined up nor prospects. We had to go into quarantine. The cases were rising once again with the new variant, and the vaccines were not helping at all. 
Could it get any worse?
It did. 
Two hot, sexy SEALs turned up at my door. Two of them I’d been writing to for the last few months, and the other one…let’s just say that he turned up for the ride.
What ride?
Adonis loves to make me wet.
David wants to strip me and put me into submission.
Chaz sets my insides on fire every time he opens his dirty mouth.
This was too much to handle. I didn’t expect to see Adonis or Chaz, and now I have all three of them banging on my door asking me to choose.
Why choose one…when I could have all three?

My Stepbrother's Baby
  • 👁 23.8K
  • 9.2

Can fantasies come true? Evan Stewart. The quarterback love magnet, that was his nickname in high school. He just snapped his fingers, and all the girls came running. He didn't know that I existed, until that night. Well, not exactly that night. I got rid of my glasses, changed my hair, and crashed a party, to get close to him. He was my secret fantasy and as we played spin the bottle and I ended up alone with him, I was glad that I took the risk. Until the cops showed up and everyone had to leave the party. Later, opportunity knocked again, and I wasn't going to let it pass. We sat in the principal's office, and he soon found out who I was. This time, I wasn't about to let anything stand in my way, but I was scared that he'd find out my secret. I didn't know that he had secrets of his own. They were so deep that they just made me want him even more. I believed that romantic fairy tales were the only way to escape my reality. We were the modern version of the lady and the tramp; the problem was that I was no lady, and he certainly wasn't a tramp.

Bad Intentions
  • 👁 119
  • 5.0

An orphan who intended to bring them down to their knees... Everything in my life has been turned upside down. My mom died and I was shipped off to a place that I’d never heard of, Hawk Academy. Mom left instructions that I was to be sent there in her will. I was sad about leaving my friends and the little family that I had left behind. When I arrived, I thought that I had made new friends. I was wrong. They all had bad intentions to bully and torture me, from the moment I set foot inside the door. I was the new girl and even worse the poor lonely orphan. They wanted to make me suffer even more than I’d already done and the twins, James, and Trent Hawk, with their piercing blue eyes, were the ones that ruled the halls. Everything about the place was old from the traditions to the bullies, even the damn money. But I’m the new girl and they can’t take the one thing I have left away from me. My pride. I wouldn’t let them take that away from me, otherwise, I’d have nothing left, not even my v-card. I knew what I had to do, I had to find out their secrets. After I’ve done that, then I’ll bring them and their f***g traditions tumbling down!

Claimed By Wolves
  • 👁 4.8K
  • 7.5

I’ve been sold to three wolf shifters.

After my husband lost big time at the casino, guess what the douche did? He sold me to the local pack as payment for his debt. Three owners, to be specific who look at me like they want to eat me. They are scorching hot, dangerous, and might very well be my undoing.
But I guess they can’t be all bad… after all, they offered me a deal.
Stay with them for 30 days in the casino, and the debt will be paid off. But I’m no fool and know there’s a catch. I just need to work out what that is and what exactly they want from me.
30 days.
I tell myself I can survive this, but it turns out I was right, and there are more secrets than I ever expected. Secrets that might very well keep me here longer than the deal we’ve made.
They insist they will claim me that I will beg them to stay by the end. I laugh because clearly, they don’t know me. I have every intention to prove them wrong, and then I’m leaving town and leaving my loser husband behind. I just hope I haven’t taken on more than I can chew.

The Handoff
  • 👁 257
  • 7.5

UCLA was supposed to be a new start where I could leave the shadows of my past behind in high school.
And then Dane, the captain of the football team, sent me a text.
A dirty text.
I should have told him I wasn’t that type of girl… But I didn’t. The temptation was too much, so I played along with his little game.
Things got out of hand, and before I knew it, I was dating him and turning my fantasies into reality.
However, things with him changed depending on the day.
One day he’d touch me, making my heart melt. Then the next day, the same touch would make me so wet that I thought I would create a river. And yet another day, it would send me into overtime.
That was when it hit me like a bolt of lightning.
Was I really dating one guy, or three?
He might have a secret, but it was nothing compared to the one I was holding.
And I wasn’t willing to share it with anyone.
If anyone found out the truth, not only would my secret fantasy be dead in the water, but my life at college would be too.

Forbidden Temptation
  • 👁 26.4K
  • 7.5

A game of spin the bottle wasn’t supposed to change my life.
I wanted to get out of our small town, and the only way to do that was to get good grades. 
 I didn't want to get distracted by anyone or anything, but I couldn't seem to ignore Liam. 
 He was sexy, moody, and about to become my stepbrother. 
 Exactly the kind of trouble I should have avoided.
But I let my hair down for a party in the woods; a couple of girls and guys playing spin the bottle and truth or dare.
 Silly games shouldn't change your life but sometimes fate steps in. 
It's nearly graduation and I'm closing my eyes, thinking that I can't deal with having one surprise today, but two.

Daily Sext
  • 👁 26.1K
  • 4.6

Seven men. One for every day of the week. A story too sexy to pass up. Chicago University newspaper is going under. I need to save it. Everyone says sex sells, and what is sexier than a polyamorous relationship? One woman. Multiple men. Now that’s how you sell papers. But my plea for such a woman to come forward to an interview has unexpected consequences. All I get are Dirty sexts asking if I want first-hand experience. I shouldn’t give up my v-card and get involved with seven men. I’m not that desperate to save the paper. Or am I? The men pursuing me are making it hard to say no, as they start to become my secret fantasies every day of the week for different reasons. Mr. Monday’s bold and says precisely what’s on his mind. Mr. Tuesday’s sensitive and listens to my every need. Mr. Wednesday’s compassionate, the kind of guy who knows what he wants but doesn’t just take it. Mr. Thursday knows how to spice things up. Mr. Friday’s tall, dark, and handsome, his sultry eyes always have me coming back for more. Mr. Saturday’s always wants to be in control. Mr. Sunday’s quiet and mysterious, an enigma that I can’t wait to unravel. I always knew I would have to go all-in to become a respected journalist. The more I talk to them, the more I want to know them not only online, but offline too. They are promising to do things to me that are so dirty; I can’t sleep at night. I never imagined all-in would mean sacrificing myself for a story. Especially, with the bully writer, who’s jealous of the attention that my stories keep getting. I need to keep it a secret if I do decide to play out my fantasies because if the truth comes out, I don’t know if we will all survive the wreckage.

Quarterback's Baby
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  • 3.0

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas which would be great, if I wasn’t carrying the Quarterback’s baby! Sebastian Blake is my best friend’s little brother. He used to be the skinny kid who hid behind glasses and braces. Now, he’s all grown up, and one of the leading quarterbacks for the Giants. As a sports physician, it’s my job to make sure that Sebastian is in peak condition to play next season, but he’s had one injury after another and has fallen into depression. When I arrive at his door, he doesn’t know who I am, thinking his friends sent him a ‘surprise’ to cheer him up. And now, somehow, I’ve found myself doing home visits and getting on a plane with his team to head to Vegas. They say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That would be true if, after Vegas, I hadn’t found out that I was carrying his baby…

Triple Sext
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  • 7.7

My dream man on campus might not be one guy, but three. I have a filthy fantasy. The all-star football player falling at my feet. I’m brought down to reality when I find life at NYU isn’t what I’ve always hoped. All the clubs I join are a bust. Not to mention my roommate turns out to be a bully. But then…I get a text. One so dirty it drives my mind and body wild. I have to respond. And as the texts get dirtier, I have to wonder…who is this guy? Or is it three guys? The messages change in tone depending on the time of day. First thing in the morning, they’re so hot they could turn steel into pools of molten metal. The ones in the afternoon are even better but just…different. And the texts in the evening are so damn dirty I can barely sleep without putting my hands between my thighs. I’m addicted and agree to meet this Casanova of the text world. But what if it is three guys? How could I ever manage all three of them at once?

Quadruple Sext
  • 👁 17.1K
  • 6.4

Four brothers want one woman for fun in Vegas. It’s the perfect opportunity to lose my virginity. Now that senior year is almost over, I’m ready to get payback. Finding her phone at the library was a stroke of luck…or fate. The sexts from the four gorgeous brothers on the baseball team are filthy. Michael, the leader, talks about all the things he can do with his hands… Daniel, the sensitive one, wants to touch every part of my body with his tongue… Tristan promises to do the same… Adam doesn’t hide his thoughts or desires and steams my windows with every naughty message. I have to cross my legs to ease the ache building between them. And a plan starts to form. They want her in Vegas with them for some sexy fun. Only the one showing up will be me. I need to experience the things they promise in these texts. They may not know who they’re talking to. But they’re about to find out who I am and help me get the perfect revenge.

Single Daddies
  • 👁 83
  • 5.0

A falling star, a failing father, and a heap of post-sex embarrassment. What could possibly go right? Noah I'm not daddy material. Everyone who knows me says the same thing. Running a ranch and having a taste of the ladies has been my lifestyle for the last few years, and I love it that way. Nice and simple! Things start to get complicated when, as a result of a one-night stand, a baby is left on my doorstep. My stepsister, Kylie comes to visit and decides that she wants to be back in my life. My life's no more simple but very complicated. Kylie needs my help. It turns out that I might need hers more. Kylie My label, my manager, and even my makeup artist are ready to drop me. I’ve lost my mojo and I need to lose weight, write a song, and stop hiding under the baggy clothes and goth makeup. I panic because singing is all I’ve ever wanted to do. Mom suggests I go to stay with the one man that I’ve been avoiding for the last three years: the boy that used to live next-door, Noah. Staying on his ranch could be the break that I need. A falling star, a failing father, and a heap of post-sex embarrassment. What could possibly go right?

One More Try
  • 👁 22
  • 5.0

Sexy. Funny. Rich. 
 The only man who has ever captured my heart.
He’s back in town and sees me with a baby. 
I tell him that I’m taken. 
I tell him that it’s too late. 
But actions speak louder than words as he asks me to give him one more try.
 I know he'll feel different about us if he learned the secret that I've been keeping for too long. I sighed, tucking back a lock of hair that blew into my face. It was the weekend, but the park had quite a few people around. Every time she passed by someone, they smiled at her and wanted to stop and coo at the stroller I was pushing.
“We’re only here to have a nice, relaxing walk, isn’t that right?”
My six month old baby, just stared up at me. He was lying back, swaddled in warm, soft blankets, covered up to his chest. He was sucking on one closed fist, and he wiggled the other at me on hearing my voice. I smiled at him and removed one hand from the stroller handle to reach a finger out and poke his cheek.

Forbidden Sext
  • 👁 18.9K
  • 7.5

My perfect match might be the one guy on campus I hate. The college dating app is supposed to be my way to find true love. Instead, I get matched with the prankster, Elijah. The one guy on campus I truly can’t stand. Just my luck. Yet, we seem to match up in every way. And…it turns out, he’s good-looking and chivalrous. That doesn't mean I'm interested. I can’t be. It has to be a mistake, or maybe one of his pranks. But the more time we spend together, the harder it is to fight the truth. He’s perfect. It’s too bad I’m constantly making mistakes. First: Falling for Elijah. Second: Sleeping with him. Third: Getting pregnant with his baby. And now…He’s about to be my new stepbrother.

Bad Seeds
  • 👁 1.5K
  • 4.5

They were the devils... I was their angel. The housekeeper's sons had one rule: Stay away from Daddy Dearest's precious angel. But this angel couldn't resist the temptation, After all, I'd fallen from grace a long damn time ago. Their dark eyes, incredible bodies, and sinister ways, Were more than I could deny. Determined to uncover their secrets, I set out to tame the devils--one way or another. I knew they were the bad boys. But angels love to be corrupted, And I couldn't wait for my turn. When you play with the devil, You always get burned. There's a fine line between love and hate, And I would hate to actually love them.

Bossy Daddy
  • 👁 431
  • 7.5

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I wasn't sure that was true until I worked for the billionaire, Alec Brent. He looked hotter than fire, but ice runs in his veins. He was arrogant. Treated me like I was his slave, much lower than even an intern. I didn’t come from his world, and he made me feel it every second I was around him. Small. Insignificant. But, I was determined to get some experience, just so that I could get a good job after college. Then he tried to fire me. I found myself at the mercy of his twin brother, Carlton. The nice one, the one that burned hot. But he's a single daddy. To my delight, I soon found out that not only was he a single daddy, but a bossy one too.

Bloodbound Desires
  • 👁 55
  • 5.0

Eva Rivers finds solace in the boy with a bike, a brooding aura, and a reputation that precedes him. Despite the warnings of her friends, Eva's stubbornness blinds her to the lurking danger. At the Prom, as Eva and Ben share an intimate moment, their destinies collide. Passion consumes them, sealing a bond that cannot be broken. But the night takes a sinister turn when Ben's clan emerges, threatening to unravel their fragile connection. Forced to confront the truth, Ben reveals his vampire nature to Eva, sending shockwaves through her already fragile world. With time running out and their lives in peril, Ben urges Eva to abandon everything and flee with him. Bound by fate, their love could save them or destroy them all.


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