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Sarwah Creed

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About me

Sarwah is a Steamy Contemporary Author with Sass! She has a secret fantasy, to have her own harem and her books are an insight into her kinky imagination.


Book cover
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Seven men. One for every day of the week. A story too s*xy to pass up. Chicago University newspaper is going under. I need to save it. Everyone says s*x sells, and what is sexier than a polyamorous relationship? One woman. Multiple men. Now that’s how you sell papers. But my plea for such a woman to come forward to an interview has unexpected consequences. All I get are Dirty sexts asking if I want first-hand experience. I shouldn’t give up my v-card and get involved with seven men. I’m not that desperate to save the paper. Or am I? The men pursuing me are making it hard to say no, as they start to become my secret fantasies every day of the week for different reasons. Mr. Monday’s bold and says precisely what’s on his mind. Mr. Tuesday’s sensitive and listens to my every need. Mr. Wednesday’s compassionate, the kind of guy who knows what he wants but doesn’t just take it. Mr. Thursday knows how to spice things up. Mr. Friday’s tall, dark, and handsome, his sultry eyes always have me coming back for more. Mr. Saturday’s always wants to be in control. Mr. Sunday’s quiet and mysterious, an enigma that I can’t wait to unravel. I always knew I would have to go all-in to become a respected journalist. The more I talk to them, the more I want to know them not only online, but offline too. They are promising to do things to me that are so dirty; I can’t sleep at night. I never imagined all-in would mean sacrificing myself for a story. Especially, with the bully writer, who’s jealous of the attention that my stories keep getting. I need to keep it a secret if I do decide to play out my fantasies because if the truth comes out, I don’t know if we will all survive the wreckage.


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