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The Forbidden Fruit always tastes sweeter. *** TABOO is a collection of forbidden, erotic, steamy s*x romance stories. In this world of pleasure, fantasy becomes reality, and reality becomes an erotic sexual experience that you can't forget. Cheating husbands, lying priests, dirty stepdads, professors, stepbrothers, threesome with a total stranger, family orgies, and even horny nuns. Why don't you dive into this steamy collections just for you? The Forbidden Fruit always tastes sweeter. *** TABOO is a collection of forbidden, erotic, steamy s*x romance stories. In this world of pleasure, fantasy becomes reality, and reality becomes an erotic sexual experience that you can't forget. Cheating husbands, lying priests, dirty stepdads, professors, stepbrothers, threesome with a total stranger, family orgies, and even horny nuns. Why don't you dive into this steamy collections just for you?

Her Sweet Innocence 1


Hi. This book is a collection of different forbidden Erotic short stories that might seem offensive to some people. This book contains mature content, languages, and explicit sexual content that may not be appropriate for some readers. And just like the title TABOO, the stories contain contents that are deem Forbidden in our society.

So read at your own risk.

This collection has over 40 erotic Forbidden stories, so kindly add it to your library so that when I update new chapters, you'll be notified.


It was on Monday when my English professor told me I'll be going home with him for the weekend since I was his GTA. I did not argue, instead I welcomed the change. He lives pretty far away in the city and since I'll be traveling to my parent's house to pay them a visit, I said why not. I already arranged everything. Stayed in his house for the weekend so we could work on the English project together, then on Sunday I'll be leaving for my family's house. Easy.

That Friday morning, the ride was pretty long but we arrived at his house. My professor's wife, a beautiful redhead woman, whom I later found out her name was Angelique, greeted us. She kissed her husband on the cheek and helped with his bag. I followed the couple inside their house. His wife welcomed me warmly and asked if I needed anything for a start. I politely declined.

" I just needed rest after our long drive." I thought.

I looked around the house for a glimpse of my professor's daughter. I knew he had a daughter because he kept a picture of her and his wife in his office. A petite redhead suddenly climbed down the stairs, bouncing on each step. An exact copy of the young girl in that photograph in his office. Hell, she didn't look like the young girl in that photograph. The girl in that photograph looked to be 14 years of age or 16. But this beautiful young woman climbing down the stairs is a grown *ss woman. She should be eighteen or maybe nineteen. She was wearing grey cotton shorts and a white tank top. My c*ck twitched in my pants at her perky breasts and hard n*ppl*s that were a little visible from her tank top.

I gulp.

She was beautiful. Hell, s*xy.

My professor introduced her as his daughter and her name was Rosalie. My Rosalie. We handshake each other. Rosalie shook my hand longer than I expected with a small smirk plastered on her lips. Discreetly her thumb caressed the back of my palm as she bit her lip.

"Oh we've got a little flirt." I thought.

" You mind showing our guest the guest bedroom?" My professor said to his daughter.

She smiled at me and walked me to my bedroom after which she left by smirking at me again. That was when I knew Rosalie liked me and maybe wanted to f*ck me. That gave me new found confidence. I mean Rosalie was hot and maybe it would be wrong to take advantage of my professor's pretty little daughter but I definitely couldn't pass this hot meat.

Later in the evening, I assisted Angelique in the kitchen while Rosalie helped too. We talked and I told jokes which she laughed loudly to. Aside from being extremely s*xy, she was a good listener. She asked me about my major and what I enjoyed doing and I told her. I also found out she was 19 years old and going to college this fall. For a girl who looked pretty innocent, she's sure a flirt. A good one at that. Just few hours of knowing her, I wanted to f*ck her already.

The following evening, Angelique cooked dinner while I worked with my professor on our English project In his study. Rosalie walked in a few minutes later, wearing nothing but a black denim short skirt and a tank top without a bra. Rosalie won't be able to pick a pen from the floor with a skirt like that. I would be able to see her p*ssy and I wondered what it would look like. D*mn she was hot. She greeted her dad and then me as she sat opposite me, pretending to listen to what her father was demonstrating while she watched me.

I couldn't concentrate, not with Rosalie sitting opposite me with her legs spread open, giving me a perfect view of her swollen shaved p*ssy. God, she wasn't wearing anything underneath that skirt. She came to seduce me and hell I was falling already.

My professor didn't notice the sensual drama going on between Rosalie and me. He was busy talking, analyzing our project that I should be paying attention to. But I couldn't. Rosalie spread her legs wider apart and I could see her wet cl*t, calling only for my fingers and my c*ck to fill her up. Her lips are full and pink and I could clearly see her wetness coat the innermost part of her thighs.

Satisfied she'd seduced me and gotten my attention, Rosalie closed her legs and stood up. She flashed me a smirk and said a quick quiet bye to her father as she left the study. I was hard as a rock and didn't know how to hide my boner.

It was later that night, Rosalie took her flirty behavior to the next level. Angelique, My professor, and I were watching TV that night. It was late so Angelique excused herself to go to bed. And now it was just my professor and myself. We watched the documentary on world war 2 as my professor fell asleep next to me. I was bored out of my mind. I've never liked anything that has to do with wars. A few minutes later, Rosalie walked into the living room, wearing one of her cotton shorts and tank top. She smirked at me and sat next to me. I wanted to ask her what she was doing awake, but she beat me to it.

" Watching World War 2 documentary with your father." I whispered to her.

She peeked her head forward to glance at her father, presumably confirming if he had truly fallen asleep on the couch next to me. It was cold, so I had a blanket Angelique borrowed me to cover myself. Rosalie asked if I was enjoying the documentary and I told her my honest answer, which was no. She laughed. I wanted to ask my professor's daughter why she'd spread her legs for me at her father's study, but I thought against it. Trying not to push my boundaries.

What if she didn't want me? What if she was teasing me? To see if I was weak? I was definitely weak when it came to Beautiful women.

A few minutes into the documentary, I feel Rosalie's hand on my thigh. I was wearing sweatpants so I could feel her fingertips graze my thigh. It was a single touch, but then she lingered her hand a little longer on my thigh. For another second or so, she started to trail her fingers up my thigh, purposely brushing past my c*ck that was already starting to get hard. I turned to look at her and she was smirking at me.

Sweet little Rosalie wanted me to f*ck her. Something I've been craving for. To watch my d*ck slide into her beautiful treasure island, slicked with her juices as my lube.

We stared at each other as she confidently slipped her fingers inside my sweats and grabbed my d*ck in her hand.

" F*ck."

At that moment I forgot her father, my professor was beside me sleeping while his daughter was about to give me a hand job. She squeezed my d*ck and bit her lip seductively.

" You're so big, just like I imagined." She whispered as she slowly started to pump my c*ck with her little hand. I groaned and turned to look at my professor who was weirdly sound asleep.

" Don't stop." I whispered as I looked at Rosalie.

Definitely she wasn't planning on stopping.

Rosalie pumped my c*ck harder and faster and I was surprised how good she was with her hand. I wondered what her mouth could do. As if I was thinking out loud, Rosalie pushed my sweats down as she got under the blanket. I tensed and started to panic that we might get caught.

For Christ's sake her father was sitting right next to me. My panic and worries went away the minute Rosalie pushed her warm mouth down my d*ck.

Holy sh*t!

Her Sweet Innocence 2

" What are you doing?" I whisper-groaned. Her mouth was warm and it wrapped around my cock perfectly.

Rosalie took my cock out of her mouth to answer me.

" Giving you a blow job." She whispered and smirked as she rubbed her thumb over my spit lubed tip. The electric feeling made me jolt a little.

" Your father." I whispered and tilted my head towards my professor.

" Don't worry about him. He's a heavy sleeper. And we'll be quiet. You don't wanna get caught do you?"

Hell fucking no.

This time, Rosalie pushed the blanket off my thighs so it fell to the ground.

" I want you to fuck my mouth whichever way you want." She smirked and winked at me as she slowly pushed my cock into her mouth.

It nearly didn't fit. But Rosalie must be a pro to know how to work a big cock. She bobbed her head up and down my cock, while one of her hands jerked me up. God it felt good.

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