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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellApril 3, 2024

Dark fantasy romance novels

Dark fantasy romance novels

A dark king and his unwilling bride. A princess’s sacrifice to save her people. A moon-touched Luna. A cursed demon king. A stolen promise. A daughter’s forgotten revenge. The devil’s little angel. Forget damsels in distress and prince charmings. These heroes are made of something darker, sturdier and irresistible.

Dark fantasy explores the dangerous edges of desires, the thrill of the forbidden, and the beauty of creatures beyond description. Love and hate are just a breath away from tangling, pleasure and danger skirt around each other in a lustful embrace, and life and death are dices in the hands of a mischievous deity with a cruel sense of humor.

We have compiled these ten dark fantasy romance books to read online for free, written only by the best in the genre, just for you.

The War King's Rejected Bride by Queenies

The Nytia King had specifically asked for Caitrona, Leticia’s sister, but her parents didn’t want to part with their favored, golden daughter, and so, they sent Leticia off in her sister’s place, disregarding her pleas and fear. The King was well known for his brutality and darkness, and Leticia was unsurprise to find that he was exactly as they described him.

Upon finding out that he has been deceived, Dharium resolves to make Leticia’s life miserable, but he begins to falter when he realizes there is more to his bride than he’d originally thought, her light and innocence a beacon that only made him fall harder for her. Talk about a dark paranormal novel that makes you root for both characters, cry, laugh and at the same time, pull at your hair in frustration.

The Sultan's Bride by Lavline

When the wicked Arab King proposes a marriage to the princess of Mahabaleshgarh as a reward for saving her brother’s life, cornering the royal family to the wall, he fully expects a refusal. The princess was, after all, her father’s priceless gem. He wanted war and nothing more. Only, Princess Gulaab surprises him, agreeing to the proposal and by the end of the bargain, the King finds himself taking home a bride he never wanted in the first place.

Princess Gulaab understands Sultan’s Rafiq’s game and she’d be damned if she let him win. Heading into an arranged marriage blindly wasn’t exactly what she envisioned for her future, but being princess came with manuals filled with things she didn’t exactly want. And Rafiq was definitely the last person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Or fall in love with for that matter.

Moon Touched by Scarlet Hart

After being tortured for most of her life, Katia's life only takes another terrible turn when her parents sell her off to Alpha Thomas when she is barely ten years old to be his chosen mate. Alpha Thomas does the unspeakable to Katia for two years and when his atrocities reach its peak, her wolf surges for the first time, fighting for Katia.

But it is no use against a beastly Alpha like Thomas, and in a fit of rage, he kills Katia. Given a second chance by the Goddess only results in more heart wrenching events and Katia, having seen too much pain for her young age decides she’s had enough and ends it all.

Only to be found dying at the edge of a cliff by a different pack and her second chance mate.

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My name is Katia, and I am just trying to survive until my fated mate arrives. Which may be easier said than done. Rejection is the last straw. Whispering my acceptance of his rejection. I run through the pack house, out across the manicured lawn into the forest. "I'm sorry, my sweet girl," I say to my wolf. I'm sorry you have been stuck with me and have had to suffer everything I have. She whispers," it's not your fault, Katia. We came to a cliff with a waterfall. The hurt keeps pounding at me. I need it to stop. My sweet girl, and I just want peace, I keep running and leap off the cliff. Spreading my arms wide, with tears streaming down my face, I fall, not making a sound, waiting for sweet oblivion where we feel nothing ever again. "I love you, my sweet girl! Until we meet again, "My wolf replied just before we hit the water, "I love you too, Katia. I have never regretted a moment with you." The Snow Moon pack is having their last barbecue of the summer next to the waterfall on their land. The adults are laughing and joking while watching the pups play. The alpha, beta, and gamma are swimming with some of the older children and playing a game of Marco Polo. Someone yells, “Oh my goddess, someone just jumped over the waterfall!" Everyone is frozen as they watch what looks to be a child falling arms spread wide, no one makes a sound. The small body hits the water like a plane crashing into the side of a mountain. The alpha, beta, and gamma, spring into action, swimming towards the area the person went under. The alpha is screaming his wolf is going crazy repeating, “Find her. Find her...find her!" They dive and the beta surfaces with a small person in his arms. Alpha takes the girl from his beta, laying her on the ground. The men are shocked by what they see. She is covered in scars and injuries. Her body is twisted and broken. The Beta asks, "Who could have done this to someone so defenseless?" Alpha drops to his knees, repeating, "MATE...MATE...MATE!"


The Desires Of The King by Lavline

Abhishree’s father was murdered in battle by the warriors of Mahabaleshgarh, led by the ruthless Prince Raj, and the need to save the women of her kingdom drives her to cut a deal with him. But Princess Abhi knows little to nothing of wordly desires or the plans prince Raj has in store for her when she agreed to become his willing slave.

From threatening him with a dagger to his neck and their daily banter filled with nothing but brimming hate, Raj soon realizes his slave is no docile woman. She is a fighter, a warrior and surprisingly naïve. Her innocence and feistiness entice him, whether or not he wishes to admit it, and he soon finds himself in a lot of trouble when he realizes she just might be his greatest strength… and weakness.

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  • Author: Lavline
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"I asked you, Not to wear Red. I can't control it Now! Can I take You now?, Abhi" I asked looking at her. Yes, red was something I found sexy and attractive. It ignites my sexual desires, especially for her. Whenever I see her wearing red It brings sensual thoughts to my mind. Her small waist, chiseled shoulders, slim arms, Long legs, and perfect breasts attract me to touch and kiss all of them. But all my fire, desire and wants, vanished in a moment when she asked. "Where?" I looked at her with a strange face and she had a questioning face too. Her eyes were intense and her breathing was still high along with racing heartbeats. "What?" I asked raising my eyebrows and she looked at me with the same look. "You want me to take you somewhere now, Where?" She said and My mouth fell open. I sat beside her looking at her face. "What?" I asked again not digesting her words. She managed to bring my animal down within a few moments. I couldn't understand her words. She must be joking. I couldn't believe she doesn't understand my words. How could it be possible? "Huh?" She said raising her eyebrows and sitting on the bed. "I want to take you means, I want to complete our Marriage," I said looking at her innocent face. I couldn't believe it was real or just her perfect acting skills. How could she be so naive? "You want to retake our marriage vows? ," She said with a little smile on her face. And I almost died in shock. *** One tragedy brought a dominating King and naive princess into ties of marriage. What happens when he gets to know that the girl he started loving and dreaming of making out of knows nothing about marriage and sex.


Sacrificed To Her King by Meike Snoeijs

This dark fantasy romance novel tells the story of a dreamer. Noelle had always longed for adventures, to see beyond the walls of her home, and on her eighteenth birthday, she was overjoyed by the thought of finally seeing her dreams come through. Only, it is snuffed out when she is taken to the King of the Undersea as a part of a rite the people oversaw yearly to find the last witch who could break the King’s curse.

Confused and scared of the new world of magic, secrets and unearthly creatures that she finds herself in, Noelle must device whatever means possible to save her life, even if it means giving in to the commands of the man who stole her life and dreams from her. However, she’d be damned if she didn’t give him hell for it.

Rise Of The Darkness by Hira Baig

Calla's niece suddenly goes missing without a trace, leaving her disraught and she leaves no stones uncovered in her search. But Sophie remains missing and Calla is at her wits end. Soon, things take a strange turn when all clues lead to the impossible and Calla is forced to turn to Ethan Carter, a mysterious man of few words and a scary aura for help. Warned on the darkness approaching severally, even if she has no idea what that means, she knows there's more to it than meets the eye, and she is taken on the wildest adventure on a quest to retrieve her niece before her time runs out and the growing darkness consumes them.

His Human Mate — Bride Of Hades by Queenies

In exchange for her daughter's life, a woman made a bargain with Hades and when the time was due, he came to collect the debt owed.

Aleena had only turned eighteen when a man came to take her, but way before then, he'd been watching, following, learning her. Aleena might not have known what she was to him, but she always had an inkling, a tingle whenever the stranger was around. Worse yet, a new professor is introduced and she finds that he is the same man she met at the club on her birthday and he is hell-bent on collecting her and bringing her back with him to his dark world.

Her Husbands by Lunasads

Hazel's entire family and village is massacred by the Nithilorc princes who betrayed them, but Hazel is taken because of her initial refusal of Prince Cassius, piquing his interest in her. Her hate and apprehension only tripled when they force her into becoming their wife, tying her to them forever.

She had to learn their secrets if she wanted to escape their clutches, but the princes were far smarter than she expected, keeping secrets and her at an arm's length. But Hazel has much more to worry about when she begins to develop feelings that betray the memories of her brutally murdered family and she seeks to get rid of them as well. A dark historical romance novel with a hint of steam and just enough fantasy and suspense to keep you on edge.

Into The Devil's Heart by Makuisse

Breaking her heart and trust, Audrey's father sold her to an auctioneer, who spent no time at all before showcasing her to the richest, offering her for sale to the highest bidder. Knowing that her life might very well go down hill from there, Audrey makes a surprising choice that leaves her bound to Cannon.

Audrey soon discovers that when Cannon had claimed to be the devil, he meant it, in every sense of the word and when she finds herself in hell with no means of escape from the darkness that threatened to snuff her out, she understands that there is only one way she survives at all. By hacking her way into the devil's heart, if he had one.

Book cover
  • Author: Makuisse
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.3

"You don't have to, not when you are willingly offering yourself to the devil himself" he moves round, circling her. " And you know what he's capable of doing, torture is what he's good at" "If I am standing before the devil himself, then" she paused before continuing, "I am ready to ride into his heart" she was bold. " You don't seem to be scared of darkness, do you? " He tilts his head to the side. " Not when I've spent every second in darkness," She said trying so hard not to cry. " I am ready to be consumed by the darkness in hell, to be bound to you for as long as I live and afterlife if only you make me yours! "She spoke out in a confident and decisive tone. " Little bunny," he was more than amused, " you don't make a deal with the devil! " He warns. That didn't scare her, as she spoke out." I already have" He let out devilish laughter, as the building vibrated in response as if experiencing an earthquake. His gaze travels back to the bunny, " SHE IS MINE!" His tone was so firm, claiming her before the Mafia Lords. Audrey Shawn is a nineteen year old girl who has always believed in the love of family, not until she was sold by her dad, the same person who was meant to protect her. She was broken, but nothing aches her more than the thought she was about to be sold to the highest bidder. Willing to take the chance, she willingly offers herself to a man she hasn't met before, beckoning to her, he was the devil himself. What will happen when she finds out that she's crossed a deal with the devil and can't find a way to escape?


Betrothed To The Demon King by Muleba Makukula

With the magic dying out in the land of the demons, Duncan is left with only one option. A solution provided by the gods. A blessed virgin maiden, granted powers and gifts by the gods would be his salvation. It wouldn't have been difficult to save his people if he didn't abhor the humans so much for what they'd done to his family. But when he comes across Eleanor, the blessed human maiden, his hatred stutters and his curiosity is held. He decides he'll have her, right after ridding her of her attachment to the human world and fulfilling her wishes.

Eleanor must avenge her father's death and kill the demon king. That was her destiny, as opposed to what everyone else thought she was supposed to be — a breeding mare and vessel of power for the demon king. But when she comes face to face with him again, she is unable to deny that there are forces far greater, pulling them together.

Don't stop there! There's more. Our dark romance novels section have more fascinating tropes under them to explore. The historical settings, arranged marriages, forced love, close proximity, enemies-to-lovers, all for you, all in the fantasy romance sections too! Sit back and enjoy! Happy reading!