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Angela Lynn Carver

  • 👁 17.6K
  • 7.6
  • 📚 11


Trapped by the Badboy Billionaire
  • 👁 2.3K
  • 9.1

Anya loves weddings. Everything about it is just so...magical. When her brother Ansel decided to get engaged to the love of his life, she knew his wedding day would be perfect. And when the day came, no one was more overjoyed than Anya. There was only one obstacle that could ruin the seemingly perfect day. Connor Williams, an arrogant nightmare who may be after the bride and Anya needs to stop him no matter what! But she finds out something else about Connor. He actually secretly wants her! Now she has no choice but to protect herself from this ruthless man.

My Fake Alpha Boyfriend
  • 👁 1.9K
  • 7.5

Ivy is wolfless, and she feels the weight of her pack's expectations on her shoulders. As a member of the Hidden Valley Pack, she's expected to find her fated mate and settle down. But even when Ivy approaches her twentieth birthday, she still hasn't found her mate, and her pack members are starting to question her, making her feel like a failure. Desperate to save face, she comes up with a plan to ask the handsome and popular college baseball player and a pack Alpha, Ryder, to pretend to be her mate. When Ivy approaches Ryder with her proposal, he initially scoffs at the idea. But Ivy knows that Ryder has a secret that could threaten his position as Alpha, and she uses this knowledge to her advantage. She makes a deal with Ryder: if he pretends to be her mate, she won't reveal his secret to the pack.

Seducing Adeline
  • 👁 2.9K
  • 7.5

This story chronicles the life of Damien Sky and Adeline James from their teenage years to adulthood. When Adeline James met Damien Sky in her new high school, she instantly hated him. He was arrogant, obnoxious, and a playboy. She wanted to avoid him at all costs. But Damien felt different. He thought Adeline was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on, and he decided he had to have her no matter what. Much to his dismay, Adeline avoided him like the plague. She thought she could escape him forever, but fate had other plans for her. She realized that no matter what, she could never escape Damien, especially since he had been harboring a secret. A secret that will change her life forever and bind them together. Will she continue to hate him? Or will Damien finally win her heart?

I Still Hate You
  • 👁 6K
  • 9.7

Ethan Miller was the hottest guy in Greenville High School. Girls loved him, guys wanted to be him. He just had one problem, Corey Price. Corey Price was the complete opposite of Ethan. Ethan did not like his lingering looks and admiring glances. It made him furious. Corey was the bane of his existence. Ethan's solution was to beat and torment Corey and make his school days unbearable. Corey's wounds never healed. His fondness of Ethan turned into hatred and he vowed to never forgive him. But, he spent years working on himself and has emerged a stronger, better person, ready to take on new challenges. Finally confident, he's about to take on a new job. Until he discovered who his new boss was. It was none other than the monster himself. Ethan Miller

Lily Hates Me: A Bully Romance
  • 👁 217
  • 5.1

Jacob has always been the biggest bully in his school. He preyed on the weakest kids and enjoyed watching them suffer. One day, he saw Ryan, the nerdy new kid who just moved into town. He immediately marked him as his latest victim intending to make his high school life miserable. But everything changed when Ryan's sister Lily came to his defense and caught Jacob's eyes. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on and he vowed to do anything to make her his.

  • 👁 176
  • 7.5

Jane is a teenager in high school who had always been insecure about her looks thanks to her older sister who was always deemed more beautiful. She thought living under her sister's shadow was the worst thing that could happen to her. Until one day, her luck turned for the worst when the school's biggest jerk and the bad boy Jake decided to force her to become his wing-woman to win Liliana's heart! Not only that, she accidentally bumped into an even bigger jerk, Jake's older brother Aaron who couldn't seem to keep his hands off of her. How will she ever escape these ruthless bad boys?

All for the Money
  • 👁 77
  • 7.5

To save her family from being homeless, Faith Williams decided to steal from her company. She thought she got away with it until one day, her cold, stoic and unforgiving boss Anthony DeMarco caught up to her scheme and threatened to send her to prison. In a desperate attempt to save herself, she offers her body to him, which angers him even more. How will she ever get out of this troublesome situation?

  • 👁 210
  • 5.6

Aria and Destiny's world have collapsed, leaving them feeling devastated. Just when the sisters thought things couldn't get any worse, they are taken captive by the Crimson Moon Pack, a notorious werewolf group governed by a cruel Alpha king. Forced to endure the pains imposed upon them, they must find their freedom and escape through this dark time. As days pass by, a spark begins to grow inside Aria. She swears to reclaim her freedom and put her life back together again alongside her sister. Her will and determination become stronger with each passing day, but things become complicated when Destiny finds out she is the cruel Alpha king's mate!

Excuse me, I Quit!
  • 👁 3.1K
  • 9.7

Annie Fisher is an awkward teenage girl who was bullied her whole life because of her nerdy looking glasses and awkward personality. She thought once she starts high school, people will finally leave her alone. But she was wrong as she caught the eye of none other than Evan Green. Who decided to bully her into making his errand girl. Will she ever escape him? Or is Evan going to ruin her entire high school experience?

  • 👁 22
  • 7.5

Mckenna Henry has lived a simple life. Her mother raised her in upstate New York and always sheltered her from the dangers of the big city. She also sheltered her from the truth about her father. Now, on the cusp of turning 18, Mckenna has tracked him down herself. She doesn’t know what she expected to find, but standing on the doorstep of a billionaire, telling him she’s his long-lost daughter definitely wasn’t it. Hunter Brooks may seem cold and distant, but it’s only because he’s spent a lifetime guarding himself against everyone who wants to use him for his money. Mckenna doesn’t want money. She just wants to see if there’s some piece of herself in this man she’s never met. And find out why her mother hid the truth for so long. Now all she has to do is knock on Hunter’s door and tell the truth. “Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m your daughter.”

The Bodyguard's Spoiled Princess
  • 👁 627
  • 7.5

Liam is a Twenty Three year old college student who accepted a job offer as the live-in assistant of a rich older gentleman, Mr. William Laverne. He snatched it without question. But on his first day of the job, it was revealed that he won't be taking care of the sweet-natured, mild-mannered old Mr. Laverne after all. Instead, he was tasked to help his spoiled, lazy, and sometimes cruel granddaughter to become a proper young lady so she can one day take over the Laverne industry. Will this be the start of a beautiful friendship or will she lead his life into total chaos?


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