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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellMay 15, 2024

Romance books with Alpha males

Romance books with Alpha males

Seeing the words "Alpha Male," the first thing that probably comes to mind is a strong, powerful, and sometimes ruthless individual. But despite their powerful nature, things don't always end up in their way. Here, we've compiled a list of 15 romance books with Alpha Males who either eventually get tamed by the female lead or maybe, just maybe, discover a softer side to their rugged exterior, as they fall deeply in love and find themselves transformed by the power of romance. We hope you enjoy~

The Alpha King's Human Mate by Queenies

Micaela Whitlock's life was a daily struggle under the rule of the beasts. For almost a hundred years, they had controlled humans, with five different ranks of beasts answering to the powerful Royals. And then there was 'Him' - Diabolua Bestia, the one they feared most. He was a cruel monster, and his name made humans tremble.

Even as she thought that her life couldn't get any worse under the ruthless torture of the beast, Miceala's life took a turn for the worse when she was forced to work as 'His' maid in the Palace, leaving her no way to avoid him. Humans had already suffered greatly at the hands of the beasts, and Diabolua Bestia was the worst of all. Now, Miceala's fate was in his cruel hands.

But in every beast there is a tender soul, even if it’s hidden so deep even the hero himself doesn’t know it. This is one of the romance books where the alpha male appears cruel at first, but eventually love for the female character opens him up in ways no one could expect.

The Alpha’s Pen Pal by Allie Carstens

When a school pen pal project brought together 12-year-old Welsey Stones, a future Alpha, and Haven Kenway, an orphaned human girl, a lifelong bond was formed. Through snail mail, they shared their dreams and fears, and a deep connection grew. Haven's mysterious past, abandoned as a baby with only her name embroidered on a blanket, sparked Welsey's curiosity.

Years passed, and they lost touch, but the memories lingered. 11.5 years later, fate reunited them at a birthday party, and the spark was undeniable. As they gazed into each other's eyes, they recognized each other – the boy and girl from the crumbled 2×3 photo they had exchanged years ago. Sparks flew, and neither could resist the attraction. But with Haven Kenway's mysterious past, one question remains: who is Haven Kenway… really?

An amazing book on alpha male romance, with slow burn passion and unexpected plot twists.

Sold To Her Forbidden Alpha by A King

Bella's joyful life was shattered when her family was brutally murdered by a rival Alpha. Sold as a bride to the same monster by her uncle, she's trapped in a living nightmare, fueling her vow for revenge no matter the cost. But fate's cruel twist? Her body betrays her, craving the touch of her sworn enemy. He knows exactly how to manipulate her, awakening desires she can't ignore. She hates herself and him for it, yet can't resist the urge he ignites within her. Alpha Coast, her destined enemy, becomes the one she can't escape, the one who won't let her go. Now, Bella must confront the one question: how can she exact her revenge on the man she can't resist?

Mated To The Beastly Alpha by Diamondlee

In a world where she's forced to pay off her father's debt with her very being, Nicole's mate treats her like trash, rejoicing in her suffering.

Seeking a momentary escape, she gets drunk and finds solace in a one-night stand with a mysterious, heavily-inked stranger, who was nice at first but turned into a beast the next day and kicked her out of the room.

Unbeknownst to her, this devilishly handsome man is Alpha Liam, the notorious and ruthless leader of the Dark Moon Pack. A playboy who hates the word 'mate.’ He’s consumed by a slow-burning obsession for Nicole - a girl who belongs to someone else, cause after that night, he couldn't get her off his head. Worst of all, he made a mistake and marked her. Now, he's determined to find her and fulfill his lustful desire, no matter the cost. When he gets her, he's going to use her in every way to get over the spell of obsession she has over him and dump her afterward. This was the initial plan. Talking about a possessive alpha male romance book, ‘Mated to the Beastly Alpha' will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat, especially when obsession slowly creeps in and he wants all of her, and won't let anyone stand in his way. Not even her fated Mate!

The Alpha King's Heart by Sunshine Princess

When Adira Wade's parents are sentenced to death for treason, her pack turns against her, and her chosen mate delivers the final blow - a vow of loyalty to her former best friend, now her worst enemy. Adira loses all hope of finding true love and gives up on the idea. But Fate has other plans. King Wyatt McMillian, the merciless and feared Alpha King, visits her pack and with a dominant growl, he declares her his mate; panic sets in as she does the only thing she can momentarily think of which is ‘run.’ But like a predator claiming its prey, of course, there was no escaping from a man like Wyatt MCMillian—the Alpha of Alphas!

The Alpha's Plus Size Urban Human Mate Series by Keisa Khaos

When sassy and plus-sized Ji'lanhi, a friend of Makahi Crystal's mom, is offered a deal to plan a mating ceremony/wedding ceremony for the powerful Alpha—Makahi Crystal, she embarks on a long journey, only to discover a jaw-dropping twist upon arrival - she's his mate instead! A plus-sized human wedding planner with zero knowledge of werewolf culture, Ji'lanhi is pulled into a world of werewolves and forbidden attraction, where nothing in her whole existence could have prepared her for the shocking revelation that changes her reality.

Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother by Joy Apens

A story about forbidden romance, lust or Love, revenge, stepbrother and step-sister alpha and omega, here, Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother will pull you through a long tale of a rollercoaster ride. It all started with hatred, then revenge and lust, to something quite unexplainable between step-siblings. Haven, the ruthless Alpha son, is driven to torment his stepsister, Jasmine, convinced she's a gold-digger after his father's fortune. But as he exacts his revenge, a forbidden desire ignites, and he finds himself consumed by a hunger for her. Haven's craving for Jasmine's body intensifies, and he won't rest until he brands her skin with his sensual mark.

This one’s for you if you are searching for alpha romance books with something spicy and even forbidden.

The CEO Alpha King by Blessing D Writes

Just on her first day of work, the clumsy Serena had been so unlucky to offend the CEO. Mr Zed Williams, the werewolf King, the Alpha King, and above all, the CEO of William Zee Fashion Industry. Her boss! For someone who has quite a temper, spilling a coffee on him was enough to make him hold a grudge, and then, accidentally spilling a cup of coffee on him yet again with his files included, it was more than enough reason to get her to be punished, hence, he was going to make her regret ever stepping on his toes. Zed offers her a deal she can’t refuse – “Little wolf, for your mistakes, you are gonna work as my slave from now onwards, agree?”

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate by Havilworth

Roxanne's life is turned upside down in a single day. She discovers her twin sister is pregnant with her fiancé's child, she's replaced as the bride on her own wedding day, and she's fired from her job. Even when she had lost everything, the one thing she could not afford to lose was her dignity, certainly not at a wedding that should have been hers. That was why, when coincidence brought together the handsome Lancelot Dankworth and the desperate Roxanne, she seized the opportunity to convince him to be her partner on the wedding day that should have been hers, seeing him as the perfect choice.

But then, for everything she had done, the intensity in her stares, the way she acted so casually around him, and every fire she had ignited within him in the few moments he had been around her, this stranger she didn't know was Lancelot Dankworth – Alpha prince of the London Pride Pack – was here to stay, now that he had set his eyes on her, his human mate! His wolf surging possessively for the first time in 26 years won't rest until he claims her as his own!

The Darkest Alpha by Emaa

Meet the Darkest Alpha, Xavier Blackmoon – a monster of a man with a reputation for cruelty, ruthlessness, and danger. He's the last person you'd want to cross paths with, let alone be sold to by your own father. But that's exactly what happens to our Layla, forcing her into a marriage contract she can't escape. With a fate sealed long ago, she must surrender to the mercy of this beast, all for the safety of her pack. But Alpha Blackmoon makes no secret of his dislike for Layla, and his rules are clear: “First, you stay in your room, you’ll have dinner here too. And the top rule: you have to obey my orders without argument. Until further notice, get out of my way, the house is big enough.”

The biggest twist? – He made the rule, yet, it turns out he was the one who couldn't seem to get himself out of her way. A possessive Alpha Male romance book? The Darkest Alpha is definitely will keep you at the tip of your toes.

Arranged To The Alpha by LS Barbosa

Enemies, a contract marriage strictly for business, billionaire alpha male romance book

Arranged to the Alpha is one gripping read. His mate, the destined Luna he knew of, had died!

He made it clear to Natalia from the start, “Our marriage is nothing but a business deal.”

He never liked her, she never liked him, so they never agreed. Falling in love wasn't an option for him; she wasn't his mate anyway... or maybe, with a twist of fate, just maybe, was she?

The Alpha Prince's Redemption by Sunshine Princess

“ help the family” As her dad had said, he'd sold her at seventeen to a ruthless businessman, creditor, and self-proclaimed Alpha of rogues, a man 30 years her senior. A man who, after marriage, maltreated her. When she discovered he had been sleeping with her sister all along, she decided to leave everything behind, taking a bold step of running away. Since the town was in the middle of nowhere, she lost direction and ended up taking solace in a truck.

But this truck was the one the Alpha Prince Rhaegar had used to visit her pack. Unbeknownst to her, he'd sensed her as his mate, but unfortunately lost sight of her. Coincidence or maybe… fate, just when he’d given up ever finding her again and was about to return to his Pack, he'd met her, lying there in his truck.

A Kiss With The Alpha King by Havilworth

Despised by her family for having a monstrous wolf she couldn't control, she was shunned and rejected. Wren, the future Alpha of the pack and her mate had refused to have anything to do with her, instead choosing her sister as his Luna. In the process, she lost her wolf. The only way to regain her wolf was through a second chance mate, a possibility she believed was impossible. Or was it?

Alpha RHYs, the supreme head of the powerful Plum Paradise pack, was a man with a problem: he had never experienced pleasure with a woman. Due to a past experience, he saw women as manipulative and deceitful and therefore hated them.

Well, that was until... he saw her, a little lady with big green innocent eyes, and was pulled in by an irresistible force of attraction. He kissed her, and for the first time in his life, he experienced true pleasure. Now, he would stop at nothing to have that pleasure, over and over again, with the mysterious tiny woman who had awakened his long-dead desires.

Alpha Zac by Darma Day

Isla, a young warrior, emerged from the shadows of her traumatic past, never believing she was worthy of love or a mate. But when she joined Alpha Zac's pack as a warrior recruit, their worlds collided.

Zac, a powerful Alpha at 25, had yet to find his mate. After waiting for years to find his mate, he’d accepted a playboy lifestyle.

At their first meet, her piercing green eyes saw right through to his soul, and he was captivated.

As a fair leader, Zac vowed to treat his mate like a goddess when he found her, but Isla's presence stirred something deeper. She does something to his head. Dark fantasies he couldn't explain surging in. Get ready for an alpha romance book like no other, as this petite warrior and powerful Alpha collide in a gripping, enthralling, and suspenseful read that keeps you wanting more!

Book cover
  • Author: Darma Day
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 60.7K
  • 9.8

Isla- a young, and underestimated warrior. After surviving years of traumatic abuse, she is left orphaned, and alone. She strives to prove to herself, and others, that she is not weak. Though she is beautiful and strong years of psychological abuse, she doesn’t believe she is worthy of love, or that the Moon Goddess will grant her a fated mate. Alpha Zac is the fair and strong leader of Clear Creek. Secretly a hopeless romantic, Zac wants his fated mate more than anything. But after waiting years to find her, he has accepted a playboy lifestyle. When a unique she-wolf warrior joins his pack, she does more than fulfill his fantasies, and she tests how far he will go to protect her from her past. “WEAK” he yells as he swiftly brings the whip at me. I quickly try to cover my face but am not fast enough. I hiss in pain as the unforgiving leather slices my hand and eyebrow. I try to swallow the sob that wants to escape me, but instead, I throw up. Maybe he would have stopped there if I would have missed his boots.** (ISLA) I feel a pang of jealousy; she has what I've always wanted. A loving family, support, friends, and stability. Audrie doesn't have to question if she belongs here or try to prove her worth. (ZAC)My whole chest tightens, and my wolf presses forward. “MATE”. The urgency to hold her, to take away the pain, intensifies. I reach out and lift her head, and that's when I see the gash trickling blood onto the already blood-covered rock. I scoop her up and head straight to the infirmary. I just found my mate, I can't lose her on the same night.


Alpha Maximus The Last Lycan by Jazz Ford

A slave and outcast, Hope was a nobody to the BlackWood pack. Rejected by her mate and bullied daily, her life was a daily struggle. But when her mate who rejected her discovers her healing powers could help in defeating Alpha Maximus, he had by all means tried to pull her back in.

Alpha Maximus, the last Lycan in the world, is a force to be reckoned with – powerful, feared, and struggling to control his Lycan, Chaos. His search for his mate has driven his Lycan to the brink of madness, and his arrival at the BlackWood Pack sets off a tale of events that will change Hope's life forever. Will she be the one to tame his inner beast, or will she become his next victim? Find out in one of the most exciting alpha and omega books.

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