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The Devil's Work

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Rhea works at an exclusive fantasy club. The club caters to the unusual. She won't have s*x with you, but she will fulfill your deepest desires. She wants out. A s*xy stranger gives her the opportunity to leave this perverted world behind, but he has his own dark secrets. The s*xy stranger leads her into a world of vampire hareems, sexual pets, and wild sexual encounters. Lies, contracts, and demons lie beneath the surface. How will Rhea survive in this new world? She must use her smarts to dominate the men who want to dominate her. Will Rhea survive the men that work for the devil?

Chapter 1

Rhea POV

"I am not sure how much more I can take of Randall," I tell Tyler.

"You got this girl," he says as he goes through tonight's list of perverts.

Randall has always been a complete Pervert to me. He makes my skin crawl. I need this job, or I would have left a long time ago. It looks like telling him. No would work. If he touches me again, I am going to lose my mind.

"Easy for you to say. He is not all over you all the time," I say. Why can he not just listen to me and let me vent? I love Tyler to pieces. He has been my friend since I came to Crystal River. He has no idea what it is like to be a woman working with Randall. Tyler is supportive, and he makes a mean margarita.  I do not know where I would be without him in the city.

"It looks like you got a pretty easy night. You have three clients, and it's nothing that serious," Tyler says as he flips through the list.

I keep doing my hair as he goes through the list.  I curl it every night in big curls. For some reason, the men here really like it. As long as they do not touch my hair, I will keep fixing it big and curly. Why they want these big curls is beyond me. It is not like I am going to let them touch my hair. That is a big NO-NO!

"Hey, that guy is on your list again. The one that brings the champagne and food. He is kind of creepy," Tyler says. Tyler loves to tease me about my clients.

"He is creepy. But he is very nice. He wants to talk. He brings me some different strange food every time he comes. His name is Damien Alexander. Last time he left me a huge tip and his cell number. I never called him. I am not trying to end up dead," I say to Tyler.

I have to admit I have thought about calling him. I wonder what he is like outside the club. That is also a big NO-NO. We are not supposed to engage with clients outside of the club.

Tyler smiles that big smile of his at me.

"Maybe I should be working fantasies instead of the talent. Then I could make the big bucks like you. Maybe land me a big fish," Tyler says.

"Yes, you should. This is easy. You just dress up and play along. If it gets too creepy... well, you hit the panic button. But then who would make sure I got the best clients. I need you working my client list," I say.

"Hey, this weird," Tyler says. Tyler scans his tablet, looking at the list and looking at me.

"Tyler, you look stressed; what is it? Would you please not tell me the other two are weirdos," I say?

"No. Mr. Alexander booked you for three blocks instead of one. It looks like he wants you for the night. OOH, LAA LAA," Tyler says.

"What the hell?" I inquire.

"Looks like he is trying to request you for the full night, and when it was rejected, he bought three blocks of time," Tyler says.

"Approve the night if you can. This will be an easy night if all I have to do is listen to him and eat whatever amazing food he brings," I say.

"Are you sure?" Tyler asks.

"Yes. Please do it! Before some weirdo books me," I tell him.

I pull the ringlets out of my hair and spray my hair with strong-hold hair spray. I fluff it a little. If Mr. Alexander is coming, I need smoky eyes and big eyelashes. Tyler is watching me apply my makeup with much interest. I wish he would just ask. I would help him with his. In time I am sure he will.

I need something scorching to wear for Mr. Alexander tonight. I go through my closet, looking for something he has not seen before. The long black a line with the sl*t up to my thigh is perfect, white bra with a white button-up top.

I hold up the outfit I have chosen and show Tyler. "What do you think?" I ask.

Tyler smiles. "I think you are about to land the big fish," he says.

"You are an idiot, Tyler. Now sit down and let me throw some lashes on you before you head back out. I know you want to," I tease him.

Tyler sits down in my chair. I carefully place a few individual lashes on him.

"I am not gay. You know that Rhea," Tyler says.

"I never said you were Tyler. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty," I encourage him. He will come out when he is ready.

Tyler's tablet started dinging. He glances down at it. "Woah, Mr. Creepy booked you for the night. Look, if he gets weird, just let me know, and I will get one of the big guys to toss him out," he says.

"I know you got me, Ty," I respond.

I kiss him on the forehead. I got to get dressed. As I dress, I watch Tyler admire his lashes. I love him, my best friend. I slip into my white bra, then the button-down, and finally the skin-tight a-line skirt.

"Tyler, before you go, can you slip my heels on me," I ask.

He looks at my dress. "I think you should wear those over the calf, black boots. Ooh la la," he says.

"Either way, I need help. You know how clumsy I am. I cannot get them on by myself. So you are up. Get to handling the talent," I say with a laugh.

Tyler grabs my boots out of the wardrobe and walks over to where I am sitting.

"You owe me big. I expect a tip for this," he says.

"I will buy you breakfast in the morning with the big tip I am about to get," I say.

"Deal, I want pancakes from the place across the street. OOO, and blueberries. Maybe some eggs and cheese," he says.

"Tyler, Why do you think he wants me for the night? I am not going to sleep with him. Could he want just to talk that long," I ask?

"Maybe he is in love, Maybe he is bored, Maybe he is going to kidnap you," he says with a huge cackle.

"Get serious, idiot. I bet he thinks he can get more than we offer, which is not happening. No way in hell I am sleeping with a client. I hate this job, but I do follow the rules," I say sternly.

"Hey. There is no one more professional than you in this fantasy club. That I know, I know you would never cross that line. If anything goes wrong, just hit your button. If you are nervous, I will cancel him. I am pretty sure he is harmless," Tyler says.

"You are right. I am the one that said do it. It will be an easy night with an easy client. Right, Ty?" I say.

"Yep. Now get your s*xy *ss up and get to your fantasy room. He will be here soon," Tyler says. He kisses me on the cheek and leaves the room. He is right. I need to get my *ss in gear and get my fantasy room ready for Mr. Alexander.

Chapter 2

Rhea POV

Why does the man always ask for fantasy room six? It is the strangest room. I look around the room. Everything in here is black and red. It is the most gothic room we have. At least I do not have a lot to set up. It is already set up to Damiens expectations. He seems to like the dark colors. I find it creepy. One of the girls described this room as gothic romance. No. This is not romantic. Creepy for sure, but not romantic. I feel like I am in a Romanian castle waiting to be taken by count Dracula or something. Maybe that is it. He is count Dracula coming to sweep me away into a whirlwind night of romance. That is a disturbing thought.

I need to check the tablet to see what his request are.

I pick the tablet up off the table. I power it on. Why don’t I ever get a charged tablet? I think Randall does this on purpose. I grab a charger out of the drawer and plug it in. I wait for a moment for it to power on so I can use it. Finally, I scroll down and select


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