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Best Romance Novels

Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellJune 19, 2024

Best forbidden romance books

Best forbidden romance books

Rousing. Thrilling. Dangerous. Sexy. Sometimes, love isn't all roses or rainbows. Sometimes, love is hard, dark, a struggle, or even a taboo, one with consequences and steep prices to be paid.

These beautifully written forbidden love romance books depict love and lust in their rawest, darkest forms, and just how far each character is willing to go to fight for and keep each other, even if the entire world is against it.

These books about forbidden romance take you through a rollercoaster of emotions, which undeniably makes for captivating entertainment. The below are some of the best forbidden romance books to read on AlphaNovel, and we do hope you enjoy them! Happy reading!

My Stepbrother's Baby by Sarwah Creed

Evan Stewart was more than a dream — he was Anita’s waking obsession. But he didn’t know who she was and she was hellbent on changing that. Taking wild courage under the cover of an extreme, nearly unrecognizable makeover, Anita stole the show at a party she wasn’t invited to, stealing Evan’s attention too. And if she had been told her dreams would come true, she just might have lost her marbles sooner.

Evan had a taste of heaven on the stranger’s lips and just as soon it happened, she was gone. However, when he discovers her in school, he makes it clear that hell would break loose if he didn't have her again and keep her for good. What Evan doesn't account for, though, is Anita’s revelation. She was pregnant.

Taboo by Goddy Francis

Goddy Francis creates a collection of over 40 stories, each captivating in their own right and more steamy, more forbidden than the last. They are everything you could guess and nothing you could have imagined. From the teacher-student relationship to stepfathers, stepdaughters and stepsons, S&Ms to multiple partners, sexy uncles or aunts to therapists and orgies, it pushes the limits placed on pleasure, gifting each character an experience unlike any other, a thrill in the dark, beyond closed doors, outside in the open, a mixture of the deadly three. Forbidden desires, pleasure and pain entwine in one of the best dark forbidden romance books in AlphaNovel, creating a rush that'll keep you hooked.

Bullied By Navy Triplet Stepbrothers by Nina Gogo

She tried, but she could never really forget the boys who tormented her through high school. Thinking those days gone and the brothers too far in the past to cause her pain, Mia stashes the memories away, moving on and facing her future with optimism.

But Mia’s world is rocked when her mother suddenly announces her engagement to Albert without prior discussion. Begrudgingly, Mia goes with her mother to meet her to-be stepfather, only to discover his sons and her now stepbrothers are the three unforgivable men she’s tried so hard to forget.

With fear in her heart and walls raised higher than ever, Mia braces herself for the worst of their torture, but nothing could’ve have prepared her for the sudden interest the brothers have in her, the desire to not just woo her, but own her heart and body completely.

The Lycan King's Breeder by Joy Apens

Talon had wanted a child for so long, it was all he thought of, dreamed of. But the truth was such a painful truth to swallow. Willow, Talon’s mate, could not bear him a child, and he’d learned to accept that, however difficult it was. He loved his mate too much to add to her suffering by placing his desires over her well-being.

But Willow saw Talon’s suffering and procured him with a solution, one Talon abhorred and considered vile, a betrayal. He had to choose a breeder and impregnate her, but Talon always had been a faithful man. Only, Willow’s obsession with giving Talon a child drove him into doing precisely what she wanted.

And when Talon began to find himself drawn to the breeder, regardless of how hard he fought it, his conviction that there was no one else but Willow for him began to crumble.

Their Secret Obsession by Pippa Moon

Wanting to surprise her boyfriend on their anniversary, Charlotte heads to his home, but she finds him in bed with another woman. Leaving angrily after knocking him unconscious, she heads to the home of her best friend, in the bid to find her bedroom, she falls into the wrong one. More precisely, she falls into a bathtub with Lilly’s notorious brother, Knox.

Knox and Kane had always had feelings for Lilly, feelings that they could neither understand nor accept, and they punished her for casting a spell over them. Their punishment came years later, when they ran into Charlotte during their sister’s party and discovered she’s their mate.

A Succubus For The Kings by DarkMage

Paltmin had a problem. He didn’t want to be one of the chosen. He loved his life as a human, his freedom, the little things he had, he was content with. He was sure he could escape the selection that was held every year. He was as average as they came and the kings would have no interest in him.

One moment and all Paltmin knew came crashing down. Presented before the kings, Paltmin realizes he has been chosen to be more than servant to the king and when his body begins to undergo changes to fit with all that they were, Paltmin realizes there is no running from his fate to be their lover and so much more. A gay forbidden romance book with a mix of fantasy and humor that’d leave you clinging to every scene, wanting more.

Sinful Desires: My Uncle is Mine by Dark Mage

June shouldn’t have watched but drawn like a moth to flame, she couldn’t resist the enthrall of it, him. Her uncle, Kristin, had a hold on her she’d never come to understand and had no intention to, and he caught her watching him pleasure himself.

To Kristin, she would never be more than his little niece, his sister’s daughter, and June understood that, but her desperate attempts to keep her unholy feelings hidden from him, she incites Kirstin’s suspicion. But like they always say, curiosity kills the cat, and Kirstin finds himself between June and a hard place when he realizes what names she calls in the dark, and how easily his body reacts to his little niece. In this age gap forbidden romance book, Kirstin fights a war between his principles, skewed morals and his heart. Which do you wager will win this fight?

The Alpha King's Curse by LG Savage

Death was his curse and Jackson King had come to terms with it. He had to further his lineage before those jaws closed in on him, but the Goddess’s punishment hadn’t stopped there. The only woman with whom he could have a child was a half-blood. Layla Castile. Not only was she just another human, she didn’t want to be his anything.

For longer than she could remember, Layla had been taking care of her little sister and her drunk father. Learning of the debts her father accrued pushes her into a tempting but repulsive offer given to her by the hottest man she’d ever seen. Become his surrogate and get paid for it. Layla finds herself struggling between her disgust for the man and her desperation. Ranking high on the top forbidden fantasy romance books on our shelves. You might want to hold on tight to something for this one.

Bad Boy Billionaires by Margarette Grey

Scarlet met Jax a few months before her mother remarried Thomas. It wasn’t a physical meeting, but text after text built a connection between them that Scarlet couldn’t ignore, regardless of how hard she fought it. Jax had become her safe place, her anchor.

After her mother’s wedding, Scarlet meets Lucas, her ‘new’ stepbrother, who might have been the most handsome man she’d seen. But Lucas wanted nothing to do with her and frankly, she couldn’t be bothered with him.

Or so Scarlet thought, until she finds out Lucas is Jax, and she’s been rather graphic about telling her annoying stepbrother all about her desires for him, unwittingly.

Enslaved To The Ruthless Mafia by Kylie Evans

Bella is kidnapped shortly after she arrived at Italy for a family visit, and her life takes a turbulent turn from that moment. She soon finds herself in binds and flimsy clothes, atop an auction box to be sold off as a sex slave to bidder number eight, who happened to be none other than the ruthless mafia king himself, Gabriele Andino.

Gabriele had no love for slave traders, but he couldn’t deny that the ‘merchandise’ was quite…exquisite. Refusing to give in to the fire in his blood that burned hotter the longer he looked at her, he left the auction, but Gabriele soon finds that there’s no running from Bella when she shows up at his home, a pretty little meal for his devouring.

A Hunt For His Queen by Eva Zahan

Duncan De Sylvano never let emotions rule him. Most called him unfeeling. Cruel. Unhinged. But Duncan knew what he was—undeterred. An average man might have been considered creepy for watching Camilla for days that panned into months and then years, staking his claim on her silently, all the while allowing her the illusion of freedom, but there was nothing average about him.

Now, his little wild flower has bloomed into a stunning young woman, ready to be tamed. If only she knew how much he’d waited for this moment, watched her grow, pay off her mother’s debt and become the fiercest strongest woman he knew. If only Cassandra understood how far he’d go to put the world in her small, soft hands, she wouldn’t fight him so hard every step of the way.

But then, Duncan had always loved a good challenge.

The Perfect Twins by Cleo Lily

Kacie had loved Caden since forever, watching him, following him in high school just to get a glimpse of his smile, and when she worked up the nerve to confess her feelings, she was stunned when he didn’t outrightly reject her. Friends, they became, and later, lovers. The shy kisses and not so subtle touches grew and Kacie knew she wanted more.

What she didn’t know was that Caden had secrets, none that he shared. Perhaps, he was scared she’d leave him. Perhaps, it was for the best that she remained in the dark. But Caden’s tight-lipped nature created a trauma so great for them, it haunted them well into college.

Kacie forgave Caden, but Caden couldn’t forgive himself. She understood, giving him time to heal, but one day, she decided she’d had enough of his excuses. She would take the bull by its horns and initiate intimacy.

Only, it wasn’t Caden that walked in on her half-naked in his room. It was Chase, another secret Caden had been hiding. He had a twin and Kacie had no idea she was about to cheat on her boyfriend.

Book cover
  • Author: Cleo Lily
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9.8K
  • 9.4

What happens when the person you are about to have s*x with is not your boyfriend but your boyfriend's twin brother!? ------ Kacie Miller is a nineteen-year-old who has been dating Caden Iverson for three years. Their relationship has been one without any sexual activity because of a traumatic situation they both experienced the first time they tried it three years ago. Years have passed, and Kacie has completely forgotten about it and wants to try intimacy again, but Caden still remains disturbed, giving excuses whenever Kacie brings up sexual intimacy in a conversation. Determined and full of confidence, Kacie plans a day for both of them to be intimate, but Caden gives another excuse over the phone. Angry and annoyed, Kacie switches off her phone. But suddenly, Caden shows up, and Kacie finally continues her plan of being intimate with him, and just when his length is about to be buried deep inside her, a shocking statement comes out of Caden’s mouth. “I’m not Caden, sweetheart. I’m Caden’s twin brother…” “Chase” What will Kacie do? Push Chase off her body and remain unsatisfied? Or proceed with being intimate with Chase and cheat on Caden? As their tale progresses, with the new arrival of Chase, who looks exactly like the one Kacie has always loved–Caden, her heart ignites as feelings for Chase Begin to emerge. Clearly, she can't have them both to herself... Or can she? ______________ Daily Updates! Content Warning: Mature and possible triggering content from the very first chapter.


Sex With My Mafia Stepbrother by Bebeizrael

There is nothing normal about the bond between Tiffany and Luciano in the forbidden sibling romance book. From the moment Tiffany laid eyes on her stepbrother, she knew what she wanted. She had such filthy thoughts she knew her mother was best not knowing, and every time she yearned for touch, it was Luciano’s face that came to mind.

It was wrong, but she was long gone, spiraling down the path of carnal, forbidden want that only one man could give.

Tiffany, however, is given a deadly awakening when she realizes Luciano isn’t all he seems to be and there is something dark and lethal hiding behind those eyes. But who ever said deadly wasn’t thrilling?

The Professor Who Loves Me by Margarette Grey

After a disappointing day at school, Anya goes with her boyfriend and best friend to the party of the year. When the lights suddenly go out and the games require a kiss from a partner, Anya reaches for her boyfriend, Kristoff, but unwittingly grabs the wrong man.

In a matter of seconds with her lips pressed against his, Anya feels more than she’s ever felt with any man. For sixty long seconds, she kissed a man she didn’t know like her life depended on it, and he kissed her like she was life itself.

When the lights come on, Anya is faced with a jarring revelation. The man she had locked lips was none other than her new professor, Sebastian.

The Vampire Kings and Their Little Mate by Liz Barnet

After hesitantly taking a job at the Kings’ palace at the behest of her friend, Jasmine finds that she hasn’t only traded her peace for a good pay, but her sanity as well. Trying to keep a low profile gets her nowhere as every eye falls on her, earning her attention from the three most feared Kings in all of history.

But her situation only worsens when the night of the full moon arrives and Archer, Lucien and Michael recognize her, a lowly human, as their mate.

Jasmine wants nothing to do with them or the bond, but there’s only so much she can do to resist them, and it doesn’t matter if she runs to the ends of the earth. They’d find her and bind her if it was what it took to be with her.

Book cover

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