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Sinful Desires: My Uncle Is Mine

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*Not incest* "You are playing with fire, doll," he warned, eyes dark and dangerous. "A very deadly fire." I looked at the chains on the bed again and pictured them clamped on my wrists, my t*ts and p*ssy in full display... Maybe deadly will do for now... *. *. *. *.* Harboring feelings for someone older than me seems deadly especially when the said person is my uncle. Despite knowing this, the thirst for a drop from his hot-as-hell river of sexiness can't be quenched. Fantasies turned into cravings which in turn spurred the implementation of my devious plans to get him all to myself. Will this blood barrier push him away from acknowledging this mutual feeling of lust, or will his fuel be poured on my burning coals?

Chapter 1


"F*ck me harder, Kristin.”

The sound of moaning and the slapping sounds that followed woke me up from sleep.

I sat up on the bed and stretched my muscles.

“Yes, Kristin. That's it! Hit my damned p*ssy!” A woman cried out.

I hastily rose from the bed and hastened towards the door.

The thoughts of what was going on in the room opposite mine, made my heart feel like it was being sliced in two.

I knew I should return to my room, but the thoughts of seeing him naked far outweighed my need to run far away, to avoid further heartbreak.

“F*ck. You are so tight.” Kristin growled in that deep voice of his that never ceases to send rippling shivers down my spine.

My legs shook, yet, I managed to reach his door.

I gently opened it, like I always did any night he brought a wh*r* back.

His back was the first thing I saw. The rippling muscles bulged with each thrust he made.

His black hair is tied up, showing the tail of the dragon tattoo that ran through his back.

Lying in front of him is a woman.

Though I couldn't see her, her creamy legs which were tied to the chains connected to the ceiling were what I saw.

“F*ck me harder, Kristin!” She moaned.

He thrust in so hard that the bed shook.

All this I witnessed, from my spot on the door.

Against my better judgement, I slid my hands into my p*ssy.

I've gotten used to playing with them since the first night I witnessed him having wild s*x with a woman.

It isn't healthy, I know. But I couldn't stop my hand from seeking my p*ssy as I imagined being in the same position as the woman under him.

I played with my clitoris, imagining him running his tongue up and down, to the mouth of my p*ssy.

A gasp escaped from my throat when I slipped two fingers into my wet p*ssy.

I was able to drown the voice of the woman, who was still panting under him.

I increased my pace as my imaginary uncle slid three hands into my wet, moist p*ssy.

He licked his lips before he peered up at me. His green eyes darkened with lust as his fingers kept on slowly fingering me.

“Do you want to feel my mouth on you, doll?” He asked with that playful smirk on his face.

I gasped when I felt myself on edge.

A moan escaped from my throat.

Almost immediately, the slapping sound stopped.


This time, the voice wasn't in my head.

I froze.

My eyes slowly glanced up, to meet with the p*ss*d expression on Kristin's face.


Before he could say a word, I ran out of his room and banged the door behind me.

I ran to my room and locked the door before I leaned on the door.

My heart felt like it was about to lunge out of my throat.

This wasn't the first time I'd watched him, but this was the first time I'd gotten caught.

I counted to 100 before I heard footsteps approaching my door.

“June.” He knocked on the door, but I didn't respond.

“I know you are leaning behind that door, June. Open the damned door!” He sounded p*ss*d.

I swallowed.

This wasn't the first time he has gotten angry at me, but it was the first time he has used such a tone with me.

I shivered, afraid of the sight I might meet should I open the door.

He sighed.

“We will talk in the morning.”

I didn't leave the door until I heard the sounds of footsteps.

I sighed.

What have I gotten myself into?

I facepalmed.

If only I hadn't gone to his room, I wouldn't have been caught.

Yet, I didn't regret it.

Against my better judgment, I placed a palm on my mouth before I slid my hand down my pyjamas and into my still-wet p*ssy.

I imagined my uncle slapping my p*ssy as he fingered me, telling me how much he wanted to f*ck my virgin p*ssy.

A shiver racked through my body as I increased my pace.

“Doll,” his voice rumbled on my stomach as he stared into my eyes with eyes dark from arousal.

He snaked his tongue out and licked my navel.


I moaned.

“Good girls don't cuss, Doll.” He slapped my p*ssy so hard that I screamed.

“Uncle, please no. Don't do this,” I cried out.

Despite the pain, I was still feeling aroused.

The feeling his hit on my p*ssy elicited in me, was unlike any I've ever felt.

I curled my toes and arched my back.

“You love that, don't you? You are one dirty sl*t, my Doll. You need your uncle to slap this p*ssy of yours, don't you?”

“Yes, uncle. Slap my p*ssy, f*ck it so hard that I won't be able to walk for days. This doll is all yours, and nobody else's," I cried out.

“Then, I will do what you asked of me. I will f*ck you so hard that you won't be able to walk, for days.”

The treat was clear on his face, but it still sent shivers down my spine.

My stomach clenched as I hurried to hasten my orgasm.

Just like every damned time, imagining my uncle doing wicked things to my body, sped up my orgasm.

“C*m for me, Doll.” My conjured uncle whispered into my neck.

“F*ck, uncle!”

With a scream, I orgasmed so hard that it shook my entire body.

As I came down from the soul-shattering orgasm, I felt guilty.

The feeling I have for my uncle is frowned upon by society.

Yet, I can't help the feeling.

If loving my uncle can lead me down the path of damnation and denunciation, then, I won't hesitate to walk that line.

After all, he's to be blamed.

His face, and the gentle way he treated me, made me fall hard for a man I wasn't supposed to have erotic things about; my mother's brother.

He's a man whom I shouldn't have developed feelings for.

But I'm immune to those morals.

After all, the heart can't help who it loves…

Chapter 2


Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!!

I hate myself right now.

What kind of a shitty uncle am I?

I ran my hand through my hair as I went back to my room. The print of my dick against the short I hurriedly jumped into when June bolted almost made me sigh. Sex has never felt so repelling as it did now.

In a bid to gather my thoughts, I paused outside my door with my forehead resting on the goddamn frame. With the way I pulled out of the woman—still on my bed, probably—and bolted out, I don't think she will still be in the mood. What's worse, I left her tied.

I palmed my face and sighed. June was supposed to be asleep. Hell, I was the one who woke her most of the time since she slept kind of deep.

Was I that loud?

My mind spiraled as I slowly pushed the door to my room open. I did not expect the sight that greeted me.

My whore—forgive me, I don't k

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