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Their Secret Obsession (A Reverse Harem)

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"I, Charlotte Jane Attwood of the Crimson Moon Pack, reject you, Knox and Kane Maddox, as my mates and sever my bond to you both and your pack!" I recited, my eyes dancing with my unspoken pain seeing my mates entwined together with a female! A female who was not me! Shaking my head of the tears I felt threatening to fall from my icy hues. I straightened and waited for them to accept my rejection! But the words that left their lips left me stunned. "I, Knox Maddox and Alpha to the Crimson moon pack refuse to accept your rejection!" He snarled, slipping from the bed, naked and unashamed to step into me, the female sprawled out on the bed forgotten. Kane was quick on his heels, the pair caging me in a wall of muscle and testosterone. "You belong to us, Lottie! I, Kane Maddox, Alpha of the Crimson Moon Pack, refuse to accept your rejection." "Ours!" Knox repeated anger swimming in his baby blues. *** Follow the story of Charlotte, Knox and Kane as they try to find their footing in a cruel world filled with betrayal, heartbreak and secret obsessions that threaten to destroy the bonds of brotherhood and love!

Chapter 1: Honey I'm Home!

Lotties POV:

"So, who is coming tomorrow?" I asked my best friend Lilly, who was twirling in the mirror, the expensive satin of her wedding dress swishing around her ankles, so absorbed in her reflection that she was only half listening to me. Tomorrow was her big day, and ever the perfectionist, she just had to check everything still fit perfectly.

"Umm, the usual: our pack, Daddy's business partner, bordering packs, and their alphas. It's only a small gathering." She mumbled, brushing her hands over her tiny waist.

"Small." I nodded sarcastically; we clearly had a very different understanding of what small meant, but as the daughter of the ruthless Alpha of the Crimson Moon packs, I guess this was small.

"You know your mating ceremony will be just like this!" Sage chuckled, watching Lilly through my eyes.

"Not a chance!" I barked, looking over at Lilly and her lavish dress, fake lashes and tan. I loved her and her confidence, but I was definitely more subtle than Lilly, never one to bask in the limelight but hide in the back! So this sort of opulence wasn't for me.

"Your dad and Alpha Leigh won't accept any less than an extravagant ceremony! You are screwed, as they won't allow you a low-key event! You are the Beta's daughter. You must represent the pack; you know Mike will want all this too! Frills and all!" Sage teased, making me groan, shutting her out. I looked at Lilly warmly, smiling at her; she was truly beautiful!

"You look beautiful, Lilly, very skinny," I added, knowing it was what she wanted to hear, but the truth was she did! She was the kind of girl that would look beautiful in a garbage bag.

"You think?" She asked; seeing how her lip twisted into a smile, I knew she was satisfied with my answer.

"Yes!" I stated firmly. Clapping giddily, she gasped, running to the dressing table; she returned with a box, placing it in my lap.

"I got you a gift to thank you; I know I have been a bridzillar the last few months preparing for the wedding." Taken back, I glanced between her and the beautifully styled box in my lap. Running my hand over the pretty pink ribbon, I look at her, remembering why I love her so much! She may be spoiled, a damned princess and an insane drama queen, but she never ceased to make me feel special and appreciated!

"You shouldn't have." A polite smile painted my lips.

"Oh shh." She grinned happily, tapping the box she stood; carefully, she stripped out of her wedding dress, unashamedly walking around in nothing but a white lace thong.

"Lilly!" I squealed, averting my eyes. "What if someone walks in!" I laughed.

"Then I will have my brothers spoon their eyes out!" She winked, groaning at the mention of her brothers.

"Not all of us have brothers to protect our reputation." I laughed, shaking my head nervously. Looking at the box and then back to Lilly, admiring her enthusiasm. I wish I had an ounce of her confidence!

"Go try it on; Mike will die when he sees you in it!" She laughed, pulling me to my feet, nodding for me to open the box. Rolling her eyes, she ushered me into one of the fitting rooms to try it on.

"Prude!" She laughed! "And once Mike sees you, I am pretty sure he will fight the damned devil for you!"

"Wait, what?" I asked nervously as she pushed me into the fitting room, winking at me as she closed the door. "Lilly, what have you done?" I groaned, but curiosity was getting the better of me.

"You will thank me later when he can't keep his hands off you!" She laughed. "I have a matching one!" Excitement chased the fear down my spine; Lilly had incredible taste, so whatever was in the box I knew would be mouth-wateringly beautiful.

"Be rude not to take a look." Sage, my sassy wolf, teased as I toyed with the ribbon. "You know she won't give up till you at least take a look!" She added, and she, of course, was right! Lilly was a force to be reckoned with; as the youngest child of the Alpha, she had learned quickly how to wrap him and her brothers around her finger; she wasn't used to hearing the word no!

Biting my lip, I pulled the ribbon, sucking in a breath, seeing the racy lingerie staring back at me challengingly, silently daring me to be bold.

"Oh, My God!" I moaned, shaking my head! "I can't wear this!" I laughed, feeling the blush spread across my cheeks.

Fifteen minutes later, I stood up on the podium, Lilly staring at me proudly.

"F*ck! I'd totally do you if I weren't getting married tomorrow!" Lilly winked, circling me. "I don't understand why you don't see how hot you are!" She groaned.

Looking in the mirror finally, I s*ck*d in a breath; my pearly white hair cascaded across my shoulders and down to my hips; it always reminded me of spun silver; Mike always told me it made me look angelic, which was ironic given what Lilly had dressed me in.

My slim figure was encased in an icy blue crotchless cami suspender set that left nothing to the imagination. A lace embroidered halter neck with mesh panels barely covering my n*ppl*s ran down my body in a slim V, which seemed pointless considering it was crotchless!

"Seriously, it's like wearing a piece of dental floss!" I groaned, ignoring Lilly's giggles. Wriggling in distaste, the crotchless thong angrily plunged into my *ss from behind the suspender straps attached to silky soft stockings. "How do girls wear this sh*t? It hurts!" I whined.

"No pain, no gain, Lottie! It's the price we pay to be beautiful!" Lilly grinned, slapping my bare *ss cheek before walking to grab my summer dress and flip-flops from the fitting room, holding them out to me with a wink.

"Go, show Mike!" she grinned knowingly. "You can tell me all about it later!" She giggled mischievously. With a final look in the mirror, I admitted she was right. It did look good! S*xy even! Rolling my lip between my teeth, I blushed, deciding to take her advice; Mike and I had not had much alone time lately; he was always working, Alpha Leigh had been keeping him busy with safety preparations for tomorrow.

"Well, this was an excellent way to get his attention." Sage cackled as I slipped my dress over Lilly’s gift.

Getting to the apartment I shared with Mike didn't take long; my father had insisted we stay close to the pack house; being the Crimson Moons beta, he, like Lilly, was used to getting his way.

Seizing my keys from my bag, I froze, hearing the muffled sound of talking from behind our apartment door. Mike was home!

"Is he watching p*rn?" Sage laughed, hearing the barely audible moans from within the apartment walls. Concentrating on the sounds coming from the other side of the door, I laughed, hearing the distinct sound of mattress springs, breathy moans and...

"Mike ! Don't stop! Oh my god, Mike harder!" A female panted as the familiar sound of a headboard pounding a wall fluttered up to my ears. MY headboard! Swallowing the bile that assaulted my throat, I quietly entered the apartment, numbly stumbling to our bedroom; the closer I got, the more I understood.

"As you wish, baby girl!" MY boyfriend moaned as the squeaking got quicker, more desperate.

"Baby girl!" Sage roared, "THAT is our pet name!"

"F*ck I am gonna c*m." Mike grunted urgently.

"The f*ck you are!" I roared, opening the door with a bang.

"Sh*t!" Mike’s panicked voice spluttered as I flicked the light on.

"Hey honey, I'm home!" I mocked, locking eyes with the guy I loved, who was balls deep in a female... a female who wasn't me!

Chapter 2: Wrong Room.

Lottie POV

"I didn't think you would be back till later?" Mike dares to say, looking at me like I had grown two heads and was somehow in the wrong.

"Clearly!" I mutter, walking over to the closet, grabbing my overnight bag and aggressively shoving things into it.

"Baby girl...Come on..." He has the audacity to sound hurt; glancing into the mirror, I lock my eyes on him, Sage shining in my icy hues.

"I am sorry, who are you talking to ... Me? Or Her?" Seeing the puzzled look on his face, I continued. "Just two seconds ago, I heard you call her 'baby girl'." I spat, knowing I was being petty over the pet name, but given that I had just walked in on him banging some chick in our bed, I felt I had earned the right to be a little childish!

"No, you are mistaken." He shakes off. Spinning around, I glare at him.

"Is he seriously trying to make ME feel like I

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Jessica Hines

Review after the novel completion

I wish it ended differently even with her recognizing the plan its frustrating to not know if she made it to the royals or how thing will unfold I had hoped to gt a glimpse of the woohooing before the book ended to reassure her they were still hers I also don't like the fact the made the deal with the demon I feel like there was some hidden meaning to wat the moon goddess was saying like there was a loop hole I also hope there a loop hole to the demons plan bc I would hate for their daughter to actually end up being with him it's weird she shld have a choice n hopefully she wouldn't willing choose a demon to be with I would have hoped they could have found a way to remain together and work threw this crap considering she didn't know she was pregnant when she made the deal to bring the royal n father back which you thing would break watever tie because it was a hidden clause the goddess didn't mention until after I hope everything works out for them in the end I love Kane and Knox I wouldn't mind to find them in my bed and the love they have for lottie is clearly genuine it just sucks that even they couldn't find a different solution I hope Connie's head gets ripped off and that their sister tries to be friends with lottie again only to have lottie to tell her to piss off I hope lottie reins over the royals and become the next to rule be sebastian seems like a snake not fit to rule I joke chase has the honor of ending his life forcing the twins sister to die from the loss of her mate!loved!

July 11, 2024

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