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L. G. Savage

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About me

If you like a bit of steam in your books, you’ve come to the right place! L. G. Savage lives with her partner and two children in a small town in England. She writes steamy books ranging from YA and Paranormal to Erotic Romance. From fluffy to dark. Though she has written for years, she first published on serial platforms two years ago. She enjoys creating imaginary worlds, reading and spending time with her family. L.G. is currently building her community so she can bring her work to a wider audience. Thankful for the fans she has met who encouraged her to branch out. You can follow her on Facebook or Reamstories for more content.


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After a tragic car accident that took her past, Raechel Bourne has no choice but to forge her own future. She wants a home. A family. A real name. Nothing will stop her, not even her slowly unravelling mind. But her carefully constructed world turns upside down the night she sees the man from her dreams. The man she helplessly craves. Rhys Bourne believes the Fates have abandoned him, but even he can't deny something leads him into the small town. His world stops when he sees her. Rae. The woman who is supposed to be dead. The woman everyone believes he murdered. But she's walking around without a care in the world, living among humans and using his name. She needs to pay for what she’s done, even if his wolf keeps growling that stupid word. "Mine." The woman that was once his downfall could just as easily tear his life apart again. Or she could be his redemption.

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Book 1 of the Bloodlines Series. It started with a curse. For five years, Jackson ‘Jax’ King has known exactly when he is going to die. With nothing to lose, he has earned his reputation as the most ruthless Alpha King. Though his enemies are circling, there is one thing he must do before he dies: save his bloodline. But even the Moon Goddess has cursed him because she has given him a half-blood as his only hope. Layla Carlisle. A disrespectful, greedy, wolfless human. Layla seizes the chance to save her sister from a life on the streets, but at what cost? Why has Jax chosen her when he and his friends clearly dislike her? Can she fulfil her end of the bargain? Or will she become like her mother? As Layla spends more time in Jax's bed, she realises nothing is as it seems. Who is Jackson King, and why does he know more about her mother than she does? In a world of werewolf politics and dark desires, Layla and Jax must navigate dangerous terrain to unravel the truth behind the curse and the fate of Jax's bloodline.

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Bloodlines Book 2 It's supposed to be their 'happy ever after'. Instead, Layla struggles with her new role in a dangerous world, her nosy human sister, and the strain of her rocky relationship with Jax. Their bond was supposed to be unbreakable, but Layla can't shake the feeling that she isn't enough for the Alpha King. What good is she to him if she can't do anything? Jackson's duty is to protect his people, especially his fragile mate. Uncertain of their bond and unable to read her emotions, Jax fears that Fate has been cruel to him once again. Were two such different beasts meant to be together? As old enemies resurface and shatter all their lives, Jax and Layla must confront their demons before everything around them turns to ashes. Have they condemned their people to die? In a world of werewolf politics and dark desires, Layla and Jax must fight for their love and their lives.


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