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About me

Black and proud. Biafra queen. When your land is close to the sun, you know you are close to your expectations. Feel free to stalk my books and send gifts. I care a lot ©Bebeeizrael


Love, Lust, Revenge
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"Suck it" Lu ordered.   It was more like pleading because his voice was faint. His eyes look dark, ready for pleasure as he shut them again. With Alita's lips slowly taking him in, all he could imagine at that point was to stay like that forever. To have his divk in her and do all bad things with her. "Do it now" He said a little loud this time "It's all yours, just suck it, Amore" ********** From saving her as a kid, to making her his sex toy, Luciano never thought about revenge. He only worry about how she would cry if she realizes that he was the blue eyed kids that shit her father 12 years ago.

Stuck between two bad boys
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One thing is certain that Emily could not tell the difference between love and feelings.    Emily struggled in a confusing love triangle between Devin, the bad boy bully in school, and her stepbrother Xavier who bullies her at home.    "You are mine, Emily!" Xavier groaned in raw frustration.    He looked over Emily's shoulders and noticed Devin staring at them. Since his stepsister started dating the bad boy, his love and obsession for her increased as his hatred for Devin increased as well.    It hurts him to see the girl he loves so much getting comfortable with the bad Boy he has an unspeakable history with.    "I love you, Emily" Xavier smirked as he moved closer to her "You belong to me sister or not!"    He pulled her closer and smashed her lips in a forbidden kiss while Devin watched!

Sex With My Mafia Stepbrother
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It was supposed to be a normal siblings bond. Doing the forbidden wasn't part of the idea but Tiffany had other plans. Especially when all she wanted was get fvcked by her hot step brother. *********** The tiny sound. That low vibrating sound!    I kept hoping Luciano would walk out now instead of looking around like he is trying to get something right. It better not be that he is listening to the noise.      I bit my lower lips to subdue the shameless moan about escaping. My breath became uneven as I tried to slowly lower my left hand into the duvet but it wasn't working, that hot asshole had his gaze fixed on me.     His lips curved into a sly smirk as he shrugged, moved his hair behind his ears and walked away.     "I don't want to know what the heck you were doing, Tiff, next time, just lock the goddam doooooor!".


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