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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellJune 12, 2024

Alpha Rick full movie

Alpha Rick full movie

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Drama Shorts pulls you in faster than a featured movie would, due to its shorter length and optimized storyline. You don’t need to watch Alpha Rick movie online on dailymotion, it’s here, like many other movies for free. Every unfolding scene packs a powerful punch, wasting absolutely no time in propelling you through a condensed narrative that keeps you glued to your screen. Best of all? They offer variety and are perfect for on-the-go entertainment — though, we must warn you. They can be borderline addictive when you find your favored trope.

Movie/Plot Summary

Shy and humble Olivia, a maid in the Silver Moon Pack finds herself in a fix when she discovers Alpha Skyler is her mate. With dreams of him melding with her usually bleak reality, she is surprised when Skyler takes her into his arms and acknowledges the mate bond.

Hope blossoms in Olivia’s heart. A chance to have a better life. A chance to be Luna. A chance to rewrite her story as a maid and no one relevant.

However, Olivia’s hope is immediately crushed when Skyler rejects her with the classic, “You’re a lowly Omega. There is no way I could be with someone as insignificant as you.” Her pleas fall on deaf ears as Skyler severs the mating bond between them, leaving Olivia and her wolf in pain and shambles.

But it doesn’t stop there. Skyler’s girlfriend, Leah, loathing and hateful after overhearing their conversation, frames Olivia as a thief.

Chained and whipped into an unconscious daze, Olivia has no idea of Tyler's plans to sell her off to another pack as merchandise.

We meet the notoriously powerful Alpha Rick, who has been invited over to the pack by Skyler on the basis of negotiations. Skyler, in exchange for protection for his pack, offers to give Rick four maids. Olivia included. Alpha Rick, however, declines the offer, finding it jarring enough that the Silver Moon Pack treats their Omegas less than they would furniture.

However, on the way out, he feels something deep in his chest. The mate bond he's waited for since forever. Letting his wolf lead him in a daze, he then finds Olivia unconscious in the dungeons, covered in bruises and blood. Olivia, his mate.

Rick, struck by the force of the bond and in agony at the sight of her, reaches for her and this, my friends, is where we leave you hanging. Want more? Yes, you do. Watch it!

Meeting The Main Leads…

Olivia Watson

Beautiful, soft-hearted to a fault, and naïve…well, initially. Scarred by a past that left her orphaned and homeless, Olivia lives with the regret that she wasn’t strong enough to save those she loved when it mattered. Weak, they called her. Lowly. Still, she persevered through the hate and pain, working in the Silver Moon to earn her keep.

Resilient. It is refreshing to watch Olivia’s remarkable growth over each episode. We witness her pick herself up after Skyler’s rejection (well, Rick did, but that is not the point), learn to confront opposition, fight against her enemies and grin in the face of despair. And let's not forget the delightful "awww" moments in her budding romance with Rick, who is arguably the sweetest man this side of the Mississippi. In a world where power often equates to dominance and cruelty, one could liken Olivia to a unicorn in a field of horses.

Alpha Rick

Meeting Rick in episode 9 and watching him tend to his mate in the latter episodes was akin to watching two different characters. To most, the Alpha of the Black Moon pack might have appeared as a dark, brooding alpha with a short fuse. However, upon rescuing Olivia and seeing deeper into his life as Alpha, it became clear that Alarick was a kind, noble man. Never had there been an Alpha, a leader, who treated every member of his pack, Omegas included, like equals.

His patience with Olivia won the hearts of the viewers first, watching him place her needs above his, helping her heal and giving her a place she could call hers, home. It goes without saying that every woman needs a Rick in her life — a man who would gather you in his arms in the toughest of moments, catch you when you fall and teach you to never be defenseless or weak again. Swoon worthy? Of course.

Skyler, Noah and Leah

Three words for Skyler? Handsome, arrogant and misguided. Treating Olivia like she was the dirt beneath his feet earned him no points with the viewers, but his rejection and attempting to sell her off to a supposedly notorious alpha without deeming it fit to inform her of her fate? That did it.

What Skyler doesn’t know is he is a pawn in the grand scheme of things, moved around on a chessboard by the ruthless players of a game far older than he is. Courtesy of Noah Morrison, his father.

Noah appears to be a caring father, who bequeathed his place as Alpha to his son, along with a rather bothersome set of teachings that make it startlingly clear why Skyler ended up like he did, but as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving.

The same could be said for Leah, the stunning, dark haired, voluptuous seductress who had Skyler wrapped around her claws, only to abandon him at the first opportunity for a more powerful alpha. But what can I say? He deserved what he got — rejection.

Why We Recommend “Alpha Rick”

It is the undeniable chemistry! The heart-pounding drama! The longing and affection! The sizzling romance. The betrayal that cut just as deep. The characters, portrayed perfectly by the actors, gave life to each scene and it goes so far to point out the intentionality of the cast and crew in ensuring to provide nothing less than the best for the viewers.

There are no fillers here, just pure entertainment that will have you glued to your screen, laughing, crying, and screaming, “Yes! Yes, Olivia, you rock!”. Let Alpha Rick sweep you off your feet like he did Olivia and take you into a world unlike any other.

The Book

Alpha Rick, the movie, is an adaptation of the novel written by Mari Villarreal. While most of the scenes were plucked right out of it, the novel goes into more detail, switching perspectives between Olivia, Skyler and Rick, diving into the traumas and nightmares that plagued Olivia, the bullying she went through every day in the Silver Moon Pack and her struggles with adjusting to her second chance mate, trusting him and earning the love and respect beside him as Luna. Oh, and there are definitely more steamy and eye-widening scenes than in the movie.

Also, while the movie mostly portrays Rick as supportive, caring and loving, we see more depth into his character as not just a mate to Olivia, but as a leader. His inner struggles, the pain he felt every time his mate flinched when he yearned for her touch.

The book transports you right into the minds of the characters and understanding them becomes much easier. Skyler gets his perspective too and we witness how difficult rejecting Olivia was for him, and how truly conflicted and confused he was. It makes you question if his terrible choices were influenced by his circumstances, or if he really didn’t give a care in the world.

Like Alpha Rick, Drama Shorts offers more heart-stopping thrillers and sizzling romances. Download the app today, and head over to the "Discover" page. We guarantee you'll find a story or genre that sparks your interest and holds it till the end. Advice? Grab a snack or two while you’re at it and settle in, because you won’t be leaving your screen anytime soon. Enjoy!

Watch Alpha Rick full movie on iOS

Watch Alpha Rick full movie on Android