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Kylie Evans

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Enslaved To The Ruthless Mafia
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"Don't touch me, I'm not your whore," I spat out through clenched teeth, my eyes turning red from anger. He smirked and lifted a hand to my hair. I flinched as he did that and averted my eyes from his. "Now listen bella. . ." he said slowly, a cruel expression on his face. I tried to bite back the moan of pain that almost escaped my lips. "I fucking own you and I can spank that pretty ass of yours so hard that it'll bruise. . ." He paused briefly and continued, "And you won't do a thing about it because I'll make you scream so hard that you'll beg to be my whore." *** When Arianna is sold off as a sex slave to an auction house she realizes that her life would never be the same again. To make it worse, she is bought and given to the ruthless mafia king, Gabriele Andino. He is cruel, dangerous, unfeeling, and undeniably the sexiest man Arianna has ever seen. Despite the fact she should hate her master, there's something in her that yearns for his touch. So much that she would be willing to be his sex slave. A DARK ROMANCE WITH TRIGGERING SCENES!


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