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About me

Dark Mage is a sucker of fantasy, and a lover of all things beautiful. When she's not stuffing her mouth with food, she's conversing with the 1000+ characters in her head, trying to come up with a good storyline..


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  • Author: DarkMage
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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“Do you think you can run from us?” Fyre whispered, sniffing my neck like a bloody dog. “If you run, we will give chase,” Moon smirked, running his gaze down my body, leaving shivers in their wake. “We won't rest until we get you back where you belong, right by our side!” Drake growled, his eyes hardening with each word. “The little rabbit thought he could run from us? Darling, you are in for a punishment from your kings,” Fin slowly snaked his tongue out, to lick his bottom lip, smirking when he noticed my shudder. “We will tie you in chains, and f*ck you so hard until you won't think about running away from home any more,” Lud said in a hard tone. Gulping, I gave the strange men a look, taking a step back in preparation for a retreat. **** Drugged and kidnapped, Palt, who was under the influence of a spell was taken through a ritual where he forgot all about his life at the palace with the kings. As an Incubus, he was the right candidate for the rogues, who were out to destroy the kings. When it was discovered that he was pregnant, they decided to let him keep the pregnancy, while training him to be the right mercenary for a grand plot to dethrone the kings. Now with a new name, his past forgotten, Palt is thrust into an adventure he didn't bargain for. Especially when he meets five kings who claim to be his Lords. The kings are on a hunt for their mate. And when beasts go out to prowl, they must return with their prey. It doesn't matter if the prey is willing. It must be captured.


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