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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellDecember 6, 2023

Best 10 LGBTQ+ novels of 2023

Best 10 LGBTQ+ novels of 2023

Romance, werewolf, billionaire, fantasy, etc, are all intriguing genres, but imagine a world filled with love that transcends time, space, gender, with more kink and spice than you think it possible to handle. While most romance stories feature a love between a man and woman, love can appear differently for everyone. Below, we've curated some of our best LGBTQ novels where characters of all gender and sexual identities find love and a happily ever after.

Subduing the Alpha by Yukiro

Rivalry and sexual tension formed from hate and attraction. Alpha Kai must save his pack from the enemy, but he soon realizes that the safety of his pack requires him to bend the knee and surrender to Alpha Cedric, who's defeated him in battle. Death is his only other choice, and Kai chooses instead to surrender and fight another day, honing his hate and frustration into a weapon to infiltrate the enemy's defenses when the opportunity presents itself. Kai is stuck in a hard place when the Alpha's allure begins to get to him. A gentle smile, a lover's caress, eyes filled with hunger, and tension that could be cut with a knife strings them together, blowing through Kai's defenses, rendering him hopelessly in love with Cedric. A sizzling hate-to-passion romance that'll leave you yearning for me. #1 in best gay werewolf novels to read online on AlphaNovel.

The Mafia Devil's Possession by Dark Mage

Working hard to make ends meet and pay off the debt his mother owns sets the stage for an encounter Kon wasn't prepared for. But then, nothing could be quite as jarring as meeting the devil and catching his attention. Kon fled from the devil, who had a reputation of cruelty and description that preceded him, but it soon became clear that there was no escaping him. Not after he had staked a claim on Kon, his latest obsession. Fear became Kon's steady companion, constantly looking over his shoulder, as the sadistic demon races after him relentlessly, eager to get him in his bed, all to himself. His only to tame, claim, and own. Completely. Follow this wild ride as fear and desire dance on thin, sharp edge. This top book in LGBTQ genre won't let you put it down, even for a second!

The Alpha King's Mate Is A Hunter by Faithuba

After waiting seven years, Alpha Adonis finally meets his mate, only to discover that he isn't only a weak human, but he is also the son of a hunter, who has made it his life's mission to rid the world of wolves. Adonis can't have his pack appearing weak because of the moon goddess's choice of a mate for him, but upon meeting Alex, every thought of rejection flees from his mind, his heart opening up and his wolf accepts Alex. The Alpha must fight the hunters for his mate and keep his ground against the council who have expressed in more ways than one that they do not agree with his decision. A fight for love against all odds, highly recommended. #4 in top gay werewolf books on AlphaNovel.

I Still Hate You by Angela Lynn Carver

If love was a crime, Ethan Miller would be the executioner. Corey Price loved Ethan Miller with all that he was, but Ethan couldn't seem to stand him or his obvious affection. Ethan's hatred for Corey was every bit as strong as Corey's love for him. When Ethan decides that he doesn't have to tolerate Corey anymore, he bullies him, tortures him every day, until Corey drops out of school. With every year Corey spent far away from Ethan, his confidence built, his wounds healed, and he became stronger, better, hotter and resourceful enough to land a job at the biggest law firm. Only, Corey is shocked to see who his boss is on the first day, and it is none other than Ethan Miller. An emotional rollercoaster of love, heartbreak and redemption. A unique page turner with each flip leaving you on edge. #2 in best LGBTQ novels on AlphaNovel.

A Place To Call Home by Addie Bell

Since he was seven, Caileen had experienced too many rejections to give him a hopeful outlook on life. He saw the world as bleak and uncolorful, and it remained that way until William came along, giving to Caileen what he has craved for so long. A family he could call his. A place he could call home. But Caileen has secrets that will drive a wedge between him and his new family, and it all boils down to which he is prepared to lose: himself or his family? An intriguing tale that explores the lines between self-preservation and sacrifice. Follow Caileen on this unmissable journey that is sure to tug at your heart strings. #6 in best gay romance books.

Falling For A John by HanniJang

An Alpha male and his bodyguard, a sizzling high-rise affair in this gay werewolf story. Ashton Johnson is a formidable, resilient businessman with powerful influence and wealth passed down from heir to heir, and maintained by years of complete dedication. To keep the media away from him and his safety top-notch, he is assigned a new bodyguard, known for his ruthlessness and notoriety. Lennox Burke is a strict professional whose attitude and continuous display of boredom and nonchalance irritates Ashton to no end. But that isn't all that gets under his skin. Though Ashton may pretend to hate Lennox's guts, he's only doing so to hide the fact that he's a complete sucker for Lennox.

Book cover
  • Author: HanniJang
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3.4K
  • 8.2

Ashton Johnson is a formidable presence, a person who refuses to be controlled. With a strong will, unwavering resilience, and complete accountability, this twenty-two-year-old billionaire alpha male navigates his extraordinary life with ease. Every day brings a flurry of adoring fans, transforming a simple lunch into a chaotic spectacle. By afternoon, his face is plastered all over the internet, capturing the attention of millions. From the moment he was born, Ashton's life was destined for fame and recognition, thanks to his prominent family. He is the epitome of American royalty, carrying the weight of his lineage on his shoulders. However, his world takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned a new bodyguard, someone who will be with him around the clock. This is when Ashton comes face-to-face with his worst fear: being paired with a tattooed, MMA-trained professional who is notorious for disregarding rules within the security team. As if that weren't complicated enough, this bodyguard also happens to fulfill one-third of Ashton's deepest sexual desires. Lennox Burke, twenty-seven years old, has a singular duty: to protect Ashton Johnson at all costs. Anything beyond the realm of strict professionalism, such as flirting, dating, or engaging in intimate encounters, is strictly forbidden and could lead to Lennox's termination. However, when unexpected emotions begin to surface, the task of safeguarding this stubbornly alluring celebrity becomes increasingly complex for Lennox. As their paths intertwine, the boundaries that separate them start to blur, and the consequences of their growing connection could be catastrophic for both of them. The risk of exposure looms large, threatening to upend their lives in unimaginable ways.


The BadBoy's Dirty Little Secret by Anna Kendra

At H University, Kai Hunter is known for his charm and reputation as a playboy. Not only is he a heartbreaker but also one of the most sought-after bachelors. Kai's lavish lifestyle of women, sex and promiscuity takes an unexpected turn when Night Winters, a confident and openly gay freshman, becomes Kai's new dorm mate. The instant attraction between them forces Kai to question his own sexuality. Unbeknownst to Kai as he confronts his growing feelings for his roommate, Night hides a dire secret from Kai that could ruin the trust built between them, and the love that has only begun to blossom into something beautiful. One of the best LGBTQ books portraying a love that transcends the normal laws of attraction.

Bound By The Demon Prince by Annabaibe

Chef Levi is left penniless after purchasing Siri Michelin Restaurant, and he is forced to cut down the pay, earning a resignation letter from all his staff. Rehiring new staff has him inviting a demon to his door steps, one that makes Levi's whole life his business. Demon Prince Leonardo rejects his royal lineage and seeks refuge in the city, in hopes to live like a human and earn his keep for once. The primal, carnal part of him awakens when he applies for a job at Chef Levi's restaurant and meets the Chef in question. Interesting, he likes to call humans, but Levi is nothing at all like he expects.

A Succubus For The Kings by Dark Mage

Paltmin loved his life–simple and uneventful. Content with his humanity and the mundanity that came with it, the last thing he wanted was to be a wolf. Yet, when he is suddenly summoned to the palace–an order he cannot refuse, lest his life be forfeit–Paltmin is shocked to hear he's been chosen to serve and please the king. Being too human for this task, Paltmin hoped it meant the King would reject him, but his body suddenly begins to undergo inexplicable changes; changes that mean he is ready to bed the King. There's an exciting blend of fantasy and unexpected love in this top LGBTQ novel, making it a must-read for those who love adventure and steamy royal encounters.

Under The Blue Moon by Yukiro

Zach, a young werewolf haunted by the tragic death of his parents, seeks solace and a new pack after losing his pack to Hunters. In hopes to fulfil his mother's dying wish, Zach sets out in search of a mate; his better half in whose arms he might find peace and truly let himself grief and let go of the losses he wears on his shoulders like pieces of armour. He crosses paths with Rem, a headstrong hunter who is equal parts hot and cold, and Zach's first instinct is to avenge the murder of his family. Only, he hesitate, and it costs him his heart. Highly recommended for fans of emotional, heartwarming, and entrancing top gay romance novels.

Get the best of what's trending on queer romance in the LGBTQ+ novels section, and if you're looking for something spicy with a blast of dragon fire and royalty, our Paranormal and Romance novels await you. Happy reading!

Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellDecember 6, 2023