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The Perfect Twins

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What happens when the person you are about to have s*x with is not your boyfriend but your boyfriend's twin brother!? ------ Kacie Miller is a nineteen-year-old who has been dating Caden Iverson for three years. Their relationship has been one without any sexual activity because of a traumatic situation they both experienced the first time they tried it three years ago. Years have passed, and Kacie has completely forgotten about it and wants to try intimacy again, but Caden still remains disturbed, giving excuses whenever Kacie brings up sexual intimacy in a conversation. Determined and full of confidence, Kacie plans a day for both of them to be intimate, but Caden gives another excuse over the phone. Angry and annoyed, Kacie switches off her phone. But suddenly, Caden shows up, and Kacie finally continues her plan of being intimate with him, and just when his length is about to be buried deep inside her, a shocking statement comes out of Caden’s mouth. “I’m not Caden, sweetheart. I’m Caden’s twin brother…” “Chase” What will Kacie do? Push Chase off her body and remain unsatisfied? Or proceed with being intimate with Chase and cheat on Caden? As their tale progresses, with the new arrival of Chase, who looks exactly like the one Kacie has always loved–Caden, her heart ignites as feelings for Chase Begin to emerge. Clearly, she can't have them both to herself... Or can she? ______________ Daily Updates! Content Warning: Mature and possible triggering content from the very first chapter.

1~ Our first time.

Today was the day I was going to have s*x with my boyfriend.

Or at least that's what I thought.

As I laid comfortably on his large king-sized bed, dressed in a s*xy oxblood lace matching bra and pants, my thoughts directed me to something that had happened three years ago.

Our first time.

I could clearly remember the first and only time we had s*x, which was when I was in my junior year of high school.

I was a weird nerdy girl, and my crush was not the typical troublemaker bad boy. He was also a nerd, or at least a popular nerd, unlike me.

He was very good-looking, the quiet type, but also very nice and charming. He came to school early, he was at the top of all his classes, he got first place in all academic competitions, he was every teacher's favorite, and he was a senior.

Girls at that time liked the group of bad boys that walked around in the hallway with their shoulders held high and either a smirk or a glare on their faces, terrorizing the whole school.

But I liked him—Caden Iverson.

I fell in love with him, secretly admiring how his chestnut brown hair casually fell into his face, with his forest green eyes peeking through the tousled locks. I always stared and stalked him whenever I got the chance. When he was with his friends in the cafeteria, when his face was buried between his large textbooks, or when he was sitting on the bench during sports. It was an everyday thing; I was literally obsessed. In fact, I am still obsessed.

On a freaky Friday, I had no idea what gave me the courage. I approached him and gave him a love card where I aesthetically wrote my love for him, expressing it in long paragraphs. I didn't care if he didn't read it. At least I made a move, and my heart was finally at ease.

But the unexpected happened that night.

He texted me.

Of course, I had no idea how he got my number. Up until now!

He texted me, and my heart practically jumped out of my body.

Unknown number: Hi Kacie. It's Caden. I really appreciate your feelings towards me, but they're not mutual. Right now, I can only offer you friendship. That's if you're down.

My whole face lit up as I stared at the screen with wide-eyed eyes, and I screamed loudly. I'm sure my mom probably thought I was getting kidnapped, but she had already gotten used to my madness.

Of course, I was a little hurt. But I expected rejection. We never really spoke, so how could he suddenly like me back? All that mattered was that he offered to be my friend, which meant I could spend time with him and finally talk to him!

I picked up my phone, my fingers tapping against the screen hastily.

Me: Hi Caden. Sorry for the random and sudden confession in that letter. I just wanted to let my heart out. I would really love to be your friend.

I tried to sound as cool as I could. Not nerdy at all, but looking back at it, I guess it was a bit nerdy.

Thirty seconds later, I got a notification ding from my phone.

Unknown number: cool.

I smiled brightly at the short message. But as the night went on, I started to think to myself. Maybe he didn't actually want to be friends; perhaps he was just trying to let me down as nicely as he could.

But an action the next day left me flabbergasted. I arrived at school, where I only had one friend– Jane, who is now my roommate. Unfortunately, Jane wasn't there that day, and I sat alone at the table in the cafeteria.

People laughed at me as they passed, thinking I was a loser, but I didn't care. I ate my lunch while admiring how Caden's broad shoulders shook with each laughter and the bright smile that melted my heart every time it appeared on his adorable face.

As I watched him, he suddenly, he stood up from his seat, and walked in the direction of my table. 'Haha, there's no way he's coming here. There's no way!' my inner voice screamed, but...

He was now in front of my table.

"Hi Kacie," Caden greeted with a smile. "I Can sit here, right?"

I was dumbstruck, and I couldn't get myself to speak, so I only nodded eagerly.

He sat next to me, and we ate in an awkward silence.

Since then, Caden started to approach me regularly, and the awkward air turned into friendship—that is, for him, though I loved him and will always love him—and from friendship to love.

He confessed his love to me, and we started dating. I was 16, turning 17 in the next three months, while he was already 18 when we found ourselves naked on his bed. I don't know what he took that day, but Caden was not himself.

We had a movie date at his house that night, and from the movie date, instead of taking me back home, He took me to his room.

We made out in his room, and it was more intense than the other little kisses we would give each other on other days. He was more eager and aggressive with it.

His tongue met my neck, sucking and nibbling hard on it. He squeezed my boobs and grabbed my buttocks, pressing on them, leaving me breathless. He quickly pulled off my shirt and his too then pushed me down onto his large, king-sized bed climbing on top of me. Yes, I was already wet, but scared of what might happen next.

As his huge body laid on top of my body literally squashing me, he continued kissing me intensely, and then his hands slid under my back to unhook my bra. But I stopped him, placing my hand on my chest and slightly pushing him away.

"Caden," I moaned, "are we about to... do it?" I asked innocently, my eyes shaking with fear and anticipation.

He leaned in to my neck, pressing his hard chest on my body, flattening my breasts. He kissed my ear, then nipped on it, a small gasp escaping my lips. "Yes," he whispered into my ears and his fingers finally unhooked my bra.

"I'm sorry, Kacie, but I can't control myself,” he husked, pulling off my bra. And his mouth found its way to my bare breast, and his wet tongue grazed over the hard pink tip before he s*ck*d on it.

"Ahn," I whimpered. "Caden, wait…I'm a virgin." Although I wanted it, I was a bit hesitant. You can’t tell me you weren’t during your first visit.

"That's fine; this is also my first time," he rasped, and my heart melted at the fact that we were both going to be our first. I started to feel his c*ck poking my wet center from his jeans. He was getting hard really fast, and I was nervous and innocent. I didn't know how to respond to his erection.

"Can I pull it off?" Caden asked, referring to my hot pink mini skirt I wore just to impress him. I nodded and shut my eyes as he slowly pulled it off, then it revealed my pink mini mouse panties. If I had known we were going to do the forbidden, I would have worn something sexier. Not like I had any.

My eyes were still closed shut when he slid his hands underneath my panties and touching me in places he hadn’t before.

He gently rubbed his fingers on my wet center, erupting a gasp from my mouth. "F*ck, you are so wet," he groaned, and my eyes opened wide with shock. That was the first time I heard Caden curse!

Caden’s rubbing of my wet cuntlips caused his middle to sink into the meaty softness of my p*ssy. I cried with pleasure and squirmed at the feeling of fingers gliding smoothly deep into my body.

"Kacie, relax," he told me, then kissed my waist before he trailed his tongue across my tummy to my breast and continued to s*ck my n*ppl*s. I twisted and turned as he pushed in another finger to join in with the first and began to stroke my hole in and out countless times.

My back arced, and my leg spread slightly wider as the pressure in my core increased in sync with his speed. But he suddenly stopped, pulling out his fingers from my whole, my juice trailing on it.

He got up from me and hastily pulled off his jeans. And I could already see his hard-erect c*ck begging to be freed. He paused hesitantly and looked at me, and my eyes met his. I could see an insatiable yearning in his eyes, but it also seemed like he was struggling to fight it away.

Finally, he pulled off his boxers, and his hard, veiny, erect d*ck sprang out pointing at me. I gasped at its size, wondering if I would be able to take it all in.

Swiftly, he pulled off my pants aggressively, and his hands groped my thighs and spread my legs wide apart. My juicy inner pinkness became exposed to him, and I was embarrassed. I was shaved but not smoothly shaved; I didn't want him to look at it.

“Don’t look,” I said nervously in a small voice, and he didn’t even dart his lustful gaze from my dripping wet p*ssy.

He didn't care. He leaned into me again and pressed his lips on mine, and a small groan escaped his lips as I felt something hard enter me slowly.

I gasped, and my breathing picked up. I was scared. I didn't know what to do or how to behave. It was my first time, the first time I felt something like that, and I was still young, or so I thought. Half the girls in my class weren't virgins, so what makes me special?

"Caden," I moaned, and he parted from the kiss, still trying to get all of his d*ck inside me. "It hurts."

He was huge, way too huge for my tight virgin p*ssy. At least if I were starting out, I should start with something small, not something as massive as his c*ck.

"F*ck," he moaned again as half of his d*ck was now in me. It was too huge; everything couldn’t enter. At least not at that moment.

"Ahhh," I cried, and Caden began to thrust in and out gently and slowly. Until he started to pound, our skin came into contact with lewd slapping sounds with the pressure in my core sending me higher and higher.

It was pleasurable, but also very painful. Little tears escaped my eyes as, with each thrust, he made his d*ck went in deeper and deeper, until every thing went in. And my moans were now loud cries.

He was now going deeper, thrusting harder, hitting harder, and I couldn't keep up with his pace again. Tears seeped through my closed eyes as I sobbed his name, begging for him to slow his pace. But it was too late. Whatever he consumed had already taken effect.

"Ahhh… Caden, please go slower. Please, it's hurting me," I cried, and he didn't stop. He moved his hips faster, grunting as I whimpered. At that moment, the sweet and kind Caden I knew was long gone. It was now a monster that was inside of me.

He pulled out, and I tried to catch my breath, happy that it finally ended. But that was just the beginning.

He whipped me around, my *ss now against his d*ck. He wrapped a hand around my waist, arced my back, and then pressed my head hard on his soft bed.

His d*ck then slightly poked my p*ssy entrance, and I could feel a wet slimy liquid on it—his c*m! Then, I realized that he was not wearing a condom and that I could get pregnant.

At that thought, I writhed and tried to wiggle out of his hold, but he grabbed my hand and pinned it. Behind my back on my waist.

"Caden wait… Please, I don't want to get pregnant. Please use a condom," my shaky, exhausted voice begged, but the response was quite shocking.

He picked up my tight top that was on the bed, rolled it into a tight ball, and forced it into my mouth, improvising it as a gag.

He then pressed my head on a pillow. And then I felt the entire length of his d*ck plunging into my p*ssy all at once, and I skreiched and trembled.

"Kacie your... It feels so good. Your p*ssy feels way too good!" He grunted as he began pounding again, pushing his entire d*ck in and out. I shuddered and screamed, but the gag in my mouth reduced it to a moan.

"I'll pull out," he breathed, and the pounding continued.

As he rapidly entered me aggressively, I felt my p*ssy widening and stretching. Tears streamed down my eyes with more force. The fear of getting pregnant and the pain, plus every other thing I felt, sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Suddenly, his pace picked up, and my loud cries and his moans were now in sync. I was almost on the verge of fainting when I felt a thick, warm liquid shoot up my p*ssy.

I shuddered, and my whole body vibrated.

“Mmmh... ooh f*ck," he grunted, pulling his d*ck out. That was when I concluded my life was over; he said he would pull out. But he didn't.

"F*ck…Christ,” he breathed as I felt the remaining c*m from his d*ck dripping on my pussylips.

"God Kacie… You feel way too good; I want to start all over again." He said, and I writhed, twisted, turned, and twitched in disapproval, screaming into the gag that he shouldn’t, but he could barely hear my words. He then finally collapsed next to me, and my body trembled, falling onto the bed.

My tears still found their way out of my eyes. There was still a throbbing, unbearable pain in my p*ssy, and my whole body ached critically. I turned around to back him. I did not want to see the face of the monster, who I once thought was an angel.

"Kacie," he called, and I began to cry silently.

He raised his body up and scooted closer to me. His hands touched my shoulder, and I jerked up, pushing off his hand, and my sobs only got louder.

“Kacie I'm… I'm sorry–," he started before I felt him jump out of bed.

"F*ck! What the heck have I done?" I heard him mumble. I heard his fast footsteps as he walked to the side of the bed I faced.

Reaching there, he took a step forward to meet me but retreated with wide eyes, taking steps backward. I could clearly see the fear in his eyes.

I reached for the blanket and covered myself. And I turned to the other side when I heard his footsteps running out of the bedroom and into his bathroom.

I stayed on the bed sobbing silently, hoping the Caden I knew would come out and tell me everything was going to be fine, and he was sorry.

But minutes and hours passed, and Caden was still in his bathroom, and I was still scrunched up in bed.

About 3 hours later, the door suddenly opened, and Caden stormed to his bedside and opened the drawer next to it. I watched as he brought out multiple pill cases and a transparent leather bag where a greenish brown thing was inside.

He then walked back to the bathroom, and the door was open, so I squirmed, turning around to see what he was doing.

He poured all the pills and green stuff into the toilet. Then he collapsed next to it, his knees hitting harshly against the floor.

That was when I realized my boyfriend was an addict.

2~ Why can’t we?

Caden never forgave himself for what he did to me that day.

He wanted to break up with me. And I didn't let him. He kept saying he abused me, he used me, that he committed a crime, and he needed to be locked up.

I tried to reassure him. But he didn't stop. He kept saying he deserved to die and that he was a terrible human being for doing such a thing to a little girl.

And I felt both insulted and pity for both him and myself.

After that night, Caden and I didn't show up at school the next day. He took me to a pharmacy store and bought pills for me to take, then took me back home.

My mom had a night shift, so she wasn’t around that night, but when we arrived home, she was already there, thinking I had already gone to school, and was shocked to see me appear with a boy.

My mom knew I was dating Caden; she knew I always had a crush on him. We chatted often, like sisters. She approved of him and gave me a rule to wait till I was 18 before I tried anyt


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