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The Desires of the King

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Lavline
  • Chapters: 63
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 20.4K
  • 7.4
  • 💬 54


"I asked you, Not to wear Red. I can't control it Now! Can I take You now?, Abhi" I asked looking at her. Yes, red was something I found s*xy and attractive. It ignites my sexual desires, especially for her. Whenever I see her wearing red It brings sensual thoughts to my mind. Her small waist, chiseled shoulders, slim arms, Long legs, and perfect breasts attract me to touch and kiss all of them. But all my fire, desire and wants, vanished in a moment when she asked. "Where?" I looked at her with a strange face and she had a questioning face too. Her eyes were intense and her breathing was still high along with racing heartbeats. "What?" I asked raising my eyebrows and she looked at me with the same look. "You want me to take you somewhere now, Where?" She said and My mouth fell open. I sat beside her looking at her face. "What?" I asked again not digesting her words. She managed to bring my animal down within a few moments. I couldn't understand her words. She must be joking. I couldn't believe she doesn't understand my words. How could it be possible? "Huh?" She said raising her eyebrows and sitting on the bed. "I want to take you means, I want to complete our Marriage," I said looking at her innocent face. I couldn't believe it was real or just her perfect acting skills. How could she be so naive? "You want to retake our marriage vows? ," She said with a little smile on her face. And I almost died in shock. *** One tragedy brought a dominating King and naive princess into ties of marriage. What happens when he gets to know that the girl he started loving and dreaming of making out of knows nothing about marriage and s*x.

Chapter 1

- Abhishree POV -

I was looking at myself in the mirror because it was the only thing I could do then. The order had been passed to keep me behind the doors all the time. I looked at myself, wearing the Armour and then at my hand carrying a sword but the doors were closed, that I could easily see through the reflection of the mirror.

I was helpless at that moment, our whole empire was helpless. We were about to be finished and I was locked in the room of a chamber under the sight of securities. I hated my brother for this. I would always hate him for this. This was the time when dice could be twisted. But looking at me, I realised that I couldn't even help my army, my people, my empire or even myself.

I hurriedly walked towards the door to find any, just any way to unlock it. I had to help my only brother. I had to save us from all that. Tears started escaping from my eyes as the voice of people screaming, swords clashing and the smell of blood filled in the air. My heart was racing, I tried hard to get outside but nothing was working.

I walked here and there helplessly. I knew my brother or the King of the Pratapgarh wanted to save his only sister from one of the strongest empires having attacked us. But he should have understood that I could help him, and help the army too on the battlefield. I had have always been a strong girl, learned how to use various arms and weapons. I had have always spent time learning weapons techniques and strategies to use in the war. But, the time was not even giving me the chance to fight for our pride and respect. And Considered being a girl, I was locked in the room.

The tears were rolling and the heartbeat was just racing with each passing moment and increasing voice of screams and swords clashing. All the ladies and children were locked here and there for the sake of protection and being a Princess I was locked in the safest place. But, it didn't seem safe at all because of the growing fear in me of losing my Brother or the King of the empire. After my father, he was announced to be the Prince at an early age. He was only fifteen when he wore the crown for the first time. It was way too difficult for him to manage to be a King at such a small age. But, he always fulfilled his responsibilities wholeheartedly and I always respected him for that.

suddenly a very loud scream caught my attention making me shiver to the core. The fear of losing my only family reached the peak and I got impatient to open the door anyhow. Losing this war means captured by the enemy empire and considered as their Slave, Servant, prostitutes and whatnot. Dreaming that situation made my heartbeat race even more. I settled myself on the floor, close to the door. I started losing hope and feel the time passing but no one came unlocking the door and allowed me to fight for our pride.

"Attention..." the speaker said loudly. I quickly stood up and able to feel my heart coming out of the skin. Anything could be announced at that moment and I was feeling my fingers shivering.

"As the King of Pratapgarh killed mercilessly by our strongest army, I declare the war won by the Mahabaleshgarh and all the property belonging to Pratapgarh is to be claimed by our empire including all Money, Royalties, children and all the ladies..." I stood frozen at that moment. I couldn't hear anything else. I hurriedly tried to escape from the place because It was time. The thought that seemed the most dangerous to me ever since, was about to come true. We lost the battle. All my strength just flowed out of me hearing a few words. I lost everything I had. We lost. Tears shed out of my eyes.

I started escaping the place but suddenly the door banged open and the soldiers of another empire caught me. I ran and in the hurry, I banged to the table and fell to the floor. I tried to stand up but they came fastly and one of them caught me by pulling my hair. I cried feeling the unbearable pain. It hurt like hell. I cried, I cried loudly feeling the fear and most of all losing my everything. The person holding my hair tried to press his hand against my cheeks and then one of them said.

"Keep her for the Prince... she is the princess Abhishree"

"Yes... I agree, Don't touch her. Princess can only be the prostitute of the Prince" Another one said.

I was the one, whom they were talking about shamelessly. They were planning to make me a prostitute of the prince. The thought just ripped my heart into pieces. They pulled me out of the room and I looked around. The body of my brother was lying dead. He was dead, they killed him mercilessly. All my strength, power and fierceness just flowed out seeing my brother and army in such a situation.

They also caught the children and ladies and started looting all the Money, Royalties and things. The person holding my hair painfully dragged me and threw me into the palanquin specially called for me. He tied my hands with the wooden pole of the carriage and I saw my life vanishing. I had never thought I would witness such a situation.

I was in shock and sitting silently in the palanquin shedding my tears and after some time, we all started moving towards their way.

As soon as we were moving towards their way, my strength was losing. All the dreams I saw about my future and wedding started to vanishing. I thought of getting married to a Prince who would have power over all the empire, the strongest of all and the one who respect people but Looking at me, I realised that I was not even left marriage material. I was about to be a prostitute of an Unbeatable, Strong and headless prince. He was the most ruthless, heartless and kind less person among all the empires and those were the things I heard about him.

He killed my brother and I hated him the most. Time passed crying, losing myself more and more with each passing moment and we reached the place called Mahabaleshgarh. I heard the sound of drums, trumpets and elephants trumpeting. It sounded like a celebration going on here. I was in no mood to witness all that. All my brain was in my Brother's death and our lost battle. I was the one most responsible for this. I should have fought. I should have stood along with my brother. After all, we two were the only family for each other. Our Mother died giving birth to me and my father lost in the war. Since then I promised myself to be a strong and independent lady of the empire. But, everything now seemed useless. I hated myself the most. Even if someone had asked me about my want now, I would choose Death. It broke me like hell.

I was dragged unkindly out of the carriage. They brought me inside the palace and with the first sight of it, the palace seemed so big and Royal. It was made of Red hard rocks and fully decorated because of the victory of the prince over our empire, I guessed. They signalled me and other ladies of our empire to follow them. I walked through the huge entrance of the palace after the grand welcome of the king and prince in the palace. I looked at my feet touching the ground of the enemy place which Just pierced my heart into pieces. I was barefoot and the hard rocks below my feet felt cold enough to sent a shiver through my body. I knew where my life would go from there.

I was the Princess of our empire, never got defeated in any fight, and most of all considered as the bravest girl. But, now I was going to be a prostitute of the prince. I felt defeated without even getting any chance to fight.

I entered the palace along with the other ladies and followed the person who took us to the room where we were going to stay for the night. It's almost evening, I could see the sun hiding behind the horizon. It correctly demonstrated my situation, as if all my hope was setting down. He opened the door for us and thrown us as the garbage and locked the door behind us.

The room was big and dark because only two oil lamps were lighting inside. One near the window and the other near the Table. The room had a small bed and a mirror. We were around fifty ladies that were thrown as the garbage in that room. I waved my eyes from here to there and I could easily saw the fear on their faces. They too have lost their husbands and family. Most of them were still crying and I could easily see the eye bags and swollen eyes.

One of them came running to me and sat in front of me crying "princess" she hiccuped "princess... please save us. We can't let them play with our bodies. The day I married my husband, he only had the right to touch my heart, soul, and body. And now when he is no more, I would love to die before letting them touch me. Please do something... You are the only hope left" A sharp pain went through my heart. All the while I was just thinking about my situation. I hadn't realized that they also were suffering from the same thing. They also had lost everything.

"Yes princess... please save us." Another lady said coming closer to me. " They are going to r*p* us daily, rudely, and treat us like nothing. They won't give any respect to us but all the torture. please do something. You are the last one whom, we can rely on. I beg you" she said with a shivering tone and sat in my feet. I quickly took a step back.

I didn't know, how to make them understand, that I was helpless too? But, tears fell from my eyes seeing their condition. They were crying for their honour and respect and they were seeing the light of hope in me. Broken heartedly, I sat on the floor and hugged the lady sitting in front of me. Because that time, this was the least I could do. we both cried sharing our pain, we all cried. I didn't know, how I was going to help them but I could at least assure them.

In the broken voice, I managed to say " I do... I will do something, Don't worry. Don't lose hope... God will do something." I didn't know, what God could do because there couldn't be a worse situation in anyone's life than this. I didn't know, what I could do for them. They still were my family and I had to protect them always.

The night Passed without Sleep. They all insisted me to sleep in bed considering me still the princess and I had to nod my head somehow. Tears kept falling out of my eyes the whole night and thinking of what could I do for them.

Suddenly, I saw the light of the sun coming through the window which caught my attention as It was early morning but the tension in the air was still increasing with every passing moment. I didn't know what was about to happen now.

Suddenly the door banged open and a few ladies came inside with a tall, strongly built man. I instantly sat up covering my body with the long dupatta and looked at him.

" Get up ladies" he announced. " These Ladies will help you get ready... Prince wants to see you All, especially the Princess"

Chapter 2

- Abhishree POV -

The ladies who seem like beauty designers came inside and asked us to take the bath quickly. I raked my sight on all the women. But, no one seems in the mood of obeying them. We all were still depressed and even I didn't want to go anywhere. This could be dangerous for us. I didn't even know what they have decided for us.

Stubbornly, I chose to keep sitting on the bed along with other ladies.

Seeing this an old lady came and stood in front of me. She bowed and said.

"Princess, The thing you are thinking might be very dangerous for you and our life. Please corporate with us. If you people are thinking of not seeing the prince, Trust me the consequences will be unbearable. Look at me... "

She patted on my shoulder and brought my eyes to her.

"I also came here when our empire lost the battle, trust me if you don't want the death of all of you...Get ready"

A tear escaped from my eyes. I realised that she was ab


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