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Rise of the Darkness

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Calla was living a peaceful and happy life with her seven-year-old niece Sophie. Everything was perfect until one day Sophie vanished from the school yard and no one, not even the cops, could tell Calla what happened or even who took her.Desperate for answers Calla gets a hint in a form of looking up to someone from her past, a man that can tell the future. Together they will team up and save Sophie before it's too late.


" Wake up Sophie, we have to go. Or you'll be late for the gala." Calla said to her niece.

" Yay!!! I'm going to buy a lot of stuff today. You promised." Sophie replied excitedly

"Of course honey. But first, you need to see your costume." Calla said with a grin.

"Costume?" Sophie asked in confusion.

" You really thought I'm going to take you to a fantasy gala in normal clothes. I bought you a princess gown. Here let me show you." Calla replied and unzipped the cover. She showed her niece a beautiful pink gown with sparkling crystal baby pumps. A loud gasp escaped Sophie's lips and her eyes shone like millions of stars in a night. Looking at her excited face, Calla asked her niece.

"Do you like it honey?" Calla asked.

" I love it, aunt Calla. Thank you so much." Sophie replied and clapped her hands.

" Then get up and get ready. We have breakfast and then we will leave." Calla said.

" Okay." Saying that Sophie went to the bathroom to do her morning business. Calla already filled the bathtub with warm water and Sophie's favorite Jasmine fragrance. Calla left the room and went back to the kitchen to get the breakfast ready. After she was done, she went back to Sophie's bathroom to help her bath. Calla wrapped a towel around Sophie and stepped out of the bathroom with Sophie in her arms. She helped Sophie to get ready, after that they went to the dinning table where Sophie was welcomed by the mouth watering aroma of cheese omelette and ginger bread. She requested her aunt to make these things for her and Calla never ignored Sophie's wishes. They sat together and Calla fed her niece with so much love. Finishing their breakfast, they got up, Calla locked the house and they went to their car. Calla made Sophie sit then they drove off.

After a 45 minutes drive, Calla parked her car and they went to the fantasy gala. Finally, Sophie was happy and that's all that matters for Calla. A month ago Sophie's parents and Calla's step sister and brother in law died in a car accident. Since then Calla was trying so hard to bring her niece back to her life. But it was hard to pull her out of the sorrows. The gala finally brought Sophie's smile back. Calla was happy too. Sophie was having a lot of fun, she played so many games and won so many prizes. Then she saw a cotton candy shop. Jumping in happiness she asked Calla. " Can we buy some cotton candy please. I promise I won't eat any candies for 3 days."

" It's okay baby. Today is your day. So you can have whatever you want and I won't stop you." Calla replied.

" Thank you aunt Calla." Sophie replied with a huge smile on her face. They made their way to the shop. The sale's man man looked at Sophie. He bowed his head.

"Oh your highness, I'm very lucky to finally see you." Sale's man said to Sophie.

"Thank you." Sophie replied shyly.

" What kind of service your highness want from me today? How can I serve my royal princess today?" Sale's man asked.

"Go ahead, tell him what do you want?" Calla encouraged Sophie.

" I would like to have that candy castle." Sophie replied and pointed her finger at the model Castle.

" Tell me your favorite colors your highness, I will make sure to surprise you with my skills." Sale's man asked.

" Blue, purple and pink." Sophie replied.

"Give me 3 minutes your highness and I will give you the most beautiful castle in the world." Sale's man said. After 3 minutes sale's man gave cotton candy castle to Sophie with a bow. Sophie gasped and spoke.

"This is the most beautiful castle I've ever seen. It's so pretty." Sophie said.

"I'm glad you like it your highness." Sale's man replied. Calla gave money to Sophie and she gave it to the sale's man.

" l liked your service and I am granting you this money as a reward." Sophie said as a real princess.

" Thank you, your highness. I'm really grateful to you." Sale's man replied and again bowed his head. Saying that Calla and Sophie left the shop. They walked for a while until Sophie's eyes caught the sight of a shop. She paused in her way and kept staring at the shop. Calla noticed that.

"What is it Sophie?" Calla asked. Sophie didn't speak but rose her index finger in the direction of the shop she was staring. Calla looked at the shop and asked her niece.

"What? You want to go to that shop?" Calla asked. She just nodded her head. Calla didn't ask her anything else. She grabbed her hand and they walked towards the shop. Sometimes, Sophie acted this way. Calla never knew why? She even tried to ask Mara, her step sister, but every time she asked her, Mara either brushed it off or changed the topic. Then Calla got habitual of this weird reaction of her niece and never asked about it. They both stepped in the shop. It was filled with many beautiful things. Some things were weird but some were very beautiful. Sophie was going through everything, but carefully, she didn't want to break anything but wanted to buy something from this shop. Calla let her choose whatever she wanted to buy and she looked around. Calla felt someone staring at her. She looked around and found a man staring at her. He looked familiar to her. She kept looking at him, then she remembered where and when she had seen him before.

Flash Back. (6 months ago)

Calla was at a Halloween party held by her school friends on the beach. It was fun, she was having a great time. She saw her friend, Henry Quinn came to her with chocolates and sat besides her.

"It's been so long. How are you? How are things at work?" Henry asked.

"I'm fine thank you. As for my work, it's growing bigger day by day, year after year. I must say, Sidney's social contacts and professional skills make it grow up and bigger. We are one of the biggest publishing companies in America. We're now in the top 10 best companies." Calla replied.

" Good to hear that. It was your dream. You finally made it come true." Henry said.

" It wasn't just me. If it isn't for Sidney I wouldn't be here." Calla replied honestly.

" Give yourself some credit for all the hard work you do. She just sits in her air-conditioned office and passes orders." Henry said.

"That's not true. She has done a lot of hard work to make it to the top." Calla replied with a smile.

"Whatever you say. Anyways, do you have someone special in your life?" Henry asked.

"If I would've had any one special in my life, I would be sitting with him, holding hands." Calla replied and chuckled.

" Oh that's so true." Henry said. They both got up and walked a little bit on the beach, remembering all the time they had spent in school. Calla looked at the shining moon and admired the scenery in front of her. When she looked back on Henry he was down on one knee with a ring box in his hands. Every one stopped and looked at Henry and Calla. DJ played a slow romantic track and Henry gave him a nod.

" I don't know how to do it magically but Calla, I've been into you since I first saw you in school. You're stunning, smart and very talented. Will you accept my love and marry me after a few years when we both will be settled?" Henry proposed Calla. Calla nodded her head and the crowd went crazy. Henry slipped the ring in her finger and they hugged each other. Calla had a crush on him since school but she never told him that. Because she never wanted to ruin her friendship with him. But he actually proposed to her and for her, it was a dream come true. Henry broke the hug and went to bring her some wine. She wrapped her arms around her chest and inhaled salty air of the beach. Suddenly she bumped into someone. She turned around and looked at the man she bumped into.

"I'm so sorry I didn't see you. I'm really very sorry." Calla apologized.

"Don't marry him. He loves your position and your money but not your emotions and your family." Strange man.

" Excuse me? What do you mean with all that and you the hell are you?" Calla asked angrily.

"The time will tell you and teach you everything about your future soon." The strange man said that and he pointed his finger at Henry. Calla turned around to look at Henry who had two wine glasses in his hands and he was walking back to Calla. She turned back to the man who was speaking with her but he wasn't there. She tried to look around for him but he was nowhere to be found. "Who was he? Where did he go? What did he mean by Henry doesn't love me but my money?" Calla thought. She went to more people and asked about him. Calla was a sketch artist, it was easy for her to describe someone's face. She asked almost everyone but none of them knew who that guy was, where he came from or where he went? Calla was curious but she brushed off the thoughts and went back to the party and enjoyed her night. But she never forgot his face.


Back in Time.

Calla remembered the stranger. He was the same person who met her 6 months ago. She had been searching him since then, but never found a single clue about him. And here he was standing, he hadn't changed a bit. She came back to her senses when she found him staring at her. She tapped on Sophie's shoulder who was still busy looking at things and admiring them.

"Don't go anywhere, I'll be back in a minute." Calla said to her niece.

"Go talk to your price, he's cute." Sophie said with a grin.

"Henry's not here Sophie." Calla replied in an annoyed tone.

"I'm not talking about Henry, he's not your Prince." Sophie replied and giggled. Calla shook her head and went to that strange man who was still drooling over her. To her surprise, she wasn't even uncomfortable with him staring at her. She stood right in front of him and glared at her.

"Who are you?" Calla asked him and tried to keep her voice firm.

"Really, that's the best question


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