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"You don't have to, not when you are willingly offering yourself to the devil himself" he moves round, circling her. " And you know what he's capable of doing, torture is what he's good at" "If I am standing before the devil himself, then" she paused before continuing, "I am ready to ride into his heart" she was bold. " You don't seem to be scared of darkness, do you? " He tilts his head to the side. " Not when I've spent every second in darkness," She said trying so hard not to cry. " I am ready to be consumed by the darkness in hell, to be bound to you for as long as I live and afterlife if only you make me yours! "She spoke out in a confident and decisive tone. " Little bunny," he was more than amused, " you don't make a deal with the devil! " He warns. That didn't scare her, as she spoke out." I already have" He let out devilish laughter, as the building vibrated in response as if experiencing an earthquake. His gaze travels back to the bunny, " SHE IS MINE!" His tone was so firm, claiming her before the Mafia Lords. Audrey Shawn is a nineteen year old girl who has always believed in the love of family, not until she was sold by her dad, the same person who was meant to protect her. She was broken, but nothing aches her more than the thought she was about to be sold to the highest bidder. Willing to take the chance, she willingly offers herself to a man she hasn't met before, beckoning to her, he was the devil himself. What will happen when she finds out that she's crossed a deal with the devil and can't find a way to escape?

Chapter 1: Sold

Audrey's eyes snapped open to be welcome by darkness, her body aches she can't explain what it feels like.

"Where am I?" She tried to set herself free but the rope that binds her hands and legs together made her every effort futile.

The last thing she remembered was her and her dad, in the car. He promised to show her a big surprise he's set and she was so happy.

"Is this the surprise? Where is he?" No matter how much she try to think positively, she couldn't stop her heart from beating. It aches.

"D-dad, dad!" She stutters as she called on him repeatedly, hoping he is close by.

This can't be happening.

"He can't do this to me, no he can't" she couldn't believe he was capable of doing much to her. "He is my dad and he's supposed to protect me" she tries to comfort her aching heart.

She was so scared, she has no idea where she is and the silence and darkness in this room are suffocating her.

She didn't realize she was crying until she tastes the warm and salty liquid causing her to cough out.

Just then, she heard the sound of heavy footsteps. It was getting closer and she knew this was it, whoever is responding to her kidnapped is here to make it known.

The sound of the cracking door was loud but the steps slowed down, it seemed to have stopped by the door. She couldn't see because of the black thick clothes on her face but her hearing could help her know what was happening around her.

"Is this the girl?" She heard a man ask in a deep voice, he seems to be the leader, based on his commanding tone.

"Yes, boss!" Another male voice came. Now she's more than sure he is the boss.

Even though she didn't know how to escape this man and this godforsaken place, deep down she believed she can. "I cry, but that doesn't mean I am weak" she murmurs to herself.

All she wants is to run away, to her dad. He's been the only family she's had ever since her mom passed away and she loves him. She hopes he is fine.

She could hear the footsteps getting even closer, her heart stopped for a second and so did her breath.

She can't tell, the feeling was too much to brush away... This won't end well.

All of a sudden, she felt his hands on my collarbone as he caresses her cleavage.

This act of his almost made her puke, just how dare he?

Out of instinct, she flung her leg upward and luckily, it hits him as he groan in pain.

She doesn't know which part of his body she hit but she hopes and prays she got his generation.

"Such a brave little brat" He groans. She is sure his face is plastered with anger and frustration.

She was about to smile when all of a sudden, her cheeks stung as waves of pain engulfed her entire being.

He slapped her as though they were fighting, just what type of a man was he?

Tears prickle down her cheeks, she could feel them roll down her cleavages.

"Dad!" She cried out, hoping and praying he will come to save her. But what he said next left her broken to the bones.

"Tell Mr Rex that I accept his little girl," he said, " she's such a brave and daring one, and beauty too... She will make a huge sale"

She could feel her heart shattering into million pieces, but she refuse to believe it. "dad can never do such a thing to me, no!"

"Y-you are lying, my dad will come for me, he will make all of you pay for everything!" She yelled angrily, there is no way she will believe them.

They are a bunch of lying bastards and illegal punks.

He let out a bray laughter as he reaches for her again.

"What a fantasy mind you have there!" He snorts. " Keep waiting for your superhero dad, but I assure you, he will never come back for you" he let out devilish laughter.

"You will give me money, much money!" He was so close, she could feel his chest almost hitting hers.

"Your body is as silky and innocent as a white butterfly, holly as a dove" he trails down her arm. "This quality makes you my top sale, I will sell you to the richest person"

She trembles at his cold lips on her shoulder. There was no other way she saw fit in crying, her heart was dying out.

" Why not sell her to the highest bidder, boss? " Someone said from behind. " The upcoming auction will be a perfect time, considering all the Mafia Lord will be present not leaving out Don Cannon, the Lord of the 'Dark Hell Underworld' " he further explains.

" That sounds nice, I will make lots of money than I thought " The boss's lips widen in a mischievous smile. " You are smart!"

" That's why I am your assistance, the second in command," he said.

Whatever they were saying didn't get to her, all her head could think of is the fact that her dad, someone she's loved all her life and thought will be her protector was instead the one that throw her away like nothing.

It would have been better to send her into the dark street to faint for herself, but no! He instead pushes her out to the darkest and cruelness of men, to be used as a piece of diamond. Maybe a diamond is too much.

"She's crying!" She heard him say as he reach out to her thigh. Even if they want to use her now, she can't do anything. She had no strength to fight, what else is preferable to death?

He groans out, his hands making their way in between her thigh.

"You must indeed be as sweet as honey or more, your body is a big temptation to a man" he whispers as his hands reach for my breast he slightly kneads.

She quickly bites her lips to stop herself from responding.

"Boss! Pardon me but you can't do this, or else she won't be working the money you want and you can't afford to let such a huge opportunity go to waste!" His second in command said.

"Right!" She felt him retract his hands and stood up. " Count your stars I love money, I would have made you squirm beneath me, moaning and crying out to me while I suck away your breath, hitting your G spot with my never-unsatisfied pleasure stick!"He said, groaning " get me a girl, can't keep him standing " his gaze falls to his little brother down there.

" And, make sure to get more girls, it's our chance to make money, to be even wealthier than we are now! " With that, he left.

Audrey knew the other guy was still there, so she stay quiet, not daring to shake.

With the sound of the closing door, she burst out in tears, everything hurts but what hurts more is what she never thought of, if a soothsayer would have told her that the same person she cherished the most will be the one to stab her in the back, she would have thought it's a fake one.

Chapter 2: Deal with the devil.

Audrey stood on the spot with light shining directly on her pale silky body, hundreds of eyes staring at her in lust and desire.

She was dressed in a pair of black lingerie with a black cloth covering her face.

She was the last girl to be brought up at the auction centre and the one with the highest bidding.

"Here's our last and top most beautiful offer we have for you. But, she won't be sold directly, the highest bidder takes her home" the auctioneer chanted, the silence of the room was broken by a sudden bid,

" One million dollars!" A brown hair man said.

"Two million!" A red hair man interjected.

"Three! Four, five..." The bidding continues as the filthy rich men kept on bidding, with each one of them wanting to take her.

Audrey was weak but her sense was still intact. She heard them bidding on her like a piece of property, and it hurts to know this is happening to her now all because of h

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