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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellJanuary 17, 2024

Alpha werewolf & billionaire romance novels read online for free

Alpha werewolf & billionaire romance novels read online for free

If you love reading romance books with the male leads possessing the following qualities: Dominating, Powerful, Assertive, Possessive, Fearless, Stinky Rich, Overly Confident and rightly so, Seductive, Gorgeous and is absolutely not modest about it, etc, then, you're a lover of Alpha Males, and we've got a treasure trove awaiting you in the list of Alpha Romance Novels to read online below!

Mated To The Devil’s Son by Deb Oguare

It was one thing to get rejected by a mate you only just met, and it was another to be rejected by a man you had spent more than two years loving. When Asher finds out that Leonara is his mate, he turns on her without a care in the world, ripping her heart to shreds with his rejection. She was weak and unfit for him, Asher had said, right before he chose her sister over her.

When a new Alpha arrives at the Serene pack, everyone is strung up tight and alert. Leonara finds herself in fear of the new Alpha, Alaric, and yet, she is unable to look away from his too perfect body, his perfect jawline, his lips, his hair. When Alaric touches her the first time and calls her ‘mate’, she ignites.

FERAL by Pickylove

Adrienne was beyond broken. Unhinged. Betrayed by her mate and the one person she trusted with her life, tortured until all she knew was pain. Until the pain became all she trusted. Everything else was deadly. Trusting anything or anyone else would get her killed.

Lucas looked forward to finding his mate, and when he finally stumbled upon the most exquisite creature he had ever seen, he finds a vindictive woman whose eyes and skin bear the terror of things unspeakable. Picking the pieces left and healing her proved nearly impossible, but there was not an obstacle in his path that Lucas would not obliterate to break his mate out of the shell of darkness she had built around herself.

Domineering Billionaire’s Maid by Mehaklovely

For a year, Nanz Clark worked as a maid at the Wilson mansion to settle her mother's debt, successfully eluding the attention of the notorious billionaire brothers. Rumors suggest that once the Wilson brothers focus on a woman, she succumbs to desire and willingly becomes their servant. Nanz, determined to stay clear, manages to avoid them until an accidental encounter with Manik Wilson.

All it takes is one touch and months of hiding comes to an end. Nanz comes to understand that there are things you flee from and the Wilson brothers aren't one of them. You crawl from them, and even after that, you return. Because once they touched you, they owned you. One of the best alpha billionaire romance novels to read online.

Luna Abigail's Second Chance Mate by Natacha_H

A hybrid hated for her blood and uniqueness amongst her kind, Abigail has been subjected to the harshest of treatments since before she could remember.

Under normal circumstances, others might have balked, given up, become broken, but Abigail had always been different. She was strong, resilient.

However, her strength wavered violently on her eighteenth birthday, upon meeting her mate and experiencing rejection in the cruelest form from Dameon. Surprisingly, unlike Dameon expected her to, Abigail accepted the rejection, refusing to grovel or shed a single tear.

Fleeing from the drama of all of it, in search of some alone time to herself has Abigail stumbling into what she would often call an impossibility. Another mate. A second chance bestowed upon her by the Goddess.

The Omega's Second Chance Mate by Kiss Moonlight

An intriguing billionaire werewolf romance novel to read online for free.

Being an Omega and the illegitimate daughter of the Alpha of the Blue Creek Pack, Lily Gray's world was filled with trauma and bullying.

Expecting that finding her mate would somehow make her life better, she is further disappointed to discover Matthew wants nothing to do with her, preferring the company of her sister and his bed, and makes his dislike and rejection of her a rather public affair.

To salvage whatever dignity she had left, her father makes arrangements to have her mated to Matthew's brother, Garrett, the rejected, hated, and supposedly hideous second-born son of the Alpha.

Garrett had only just returned from a long business trip when he was forced into an engagement with a woman he'd never met or heard of before. His reluctance, however, melts into nothing when his wolf recognizes her as his.

The Triplet Warriors and Their Pup Mate by Saree Bee

Alpha Gunner killed Ellie's parents and tool her since she was little, and every time she ran, she was always caught.

Gunner forced Ellie into making a blood pact that required that she mated with his son, Tyson. Tyson, a copy version of his father and just as cruel, was obsessed with Ellie, never letting her out of his sight.

Luck shone on Ellie on her last attempt of escape, and she came upon a pack kind enough to take her in.

It is still, however, difficult to get Tyson and his father off her back, and just when all seems to look lost, the moon Goddess grants her a boon, sending not one, but three mates her way to save her life.

Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother by Joy Apens

Jasmine Scott's life takes an abrupt turn when her mother gets remarried to a prestigious Alpha. Initially excited about this new development, Jasmine can hardly wait to become a part of the family.

Well, that is until she meets her terrible stepbrother. Her tormentor. Her torturer. Hardin hates Jasmine with every fiber of his being and he takes every pleasure in showing her that. He refuses to accept her as his sister and her mother as his mother. Hardin believes they have set their sights on his father's fortune. He believes them to be coy.

One day, Hardin makes a disturbing discovery. For the first time since Jasmine joined his family, he notices her beauty. The allure of her body. It burns into his mind, constantly, tormenting her, until all he craves is a taste of his step sister. A craving he must sate.

Arranged To The Alpha By LS Barbosa

Married over a piece of paper. Natalia wasn't given the chance to find out more about her groom before she was taken to his home, primed, cleaned and dressed up for him.

Her parents wanted nothing more than to get rid of her. They called her a monster, no matter that she had no hand to play in the gifts the Goddess bestowed upon her. To help them fulfill their very desires, she wasted no time agreeing to the wedding.

But when she reaches her groom's mansion, she is surprised to find a wolf and the most beautiful and aggravating male she had ever met. An alpha werewolf romance novel. Read online free on AlphaNovel.

Luna Lola - The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

After being rejected by the Moonlit pack, Lola takes off under the bright full moon, only to stumble upon Adrian's territory — the soon-to-be Alpha King and her unexpected second chance mate. As Adrian prepares for his new role, things get complicated when he realizes the rogue he ordered to be taken down on his turf is actually his destined partner.

Adrian faces a tough choice, torn between turning Lola away due to past wounds and his commitment to another woman set to be his Luna. The tension rises when he discovers Lola's impressive powers, realizing she's a game-changer for him and his pack.

Moon Touched By Scarlett Harte

Katie, a seventeen year old shifter, decides it's time she bade the world goodbye. She had been through a lot, bearing it all, the torture, the beatings, the unbridled hate, the terror. But the last straw had been the brutal, dehumanizing rejection.

The pain was too much to bear. She fled, seeking refuge, reprieve, but no matter where she ran, the pain would never leave her.

With nothing else left to return to and nowhere else to go, she took a leap over the cliff's edge, seemingly sealing her fate.

Until she is found broken and battered on the other end of the cliff by an Alpha and his entourage.

Alpha Nathan had never known fear like he did when a child dropped in the water, unmoving, and his wolf turned rabid with fear and rage. The near-dead child was his mate.

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My name is Katia, and I am just trying to survive until my fated mate arrives. Which may be easier said than done. Rejection is the last straw. Whispering my acceptance of his rejection. I run through the pack house, out across the manicured lawn into the forest. "I'm sorry, my sweet girl," I say to my wolf. I'm sorry you have been stuck with me and have had to suffer everything I have. She whispers," it's not your fault, Katia. We came to a cliff with a waterfall. The hurt keeps pounding at me. I need it to stop. My sweet girl, and I just want peace, I keep running and leap off the cliff. Spreading my arms wide, with tears streaming down my face, I fall, not making a sound, waiting for sweet oblivion where we feel nothing ever again. "I love you, my sweet girl! Until we meet again, "My wolf replied just before we hit the water, "I love you too, Katia. I have never regretted a moment with you." The Snow Moon pack is having their last barbecue of the summer next to the waterfall on their land. The adults are laughing and joking while watching the pups play. The alpha, beta, and gamma are swimming with some of the older children and playing a game of Marco Polo. Someone yells, “Oh my goddess, someone just jumped over the waterfall!" Everyone is frozen as they watch what looks to be a child falling arms spread wide, no one makes a sound. The small body hits the water like a plane crashing into the side of a mountain. The alpha, beta, and gamma, spring into action, swimming towards the area the person went under. The alpha is screaming his wolf is going crazy repeating, “Find her. Find her...find her!" They dive and the beta surfaces with a small person in his arms. Alpha takes the girl from his beta, laying her on the ground. The men are shocked by what they see. She is covered in scars and injuries. Her body is twisted and broken. The Beta asks, "Who could have done this to someone so defenseless?" Alpha drops to his knees, repeating, "MATE...MATE...MATE!"


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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellJanuary 17, 2024