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Aleena Martins was never one to believe in the supernatural. To her, they were merely a folktale fantasy in which humans feasted, trying to make excuses for the pitiful life in the hope that a deity out there might hear their prayers and come to their heed. She had ignored every warning that told of his coming. Shut down every word that spoke about his claim on her. But all that changes, when a mysterious man shows up weeks after her eighteenth birthday, with one single aim. To take what was promised to him. What happens when two opposing worlds collide? When evil meets good, and innocence meets sinful. ◇◇◇ “You disobeyed me, Ares voaток. Why?” he whispered, stroking my hair. I nuzzled my face into his hand, my eyes closing in bliss from the simple contact. “Do I still need to remind you who you belong to?”


My love for you continues to grow, even within the nightmares and darkness. Maybe this was my darkest fairytale, but I sure was your twisted fantasy.


"Milord!" It was Thanatos, and Hades immediately turned, alerted by the ominous note in his second-in-command’s voice. "What is it?" "Why have you gotten out of your royal robe and into such revolting attire?" He questioned himself, taking in the earthen clothes his king had on. "Your indignation is ever so enduring." "Don’t tell me you plan on visiting their world again." Thanatos sneered with displeasure and loathing in his voice. "Don’t be too bitter. I only wish to take a break." Hades responded, fixing the suit he had on as he took another look in the mirror. "If you wish for a break, then I suggest you ask one of the females to keep you company, perhaps the lady Lilith. She seems to be your favorite mistress, I presume." Thanatos asked grimly. "Perhaps, but sadly, I have gotten quite tired and bored, and nothing here pleases me." "I still don’t understand why you go into their world for a source of entertainment." "That’s because you, my dear friend, refuse to take a visit with me." Hades grins. "I tell you, watching them live their pathetic lives and hang onto things like love and hope is quite exhilarating. Besides, I find their women more entertaining." "Your brother won’t like it if he finds out you visited the human world again." "My brother could very well kiss my f*ck*ng *ss." Thanatos' words had Hades fuming; he couldn’t give a f*ck what his brother thought he should and shouldn’t do. "Zeus has no opinion on the affairs of what goes on here, and I could very well not give a d*mn about what his thoughts are concerning what I do." "Is there no change in your mind?" "I’m afraid not, Thanatos." Thanatos let out a defeating sigh. "Then I would make sure to take care of the affairs of the kingdom in your absence." "I trust you will, Thanatos, and don’t worry, I will be back before you know it." Hades smirks, walking into the portal that leads to the human world. The night was chilly, and the moon was red, shining through the busy streets of New York. Hades walks out of the portal, taking a stroll through the street, invisible to the world. He watched as the humans strided past him, going about their day without knowing when they might meet their end. The more he observed, the more he understood Thanatos' dislike for them, and he wonders what his brother ever saw in them; they weren’t likeable creatures, at least to him. They were weak, dishonest, sinful, and the cause of their problem, yet somehow they managed to put the blame on him. Not that he was blameless; there were certain times he had a hand in their problem, and other times he did absolutely nothing, watching them destroy themselves. and they always do. Some even go so far as to pledge their allegiance to him, giving their soul in exchange for wealth, life, vengeance, and the like. All this he gives to them, but, of course, not without repercussions. one that was beyond their capability and nerve-wracking—that was the thrill of it all. giving them hope, just to crush them. A sinister smile raised across his face as he walked past the busy street of New York and eluded part of it. Hades decided it was time for him to top the fun and find something exhilarating, so he thought of hitting one of the clubs. He began making his way out of the alley, wondering what had brought him there in the first place, when a soft, faint voice reached his ears. "Help, please help. Somebody help me." It was barely a whisper, but loud enough for him to hear. He followed the voice down the alley, stopping in front of a heavily pregnant woman whose blood littered the floors. Hades stood there watching her struggle for breath, her hand wrapped protectively around her bulging stomach. She was yet another soul to be lost. He thought to himself before turning to leave. A hand wrapped around his ankle, halting his steps, and he glanced down at the woman. Her blood stained his custom-made shoe. "Please help me. Save my baby." The woman pleaded. Her voice was painful and filled with worry, yet it did nothing to warm his cold heart. He had no business with the fate of the humans and couldn't care about whatever form of destruction they seemed to face. If anything, he would gladly bring them to their knees and watch them break beyond repair. "Why should I?" His thunderous voice was cold and void of any form of emotion. "Please, I beg of you." Hades smirked, slouching down to her level, his fingers diving into her hair as he softly ran through them. "What could you possibly give in exchange for my help?" His voice was cold and menacing, and his question rang through the cold night. "Anything; I’m ready to give my soul for her." A dark, chilly laugh filled the night, and an astonishing look danced around his face. surprised that she wasn’t thinking of herself but of her child. Yet, despite her act of selflessness, it did nothing to change his mind. This was all they could offer. Their soul. It was pathetic. "Well, I guess our conversation ends here." He says this, attempting to rise to his feet, but she latches onto his suit this time. "I will give her to you." The woman whispered, gasping for breath. "When she turns eighteen, I will give her to you. Please save her." Her last words ranged through his ears, and he wasn’t sure why they affected him, but he found his eyes shifting from the woman to the baby in her womb. Hades finds himself kneeling back down and hovering a hand over her face, and wisps of dark energy flow as she gasps awake and alive. "I will be back to claim what’s mine.".


"Come on, Lee. It’s your birthday; don’t you want to do something fun?"

I looked up from the book I was reading, blinking. "My birthday was days ago, Jada," I stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

Jada rolled her eyes and sank down in one of the sleek leather armchairs close to my bed. "Yeah, but we didn’t get the chance to celebrate, and you know very well why."

"You know she is sick and probably thinks someone is out to get me," I said, giving her a rueful grimace.

"Yeah, the prince of darkness!" Jada exclaimed, feeling disheartened. "I love your mom, but don’t you think it’s time your dad did something?. You said it yourself: She is getting worse each day and keeps on saying how, he who must not be named, was out to get you on your eighteenth birthday."

I sighed, knowing this was true. I wasn’t sure what had happened in the past, but from what I was told by my dad, my mom had been in an acciden


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