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  • Author: Lavline
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 19.9K
  • 9.4

"I asked you, Not to wear Red. I can't control it Now! Can I take You now?, Abhi" I asked looking at her. Yes, red was something I found s*xy and attractive. It ignites my sexual desires, especially for her. Whenever I see her wearing red It brings sensual thoughts to my mind. Her small waist, chiseled shoulders, slim arms, Long legs, and perfect breasts attract me to touch and kiss all of them. But all my fire, desire and wants, vanished in a moment when she asked. "Where?" I looked at her with a strange face and she had a questioning face too. Her eyes were intense and her breathing was still high along with racing heartbeats. "What?" I asked raising my eyebrows and she looked at me with the same look. "You want me to take you somewhere now, Where?" She said and My mouth fell open. I sat beside her looking at her face. "What?" I asked again not digesting her words. She managed to bring my animal down within a few moments. I couldn't understand her words. She must be joking. I couldn't believe she doesn't understand my words. How could it be possible? "Huh?" She said raising her eyebrows and sitting on the bed. "I want to take you means, I want to complete our Marriage," I said looking at her innocent face. I couldn't believe it was real or just her perfect acting skills. How could she be so naive? "You want to retake our marriage vows? ," She said with a little smile on her face. And I almost died in shock. *** One tragedy brought a dominating King and naive princess into ties of marriage. What happens when he gets to know that the girl he started loving and dreaming of making out of knows nothing about marriage and s*x.

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  • 👁 636
  • 9.0

Selena supposedly had it all: a career as a surgeon, money, a whole life ahead of her, far away from her own traumatic past! Until the day she was accused of murdering her own grandparents. Her reputation is destroyed. Although she is innocent and was cleared by the court - modern society does not forget. A few years later, she's working as a doctor in an emergency room for the poor and homeless, surrounded daily by the best that London's streets have to offer. Plagued by the nightmares of her past, the night shift there is all that gives her life any meaning now. At least until a man walks into her emergency room, who seems to be out of this world. This one encounter, in the middle of the night, would change her life and draw her into a world she thought only Hollywood could invent. Hired by 2 vampires and a werewolf, Selena becomes overnight the personal castle doctor for the human and supernatural inhabitants - who the lords of the castle want to be well looked after at all times. Dragan von Sternberg has searched half of London for a doctor who can look after his family and employees, before they all run away in droves. But no one can withstand the overpowering aura of him and his two closest friends. Everyone runs away in fear - except her. A beautiful, blonde doctor who seems to live like an angel in the swamp. She is not afraid, she counters and she cares. In just a few moments, Doctor Selena Darvis wins over Dragan, who, with over 800 years of life experience, is not often impressed. He wants her and soon he needs her - because unusual occurrences in the supernatural world are soon to take on greater dimensions and in the end humans and vampires are both in danger - unless everyone starts fighting!