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From Enemies to Lovers

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"Tell me, Eleanor, do you like seeing me like this? Do you like seeing me angry with you?" he yells, banging the spot above my head. I keep my mouth shut so I don't say the wrong thing and make him angrier. "F*ck*ng answer me,". "N-N-N-o-o," I stammer. "If you don't, then why don't you ever listen to me? The spanking wasn’t enough? Do you need me to unleash my beast on you before you listen to me?" he asks, and I shake my head this time to tell him no. "Then give me a reason why I shouldn't take you across my legs right now and give you twenty lashes on each *ss cheek for laughing at something Evan said," he says, and I pause for a minute. "You shouldn't spank me because it's my right to laugh or not at what Evan said." "You see, Eleanor, that's where you're wrong. Only I can tell you if you can laugh or not." "Excuse me?" I ask, looking at him confused and wondering if he's on something. "I own your laughter, Eleanor." "No, you don't." "I do. And not just your laughter. I own all of you." Eleanor Brown is a lovely lady trying to make ends meets. She lands a job after an unfortunate event happens to her. She is excited and can’t wait to start a new chapter in her life. Unknowing to Eleanor, this new chapter of her life will be filled with a lot of troubles. Her boss, Jason Crawford, believes Eleanor wants to work for him for other reasons, and since he can’t fire Eleanor, he decides to make things difficult for her.  Will Eleanor survive working with a boss who hates her, or will she quit and back off the deal even though she needs money?