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Caged Between The Werewolves And Vampires

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Claire Evans got the biggest shock of her life when she found out that she was mated to two Alphas. It has never been heard of in the history of werewolves. Claire spent most of her life as the omega of her pack. They were treated like trash by the high ranked pack members and their Alpha. She dealt with insecurities for years, until she found her mates. Callan and Cameron, the twin Alpha of the dark moon Pack. They were known as cold and ruthless, killing anyone without remorse. They had always wanted one mate from a young age and the moon goddess finally granted their wishes. But will they succeed in pushing her out of her comfort zone? But they are left in shock when they find out that their mate wasn't who they really thought she was. She had her own darkest secrets too. A secret she had never told anyone, including her mates. A secret that has haunted her all her life. She was a hybrid. Not just two but three species. Werewolf. Witch. Vampire. But she gets an even bigger shock when she finds out that her vampire side has a mate.

Chapter 1: Mated to two Alphas?!

Red lights flood the thick air in the room around the small dingy club, making her slightly dizzy. Music vibrating the dim walls and the smell of alcohol, sweat and sin filled her nostrils.

Although the smell of sweat was strong, she could easily detect the scent of werewolves from humans. Werewolves had a unique scent, each pack having their own different scent. Due to the amount of sweaty people, the scent was faint but still present.

She grimaced slightly at the smell, looking down at her black stilettos and crossing her long legs. She's putting on a dark red dress, sleek and tight, clinging to her every curves like a second skin. There were no sleeves or even a back, just multiple pearl strings holding the whole thing together.

If she had been given a choice, she would have picked out a much more presentable dress. But according to her best friend, her clothes are too 'hideous', so she dragged her to the shopping mall and bought lots of, in her words 's*xy dress'.

She looked around anxiously at the couch littered around the walls, mostly occupied by people dancing with each other.

Euphoria is a notorious club, it's the type of club that everyone crawls to when the bars are closed for the night.

In her entire 21 years of being alive, she has never been to a club like this.

Her best friend, Ashley nudged her shoulder and she looked up to see her rolling her eyes. Ashley leans down to her friend's ear, yelling over the loud music.

“Don't be such a baby, Claire! Loosen up a little, can't you see how the men are gawking at you?!” Claire looked up instinctively and a few guys were indeed openly gawking at her with want but that didn't make her feel any better.

There was a deep ache in her heart, an aching hole in her heart that craves the feeling of having a mate. She didn't want other men, she only wanted her mate. When she had turned 18, she had thought her mate would appear and sweep her off her feet. But, she had hoped for the past two years and finally gave up and accepted the fact that she wasn't destined to have a mate.

It was a difficult thing to come to terms with, but she did anyway. It wasn't going to change anything if she continued hoping that he would one day come to her. Instead, it would cause her more pain than she could endure.

Ashley had tried hooking her up with blind dates all to no avail. Claire had thought that after several attempts that her friend would finally give up, but apparently she was wrong.

Ashley had met her mate as soon as she turned 18 and they immediately fell in love with each other. She moved in with him and has been living happily since then.

Ashley is dressed in a tight blue dress that ends mid thigh, deep plunging neck and a dark red lipstick on her lips. Ashley and Claire are polar opposites, while Ashley is loud, confident and social, Claire is insecure and introverted. How they became best of friends is still a mystery.

“You know how I feel about this, Ashley. I'm not ready to date anyone.” She stated with finality.

Ashley rolled her eyes. Her best friend could be so over dramatic sometimes! She just wanted her to have some fun and let loose a little. Claire had been searching for her mate for three years now and even if she claims she had given up the search, Ashley knew her friend was only lying to herself. She had always seen the longing in Claire's eyes when she saw the pack members with their mates.

“I wasn't asking you to date anyone! Just one moment of fun! Seriously, Claire, you are twenty-one and still a virgin!” Ashley yelled, causing a few people to turn their heads in their direction.

Claire ducked her head down as her cheeks flamed in embarrassment, she glared at her. “Could you lower your voice a little?” Claire said sarcastically.

“What? I'm only telling the truth.” She said, shrugging her shoulders innocently.

“And don't tell me you're keeping yourself for your mate. Don't be naive, Claire. This is the twenty-first century! What if your mate is dead or something?” Ashley blurted out without thinking and immediately regretted it at the look on her best friend's face.

Claire's expression didn't mask the hurt she felt at her best friend's words. She knew Ashley hadn't meant it, but that didn't stop her thoughts from straying towards the possibility of her words. What if he really was...? No! It can't be true. She refused to believe that her mate was dead. The moon goddess wouldn't hate her that much.

“Claire, I'm sorry. I didn't mean -”

Claire cut her off softly. “I know, it's fine.” She gulped down her vodka at once and winced as it burned her throat.

She walked over to the bartender and asked for three more shots of vodka. She wanted to drown the horrid thoughts from her head. She gulped all three shots at once not caring as it burned her throat.

Her body was beginning to buzz with adrenaline and all rational thoughts disappeared from her head. Just what she needed.

Ashley couldn't stop the guilt from eating her up, she shouldn't have said what she said, intentionally or not. She couldn't imagine a life without Jake, her mate. So, she wouldn't understand how her best friend felt when she made that statement.

Claire let out a heavy breath, closing her eyes and bringing the glass to her lips. She felt numb and dizzy. She could already feel the warmth of the vodka spreading through her insides and she squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the burning to die down.

When she opened her eyes, she felt her whole body still as her breath got caught in her throat.

A sweet scent drifted through her nostrils. It feels like home if home can be a feeling, there is no place she would rather be. It is literally the only time her brain is able to be still and be present. When she closed her eyes, all she could see and hear and feel is like this incredible humming. Like their energies are just buzzing, so alive, so warm.

She had never felt this way before.

She looked around hoping to find the owner of that delicious scent. Her eyes finally landed on a pair of golden brown eyes. She gasped as she felt the air disappear from her lungs.

His unfathomable, golden brown eyes contrasted exceptionally with his light toned face. His eyes were as deep and expressive, where you could get lost if you stare long enough. He has a square jaw and a high cheekbone. He has a hair full of jet black curls that reached above his shoulders, which was styled to perfection.

An identical man came up beside him and caught her attention immediately. Her mouth gaped open in astonishment, they were twins! His eyes were golden, lighter than his twin's. She saw a hint of pain in his sparkling eyes which immediately disappeared as suddenly as it emerged. He has dark brown curls which were styled neatly into a bun. They were both extremely tall and muscular, standing at 6'3 or more, she didn't know. Their appearance was intimidating but strangely, she wasn't scared of them. She couldn't seem to take her eyes off of them. From the aura of power and authority rolling off of them in waves, she could tell they were Alphas.

They were both staring at her like a predator. Their eyes darkened, and they looked like they wanted to devour her. That thought alone made her heart skip a beat.

Her wolf paced in excitement as she chanted the words; Mates! Mates! Mates!

And realization suddenly dawned on her. She had met her mate. But, the moon goddess didn't bless her with one, but two mates!

She had finally found her soulmate, after what seemed like forever.

She had two mates, not only that —

She was mated to two Alphas.

Holy sh*t.

Chapter 2: How is that Possible?

Claire felt the world come to a stop as she continued staring at her mates with an awestruck expression. They didn't look surprised that they had one mate, they looked—dare she say—pleased.

Their golden eyes darkened to slits as they sniffed the air, breathing in her addictive scent. Slowly, like a predator planning to devour it's prey—they stalked towards her with determined steps.

Ashley gasped in astonishment, she had been watching the interaction between her best friend and the two Alphas for a while. And by the expression on Claire's face, she had come to the conclusion that they were indeed her best friend mates. But, how was that possible? She thought. In the whole history of werewolves, it has never been heard of to have more than one mate. The moon goddess had always blessed every werewolf with a mate. Witnessing this change in history for the first time was a total shock to her.

Claire's heartbeat quickened as her mates stood to the


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